GE 13 “Pakatan/BN….Who Will It Be…??”

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15 thoughts on “GE 13 “Pakatan/BN….Who Will It Be…??”

  1. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :oops: Ai yoyo PRICE HIKE AGAIN BY B-END :oops: ‘KESIAN’ to all POOR RAKYAT :oops:
    :lol: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha TQ PAUL THE ORACLE OCTOPUS n KEEP IT UP SOTONG PAUL :lol:

  2. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: PAUL the Oracle don’t have to say anything at all BUT just point n show to us all :idea:

  3. Vote for BN-Barang Naik,prices of petrol,diesel,sugar and gas to go up this Friday.1 Malaysia rakyat diketepikan,cronies diutamakan,pencapaian dikemudiankan.Inilah slogon yang paling sesuai bagi Kerjaan BN.Bagi penyonkong BN,continue to support them for price hike and corruptions.

  4. I will put Pakatan Rakyat now as having 40% chance in 28 constituencies in the Malay/Melanau and rural areas. With a well oiled, unified and coordinated campaigns starting from last month and relentlessly until polling day, Pakatan may well create an upset and new history in the Sarawak state election.

    Lets all Pakatan Rakyat supporters and Friends of Pakatan put in our undivided supports for change and a strong desire for a new government of the people, for the people and by the people that practise good governance and is accountable to the rakyat at all times.

    Vote Pakatan4change. Vote Pakatan2save Malaysia.

  5. I don’t know whether sotong Paul is right or wrong? But then why are we so stupid not to use our own freedom and wisdom? See ourselves, hear ourselves, feel ourselves, sense ourselves. Even sotong Paul can sensed BN isn’t the party but PR is the party that can fight for rakyat justice. Sense what Mata Kuching hv to say. It’s all each and every rakyat power. Practise ur power wisdom.

  6. Religious societies must not take for granted that UMNO led BN racist policy will be under pressure to go anytime soon. THis is anothe case in point:

    Two weeks ago, the Buddhist, Christian and Hindu societies of Klang High School were ordered by school authorities and the state education department to stop operations.

    The reason: non-Muslim societies are not allowed inside the school. (But these three non-Muslim societies have operated in the school for over four decades!)

    The incident came to light after parents lodged their complaints with the media.

    Once again, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Wee Ka Siong took over the matter, and discovered that it had not been a policy of his ministry but wrongful instructions from the school principal and state education department officers.

    So the education ministry ordered that the three non-Muslim societies be reopened.

    The flame has been put down and parents’ uneasiness and dissatisfaction relieved. Joy has returned to the school and Malaysia once again shows its religious tolerance.

    At least things appear this way on the surface. But if we think a little deeper, the whole thing shouldn’t have happened at all.

    1. Did the school authorities and the education department officers get confused or were they doing it on purpose?

    2. If the problem lies undisclosed, will these three non-Muslim societies just vanish this way forever?

    3. Do similar things happen in other schools, too?

    4. What are its negative implications on our students and the society in general?

    5. Does the education ministry have a distinct policy governing non-Muslim societies in schools?

    6. Can anyone ensure that such things will never happen again in the future?

    Let’s recap what took place in Klang High School:

    The newly appointed school principal re-examined the student societies in the school, and thought there was some problem with the status of non-Muslim societies in the school. So he wrote to the state education department for clarification.

    The state education department replied and said the non-Muslim societies had not conformed to the regulations.

    Pursuant to this, the school immediately ordered the closure of these three societies.

    You might wonder if people who are the school’s principal and senior education department officers must have at least some respectable IQ, comprehension and social experiences to work things out properly. And these three requirements should be very, very basic.

    How could they not know that this was a highly sensitive issue? Why didn’t they consider their legality and rationality, having existed for well over four decades in the school? How could they “misinterpret” the ministry’s guidelines?

    Even if they were unsure themselves, at least they could consult other people instead of taking the drastic step alone.

    It could also be possible that this principal and the officers are the haughty Little Napoleons living under the clout of cultural singularism, unable to accept the plural society of Malaysia where religions should co-exist peacefully.

    There are plenty of these kinds of people in our midst, and we must learn to tune our minds to accept their presence. But from the perspective of national interests, we must take them out of our public service sector, education in particular.

