“BN Becomes Opposition..??”


This was posted by Susan Loone’s Blog today:-BN prepares itself to be Opposition July 4th 2010 while we posted 1st march 2009 Oooh Ai..!BN Sarawak Will still be Government after 2011..(reposted below) However it gets better and Joe Fernandez of Malaysiakini has this UMNO set to muscle itself into Sarawak.


Our 1st March Article:-

BN Sarawak will still be the State Government after the next State elections.You don’t need to be a Harvard or Oxford Politically trained analysts  to see it happening. Realistically speaking yes but the opposition figures in Sarawak will beg to differ. On what grounds are we saying this? Do we need to substantiate the above statement? 

Even Sim Kwang Yang MP for Bandar Kuching from 1982 to 1995 posting his article in Malaysiakini “The fighting cocks in Batang Ai” has this,”But the newly emergent PKR in Sarawak is a rag-tag rainbow coalition of sometimes very unlikely allies, and Dayak politics in Sarawak has been nothing less than divisive traditionally.”  

A political lecturer who teaches in a local university said this is apparently what the opposition leaders are fighting for to gain political mileage but knowing that they are against the mighty machinery of the BN government. 

They need to realise that BN is a united front while the opposition seems a loose front in Sarawak. In Peninsular Malaysia its delicately put together as ‘Pakatan front” but in Sarawak its still VERY DIVIDED. The lecturer said it will be true come the Sarawak elections and if the by election in Batang Ai is a gauge the metaphor,”United we stand,Divided we fall” will be more than an indicator for the opposition.

 The groundswell is apparent with PKR/DAP making inroads into the interior and rural BN Bastions. Are the rural  areas ready for PKR or DAP? It’s another new political vehicle in which the rural folks seems confused with. There was the 1987 PBDS Dayakism and Permas platform in which 20 seats were wrestle out of a possible 48 seats.

The rural and interior landscape has changed dramatically since those volatile times. Would the voters just change and go against BN for something that they are unfamiliar with? 1987 represents the best time for the state to be in the opposition Maju group but it failed to materialise though the whole state was gripped with the ‘DAYAKISM FACTOR”.

What chances then does ‘KEADILANISM” or “AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN” war cry adopted by top PKR leadership in its quests to take Sarawak  from BN have..? Maybe a sprinkling of seats here and there in the 71 State seats. We have to be realistic and this article in Malaysiakini where Sarawak National Party (Snap) is believed to be keen to field a candidate for the forthcoming by-election in Batang Ai is already an indicator. What’s more even DAP is saying that they are keeping out of Batang Ai but they must have an eye on the seat too.

Is this happening to BN? No,no,no Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) by concensus in the BN family is given the right to claim the seat. In the opposition front in todays tabloids headlined,”We’ll contest Batang Ai:SNAP committee” William Sirai Atom a central executive committtee member did not mince his words and this is politically very damaging to say the least ,” WE ARE READY FOR A THREE-CORNER FIGHT.SNAP WILL TRY TO WIN THE SEAT ON OUR OWN.”

In Malaysiakini report Kuching PKR division chief Dominique Ng said that PKR and Snap will have to agree on a single candidate as it was important to engage the BN in a straight fight. So in todays tabloids SNAPs statement must have thrown a spanner into the seemingly fragile political coalition of the opposition front.Is this formula still relevant..?

IMAGINE if  PBB has an interests and was to say this to PRS? What will happenThis would obviously not happen as the CM Taib has a firm grip on the state and the leaders know when and where not to meddle or dirty their fingers. The former CM Tun Abdul Rahman Ya’kub statement below  just about sums up the WHY..? WHY..? Oooh AI. BN Sarawak will still be governement after the 2011 State elections.

He said,”Only local leaders understand the situation in Sarawak because our scenario is different from that of the peninsula.The opposition does not understand this.”

Do we need to elaborate further? The harsh terrain and vasts landscape of Sarawak is another factor which will ensure the BN stays on as government. We have already covered the PAKATAN BLOGGERS issue and also the HELICOPTERS. Also the HUGE WAR CHESTS  that the BN has is another determining factor.

