We do not want to sound the DEATH WISH for any ADUNS or MPs. But from what we have gathered over the past few weeks the groundswell in Sarawak is anything but pleasant for them. They can’t hide,they know that all is not well in their own constituencies. 


Sarawak is not economically vibrant anymore  and those smiling,cheerful,honest faces are slowly diminishing from the people. Its written in their faces and their eyes will not lie when audie61 crew surveyed intensively throughout the length and breadth of Sarawak.  

If the print media continues to colour a false picture of the vibrancy of the state the incoming State elections will show otherwise. Nothing will keep the truth from surfacing and they will be many  “SHOCKS” and the OoooH NOoooos!.If the YBs and MPs continue with their lackadaisical attitude their wish will be FULFILLED….

We know that its always another mountain to CLIMB and the rakyat is their master.

Some do forget though..??

Just watch this clip to the END PLEASE to draw inspiration for the battles ahead. Always REMEMBER ” Beware of People Power………..and this Proverb


This is a 1stSarawakian WARNING….


19 thoughts on “YBS”IT’S A CLIMB..WARNING”

  1. The Sun has gone down on sarawak. too much $$$$$$$ have flowed out from sarawak and not only that all the brain drain and its very sad. Forgive me sarawak and if nothing changes bless your soul.

  2. What else is there to say? We vote the people who we think is fit to lead the country and if they are not suitable we VOTE THEM OUT. Nothing changes and they better BEWARE.you are right and its another mountain for them.

  3. Vote for Change and continue to do so until you get it right and maintain. Work with the bests and the video clip is brilliant and if the YBs are still thinking GET THEM OUT…

  4. Where are the Black Areas for UMNO controlled BN rural constituencies ?

    a) Areas where 30% or more of the population have yet to have treated water, electricity, and decent tar roads.

    b) Overcrowded primary and secondary schools with poor learning environment.

    c) NCR land and Section 47 land issues.

    d) Areas where 70% of the youths have no jobs or employment opportunity and forced to leave home to work in the cities or towns.

    e) Areas where the YBs have been over promising and under delivered or YBs who are known to have vested interests in private plantations and plantation owners have been intimidating and threatening the local people.

    e) Areas where the plight, grievances, and problems of the people were known to have fallen on deaf ears.

    The above list is not exhaustive and if we were to pin point rural constituencies with the above issues, UMNO controlled BN in Sarawak will have many Black Areas in the coming state election.

    Pakatan Rakyat must activate their election machineries now and capitalise on the above issues which UMNO controlled BN has failed to solve and deliver although the ruling government has been given the mandate to rule for 48 years.

  5. Taib’s Cruel Revenge

    Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 GMT

    Turned out of house and home

    Legal Slap-down for Taib Mahmud

    Chief Minister Taib Mamud’s was humiliated by a native Iban victory in the Malaysia Federal Court last November. The Headman Nor anak Nyaway of Sungai Sekabai near the town of Bintulu won a case against the Sarawak State Government who had taken the village’s land for palm oil plantations. The judges ruled that the State of Sarawak has no right to ignore native customary rights and seize such lands.

    The defeat of the government in this crucial case, means that hundreds of claims by other native communities should also be successful when they come to court. All these cases are being represented by the top human rights lawyer and new PKR opposition leader for Sarawak, Baru Bian. As Bian explained,

    “This victory means that tens of thousands of indigenous people are entitled to claim back their lands and to demand compensation from the Sarawak Government led by BN”.

    Taib’s revenge – tear down the houses of the poor

    Illegal Revenge

    However, Taib Mahmud does not like to lose. For decades he has got away with illegally over-riding native rights in order to snatch thousands of square kilometres of valuable rainforest and traditional hunting and farming lands from indigenous peoples to give to his own family and cronies, first for timber and then for palm plantations.

    So in January, after losing in court he used strong arm tactics instead. He sent in police and bullies to tear down the village in revenge. The gangs pulled down many houses and destroyed villagers possessions leaving them without food or shelter.

    One villager said “Taib had no right to defy the court. We have lost our homes and everything we possess. Everyone in Sarawak is in danger from this greedy monster”. Baru Bian acted immediately in this case and has now protected the remaining villagers with another court order banning Taib from attacking the houses. But, while Taib Mahmud and his BN party remains in power it is clear he will do everything he can to ignore the law and to intimidate the poor.

    • Sarawakians Dr John Brian Anthony, Ting Cek Ming and Kung Chin Chin (they lodge a report on taib’s foreign properties with MACC) are Heroes of Sarawak! They are three of many many more! Anak anak Sarawak these 3 and the likes of them shall go down in history as heroes. Our children shall in the future learn about people like them when they learn about democracy, liberty and equality! The history books shall record the dark decades of Sarawak and no guessing what payhim will go down as!

      Take Nazi Germany as an example, at the time when Hitler was the Chancellor, books, literature, arts etc of the time reflected Hitler as the hero, the saviour of germany…look what happened to him! Hitler ended up shooting himself, a bullet through his mouth and out his skull in the end! Many Germans today would not dare salute hitler’s ‘achievements’ would they, may be except the neo-nazis, which we can equate with Perkasa and UMNO!

