SUPP ” Answers to Losts Seats..?”

A survey by audie61 team is on the ground looking at the many grouses and reasons why the bulk of the Chinese Community has turned their backs on BN/SUPP..??


Nothing Now.. but find out more in the next few days...Do you have any to share with us…


36 thoughts on “SUPP ” Answers to Losts Seats..?”

  1. Audie61, people are simply fed up with this highly corrupted and authoritarian regime led by UMNO at national level and Taib Mahmud at state level.

    As for SUPP it has been a useless party. For example, when the land premium has been reduced all SUPP , being a component of the state government, needed to do was to advise the government to refund the premium to those especially more than 800 house owners in the Kenyalang Park who had renewed their premium recently. All the data and amount of premium already paid are there and registered with the land and survey office. SUPP need not even have to inconvenient the house owners to once again provide details to gain some cheap and useless publicity.

    The government should have already considered this group of residents who have had paid their premium recently before it announced a further reduction during the Sibu by-election. By asking these residents to make an official appeal for the government to consider was a blatant display of arrogance by BN government. It was smack of dishonesty and deception and putting people last and performance later.

    Malaysians are simply fed up with the deception and dishonesty of UMNO controlled BN government and fed up with this highly corrupted and authoritarian regime. Enough is Enough. Sarawak4Change.

    We need a new government and shall vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

    • In actual fact, the direct request to the government had been rejected and even Awang Tengah already came out to say so. The direct petition by the residents of Kenyalang Park organised by the local SUPP branch was a last ditch effort. It is clear that if DAP organised this petition, it would not stand a snow flakes chance in hell of succeeding. At least with SUPP a component party, it will still reach the ears of the CM on people in power. Whether it succeed or not is a nother matter, but for once SUPP is standing up to CM and continue to push even after the NO REFUND message has been sent out. I have not seen SUPP take a stand against the BN government stance in an open way for such a long time. BRAVO SUPP, pls continue your good work.
      Lets be realistic, anyone savy in Sarawak politics know, DAP, PKR and PAS cannot form government, at least in the coming state election, so until they can, we need to prod SUPP so they can be our rep effectively. DAP can do shit in the State adminstration, at least SUPP has a voice. Unless DAP can form government, they can only become a barking dog, but without any bite behind it. SUPP, with all it’s past failings, I can see some changes, with the new lot of professional leaders coming up in the party. I hope they walk the talk because DAP can talk alot but cannot walk the talk

      • Burung Kenyalang, you talk thru your hole..typicallt of the SUPPs, highlight their ‘efforts’ and expect people to think thats enough and they deserve to get voted in..
        whats the use if taib hears about it and does nothing! What do you he is..the King?
        Come on la, making excuses that you need to form the Gomen before you can do anything? Aren’t SUPP in gomen!

        Just look at your leaders SUPP, whats the point of having more of you?

        Keep thinking and professing like you do and your types will very soon be extinct like the real burung kenyalang which is fast becoming endangered and incidentally, thanks to the deforestation as a result of the BEE EN gomen isn’t it!

      • In reply to FEDUP, When you are not in Government, The Sg Apong jetty pushed by Violet Yong, even whenb the budget have been approve prior to the recent DUN sittings, have been delayed, Sibu Town flood mitigation scheme, thanks to Sibu voters and WHL, is back on the DID evaluation board, I can give you at least 10 more approved projects been KIVed because they are in opposition held areas. Unless the PR coalition can form government, you can see projects in opposition held areas and projects championed by opposition leaders will never take off. Directive have been given to government offices to treat opposition related activities with extreme prjudice. People think going to DAP leaders for publicity can assist their endeavours, they are wrong, the “GOMEN” as FEDUP puts it will ensure that these applications and requests will be burried so deep that they will never see the light of day.
        Unless PR can form government in the next election, which, I cannot see the possibility, because, even Anwar admits, they cannot get to the rural Ibans and voters in the interior, then there is no point to win the few city seats, because it will only cause suffering for the residents. If DAP and PKR is really thinking in the best interest of the rakyat, they should not be trying to “CON” the public by misleading them into thinking that the PR opposition can have a chance to form stae government in Sarawak. It is an impossibility and they know it. I am scare to think of what will happen to the Chinese community if all representation is lost in the state government. If PR coalition have a chance to take over the state then it is a different story, but it does not . FEDUP, MATA KUCHING, answer the question honestly, DO YOU THINK OPPOSITION CAN WIN SARAWAK AND FORM GOVERNMENT?…Even the TOP opposition leaders do not believe they can. So why are you asking us voters in town to suffer for at least 5 years without any development projects in the areas, where we give our votes to the opposition.

  2. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :oops: Majority Malaysians are really FED UP with SODOMY 1 & 2, ALTANTUYAS C4,TEOH BENG HOCK,A.KUGAN,AMIR,CHURCHES FIRE BOMB innocence DEATH that really unnecessary if those KILLERS have HEART n think like HUMAN BEING :oops:

  3. million dollars
    Multi-million dollar complex

    Multi-million dollar complex

    Twin glass towers and a swish shopping complex at Preston Square in downtown Ottawa form just part of an enormous foreign property portfolio controlled in Canada by the family of Sarawak Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud, according to our exclusive investigations.

    These buildings alone are worth at least one hundred million dollars and generate a healthy rental income from some of Canada’s top corporations, including Xerox, Adobe and Sun Life, who rent office space and retail outlets. Numerous Canadian Government Ministries are also listed at the building.

