Police “Patience..??”

The lists of complaints from residents of Riveria,Tiya Vista,Midpoint,Unimas is growing longer by the day. The Kuching Police ACP Mun Kuok Keong’s has even asked the people to be patient as the setting up of road blocks has seen a drop in petty crimes. This we covered earlier:-https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/07/09/bn-who-will-you-blame/

audie61 has also been flooded with phone calls today and with the DAP Wong King Wei requesting the Police now NOT TO set up roadblocks during Peak hours it seems that it is not GOOD ENOUGH.


Surely, as audie61 thinking that the requests is heeded from 5-7 pm found out that mosts residents are only on the way home and will only reach their HOMES by 8pm. Moreover its a ROAD CONSTRUCTION AREA.

These are the pictures which was taken around 7.02 pm 13/07/10 to our disbelieve the Jam stretch all the way to Tabuan Jaya. We stop and told the Police in charge Zainuddin at around 8.13pm and he said that they are following orders and they have a job to do.

Fair enough,but the solution would be if only their colleague (a runner ) would have informed them that they have to speed up as they are holding up traffic and the HONKING is getting everyone VERY ANGRY and FRUSTRATED. (Took us more than 1 hour just to move a mere 1 Km.)

A resident even said ,”This is really Inconsiderate and too much.What happened to the COMMON-SENSE .!!” We were told by them that the opposition PKR  will be doing a Petition to move the Roadblock to another area.

Will they be able to achieve to move the roadblock away..??Will it work..?? Will the Police heed the public/residents complaints..??

We Will ALL Know as of Tomorrow……

27 thoughts on “Police “Patience..??”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    The police should have camped out in th interior of Baram to get first hand report of alleged rapes of Penan girls in the presence of NGOs instead of waiting for the Penan to go to Miri to lodge reports. What the hell are they conducting road blocks in Kuching city? Can they be more forward in their response to public grouses instead of saying that they were merely following instructions.

    • Sixth Sense says:

      I came across this posting on the Sarawak Update blogsite, relevant to this issue. I found it interesting.
      Actually I believe the Police should take the investigations into Statutory rape case. In the Timber camps, there are many lonely “Single” men and, some young local ladies ,do make their services available for a fee. So this becomes a conse…ntual event. It is very hard to proof criminal rape in such cases, but if the police look into the age factor, they will probably get their convictions.

      I cannot imagine any men living in the timber camps being stupid enough to commit violent criminal rape against the locals in the area. Normally there is only 1 road in and out of the camp, and the work area is in the jungle right in the backyard of the Penans, hours if not days to the nearest civilisation. If the Penan women folk were being violated by outsiders, don’t you think the Penan men, will have the perpetrators head hanging from a tree by the next day or are the political parties instigating the report of these cases feel that the penan men folk are so helpness and scared of the timber camp workers that they cannot even protect their women from being raped in their own backyard?

      My personally opinion is that, the “rapes” are actually consentual liaisons between the parties concerned, that is why the Penan men folk did not take any action against the “accused” person or even whether there was an accused person in the first place. No sane person, working in the middle of the jungle, in the backyard of the Penan, would dare to perpetrate such despicable act against the local residents of the area because justice for these acts in the jungles of Borneo, is at the end of a parang.

      You need to ask yourself, why no such action have been taken by the proud and brave Penan men. I have my doubts of the accuracy and objectivity of the media reports. My opinion anyway.See More
      Saturday at 12:43pm · LikeUnlike · 3 people
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  2. sarawakiana says:

    Its the JAM and of course the residents have a right to complain. mata kuching you are right as they need not only follow instructions . They should do their work with COMMON SENSE. How come the ACP Mun said that “few youths outside the city are involved in crime in the city” what about on the way down to Kuching?? Puzzled and Confused??

  3. zainuddin says:

    police doing their job.Its a Noble thing but sometimes they have to use their discretion too as it will cause all sorts of inconveniences and also ANGER. Dont forget it will do no one no good as it will create ROADRAGE. But too long of roadblock also not effective. Heard its till July 30th..hmm

  4. bloopers says:

    The police never learn as they will ensure that the BN will be voted out. Maybe the Minister should come down and see with his own eyes. DAP Wong doing a good job.

