“SUPP Leaving BN Sarawak..??”


 WHO IS SITTING BEHIND THIS DRIVER says a SUPP asssemblyman. There has been so much bad publicity of the party and it”s as if the party is really irrelevant. The internet portals article is trying to paint SUPP in such a bad light and to put SUPP at loggerheads with the BN State administration.

Do we need to hold a mammoth rally and hold placards to tell the whole world that we are solidly behind Barisan National Sarawak..?? We are on the ground.working,listening, engaging and looking into the needs of the constituencies which we BN/SUPP represents.

Don’t read too much what the spin doctors have written. Did they sit inside the SUPP EC meetings? The  truth is that SUPP will need to gear up and fight it out and prove all detractors wrong.

Many envisage it to be a bumby road ahead but we will have it TARSEALED but not SUPP at CROSSROADS (see article below). 

The portals article

There’s increasing suspicion in Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) circles that Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) leaders and activists may have started keeping some distance of late from beleaguered Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

This follows the failure of SUPP ministers to turn up at two major public functions with the same theme, ‘SeNada SeJiwa – One Beat, One Spirit’ that Taib hosted in Bintulu, and earlier in Sibu, recently.

bn supreme council mt meeting sapp sabah issue 190608 taib mahmudIt is not known what was Taib’s response to what could be construed as a deliberate snub by a party which has not hesitated to walk his path 30 years earlier.

Other public and private functions hosted by Taib (right), smaller ones, have been poorly attended as well by SUPP representatives. Again, the youth and the more senior SUPP representatives were noticeably absent.

Taib’s supporters in PBB, especially the Melanau Dayak, are outraged. They are openly asking themselves whether Taib will suffer the same fate as Abdul Rahman Ya’akub, his immediate predecessor and maternal uncle.

Rahman, who ran a controversial Muslim Melanau-led Islamic fundamentalist administration for ten years, was eased out by the federal government in early 1981.

This was after SUPP threatened to walk out from his administration and set up a new state government with the Sarawak National Party (Snap) and exclude the Bumiputera-based PBB.

They wanted Rahman’s pro-Muslim economic policies, among others, dismantled. Then Prime Minister Hussein Onn prevailed upon Rahman to quit.

NONERahman wrested two concessions from Hussein before he quit i.e. the installation of his nephew as his successor and chief minister and his appointment as the governor.

Rahman (left) did not leave quietly. He ferried in busloads of Muslims, Melanau and Malay, from all over Sarawak and stage-managed several rallies to show that he had public support. But this did not cut any ice with Kuala Lumpur.

He had to go and eventually he did just that to continue sulking in isolation at Raja James Brooke’s Istana by the Sarawak River in Petra Jaya, Kuching North. At SUPP’s behest soon after, Taib cut short Rahman’s stint as governor.

Taib also saw Snap, being a potential SUPP ally, as a threat when he became chief minister . He went to work with a vengeance to finance the breakaway Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) from Snap in 1983.

Thus began the history of splintering and de-registering Dayak-based parties. Taib’s strategy was to ensure that the Chinese would not henceforth throw their support behind Dayak political parties and exclude the Muslim Melanau-controlled PBB which has both Dayak (Pesaka) and Muslim (Bumiputera) wings.

SUPP’s game plan

The Chinese-led SUPP, where a third of the membership is Dayak, cannot this time around threaten to throw its weight behind a major Dayak-led party and leave PBB in the political wilderness.

So, it’s by no means entirely certain what game plan that SUPP can work on this time to bring about changes in the state administration. The speculation is that the party must have thought out its options very carefully given the timing of its deliberate provoking of Taib.

george chan hong namSUPP president George Chan (right) – his daughter is married to Taib’s son – may not be entirely in the picture as other party leaders move in unison to isolate, neutralise and marginalise him.

Among the young Turks in SUPP, increasingly better educated, the consensus is that the party must part company with BN, sooner rather than later, and strike out on its own.

The idea is that the party should go for as many seats as possible at the state elections. They don’t want to be encumbered by BN’s rigid seat allocations formula.

This circumscribes the democratic process and denies the grassroots majority a meaningful participation in the electoral process by tacitly endorsing elite power-sharing.

At present, SUPP gets just 19 of the 71 state seats while PBB gets the lion’s share of 30 seats i.e. Melanau (both Muslim and Christian), Dayak and Malay.