      Policy today may well be illegal and criminal tomorrow!

      So warning to taib and his henchman, to the henchmen, you know who you are! You will be prosecuted sooner or later! The world has changed and inevitably, Sarawak will too! You have acted against the interest of the people of Sarawak and have gained from your position of power at the expense of the people! Criminal offences have no time limitations under the law which means even into your nineties you will be prosecuted! It is no defence that you were just ‘taking orders’, just like the nazi Eichmann who has gassed so many in Auschwitz! Your sentence may not be a bullet but it will be a prison cell!

      So to you henchmen, think how many times you have taken such ‘orders’, how Taib had claimed to be unaware of things which outraged the public, taking the illegal, immoral destruction of the muslim graves along Jalan Keretapi as an example, taib claimed he knew nothing of it! The people aren’t stupid and blind!

      Many have been persecuted, prosecuted and made to suffer in the pursuit of democracy, their rights and rights of the people, many have fallen by the way side no doubt. But note how many more are standing up these days. They can no longer suppress the ground swell!

      Incidentally, what happened to Bruno Manser? He disappeared in Sarawak, a foreigner, a Swiss. Are there any possible investigations into his disappearance? The Bruno Mansor may just turn out to be the ‘Altantuya’ of Sarawak and French authorities are interviewing Balsubramaniam! Sooner or later, najib has to face up to the allegations and maybe, taib for Bruno’s disappearance oneday!

      Taking Nelson Mandela as an example, who was prosecuted, persecuted and thrown in jail on an island for decades as an enemy of the state of South Africa. Look where he is today, held as a hero of South Africa by the very state that had previously prosecuted him. The World Cup today salutes Mandela and he is the toast of the world!

      Many so called ‘enemies’ of this state will one day be heroes of tomorrow and those in power shall go down in history as villains just like hitler, idi amin, sadam, suharto, marcos, pol pot! Look at the corrupt batista of Cuba, once powerful president, who had to run when Castro came into town! Take nicolae ceauşescu of Romania, he and his wife faced the firing squad and were executed!

      taib and his family are no Romanovs that’s for sure! There won’t be any Disney cartoons nor documentary as to how had the beloved ‘king’ fallen….no romantic tales of a glorious pass! Just a footnote denoting the crimes of a common criminal which isn’t something romantic and nothing to hold your breath waiting for a Hollywood or Disney production!

      So far, suppression of one voice, two voices takes its place, suppressing of the two voices, 4 takes its place! Judging from the trend, it’s an inevitable outcome that these fat cats will be over thrown and know this, there are more people then there are them! The people’s stomachs are hungry, starved as a result of taib’s abuses! Like Maria Antoinette of France, who uttered the words ‘just feed them cakes’, sparked off the people’s revolution. taib and his family are acting like the royals of France, greed and sheer arrogance in abusing their position of power! There can only be an outcome, the ‘guillotine’ will soon be out!

      It won’t be that tough of a task to prosecute many of them and their cronies for they themselves are their own worse prosecution witness. Just read their comments, public statements, acts and their justification or reaction to allegations of corruption etc. They published so much of which many may be used as evidence against them in future trials! When taib goes down, he will take many with him!

      More and more reports of taib’s loot are surfacing……it’s the US now, soon more in Australia, details of his Swiss bank accounts may just surface too…..Think back to the piece of news on the US pursuing US tax evaders with Swiss bank accounts, Swiss banks had to surrender information on these people. The US tax department may very well have come across accounts of some ‘people’ from this region…after all, taib is also muslim, interntional authorities and government agencies are tracking terrorist money or people with accounts in swiss banks linked to terrorism and some other information may have already been discovered as a result!

      Lastly, ‘Killing’ the messenger never stopped an invading army!

  6. Taib Mahmud has lost his soul to the devils and had inadvertently sacrified the life of loved ones and close aides to the devils who take control of his soul. If he does not sacrify another loved one soon , he may not get to see the daylight on polling day in the coming state election.

  7. Probe Taib over RM 3 billion family fortine in Canada by Dr.John Brian,Ting Cek Ming and Kung Chin Chin in Putrajaya this morning piled more pressure on Thief Minister TAib Mahmud.

  8. Taib and BN Sarawak realised they can’t shift the goal posts very much this time around. They are trying to move polling stations to another locality deemed supposedly beneficial to BN but they are losing supports even from the hardcore base. Sarawakains are simply fedup and lost their patience with BN’s rhetoric and hot airs before every elections. Even my aged mother and her old friends are telling us young voters to teach the corrupted BN government a good lesson.

  9. Bidayuh living in Penrissen, Bau and Lundu are becoming more united in spirit to vote against BN Sarawak for cheating us for four decades. They had displaced the Bidayuh from Borneo highland and enriched themselves. They did the same to the Bidayuh in Bengoh. Now they are also after Bidayuh ancestral land.

