“Ruffling the Eastern Malaysian Leaders..”


It seems that both the East Malaysia Chief Ministers are in the news for the wrong reasons. Taib with the disclosure of his massive wealth staked overseas while Musa’s powerful ‘ Untouchables ” are being hauled up for investigation by the MACC.

A political watcher said to audie61 the answer is very simple and it lies here .

WHO..??? WHY..??? 

Every Sarawakian and Sabahan in every conversation seems to be talking not only about World Cup in South Africa but these two leaders in their respective Eastern Malaysian States”kena tendang bola” {kicked by the ball)

It has ruffled the political equilibrium of the two states and mosts politicians aligned to the ruling party are all tight lipped.Mosts of them are avoiding being dragged into the conversation as they might just be implicated as being a part-player. 

The two states of 31 and 25 Parliamentary seats are considered fixed deposits by the BN Government. Any major shakeup and unwanted publicity should not be interfered but left to the States to handle.

The BN Government knows that Taib and Musa has delivered when called upon. The opposition players are trying to rattle the PM into submission of removing them.

The opposition will use the easiest communication tool ,”spread malicious and unwanted propaganda” and leave the  Top BN hierarchy with no choice but to find a scapegoat or these two leaders walk.

If these two leaders are removed the path will be cleared by the opposition to muster an all out attack on BN.

Najib needs both these two calibre leaders to see him through a fresh mandate in the Next General elections.