SUPP lost eight of their seats to the Sarawak Democratic Action Party (DAP) at the last state outing in 2006. The party is expected to again lose these seats and probably suffer further losses – the figure mentioned is another three seats at the very minimum – at the next state elections which must come by the middle of next year.

The fact that SUPP is increasingly unhappy with Taib has been out in the open since May 16 when the party lost its Sibu parliamentary seat after 28 years in a by-election.

sibu by election 070510 wong soon kohSibu SUPP chief and Second State Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh (left) even openly blamed Taib, an unprecedented action, for the party’s defeat.

The chief minister did not mince his words at a BN retreat in Mulu on June 23 when he raised the issue to the discomfort of the SUPP leaders present. Other BN component parties, besides PBB, also saw SUPP as particularly ungrateful and expressed their feelings on the issue on the sidelines of the retreat.

Taib apparently was particularly bitter for being made the party’s scapegoat after its leaders, more than those from any other party, did particularly well for themselves under his administration.

Much of this “SUPP making hay while the sun shone” was at the expense of the rural and Dayak majority whose political leaders are by and large in the poorhouse, Taib’s deliberate choice for them.

SUPP cannot be entirely faulted for being more than sore with Taib. For one, the party feels, and more than rightly, that the continued splintering of Dayak parties and the dilution of their political strength has now turned out to be disadvantageous to their long-term future, sustainability and viability.

‘No longer the kingmakers’

SUPP leaders no longer feel like the kingmakers that they once were before the birth of PBDS. Younger SUPP leaders are even openly telling the old guards that they have led the party over the years to irrelevance in the BN fold.

Party strategists acknowledge that SUPP can therefore no longer seek relevance within the BN and must therefore look elsewhere.

Hence, the increasing consensus is that the party should go for broke at the next state election.

The alternative is to die a slow and certain death within the BN as the Chinese vote bank deserts it in droves. This would leave it increasingly as a Dayak rather than a Chinese party.

Given a choice between George Chan and Lim Kit Siang, the DAP strongman, the Chinese in Sarawak would opt for the latter. They realise, as the Chinese in Sabah are increasingly voicing out these days, that the parochial politics of old – where deadly local Muslim sharks abound – is not only a dangerous environment for them but uncomfortably too small as their numbers in the nation keep steadily dipping with the years.


23 thoughts on ““SUPP Leaving BN Sarawak..??”

  1. I love to see these young blood in SUPP to seek new course, very interesting not like Dayak young political/YB who does not care about their future in politic. Just want to gain for their selfishness. Hopefully this articles of yours true. Dear Dayak YB in what party you uphold please look at our friends from SUPP. I wish you can make a different.

  2. Go dont wait or else your boat will sink and you will all be drowned. The signals are already so clear. The headlines after election day would be “once high and mighty SUPP has now SUNK” The truth is SUPP is going nowhere!!!!!

  3. Sad but true.SUPP is already out of the picture in the eyes of the ordinary working class chinese. That cannot be denied.For the party to pull out its very highly unlikely as there are too much at stake.

  4. PAS and its leaders have openly acknowledged that DAP and its leaders had sacrificed the most as an Opposition.Now the Opposition parties of PAS, DAP and PKR (and SNAP in Sarawak) have found strength in each other to bring new hope to all Malaysians especially the working class and common people.

    Malaysians have the responsibility and the power to save Malaysia from the tyrants. Our country has literally gone down to the dogs with UMNO controlled BN gutter politics. Absolute power has corrupted absolutely in Malaysia. Time for change. Taib Mahmud and UMNO hegemony must be removed.

    The suppression of free speech and the oppression of the Opposition voice for the people will only strengthen our resolves to defeat and vote out UMNO controlled BN government. Pakatan Rakyat coalition has earned its stripe to be the government of the people , by the people and for the people.

    Malaysia4change. Save Sarawak. Save Malaysia. Vote Pakatan Rakyat.

  5. Just a ploy lah, thinking the voters are so stupid that they will vote them back in…BULL SHIT!

    Haiya, people will only believe SUPP if they resign all their parliamentary seats and state seats..force by elections for all seats now!

    End of Days for SUPP! Sayonara!