    We don’t mean to penalise or take revenge on them, but just to manifest the government’s impartial stand while proclaiming the country’s respect for pluralism. —

    50 years of majority support for UMNO dominated BN government is for an individual 3/4 of his/her life
    gone.Yet we do not see a nation where every citizen is prosperous. On the contrary 70% of our population are earning less than RM2,000.00 a month and rural people remain very poor, neglected and pawned by their leaders in BN.

    Who do we blame except ourselves for mindlessly supporting and voting UMNO dominated BN to be the government for five decades! Yet Taib Mahmud alone as CM for Sarawak can amassed billion of ringgits worth of property investments overseas excluding ongoing government contracts, plantaion development, monopolised supplies and commisions from timber export.

    All Sarawakians owe themselves a moral obligation to vote out Taib Mahmud and his corrupted regime . We must at all cost bring back this stolen wealth of all Sarawakians.

    Vote for Pakatan’s DAP, PAS, PKR and SNAP. Convince all your relatives, friends, colleague and neighbours to change this corrupted regime make Taib Mahud and all his thieves accountable to all Sarawakians.

  7. Remember, the Rakyat is not stupid. It’s just a matter of time for us to stand up. We can’t sit for a long time. We don’t warm up the chair all the time. If we stand up, it’s a warning to all of you. If we walk, that means we need changes in the Government and if we run, you better run away.

    By Soon to be walking

    To all the Ministers, government ranking people and members of the political industry,

    Just to remind all of you that all your positions were given by the Rakyat (the tax payers); not by any tycoon. We the Rakyat can appoint and give you positions or title and we can take it away. Please keep that in mind. We, the Rakyat, don’t work for you. You work for the Rakyat. You are our servant. We pay your wages and salaries. It’s time for you to realize that. If all of us decided not to pay any taxes, you will be struggling like the rest of us. When you make a decision for the country, make it for all of us. Don’t make it for yourself, or you won’t be paid. Mr. PM., when you decide to give rewards to people by millions during the elections, remember, it’s the Rakyat’s money that you are throwing and not your money.

    To the Federal government, State government and the Opposition,

    Remember, the Rakyat is not stupid. It’s just a matter of time for us to stand up. We can’t sit for a long time. We don’t warm up the chair all the time. If we stand up, it’s a warning to all of you. If we walk, that means we need changes in the Government and if we run, you better run away.

    To UMNO, MIC and MCA,

    Remember that it’s Malaysia and not MALAYA. I know that all of you are not that uneducated. It’s a country with combined races. We are not Malay, Chinese or Indian, we are with many races. Think about it if you can.

    When you plan to waste the people’s money, ask the people first or at least think that it’s the Rakyat’s money. We are paying for everything including the useless decisions that you make. The Rakyat know through various media that there are many bribes going on for many years. Even if you suspend the media, we will still know.

    Once again, we are saying, don’t think we are stupid. If you have the guts, reveal all your income to the people. We have the right to know it, because we are paying you. If you can, work on the poor people first which need attention. Not Gaza.

    If you can, work on the most stupid things in Malaysia. Stupid because these are the things we ought to be able to take for granted – the government hospitals, NRD, land office, JPJ, Customs Department, Police Department, public transport dept and the list goes on. There are a lot more which I can mention but it’s just going to waste my time or the Rakyat’s time.

    The Rakyat know who the genuine people are, and who are the power crazy people. I, who write this statement, am not involved with BN, PKR or any other political group. I am just a simple Rakyat with so much frustration with this lovely country (once upon a time).

    Let me touch on the education part first. Most countries keep the best students in their local Universities and once they graduate, they bring up the local economy. The rejected are sent to other countries. In Malaysia, it’s the opposite; we reject the great minds and keep the regular students. The regular students don’t do much or anything for the country and the great minds which left the country, they decide to stay on in that country and become a PR and eventually a citizen of that country and they do so much for that country.

    We the Rakyat are not politicians and we have not studied political science but sad to say, we know more than most of the politicians. Now, you say that Malaysia will be bankrupt soon. Why do you say that, when most of the money which is spent goes elsewhere? Reveal every cost of the projects to the people. Let private organizations analyze and say if it’s over paid or not. Appoint a private organization to do the quality check. Reveal entire details of the private organization. Set up a website where the people or the professionals can view and question it.