However, of course all is not losts. The opposition will have to turn to the PEOPLES MINDSET to vote for them. But what chances are there when they can’t even field a United Front candidate?

The advertisement ‘It’s your Choice” It’s Ali cafe” should be practise by the opposition if they even have the slightest thought of wrestling the State of Sarawak from BN.   

We say as always,” This is the reality of Sarawak politics and the tsunami of 308 is just a one- off Peninsula happening. Here in Sarawak the opposition is still not UNITED.

Extracted from Malaysiakini correspondent,” The official reason in the eventuality is expected to be “to save Sarawak from the Opposition,” and privately, to “preserve Muslim hegemony of Sarawak as the Dayaks gets restive”.



22 thoughts on ““BN Becomes Opposition..??”

  1. Abdul Rahman Ya’kub will have no choice but to part finance the coming state and parliament election because his daughter is going for a state seat as he wanted her to be a successor of Taib Mahmud. The Melanau empire has too much to lose if UMNO controlled BN government is repalced at Putrajaya and in Petrajaya.

    Pakatan Rakyat will be committed and united to take on Taib Mahmud led BN Sarawak. Until today the uncle and nephew Melanau empire still want the rural poor to feel beholden to them and that they are a GOD sent gift to the natives of Sarawak.

    The Bidayuh and Orang Ulu are rejecting Taib Mahmud and UMNO controlled BN. A quarter or more of the Ibans in remote Sarawak are beginning to realise how foolish they have been for been “grateful” to Taib and UMNO controlled BN government for providing them with piped but not necessarily treated water, some electricity, and other piece meal projects and developments.

    UMNO controlled BN will be totally defeated in urban and suburban seats leaving Pakatan to garner more supports and logistic to mobilise its election machineries in remote constituencies.

    Make no mistake, people power is rallying behind Pakatan Rakyat this time around. Pakatan is ready. The people is ready. Sarawak4change. Malaysia4change.


    Oh yes they will and sure they are going to be..
    Because most majority Malaysians knows bn dark secret that they cannot hide from all anymore..
    Malaysians will go against this type of corrupted bn goment and get back what they should have..
    Hidup Pakatan Rakyat,Hidup Rakyat Malaysia..

  3. The coming Sarawak state election and GE13 is not only between UMNO controlled BN and Pakatan Rakyat. It will also be a referendum by Christians and non Muslims on UMNO’s politically motivated ban on the use of Allah by non-Muslim.

    Malaysian Bishop Laments “Allah” Ban

    Says Church Holds Firm on Minority Rights

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, JAN. 6, 2010 (Zenit.org).- A Malaysian bishop is underlining the rights of minority religions faced to the controversy over a ban prohibiting non-Muslims from using the word “Allah.”

    Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing of the Melaka-Johor Diocese in Malaysia told ZENIT that the controversy over the use of the word “Allah,” as well as other Arabic words, is “not a linguistic battle.”

    Rather, he said, it is a political “battle for votes.”

    On Dec. 31, the Kuala Lumpur High Court overruled the ban, which was instated three years ago, affirming that it was unconstitutional and that the word “Allah” is not exclusive to Islam. It granted the Catholic Herald, which was using the word as a translation for God in the Malay language section of the periodical, permission to print “Allah.”

    However, today the decision was suspended after days of protests. Meanwhile, the Home Ministry is appealing the act in an attempt to uphold the ban.

    Muslim groups are protesting that Christians and other minorities should not use “Allah” for “fear of confusing Muslims,” the Herald reported today.

    Muslims constitute some 60% of the country’s 28 million people.


    Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing explained that the debate has a definite political tone, as the ruling party “is afraid of losing the Malay votes, which make up of about 60% of the population.”

    He added, “In Malaysia, unfortunately, Malay is identified with Muslims — the only country in the world where religion is tied to a race in the constitution.”

    Yet in the Quran, the bishop pointed out, “it is said that Jews, Christians, Sabeans and Muslims worship Allah.”

    He continued: “How can a Muslim go against its Holy Quran? Not possible.

    “It is due to sheer ignorance or due to some political expediency. Any objective scholar can tell you that the word ‘Allah’ is pre-Islamic. It has its root in the Semitic language.”