  10. A few of our kampung mates have been working in Singapore Night Safari and given permanent residence. Our Dayaks YBs in Barisan are no better than the greedy white hair ( my cousin prefers to call him white crocodile..hahha). There are no future for Dayaks in Sarawak for as long as the white hair and Barisan remains in power. Time to change.

  11. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :lol: PEOPLES all over M’sia are watching those corrupted to the core B-eNd goons doing their sick DRAMA n wrongdoing every now n then :lol:

  12. Taib’s present is unworthy. So do BN gov’t in S’wak. So get rid of Taib n do so to BN. What’s there to loose for any S’wakians not to vote Taib n BN? Nothing. S’wakians may earn a new gov’t for voting PKR/PR. That’s for sure. Good changes, good governance, caring gov’t n very sure the rakyat will get is/r due to them for the last 47 yrs. May more. Will make sure what Taib has taken from the rakyat must be returned to the rakyat. PKR/PR will ensure that will happen.

  13. MACC – Malaysian Association of Cows n Cars. If only u need to slaughter ur cow or ur car got to be pushed then u can report to MACC. Reporting Taib to MACC, what a laugh! S’wakians don’t need to think much harder, just emulate what happened in Sibu on 16 May 2010. Voted out SUPP/BN, DAP/PR won 398 votes. Any differences, oh yes WHL speaks for the rakyat in Parliment. More development will reached Sibu soon bcoz UMNO/BN wanted to win back Sibu. Sibu peoples are not fool. They know their rights. U can buy dabai in Sibu but u can’t buy voters. There’s only one thing we can be very sure, the rakyat of Sarawak is the real and most powerful MACC. Let’s voted out Taib’s PBB/BN/SUPP/PRS/SPDP this coming state election. Make sure that PR will win handsomely and try them to administer the state gov’t. They haven’t been corrupted, they’ve not been thieving timbers, they’ve not own any properties alike Taib 3 billions in Canada. Try them. If they do alike Taib then vote them out to. Don’t listen to Taib saying, Opposition only know to make promise, they can’t deliver. Taib is talking his own cock. what is/are there for Opposition to deliver if they’re not given a chance to be a gov’t. Taib is talking his own shit. Opposition only can make promise/s. That’s. Give them the vote n win the next PRN10 then only u can see they keep their promises or not. Then only u can say they deliver or not. I think Taib is senile. Same to Jabu too. And that could also happen to Chan, Masing and Mawan. They’re all from the same species n geneology. Well God Allah SWT is always the merciful. U buat baik, baik balasannya. U buat jahat maka jahat juga pembalasannya. BalasanNya bukan dah kematian tetapi masa kehidupan pun ia mendatang. BalasanNya dalam pelbagai bentuk. U Fives knowlah. Even the rakyat as a whole can see right now how Allah turunkan kuasaNya. Pelan-pelan.Sikit-sikit. Dia ambil balik what u have for the way u get them tidak betul. Merompak, menipu, rasuah, berbohong dsbnya. God Allah the Merciful. We do have our YB who’s gone through this. All their properties gone n even the the YB’s left family can’t even pay water and electricity bills. May u all Bertobat.

  14. Gerakan Anti-Taib (GAT) !!!
    Gerakan Anti-Taib (GAT) !!!
    Gerakan Anti-Taib (GAT) !!!

    Let’s start the ball rolling…

  15. Behold say the Lord,” MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN…God has numbered your reign and brought it to an end. You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and the Persians ” Daniel 5:25-26. So shall it be written and so shall it be done and come to pass.

  16. Burung oh burung mana lu with your ‘wise’ comments?

    What to see what wise comments burung has for us this time..

    Btw, Audie you are right about the ground swell in Sarawak..ordinary folks are cursing taib, many of these people have at one stage or another lost something as a result of the abuse by BN in Swak.

    many had lost their land as we are allwell aware of the many ways in which one can lose one’s land in s’wak and many of those who are under threat of losing their ancestral land..many of their kids has to go elsewhere to work, many of their kids has no jobs, many has their own MP, the one they voted for betrayed them…

    many has wised up to Taib’s ‘bomoh’ spin..such spin as the power of the bomoh to ‘transfer sickness to the wife’ etc..they were asked if so powerful why need to pass to wife, why can’t to an enemy. they thought consent is needed, then one guy said, can easily pay someone to give consent mah, am sure someone would accept few million for it..why didnt they. Got them thinking, then one ask, if so powerful, why need so many bodyguards? if so powerful, why still looking and getting older!

    Whatever it is, it clearly shows how backward Sarawak is, the people still is beholden to these old mysticism and tales. how taib has used it to his advantage..but it clear, one spin passes through a few hands becomes legendary..like one fisherman who caught a small baby crocodile in ulu skrang but by the time the news reaches kuching, he had a caught a dragon!

    Sad! Why is Sarawak so stupid, time to stop letting them pull the ‘cawat’ over our eyes!

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