“48 years …..??”

No one can write this script. One involves CM Taib and the other Switzerland. The Football commentor had all the cheek in the world to say,”Spain needs to teach Switzerland how to play Football” Ooops.. when it was goalless.THE LESSON FROM SPAIN..Its like this “Switzerland..This Round ” THING ” is what we call Football.Pass it around beautifully,you only need to put the ball in between the posts and  score and you win. Spain OMG…??

CM Taib after 48 years at the helm informed everyone that.” The State elections will be held on a Saturday” It seems most political observers will be counting how many ‘Saturdays” to come. Could it be the first Saturday of the English Premier League which will be the 14th of August. Hari Raya will be on September 10th 2010. However Feng Shui Experts seems to say that 10/10/10 a Sunday is an auspicious day. Whatever it is 48 years of being in politics he knows more than a thing or two and he will choose the day and no one else. “SATURDAY…hik hik hik”

Switzerland (150-1) after 48 years taught Spain( 7/2) how to put the ball in the net. Spain was a delight to watch but especially frustrating where it matters mosts . Switzerland created the headlines and will present a paper to Spain,” How not to underestimate your opponents..?”

CM Taib has not underestimated the opposition all this while and he knows any wrong move and overcomplacency will see an end to his reign of 48 years. BN has a number of sticky issues to overcome and the window is closing fasts to call the State elections before May 2011.  

The differance between 48 years Experience in politics and football are goalposts apart. CM Taib is still the main player while the Switzerland Team is new,young and fresh faced. What has worked for Switzerland as it shocked Spain 1-0 will not work in determining the end result of Sarawak Elections. That was just one game while the Sarawak elections there are 71 games.

These 71 State seats will hold the finals and the PEOPLE will determine the result. Now the aspiring 71 candidates from both political divide needs to impress that they are capable and not be shamed and shocked when the votes are counted.

48 years in Politics is a mean achievement…..


11 thoughts on ““48 years …..??”

  1. Spot on like Spain BN Sarawak are having problems and they need to get their political strategies correct. One wrong move BN have to wait for 5 years. world cup only 4 years hahaha

  2. What day also can Taib. we are ready and anytime is perfect for you to call. Dont regret! Use all the Saturdays you can as the people are changing.The groundswell is building up and its too calm for you to read.

    • Who shall fix the date for polling day, Taib or SPR. If Taib can fix the date, he can even fix everything. So SPR is just a barking dog

  3. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :oops: OLDIES just need to make way for YOUNGER generation to be in charge lo n times up :oops:
    Check this out man :arrow: MISSING JET ENJINE :roll: DAD say his Son was force to admit things that he never done n was beaten like COW :shock: Oli COW http://bit.ly/aFnGVv
    GOD please take care n bless all good n innocence PEOPLES if you can SEE what actually happen :idea:

  4. And of course CM at any time would only visit Switzerland for the world’s best dental care, for whatever reason one can think of.

  5. Whatever n whoever taib is he’ll die too. What a fuss about how has stolen from the rakyat of Sarawak. U Sarawak pedople who vote him to who he’s now. U all want a stop to this better vote out PBB/BN come election or otherwise same thing will still be happening.

  6. I’m a very happy person if Taib empire fall !!!! But this king of corrupt Taib will die in office #$%^7*()_{o

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