Sarawak YBs ” Way Past Bed Time “

If ” People’s Power” was to take over right now,this very minute many YBs in the Sarawak Legislative Council will be drowned in the SEA OF VOICES.  Let’s face it the crux of the blame,”


Do it now, and tell me ,when you are reading this article what do you see,” The thumb suppressing the three fingers pointing back at you.Does it count for anything..??”

For the past few weeks ever since the defeat of the SUPP candidate in Sibu the tell-tale signs,grievances,lost syndrome even amongst the BN YBs the indications are that CM Taib is a BURDEN to them as the Opposition Gains Ground and Momentum.

People Power has always been able to see the end of Political regimes or Personalities. A businessman put it bluntly to audie61 crew,”Its past Bed-time.No point in talking.We dont care if they do their work. Why blame CM for their own weaknesses and laziness.The  tide will bring the the YBs who underperform and overated like the England Team and who misuse their MANDATE BY THE RAKYAT to the sea and drown them. They always forget who put them there.


The BN YBS are running helter skelter looking for solutions to their own problems. If they have performed like some who are genuinely on the ground and looking after their own constituencies they will be safe.

We disagree with the Opposition and they have said to us,”As long as they belong to that Standard Bearer of the particular symbol they are FINISHED AND DOOM.” Lets face it SUPP is a sick man of Sarawak BN at the moment. Are we being too harsh..?? No way, as their performances will affect the whole BN coalition. The truth prevails and its up to SUPP to rise over and above the challengers and find the correct solutions to their problems. Where??


PBB,SPDP and PRS have their own problems in tackling the Peoples Power. What is their secret..? Its time when the chips are down the EGOS needs to be thrown out of the window and turn to the remaining coalition partners to help.

Lets be honest,” SUPP activities in city and urban areas are hardly participated by the remaining coalition partners. Is this the fault of the others..?? 

The line of success and failure is too thin and politics is no different. We are in possession of the smses of a Deputy Minister presently in the Federal Cabinet who forgets where he comes from and challenges the very people who put him there. Sounds too FAMILIAR…???

Pardon our languange,”HAS HE GONE BONKERS” HE must have forgotten his very own constituency otherwise he will not be so HOT under the collar.Anyway we are on the subject of ADUNS and not MPs. Just a bit sidelined….

 A Chinese proverb which is of so much significance,” Clouds follow the dragon and wind follows the tiger.The wise man appears and other men look to him for guidance.”

There has been so much knocking and blaming the CM Taib for the present predicament and the YBs within the coalition have forgotten the GOOD that the man has done. Its time they RALLY behind him and he does have the answers. That we have sounded to the OPPOSITION..Watch out for the


There are changes a plenty and People Power will in the end get rid of the YBs be it from the BN or Pakatan fold who underperformed and not the other way round. The people of Sarawak will know who they want to tell ,


audie61 did not point the FINGER..YOU DID.


16 thoughts on “Sarawak YBs ” Way Past Bed Time “

  1. Too arrogant and aloof YBs needs to be removed and there is no stopping Peoples Power. Some of them think they do not need the People. Thats where they will FALL and when they do they start blaming others. True our CM is taking the punches but he should also know he has been in the chair for far too long. Time also to withdraw before he is removed.

  2. Yeap Taib has ruled too long.I will point all ten fingers at him.Land he has taken and all his relatives have benefitted. Time for him to Undur Lah! He has ruled past Bed time.

  3. If there is a market for false teeth is big he also want .What more to say my banana plantation.Have to share share too. its true that the YBs needs to look after themselves or they will wear pyjamas soon. They might never wake up hahaha

  4. wonder how many YBs out there are worried with the State elections? Will they still be there? People power has a strange way of removing arrogant and too action YBs.Believe me!

  5. Hearsay that many YBs are not caring their constituents. YBs are only concerned of their business. They don’t really peduli the rakyat. I don’t know, only those rakyat who voted these YBs during last election should know the answers. Why to worry, ur the voters who can reject them if they didn’t perform. Even if CM isn’t perform u have the right to reject him what more when he’s thieving too much of the state wealths and bring it outside the country. Taib need to be thrown out bcoz too long n same to BN too corrupted. The people is the power. What? Not only Taib or BN can govern the state. There’re many more creditable people who’s potentials we’ve not discover. Nothing venture nothing gain.

  6. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :lol: Majority Malaysians are really sick,alergic + FED-UP with B-eNd bumNO DRAMA all years round n now they are waiting silently with majority PEOPLE’S POWER to votes against them in coming election all over M’sia :lol:
    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  7. Visiting the constituency every week for the last 5 years or even the last 5 terms do not make a YB walk his talk or be seen to be close to the people and bringing development to his constituency if the constituency remain as one without basic amenities, treated water, electricity and inaccessible by vehicles and the schools and clinics there depend on just enough fuel to power the generator sets.

    The feeder roads constructed by timber and plantation companies are for their own convenience and use and did not involve federal grants and fund allocated for rural development, which went missing from 1MP to 9MP. Even text books,stationery, computers, food ration, uniforms for distribution to schools in rural interior were delivered short and or highly inflated.

    At federal level, Rosmah Mansor’s Khitmat Negara (PLKN), Permata Pintar and Squad sayang of wanita UMNO are just avenues to rob the rakyat hundreds of million ringgit in the form of government grants. Yet the so-called loyal supporters of UMNO controlled BN in Sarawak and Sabah remain poor and among the poorest in the country despite giving the mandate to the ruling government for the last 48 year.

    Mr Taib Mahmud the paramount pirate of Borneo even think that UMNO controlled BN has the divine right to rule Malaysia perpetually and that UMNO controlled BN government is a God given gift to all Malaysians. Taiab Mahmud and all his thiefs went on to warn their bosses who are the voters that supporting the Opposition was against the constitution and a serious misconduct. Taib Mahmud and all his retarded stooges misght as well warned all Malaysians that they could be committing treason for voting for Pakatan Rakyat.

    Enough is Enough. Sarawak4Change. Malaysia4Change. We shall vote against UMNO controlled BN government and vote for a Pakatan Rakyat government.

  8. Taib will “kiok” in office!!! %#&() When he “kiok” he neither going to heaven nor hell for he is toooooo corrupt!!!!!

  9. The rakyat is also sick of watching prime time news about the problems in PR.

    Independent rules! I would rather vote for this Mata Kuching fella then any of those BN or PR dudes.

  10. Taib macam tak pernah cukup. Sangat tamak haloba !!! Cukuplah buaya oooi !!! Bring this bugger to justice !!!

  11. While it was all joy and jubilation for SNAP to be back and as a partner with DAP, PKR and PAS in Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak, it should reassess its support level in all its traditional strong areas before making wholesale demand for all these seats to be given to them. For instance, SNAP should concede the seat for Bakalalan to Baru Bian of PKR who is the best choice to wrest the seat from UMNO controlled BN.

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