  5. Burung Kenyalang says:

    Would you be complaining if it was your 8 year old daughter with 3 strange man heading for the border?
    Everybody keep complaining and saying our police force is only reactive, when they do someting preventive, then everyone complains. Do you know how many car thefts have been prevented and how many illegal immigrants have been appehended during this operation? illegals are hesitant to come pass these checkpoints to come down to town, theives are less likely to travel around freely, as all cars and pickups loaded with items are checked and questioned, I have been stopped several times at the check point as I usually have tools and equipment in my pickup truck. The idiot DAP guy thinks he is doing us a favour, but the fxxxcker is only helping the criminals to break into your house and steal your belongings…STUPID DAP WONG, CHONG AND YONG

  6. siti says:

    What are the police checking for anyway? They asked for my driving licence and walked to to the front part of my car and keep staring at my driving licence and road tax at the same time for a good 8 to 10 minute before they asked me to move on. Is this preventive measures to curb crimes? What kind of shitheads have been employed in the force?

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Would you still complain about the policemen throughly checking you out if there happen to be a criminal sitting next to you with a knife stuck against your ribs? Would you still complain if your car happen to be stolen and the thief was on the way to Indonesia with it? Think about it before you condemn the police again, if they are not out and about, you will not even dare to walk out at the waterfront at night.

  7. Asri Rahman says:

    The Sarawak Tourism Board should compile the numbers of weekly reported snatch thief of Tourists in and around the vicinity of Kuching Water Front and Padungan area where both areas have a fully manned police personnels. What does the increasing incidents imply? No instructions from above to act?

    And Burung Kenyalang, can you give us the numbers of car theft been prevented and illegal immigrants arrested during this road blocks? Are you in the know that if a car owner who is willing to reward RM1,000.00 to RM2,000.00, depending on the model to recover his stolen car, the police will be super efficient to have found the stolen car within 24 hours? What does that imply when it is common knowledge that most car repair shops are owned or operated by gangters and that these thugs working for the car repairers actually stationed inside the police station. It is common knowledge that the policemen are also on the payroll of gangsters dealing with smuggling, human trafficking, drugs, illegal gamblings,and car theft. Did you notice that almost of the gansters’ cars can be heavily tinted and most display police badge on its registration plates?

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Asri, pls submit proof, otherwise you are just talking out of the exhaust pipe at your rear end.

      Without the police, you will have even more snatch thefts that you can mention now. Without the current vigilance of the police force, you will see an even more dramatic increase in crime. Then idiots like you will be screaming as to where are the police. When they show their presence, you complain, when the police dont show their presence, you will cry, when you house is robbed, your wife raped, your children kidnapped and no police to “inconvenience” the robbers, rappists and kidnappers from perpetrating their activities on your property and love ones. Dont complain on a little bit of inconvience to keep you and your family safe.

      • fedup says:

        let’s see in the future how many of these BNs end up in prison serving time for corruption.

        And to PR when PR comes into power (as you will shortly), the public expects those corrupt BN to be prosecuted for corruption and abuse of power for if PR does not do so PR’s term in office shall be a short one. And, by short it does not necessarily mean BN will be returned to power!

        Most components of BN will end up becoming mosquito parties, SUPP in particular, will be the first BN component mosquito party!

        Burung, what was it that you said in previous comments about resorting to profanity in a debate? So much for your high morale ground eh. Looks like you’re quite the hypocrite as expected of a SUPP supporter.

        Burung, you’re a dumbass!

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        I apologise for the unwarranted profanities, I just get away with my sentiments when uncalled for remarks are made of the police, as they have greatly assisted my family in the past, when a member was abducted by foreigners from a neighbouring country. The PDRM and especially Special Branch did a fantastic job and everything turned out well. Dont fault the police when they are conciencious in doing their job. There are bad apples in the PDRM, but there are many good ones as well, if it were not for the PDRM its rather draconian practices when it come to criminals or people acting like criminals, then you and me would not like in a relatively safe and stable environment we live in today. Think carefully of your expectations and the consequences. With less police presence, you will see more crime. Is that what you want? If you think less police presence will give you more convenience, then you are wrong, because the only thing less police presence will result in is more crime and more convenience for the criminals and illegal immigrants

  8. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  9. Asri Rahman says:

    Burung Kenyalang, You are bent on supporting a highly corrupted regime under UMNO controlled BN government in which your Sarawak Unwanted People’s Party ( SUPP ) is a component. I hope you are paid to do all the public relation work for this regime otherwise you are not worthy even to be your parent’s son.

    Police corruption is a specific form of police misconduct designed to obtain financial benefits, other personal gain, and/or career advancement for a police officer or officers in exchange for not pursuing, or selectively pursuing, an investigation or arrest.

    One common form of police corruption is soliciting and/or accepting bribes in exchange for not reporting organized drug or prostitution rings or other illegal activities. Another example is police officers flouting the police code of conduct in order to secure convictions of suspects — for example, through the use of falsified evidence. More rarely, police officers may deliberately and systematically participate in organized crime themselves.