    Not all Malay-Muslims are against non-Muslims using the word, Bishop Tan Chee Ing clarified, as long as it is not being “abused.”

    Those who are sparking the controversy, he said, are acting “due to ignorance or motivated by political biases or for some personal gains.”

    The “public declaration that non-Muslims can use the word ‘Allah’ is a contradiction to what the National Fatwa Council issued,” the bishop affirmed, and “contradiction is another game for playing politics.”

    Non-Muslim rights

    In the midst of this, he said, “the Church’s stand should be calm, firm in its stand for the rights of non-Muslims as enshrined in our federal constitution.”

    We must “cooperate with all reasonable persons, try to keep harmony by not provoking the other side with words or actions and not putting them down those who want to stop non-Muslims from using the word,” the prelate said.

    “It is a tightrope walk,” he affirmed.

    Bishop Tan Chee Ing told ZENIT that despite the current issues, the Church in his country is “very stable, united and strong.”

    “Our ecumenical movement and interreligious cooperation have been good in spite of a few hiccups here and there,” he said.

    Although statistics are showing that the Catholic population is stagnant in numbers, the bishop acknowledged, this is due to the fact that “Chinese and Indian Catholics tend to have fewer children than the Malays.”

    As well, he continued, “their children are sent abroad to study because of discrimination against them in the universities and many of them do not return to Malaysia because of the fear of being discriminated.”

    Stand for truth

    “In spite of all this,” the prelate affirmed, “the churches are generally full to their capacity with men, women and children.”

    He continued: “It is a vibrant Church. The local Church has been reaching out to help other poorer dioceses in other countries.”

    Bishop Tan Chee Ing reported that the people of his diocese, “in spite of the fact that we are not rich,” has been sending money to the Church in Kenya, Myanmar and Laos.

    “This is in imitation of the earliest Catholic Church during the apostolic times,” he affirmed.

    The prelate continued: “We have also cooperated with the Protestants and even the Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus.

    “The one contribution we can offer to the Universal Church is standing up for the truth and the rights of people against all odds because we know that God who is the Lord of history, sees and knows all and will in his time and in his way right what is wrong. Patience!”

  4. Where are the YBs from our own community when Iban farmers were treated as criminals for “trespassing” their own NCR land? Do we allow ourselves (Ibans) to be indifferent to mistreatment of our own? It seems that the non Dayaks are more concerned about the backwardness and poverty of our people and are at the forefront of reformasi.

    So what if I am a civil servant ? I have every right to support Pakatan this time.

    • Iban Headmaster, bravo!!! If only the majority of Ibans think and act like you! I’ve been trying to persuade and motivate my native friends and associates to vote for change but get exasperated by their reply that ‘at least Taib has the capability to run the state’ and ‘ tak rasa kena rampas pun’; ‘mana ada bukti rampas harta rakyat’!

  5. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: This sick ‘Barang Naik’+ bully RAKYAT B-eNd gomen must be voted out ASAP in order for all Malaysians to be truly live in PEACE n HARMONY without racial discriminations on the minority races :oops:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  6. Instilled and brain washed deeply by BN,the anang negelaban perintah of the rural ibans and orang ulu is the safest fixed deposits of BN.Minority wins in urbans and suburban areas will not be enough for PR to control s’wak.That is reality that ones can’t deny.

  7. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: My Master use to say :lol: I Would If I Could n I Could If I Would :lol: :idea:

  8. Dear fellow Sarawakians,

    We are struggling for our future and most importantly the future of our children.

    If thats not a good enough reason to make an effort to change the situation here, i don’t know what is.

    All of us need to pull together to help each other get rid of this tyrant, who is bleeding Sarawak dry!

    Our children’s future is at stake and so is ours for our children’s future is our future!

    We need to take a stand! Enough is enough!

  9. dont we all sick and tired of BN!!if yes do something la!!you want a better life for everyone but have done nothin to achieve it!for god sake do something la!!if everyone feel that bn is that too strong to be defeated and then learn a little bit from Selangorian, Penangnites, Kedahan and the Kelantanese hack even no body thought Perakian will reject BN either!!Hello Sarawakian, this is your time!!If you want something very bad and go for it!!dont just tallk talk..talk!