    I have done a few government projects which I submitted a tender and I know who makes money in that. If we can cut that, I am positive Malaysia will never ever be bankrupt. I have heard many of my business friends who have to pay to get things done.

    Do you think the Rakyat don’t know about that? Reveal everything. Reveal all the costs involved to the people. Start by the Penang Bridge to the Putrajaya works. Reveal all the ministers’ assets with their entire family members’ assets. Reveal to us about all the politicians’ family members who are the shareholders or directors of other companies. To the PM, if 1Malaysia is very important, make a rule that no politician’s family member, relative or friends can ever get any projects from government. I with the rakyat, challenge you on that.

    There are a lot of things which I can touch on, but in Malaysia, it’s NATO (No Action, Talk Only).

    One last thing which I want to touch on is, we have few good shipping ports in Malaysia, and do you know how much everyone in the custom offices make? Do you know that every lorry, truck, Prime Mover and other cargo vehicle has to pay to get out of the final inspection gate? Each vehicle has to pay about RM3 or RM4 for the final release. I have not touched on the passing on the clearance papers and others. I am very sure there are at least 350 to 400 vehicles going through the final gate. If I calculate at RM3, that’s about RM1050 to RM1200 a day. Calculating it for 1 month at RM 1050 a day, 5 days a week (20 days), it’s RM21000. That is what the low level customs officers are making.

    There are lots of calculations which I can do and I heard from my agent that there are many top officers who have houses and cars under a proxy’s name. I am just one (1) of the 28,310,000 population (as per Sept 2009) voicing out. Imagine what will happen if the rest of the Rakyat stood up like me. I and the rest of the Rakyat will be waiting for your reply from the PM or any Ministers or any Politicians who are paid by us. Finally, this is my 1st message to the Federal Government. The next message will be with more detail and with more Rakyat joining me.

  8. 40% of our working population, mostly in the private sectors are earning less than RM800.00. With the PRICE HIKE in petrol, sugar, natural gas and diesel, consumers will ultimately made to pay more for food, transportation. Don’t we deserve a 20% payrise? No? There will be a 20% swing in support for Pakatan Rakyat in the coming state election.

  9. This price hike will be used as an issue for PR to campaign in the state election.There are too many wasteful and irresponsible spending by the govt.5 billion on wasted PPSMI, 5 billion on MBMMBI,600 million per year on NS which is meaningless and ineffective.800 million on new palace and many billion bailouts on GLCs. Sime Dardy overruns by 900 miillion,Pos Malaysia lost 600 million and others,No wonder Idris Jala said that Malaysia is on the verge of bankruptcy like Greece.

    • Yes all these excesses and WE THE PUBLIC are being made to pay for it! Idris jala’s statement was to make us feel guilty for the subsidies!

      Come on people, are you sick of BN yet? Time to wake up lah!

      The future of this country is in jeopardy! Our chidren’s future is in jeopardy! So are we still going to take it lying down?

  10. Good higher education news for bumiputras students,UITM will build 12 campuses by 2015 at a cost 300 million each.This is to fulfill the target of 200000 students by 2015.UITM as one the most popular uni seems to stress on quantity rather than quality.The total cost of building 12 campuses is 3600 million which will partially financed privately.With such planning ,hopefully all bumi students will at least be a diploma holder in future thus balancing the numbers with other races.Question is what is % of being employed later upon graduation.

  11. BN lawmakers are running scared and accusing Opposition, Pakatan of poisoining the peoples’ minds. Some BN YBs warned the voter in the contituencies that Pakatan are instigating the people to be anti-government! What a laugh? Are the vocabulary of BN YBs only limited to those few words such as “Hoodwinked, Instigating, Spreading Lies, Anti-government” ? Have we ever heard them say corruption or Taib Mahmud very corrupted?

    Dayaks are no longer stupid. While we have to beg for our children who excelled to be accorded a place in local university or given PSD scholarship, Taib Mahmud and all UMNOputras bank accounts overseas are swelling. Dayaks do not want to beg for development in exchange for votes. Enough is enough. We want a change in government. We want Pakatan to correct the unhealthy ditribution of wealth and seek justice for our land taken away from us by the power that be and its cronies.

    Vote Pakatan Rakyat.

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