  6. The people are suffering. The widows, the orphans, the poor, the downtroddens, the helpless…had been crying out for help, for justice. Their prayers pleading for God Almighty to intervene and execute justice had reached the throne room. Meantime those in power thought, we can keep on doing it…the abuse, the manipulation, anything unimaginable under the sun, it ok, as nothing happen to us this far. Perhaps there is no God afterall, perhaps we are gods. Then God said, justice delayed does not meant justice denied. While you said, let be merry, lets party, all is alright, we are untouchable…you fools, today your soul is required of you.

  7. An uncle of mine is a Tuai Rumah and he belives that the rural poor needed to work with the government to reap the fruits of development. However, he also agreed that the BN government has done so little for so many years in power.It has always been a chicken and egg thing for the rural people. The fear of been victimised by BN government if the Opposition fails to form the new government afer an election.

    He argues that if Pakatan can convince the rural poor to put away the fear of been victimised by BN and not to be afraid to be “victimised” for throwing their support behind the Pakatan to form the new government, Pakatan will surely defeat BN. Afterall, he lamented that the rural poor have been neglected and marginalised for so long.

    It is a very sound and logical argument from a longhouse folk. Yes, how can longhouse and rural folks be victimised by BN when everyone choose to support Pakatan to form the new government? Unknowing to these folks, its called people power!

    • I feel sorry for the rural folks but surely they must realize that they need to make a stand sooner or later before they are totally robbed of whatever they have left!

      The opposition is offering them a chance to stop these abuses against them, no one can help them beyond that, they have got to help themselves!

      I hope and pray that they do for the sake of their future generations!

  8. They already done enough heavy sins – killing Sarawakians politically by working with “Raja Rasuah” monyet kepala putih! Just let them sinking…to a point of no return. Even if “Raja Monyet” would be around on the surface of this state of Sarawak, all people will be dancing on the streets.

  9. I am beginning to feel sorry that our state and our country are competing with authoritarian regime elsewhere to be the most abusive, abusive and corrupted nation.

    As a school teacher for a government school I should have been apolitical but I seem not to be able to show my disgust with ADUN or MP who challenged the opposition to show proof of how many roads, schools and developments the opposition had brought to the people. Those kind of stupid statement really insult our intelligence. How did we elect those monkeys to the ADUN and Parliament in the first place. Even monkeys never claimed in the animal kingdom to be able to eat the most bananas! You are elected by the people to form the government so it is your responsibility to develop our state and nation. Will any of the BN parties issue their own cheque to pay for road constructions, building of schools, hospitals etc when Pakatan Rakyat is the government?

    I can only conclude that our country has been ruled by a bunch of less than intelligent specie of monkeys.

    • Absolutely agree with you!

      I for one think that monkeys are best left in the wild to be appreciated and definitely not be put in parliament to ruin our lives!

  10. You are right Jessica. Women in Sarawak and Malaysia are ready for change. We need a new government that is willing to commit to competency, accountability, and transparency in uniting all Malaysians and ensuring everyone enjoys the fruit of their own labour and be proud to be Malaysians first.

    Tell all your family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in the coming State election and GE13. God bless all Malaysians and guide us all to embrace total reforms.

    Vote Pakatan Rakyat.

  11. Dont ever dream that SUPP would leave its safe haven the BN….Dont waste time and mind thinking that ever happens with all those monkeys in SUPP…They count what they have done but forget what they have promised and not done…Very forgetful MPs and YBs monkeys.

    Just wait the days when SUPP is grounded on Sungei Sarawak river bed and SUPP-2 comes out to scene or be put in Sarawak Museum for memorial only

    Dayak/Ibans are deserting SUPP for all its lies, Chinese are loosing confidence in all those entrusted YB/MPs who are busy making their own wealth. The recent by-election told the very truth and Best Wishes to you SUPP to rest in peace soon

  12. This is always the ploy the UMNO/BN DUN n MP members used to threatened the rakyat. They’ll always say that PKR/DAP/PAS/SNAP only know making promises n doesn’t bring any development. They’re all stupid DUN n MP members. They’re all monkeys. We’re being represented by these bunch of stupid wakil rakyat. As u say how can PKR/DAP/PAS/SNAP bring developments when we’re not a government yet so it’s justify to say that PKR/DAP/PAS/SNAP have to only making promises n when elected as the government in PRN10 then u will see how they’ll implement what promises they made. PR will challenge if they will issue check for development we implemented for the rakyat.. Their DUN n MPs are talking tehir own cocks n shits. we, Sarawakians comes state election vote for Pakatan Rakyat for change for the better. Get everyone to vote for PR. Make sure the white hair monkey gone this time.