  10. Did the press put words in their mouths or these Tuai Rumah have always been as stupid as they always have been. Why are these Tuai Rumah still harbouring fear that their homes and that of the poor, isolated and neglected Dayaks would not be getting a road and other basic amenities connected to their rural constituencies?? Under 48 years of UMNO controlled BN government and led by Taib for the last 29 years, if all these roads and basic amenities were not developed in their areas 20 years ago it should have been already constructed ancd completed since yesterday!

    The BN model of government initiated by Tunku Abdul Rahman had been been totally modified from its original nobility since the Mahathir regime. Since then the political system has been designed and systematicall implemented to keep the rural poor isolated and “stupid” and forever beholden to UMNO controlled BN government.

    After 48 years under BN, Dayaks YBs and goons are still hoping for a road linking Naga Poi through Ngemah, Song, Jagau and Kapit. YB like Alexander Linggi, educated, intelligent and who did not have to be a BN politician, hoping to be millionaire should be ashamed for mistreating and not fighting for the rights and dignity of his own people.

    The rest of the Dayak Ybs and aspirants are with BN because they hope to get rich by at least becoming the main contractors of their own constituencies or brokers for NCR land . That is what and why they are there for their own self interests and not for the rural poor.

    It is also most insulting and disgusting that an Iban leader in the like of James Masing was arrogant to proclaim rural Sarawak as fixed deposit of BN and that supporting Opposition was an obstacle to development.Did the Opposition ever prevented the BN government from developing the country or inciting hatred against the government for constructing roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and bring socio-economic development to the stae and country?

    Malaysians are not stupid and rural voters are no longer uninformed. Every single Malaysians want a government that practise good governance, accountability, transparency and protecting the constitution from being abused. We all want a caring, fair and just government. Do we see all that in our present UMNO controlled government? NO. NO , NO !

    Time for change. Make no mistake, Vote for change!

    Vote Pakatan Rakyat.

  11. The government’s reluctance to upset the majority Malays has led to policy reversals and reform pullbacks that are fuelling talk Najib may be readying to get his own mandate as prime minister. The last election was led by Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who stepped down in April 2009.

    Najib raised constituency allocations for BN MPs from RM1 million to RM1.5 million last month, leading to further speculation.

    Dr Hatta expressed his belief that there was a significant possibility of a snap election after Umno vice president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said yesterday that the time had come for BN to go to the polls to prove that they have overcome past mistakes.

    “If it’s in September, we will win big. If it’s next year, we will win even bigger,” the Kuala Krai MP said.

    Zaid added that “ministers are talking rubbish all the time, because they are panicking over early elections.

    “When you start banning newspapers, charging people for sedition and play races against each other and manufacture enemies, that’s the sign of an emerging fascist government. We cannot afford to let that happen,” the former de facto law minister said.

    He also claimed that the constant persecution of opposition figures while Umno figures got away with outrageous statements was evidence that the Malay party had “destroyed all sense of fairness in the system.”

    “Najib can blatantly buy elections by promising millions because they know they will never be prosecuted,” he said, referring to his recent defeat in the Hulu Selangor by-elections where the prime minister handed out millions to sway voters including RM3 million he promised to a Chinese school if BN won the poll as well, as in the Sibu by-election where the prime minister made a similar appeal.

    Nurul Izzah expounded on how PR was more than just “not BN”, but a viable alternative today.

    Nurul, who is Anwar’s eldest daughter, stressed that PR had established a Common Policy Framework; while in Selangor, it has introduced a select committee to ensure the integrity of lawmakers and are set to table the Freedom of Information Act in the state assembly.

    “The only innovation from BN is Perkasa,” she said, referring to the Malay rights group led by Pasir Mas MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

    “Change will come and [the] next general election will not be something easily forgotten by BN,” she promised.

    Dr Hatta added that in the last elections, DAP, PKR and PAS had only formed an electoral pact to avoid three-corner fights and campaigned individually, whereas this time they would campaign together and make sacrifices for each other.

