BN..Who will you Blame..??

It is People First.Performance Now. But it is really getting out of hand. 24 Hours especially at peak hours the JAM has got the people blaming the Barisan National government for creating a mockery of the system. This was told to audie61 through our source that the N-KRA’s must be completed according to schedule. We have no choice but to carry it out.What can we do but FOLLOW ORDERS AND INSTRUCTIONS..?? DOES IT MAKE SENSE..??

At the expense of the Poor Motorists plying the outer ring road Kuching Samarahan Road from June 15th to July 30th 2010.2 months ago it was only for 1 week..Wow..!!!!

 In May in an English Tabloid Miri Police OCPD said this,”Miri police and the public lopped off a whopping 39 per cent in street crimes in the city, surpassing the national key performance index (KPI) for the police force since the beginning of this year. He continued,” The KPI for the Royal Malaysian Police was 20 per cent reduction of street crimes, and Miri Police performance almost doubled the national standard.”

What happens to the rests of the districts in Sarawak…..??? Trying to outdo each other and to prove that each and everyone are following the KRA”s…OooooH Pleaseeeee !!!!.

Corporate Company now is it…????

Thus thereby resulting in overzealous policing and JAM and tensions built for motorists and blaming Barisan National Government…

Most voters and constituents who live in the outskirts and suburban areas are already making their voices heard through the Assemblyman and also to some Ministers. A motorist who was clearly affected by this said to audie61,”If it rains and at night its worse and when you live 10 minutes away from your house plus the police block in place it will take more than an hour. We are already so stress and to be caught in the Jam it will clearly be shown later in the Sarawak State Elections and also ballot box. I’m sure I am not the only one.Mosts people will also be very angry and frustated

Just a recap: PM Najib launched the N-KRA National Key results area on 27/07/09 and listed below are the 6 areas. The Minister in charge of Key Performance Index (KPI) is Senator Koh Tsu Koon.

Surely, there must be some flaws or something must have not been followed up according to earlier planned.

The 6 N-KRAs identified to support the National Key Performance Indicators (N-KPI) are:

To reduce crime, fight corruption, widen access to affordable and quality education, raise living standard of the poor, improve infrastructure in rural areas and improve public transport in the medium term.

Ministers assigned to lead each of the KRAs and to oversee their implementation and achieve the targets set are: Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will oversee the national KRA on providing greater access to affordable and quality education, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat will be in charge of the KRA to improve public transportation while Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein will head crime reduction.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has been assigned to oversee efforts to combat corruption, Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Shapie Apdal will take charge of the KRA on improving rural infrastructure and Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil will lead the KRA to improve the condition of low-income households.

Moving to fortify the N-KPI introduced in late April, the Prime Minister on Monday had set specific targets for the Ministers in the N-KRAs.

The Lead Ministers and deliveries for their respective N-KRAS as announced by the Prime Minister are as follows:

1. Reducing Crime

  • Reducing street crime by 20 per cent by end of 2010
  • Retraining Rela members
  • Upgrading equipment for enforcement agencies
  • Setting up special courts for street crime

2. Combating Corruption

  • Updating policies, procedures and enforcement
  • Using open or restricted tender process for government projects

3. Widening access to affordable and quality education

  • Making pre-school education part of the national education system
  • Ensuring all pupils are able to read, write and count when the enter year four by 2012
  • Rewarding school principals and headmasters based on achievements

4. Raising living standard of the poor

  • Paying out all welfare cash aid on the first of each month from January 2010
  • Creating 4,000 women entrepreneurs under the “Sahabat Amanah Ikhtiar” programme by 2012

5. Improving Infrastructure in rural areas

  • Building 1,500km of roads in Sabah and Sarawak by 2012.
  • Increasing clean water supply to cover 90 per cent of Sabah and Sarawak by the end of 2012.
  • Increasing electricity coverage in Sabah and Sarawak to 95 per cent by end of 2012.
  • Providing 24-hour electricity supply to 7,000 orang asli families in the peninsula by the end of 2012

6. Improving public transport in the Medium term

  • Increasing the number of public transport users from the current 16 per cent to 25 per cent by end of 2012.
  • Adding 35 sets of four-car-trains to operate on the Kelana Jaya LRT track by the end of 2012.

The Message is very Clear,” The Implementation Process needs to be Ironed out and it must not be Overzealous,Overenthusiastic,Overperformance and jeorpadising the outcome in the Ballot Boxes soon.


8 thoughts on “BN..Who will you Blame..??

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :roll: Ho :lol:

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Too right ! We are already stressed out with rising costs of living and work related matters and the this extra JAM issue will not help BN.If elections soon many will not cross BN.The opposition stands to win and if the YBs in the area are not seen to help it will be the start of an end for them. Believe me!

  3. Kwang says:

    Street crimes reduced by 20 to 30%? Has any ordinary citizen ever visited any district or divisional police station? There are more thugs representing car repairers than policemen . The ratio of thugs to policeman could be 3:1 . How did our General Insurance companies process car accident claims ? During an accident the thugs will appear at the scene doing the job of the police and working in cohort with the police to prepare accident reports without the car owners doing anything at all. The amount of damage and claims are determined by the thugs and or repair workshops. Many traffic policemen are also on the payroll (incentive) of cars repair workshops. If this is not crime or corruption, what is it?

  4. Hantu Laut says:

    We are not better off here in KK.The jam is getting worse every day.Too many cars but not enough roads.

    Serious failings of government.For small city like KK there should not be any jam if there had been proper planning.

    Have put you on my blogroll, hope you can do the same.Thanks.

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    Tunship for Musa Aman, CM of Sabah to step down and avoid corruption charges? Surely it is not as simple as that. Musa will probably have to give away half of what he stole from Sabahan to UMNO but money will be handed over to Najib personally.

    As for Taib Mahmud, he will have the same deal cut out for him in exchange for a Tunship. In addition, he will have to allow UMNO to be established in Sarawak and dissolve PBB. Either way both CM from the East Malaysian states are screwed. The rakyat will never get to recover the stolen wealth committed by both CM.

    Malaysians from Sarawak and Sabah must be united to ensure we get back all the stolen wealth from these traitors and tyrants including Najib and BN warlords.

    Civil societies must unleash People Power to vote out UMNO controlled BN hagemony and ensuring the stolen wealth are returned to the people and for our National development.

    VOTE PAKATAN. Malaysia4change. Save Malaysia now.

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