“Ruffling the Eastern Malaysian Leaders..”


It seems that both the East Malaysia Chief Ministers are in the news for the wrong reasons. Taib with the disclosure of his massive wealth staked overseas while Musa’s powerful ‘ Untouchables ” are being hauled up for investigation by the MACC.

A political watcher said to audie61 the answer is very simple and it lies here .

WHO..??? WHY..??? 

Every Sarawakian and Sabahan in every conversation seems to be talking not only about World Cup in South Africa but these two leaders in their respective Eastern Malaysian States”kena tendang bola” {kicked by the ball)

It has ruffled the political equilibrium of the two states and mosts politicians aligned to the ruling party are all tight lipped.Mosts of them are avoiding being dragged into the conversation as they might just be implicated as being a part-player. 

The two states of 31 and 25 Parliamentary seats are considered fixed deposits by the BN Government. Any major shakeup and unwanted publicity should not be interfered but left to the States to handle.

The BN Government knows that Taib and Musa has delivered when called upon. The opposition players are trying to rattle the PM into submission of removing them.

The opposition will use the easiest communication tool ,”spread malicious and unwanted propaganda” and leave the  Top BN hierarchy with no choice but to find a scapegoat or these two leaders walk.

If these two leaders are removed the path will be cleared by the opposition to muster an all out attack on BN.

Najib needs both these two calibre leaders to see him through a fresh mandate in the Next General elections.



13 thoughts on ““Ruffling the Eastern Malaysian Leaders..”

  1. BN will be weaker without Taib and Musa.Thats without a doubt. Najib needs to use them well to stay in power. Ruffling the feathers Najib is only asking for trouble.
    Pakatan will have difficulties with them still sitting pretty. I see your point audie61.

  2. Taib knows time is not on his side as he is ageing while Musa has still got many years ahead. Both these two leaders will be able to stay in power eventhough there is BAD publicity on them. Not unless Pakatan is in power hahaha

  3. no matter what these two guys have done wrong, the sure things that will happens is that they will never be dragged by the laws of this country. Bear in minds the police, MACC, the judges and the EC are all friends of BN/UMNO.

  4. ”spread malicious and unwanted propaganda”

    How can they do such a thing to Taib! He is the ‘cleanest’ of them all! Look how poor he is!

    He is ever working so tirelessly investing the money from S’wk overseas to get better returns for the people…just see the beautiful gleaming buildings in shown on this website. http://sarawakreport.org.

    He takes our land from us because its safer with him and his family, they say it’s politics of development mah! He knows how to make money with it…and yes it’s a struggle for the people! …btw, we often hear them mention struggle, what against i wonder????

    It’s weird, it seemsthe more they struggle, the richer they get…..but definitely poorer the people become!

  5. I dont know about Taib, but i think Musa has done terrific job in improving Sabah in a number of things…such as in economy, its poverty eradication program seems to be resulting a good outcome….

  6. this is a political game..politicians will use any methods to make sure they will be at the top of the leaders..such rumors and false assumptions which widely been spread in blogs and online news portals was one of the tactics that been used by certain people to bring down Musa from the CM seat..those people trying to attack Musa in personal so that people will misjudge him and not trust him as a CM..what’s more interesting is how can those people gets such details information from MACC? it should be classified until the investigation be done..it’s obvious that this is a conspiracy to bring Musa down..

  7. A million reports lodged by Malaysians from both Sabah and Sarawak to the police and MACC on these two pirates will not result in their removal or arrest so long as UMNO controlled BN remains in power.

    A million voters in both these states may be qualified to be officers of both the PDRM and MACC but your applications will go to the trash even if you are willing to work for free.

    The one and only effective way for us all is to vote out UMNO controlled BN government in Sabah and Sarawak and denied UMNO its fixed deposits. The road to Putrajaya by Pakatan Rakyat will be more assured when UMNO controlled Sabah and Sarawak fell. Under Pakatan Rakyat government , we shall locate. freeze and confiscate their money, properties and all forms of investments.

    Malaysia4Change. Vote Pakatan Rakyat.

  8. Vancouver hide much bigger loot and longer running than Ottawa. Throw a kampua in Vancover it will hit a Sarawak crony easily. Anyway, Audie61 team is dead right about KM3 plot. Much better if the above Canadian crap also part of the KM3 plot by the same KM3 goons that goofing around as Pakatan loose cannon instead (koo!koo!). The biggest threat to BN is the enemy within, Mawan said remember? The plot thickens or false alarm, over to you lah Audie! There are less than 10 first Saturdays left to pick har har har! Btw, french canadians are bunch of weird funny people of all the English-speaking Americans Canadians and as unique and protected species as the Sioux tribes har har har!

  9. Well, this is the political world. Once you are above, there will be always someone trying to bring you down.

  10. We must know and understand the motives of the opposition. Just give our support to CM to lead Sabah to a more glorious and brighter future for us and our family.

  11. don’t let the false assumptions due to our CM, blinding our eyes and mind..we all know that Musa has done his job well as CM..keep supporting our CM of Sabah…

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