    “This administration should have been over in the last general election. Victory is within reach,” he said.

    Dr Tan also insisted that PR would not wait to capture government state-by-state but would be taking over both federal and state governments “simultaneously.”

    “While we cannot ensure that PR will be 100 per cent clean once we are in government, we promise that we will show no mercy to those who are corrupt. We must have integrity,” the DAP vice-chairman said.

    I can’t agree more with the above BULLISH sentiments expressed by Pakatan leaders in the recent forum in London when launching “Friends For Pakatan”.

    People power is definitely ready if GE13 and Sarawak state election are to be held anytime soon.

    Sarawak4Pakatan. Malaysia4Pakatan

  12. Mata Kuching, the Melanau empire of Rahman Yakub and Taib Mahmud have EVERYTHING to lose when Pakatan Rakyat march to Putrajaya and Petrajaya. They are running scared and have send their goons to all longhouses to intimidate and threaten the Tuai Rumah and rural folks with withdrawal of projects.

    The Dayaks will not die for Taib Mahmud and Rahman Yakub and Najib for sure. Maybe all the BN Dayaks YBs might.

  13. Dont reject James Masing to miss out on the opportunity to drink “sampai mabuk”. RM200 can buy many crates of “cap apek” brandy! Vote james Masing to stay happily drunk till you cant see where your NCR land are!

  14. Is it a coincident that Rahman Ya’kub, Taib Mahmud and Najib shared the same common characteristic?

    a) “worship” evil spirit by consulting Bomoh

    b) crazy for power

    c) steal from the people

    Not even Allah can save their souls !

  15. It seems that Voon Lee San is hinting to SUPP, from his press statement appearing in the BP today, that he can be bought and can be used as an independent candidate in the coming state election. Is it true that Voon is cash strapped?

  16. For every 1 sympathiser for Mr Voon (if he stands as an independent) there are 6,000 or more supporters for DAP/Pakatan. If he is not selected to defend his BT seat for DAP ,Mr Voon should retire graciously and with honour for having done his part for fighting for the common people and will be remembered for his contribution to the cause for reforms. Hope he is wise enough.

  17. Bravo Iban Headmaster! It’s not 4 u 2 ask ur right 2 vote 4 PKR/PR. No question ask. Everyone’s right to vote PKR/PR 2 fight 4 injustice 4 the last 47 yrs in S’wak. Don’t talk about development or justice when 66% of our people are very poor, without treated water supply, without electricity, without better health care clinics, and too many of our natives in the interior are still walking on foot and by boat in the river. Even our roads are that very bad. Need not to go the rural, just see how the roads in Kuching City. Very bad. We got to tople this UMNO/BN goment. We got to stop all this mistreated by B end goment. Enough is enough. All BN YBs r only interested builging their own kingdom. They don’t peduli rakyat. They only talk cocks.

  18. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:idea: SOMETIMES IT’S GOOD WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL :idea:

  19. The people of Malaysia has become just like many of the silly Americans.They would fight to save the life of a sick baby monkey rather tha the thousands of sick Red Indian babies in their backyard.
    Fong Vui Kong is a drug trafficker who may make millions from the misery of drug addicts.These drug addicts will become snatch thieves and prostitudes to feed their drug addiction habit.In many places innocent housewives are killed when these drug addicts drag their hand bags from speeding motor cycles.Then the small children would suffer of having no mother.It is all due to drug trafficker like Fong Vui Kong.
    Why are not all these stupid people around Malaysia fighting for the victims of drug abuse? I can take them through the back streets of Kota Kinabalu after 10 pm.Thhere you can see thousands of drug addicts living in misery.May of the young native girls offer sex for 10 dollars just to feed trheir drug habit.
    I am from Kulim,Kedah but I have stayed in Kota Kinabalu for more than 20 years. I am in the hotel IT software business. My 5 star hotel has shown me CCTV of school girls going up and down the hotel for prostitution in order to feed the drug habits of their boy friends.
    It is all due to drug traffickers like Fong Vui Kong.
    He should be hanged to death by his neck according to the laws of the foreign land.If a foreigner should bring drugs to Kota Kinabalu we should hang him too.

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