  13. WE have ……. that pray 5 times a day, go to churches and temples to pray that they would not be deserted by the rakyat or God the Almighty would not take back their life to pave the way for a buy-election.

    The Orang Asli, and all indigenous tribes in East Malaysia were held to ransom by BN’s tyrannies for over 50 years. Believe me, each and every “committee” headed by a certain minister from UMNO to “check” corruption, reducing crimes, countering “lies” and whatnot will be allocated with million of ringgits as with the other clubs formed by UMNO such as Club Sayang, Permata Pintar, Ministers’ wives club as a way to siphon and squander government and tax payers money before Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya.

    We must change the UMNO dominated BN government before our nation is turned into a fascist government.

    Make no mistake. Vote PAKATAN RAKYAT to SAVE MALAYSIA.

  14. Bidayuh, Iban and Orang Ulu are no longer the fixed deposit of PBB, SUPP, PKR and SPDP and certainly not UMNO. We shall never be colonised by BN again.

  15. Paul the psychic Octopus or Sotong has predicted that Pak Uban will die suddenly before he dissolves the Sarawak DUN this year.

  16. In the recent Sibu buy election when SUPP was trounced by the people’s DAP, the people had sent a strong message that BN is no longer wanted. The PM made the pledge of RM15 million to 65 schools but it was SUPP tycoons who were made to fork out the money. Some schools built of timber were in very bad condition did not agree to receive the same amount as those concrete schools which have little or no defects. It shows the BN government did not care about chinese education, typical of a belligerent nationalistic and racist government.

    Time to change BN government for Pakatan Rakyat.

  17. “Among the young Turks in SUPP, increasingly better educated, the consensus is that the party must part company with BN, sooner rather than later, and strike out on its own.”

    This was clear to me,even on May 20th 2006, even when Dr. George Chan beat me by a hugh majority at Piasau, but it would have been overly arrogant of me as a loser at that time to make such an observation.
    Moreover, advising SUPP what to do is not really my business. Even as I lost, I was overjoyed at the hugh
    vote swing, especially in urban Sarawak.

    After 2008 and Sibu 2010, it is now late in the day for SUPP to decide its future.

    This is a party that Sarawak people held so dearly 40-50 years ago,(including myself, still in my childhood !). It must now be prepared to spend a long period as an opposition party, and to re-package itself to serve the Rakyat, and later take part in the government of Sarawak many years from now. This is now clearly the inevitable route of its life-cycle.

    Regards to the SUPP “young turks” and all grassroots with better social conscience.

    Your unworthy opponent in Pakatan, Kuching.

  18. 1.
    Yeoh Lee Eng Hock permalink
    September 15, 2010 5:01 PM

    DAP will bring Sarawak back to prosperity again.
    Vote for a new corruption free Sarawak Government.

    Convincing proof that voting for change can only bring good to the people.
    Must really rid the country of the gutter rats and leeches who have sucked the country dry to the point of being bankrupt through corruption and power abuse.
    Do you still want to continue to vote these parasites into power like it has been happening over the last 50 more years?

    PENANG EXCEEDED RM1 Billion in revenue in 2009 – 1st time in 52 years
    Congratulations to Penang !!!
    Congratulations to all the People of Penang for voting in a better govt.

    While Pahang which Governed by Barisan Nasional for past 52 years is facing bankruptcy.
    Penang is praised by Global Anti-Corruption watchdog Transparency International for its anti corruptions efforts.

    What makes Malaysia all of a sudden to be ranked on 47 out 180 countries ?
    Answer : The Malaysian People made the right choice by denying 2/3 majority enjoyed by Barisan Nasional all this years. It’s a well check and balance by Pakatan on Barisan that led to this 47th position.

    If Malaysians wants to enjoy this, then you should know what to do in the next election !!!

    Anyway congrats to Pakatan Led by DAP in Penang . In just 18 months CM Lim turned around Penang into corrupt free State . Shame on BN & ex-CM Dr Koh of Gerakan.

    As ex-Gerakan President Lim KY had said: “BN/Gerakan has lost Penang forever.”

