SNAP “Over-excited Reporting”

SNAP is definitely a VERY HOT ITEM in the political menu this week in Sarawak. Italy’s exit from the 2010 World Cup as defending champions did not even lift an eyelid. SNAP is indeed a surprise while Italy had it coming for them and the writings were already crystal clear on the football wall.  

Wow! This must be an over excited journalism GENUINE mistake or Is this the NEW SARAWAK ENGLISH. {too bad for Borneo posts says a reader} We on our part as audie61 do try our bests too to check out the dictionary and on line Wikipedia for spellings but sometimes our grammar does need to be corrected before posting.

We are not PURR FECT….hik hik

By the way before we make any comparisons/single out .. always remember what is a BLOG..?? Do we need to tell ourselves….hmmm

When posed with a question on the matter, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is state BN chairman, said: “A lot of waters ( water )have gone under the bridge. I have to discuss it with the other component parties because SNAP did not go out just like that.

{ Could CM have said WATERS..? PLURAL?} 

This is FRONT PAGE MATERIAL and if mistakes keeps appearing our children and the future of Malaysia will suffer. Correct us if we are wrong and we know that we use words like ” There has been a lot of water….”

Its Friday this is a way of easing our pain,” arrivedercci Italia

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11 thoughts on “SNAP “Over-excited Reporting”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Really this must habve been a mistake or else this newspaper needs to look at its english. Bad though !Ya blogs can posts anything too right audie61 and we know we cannot be correcting your english. Your points and your observations brilliant!

  2. dayang says:

    Check it out already.The editors or proof readers needs to double check or the newspaper will be a laughing stock. We stand to be corrected.

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:

    :cry: CRY :cry: baby :cry: CRY when your times out :cry: you are no more a champ :cry: n you need to pack n go for your retirement holiday in Can-ADA? $$$Money there :cry: Pek Mo time very near the END :cry:
    :cry: Those McDeath dogs still protects their own sick master n only catch other small fry :cry: UNFAIR goons must be voted OUT ASAP :cry:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:

  4. Nostradamus says:

    Technically the majority of SPDP members are still SNAP members. They had never resigned or being sacked.Perhaps all of them should go back including the YBs esp. the “separatist 5”. Congratulation to Edwin…..

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    Malaysia English? With public examinations we are already churning out half past six English and Bahasa Malaysia ( Baru). Yet the goons who have been in-charge of our education system are mulling about doing away with public examinations for Primary Six and Form Three We only need to read Singapore’s Straits Times and Indonesia’s Jakarta Post to know how lowly ranked are our main stream media.

  6. anti-kleptocary says:

    Very simple on how to read this latest news – the court “just favor” SNAP so that the Dayaks inside many parties… and once this continues, they remain week !!! It is planned in such as manner because Taib pressure Najib and Taib really don’t like the Dayaks to be united — Period $#%^*%^

    This most corrupted old man “will never be accepted neither in heaven nor hell” %^&(^$9

  7. fedup says:

    Well Done SNAP!

    See how easily BN feathers are ruffled, first the Sibu by election, which is only one seat and yet see how they react and now this, the court victory.

    It is very clear that BN is not too confident in themselves in retaining many of the seats come this election. They have finally accept that they can no longer pull the ‘cawat’ over the people eyes! (Pardon me, i can’t exactly use ‘wool’).

    BN’s reaction makes it very clear, the House of BN is nothing but a house of cards!

    So let the winds of change blow ever harder to blow that house of cards into smithereens!

  8. Mata Kuching says:

    Will Pakatan Rakyat election machinery be in place and ready to do battle with UMNO controlled BN if Taib were to dissolve DUN on July 31 2010? Do not treat this date as a false alarm. It is better to be well prepared for a much earlier state election than anticipated.

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