    Police corruption can only happen when the government is highly corrupted. Our IGP is a clear case of “meat eaters” who aggressively misuse his police power for personal gain. And many lower ranked officers than the IGP could be “grass eaters” who simply accept the payoffs that the happenstances of police work throw their way.

    Our beautiful country is now ruled by a highly corrupted and abusive regime dominated by UMNO. Currently MACC is not under Parliament and the Chief Justice and Inspector General of Police are not answerable to Parliament.

    Malaysians cannot be faulted for losing faith and confidence in the police and be annoyed/angry for some road blocks set up during peak hours. The intention was good but the reason given was most disppointing and showing lack of collaboration and supervision. Moreover, Kuching/Samarahan road is not the only main road leading to and out of the city.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      what makes you think I am a SUPP member, I support what I feel is right. I am a clear thinking, logical person at least most of the time, I hope. I am not a member of any political party, yet. But I currently believe that the BN government will still be in power in the next election and SUPP is the best party that can represent my interest in Sarawak, for this election anyway. DAP as much as it portray as caring for the people, as at this coming State election, it will still remain as opposition and cannot put into action any of it’s plans. Yes, I believe DAP have many good ideas and plans to help the people of Sarawak, but as an opposition, these will only remain plans and ideas. I find it more practical and timely to infuse these good DAP ideas and plans into the BN parties to work from witin the ruling party. Maybe in the 2016 state elections, DAP may have a chance to form the state government, then I may work with them on how best to serve the state. Then the SUPP guys will assume, I am a DAP guy. In my view, DAP cannot form Government in 2010/11 elections but this is the end run for White Hair, when he leaves, all will be in turmoil, then DAP may stand a good chance, my view anyway.

  10. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :oops: Teenager Amirul lost his dear life bcoz of that idiot PONDAN police trigger happy n many others M’sians as well bcoz our police are not professional n low in mentallity http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/137253
    :oops: This type of useless pondan police never think about the value of HUMAN LIFE n the pain of those victims Families n Children have to go through if they SHOOT TO KILL :oops:

  11. Minda Mandol says:

    Well bros. what is there to gain to argue plus and minus of the [police force. Publics know what are police pluses and same to what are the police minuses. Why should we’re so worry about the police pluses bcoz that should be the utmost responsibility of the police force. What worry most of the publics are the police minuses, which include corruption of many orders, abuse of powers, misappropriation, etc..etc..etc. What matter most are facts..facts..facts. Not hearsays..not hearsays. Only now we can see policemen being stationed at some points in the city just bcoz of NKRA. What we know all these yrs most of the uniformed policemen are doing Office works which should be done by civilians. For that reasons there’re alot of messy in police department. Trained to do beat duty to take care public security but doing office work…this is abuse of power.

  12. Lee Hui says:

    In developed countries as well in former communist countries police are deployed everywhere and people are not complaining about spending taxpayer’s money on more police deployment to keep the cities and country safe and to deter crimes. I am sure Malaysians will not go up in arms about more police deployment in crime prone areas or places frequented by tourists and the police carried out their work diligently and professionally. Never before in any part of the world will we see policemen carry umbrella or sit under a big umbrella when doing their duties. In Kuching we are seeing groups of policemen sitting under BIG umbrella throughout the city while on duty. WHAT RUBBISH IS ALL THIS?

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Yes, I have noticed policemen sitting under a big umbrella at the corner of Pizza Hut opposite Wismaq Tun Jugah, another at Petanak Rd, another opposite Wisma Hopoh, and one at SCR opposite, the old MAS office.

      If I were a snatch thief, would I choose to snatch purses an area away from these policemen sitting sitting under the big umbrella, just incase they shoot me, when I grab someone’s purse or would I choose to steal in an area far away from these policemen sitting under the umbrella? Any intelligent person will give you the correct answer.

      I wish there are big umbrellas with policemen sitting under them at every road junction at areas I go to. The PDRM’s presence reduce crime..keep you safe…period.

  13. SB Lim says:

    Burung, you sound very much like kaki lima politician. Lily Yong used to talk like that too. And a castrated Wee Hong Seng like to talk like that sometimes. What have happened to all the Burung from SUPP?

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Kaki Lima or Kaki enam, Lily or Wee also does not matter, what matters is that when your wife and your daughter get raped, your car get stolen, your house get broken into and your son get kidnapped, you have to decide if you go to DAP ADUN to ask for help or the police force, which you criticise so much and have such a low opinion of.

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