    “RM 10 billion in losses from corruption per year is a huge sum and there must be greater commitment from the Federal government towards fighting corruption to ensure that 27 million Malaysians can benefit from this RM 10 billion dividend from successfully combating corruption.”

    Global anti-corruption watchdog ranks Malaysia 47th least corrupt, praises Penang

    GEORGE TOWN, Sept 24 – Global corruption watchdog, Transparency International (TI), has ranked Malaysia as the 47th least corrupt nation in the world and commended the island state of Penang for its anti-corruption efforts.

    Denmark, New Zealand and Sweden was listed by TI as the top three least corrupt countries as measured by the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), which ranks countries in terms of the degree to which businessmen and country analysts perceive corruption to exist among public officials and politicians.

    Singapore , Finland , Switzerland , Iceland , Netherlands , Australia and Canada rounded off the top least corrupt countries.

    Malaysia came in 47th out of 180 countries in the index, tied with Hungary and Jordan .

    The CPI is part of TI’s Global Corruption Report (GCR) 2009 released yesterday.

    In its report on Malaysia, TI highlighted the Malaysian practice of the “revolving door” whereby individuals move from government to business, or business to politics, and back again, and estimated that corruption could cost Malaysia as much as RM10 billion a year.

    “Significant government participation in the private sector and considerable business participation in politics means that the movement of gatekeepers to players and players to gatekeepers has a negative influence on the concept of checks and balances,” said TI.

    “The complexity of the relationships between politics and the public and private sectors means that corruption may take place with impunity. Until drastic action is taken to separate the cozy relationship between government, business and politics, the anti-corruption effort will remain no more than a token gesture,” said TI.

    Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng says he is “humbled” by the recognition by TI and added that he was concerned over the fact that that corruption could cost Malaysia as much as RM10 billion a year – an amount equivalent to 1 or 2 per cent of GDP as pointed out by the GCR when it cited the findings of the special government business facilitation task force Pemudah and the World Bank.

    Additional report contents that were of concern to Lim was Malaysia’s per capita spending of only RM5 on anti-corruption efforts and the fact that only about 10 per cent, or just 7,223 potential corruption cases, of the total 71,558 reported between 2000 and 2006 were investigated by the Anti Corruption Agency, the precursor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, with a conviction rate of less than one percent.

    “The GCR 2009 concluded that this illustration of the Malaysian government’s inaction in the light of the serious corruption allegations, along with its seeming inability to catch the big fish instead focusing on the ‘small fry’, suggests that what anti-corruption efforts exist are mere tokens,” said Lim.

    “RM 10 billion in losses from corruption per year is a huge sum and there must be greater commitment from the Federal government towards fighting corruption to ensure that 27 million Malaysians can benefit from this RM 10 billion dividend from successfully combating corruption.”

    Lim also today announced that the state has managed to cut about RM36 million or 12 per cent of in operating expenditure this year due to its efforts to curb corruption.

    “Transparency International’ s recognition of anti-corruption efforts by the Penang state government through CAT (Competency Accountability And Transparency) governance is backed up by savings of nearly 12 per cent of the 2008 Penang state budget of RM 36 million from operating expenditure. This RM 36 million savings has allowed the state government to carry out social programs and implement its people-oriented government,” said Lim.

    TI said that the Penang state is the first Malaysian state government to implement the open tender system for government procurement and contracts.

    It also recognized the state government’s directive barring administrators and state executive councilors from making any new land applications and efforts to attract professionals to serve on various boards, such as the Penang State Appeals Board.

    “On behalf of the Penang state government, we feel humbled by the recognition given by a world renowned body such as Transparency International and would redouble efforts to ensure the anti-corruption reforms are institutionalized and ensure more professionals are appointed to key bodies. Fighting corruption generates savings for the people,” said Lim.

    He added that the two local authorities in Penang are expected to save another RM34 million over three years from a “transparent” negotiation over the price of solid waste disposal that reduced the rates agreed to by the previous Barisan Nasional administration by a further 42.4 per cent.

    Lim said that the savings would go towards the state government’s “3E” programme to “enable” the people with skills and knowledge so that they have an equal opportunity to create wealth, “empower” them with fundamental rights and basic freedoms, and “enrich” the people by sharing wealth and economic benefits.

    Now it is Penang Boleh – Vote wisely for a better Malaysia .

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