    Preston Square Ottawa – office space and shops

    The Preston Square development lies at the centre of the major Canadian property empire run by the developer Sakto, which was founded in the early 1980s by Taib’s college-aged son Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, his daughter Jamilah and his brother Onn Mahmud. It continues to be managed as a ‘family business’ by his now son-in-law, a Canadian, Sean Murray.

    Commercial Skyscraper – Ottawa’s ‘Xerox Tower’ Complex. Sun Life and Adobe are some of the companies to rent space in this prestige property in Ottawa

    Taxpayers in Sarawak are entitled to ask how the Chief Minister’s modest 20,000 Malaysian Ringgit a month official salary has managed to help generate a property empire worth so much. It is also well known that the Taib family own further considerable assets in Malaysia and elsewhere.

  4. The Audie61 team better survey to look for volunteer workers for SUPP funeral day. Maybe to help prepare some fancy paper cellphones for SUPP to call from hell later on with Hotlink prepaids.

  5. It will not matter when Taib announces the date of dissolution of DUN and the date for polling. Malaysians in Sarawak are ever ready for CHANGE of government. Taib’s bomoh says October 02 2010 is a good day.

    Pakatan Rakyat is finalising the selection of candidates and PR machinery have been deployed especially in the rural constituencies.

    What is more important is that the majority of Sarawakians are ready4change. Many of PBB strong seats are becoming suspect and weakening. SUPP may see a total annihilation. More Ibans and Bidayuhs are warming up to the two party system of government and ready4change.

    People’s power will decide. Sarawak Ready4Change.

    • Mata Kuching may be too optimistic to say all Malaysians in Sarawak wants a change of Government, In Serian and Bau, we have absolutely no desire for a change in government, we are very happy with SUPP and SPDP. If Mata Kuching can be wrong in this instance, maybe what he writes may not be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There may be a bit of exaggeration on his part. In truth, most rural areas in Sarawak DO NOT want change, they are very happy with the ruling BN government, I do concede that in towns, the situation may not be so certain, but in the rural areas, DAP and PKR and much less PAS have absolutely no chance to gain any foot hold in the areas. In Bario, Bakalalan and Long Semado and most of the long houses in the Sibu area, PKR and DAP have been warned not to set foot in the area as they are not welcome. With this type of hostile reaction from the local residents, how can any logical and truthful person make the statement on behalf of Sarawakians that they want change, WE SUPPORT THE BN GOVERMENT BUT WE WANTO SEE SOME CHANGES IN POLICIES. WE DO NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH DAP, PKR OR PAS.

      • Why would anyone support a government that forces people out of their home, their land and cheat them of their vote?

        Answer that burung kenyalang.

  6. Oh Burung, pls remember that the tuai rumah are not pagan.It is not only against the adat of the Dayaks to be hostile to visitors, be them supporters of Pakatan or just a group of visitors. It is also against their Christian belief although some can be bought over to cause disturbances when supporters of Pakatan come visiting the longhouse.

    This is not the issue Burung and its just a small and isolated issue. The main issues are that the highly corrupted BN are no longer wanted and the rural people can look forward to an alternative government. You may continue to support BN of course and help BN to be a good and effective Opposition.

  7. It is very obvious that Mr Taib Mahmud did not want to be seen to bow to Opposition pressure to listen to the people about their plights and miseries. Mr Taib Mahmud would rather the people gather in the thousands to pay homage to him and beg him to consider their request.

    Firstly, SUPP had make a mockery of itself to gain worthless publicity and subjected its members to public ridicule for setting up booths to gather data and information on house owners who had already renewed their land lease but at a higher premium before the announcement of the uniformed reduction. By doing so SUPP also openly showed its weakness and irrelevance as a component of BN .

    Now that Mr Taib Mahmud did not agree to the refund for overpaid premium and would only consider on a case to case basis showed that he rules by his whims and fancies. Can SUPP leaders ask Mr Taib Mahmud what are the basis and benchmark for UMNO controlled BN government in Sarawak led by this paramount pirate to classify an appeal as a “deserving” case? Must the people kowtow to Taib three times and kiss his feet and show proof that they have less than a few thousand ringgit savings in their bank account?

    The youths and future potential leaders in SUPP should now realise that SUPP and all component parties in UMNO controlled BN are irrelevant to Mr Taib Mahmud and UMNO leadership.

    They should gang up to expel their senior leaders and quit the UMNO controlled BN if ever they feel they can contribute to a better, just and bright future for our beloved state and country.

    • By setting up the booths to try to get refunds for the people is a great step forward for the new SUPP and the new batch of young leaders. DAP in these areas are very worried seeing that these new batch of young leaders dare to go against not only the SUPP top leaders such as SKH and GC but also against Taib to try to do something positive for the people in their areas. Do you think if their activities are so irrelevant, the DAP guys would spend so much time trying to discredit what they are doing?
      As part of the government, SUPP stand some chance of getting their petition some degree of success, no matter how small the chance. DAP doest not stand any chance in getting any refunds what so ever. The government will frustrate any proposal, requests or application put forward or submitted by the opposition parties…period…
      Winds of change are coming, not that the opposition will come to power, not in the next 5 years anyway, but age is catching up with the Incumbent, there will be a restructure soon enough, no point to shake the tree for the moment and risk injuries. I am a proponent of restructure, but not the way prescribed by the opposition, because it will cause incredible hardship for the rakyat in the mean time.

  8. Burung, welcome back to bloggersphere. I will like to reiterate and remind Burung that SUPP is a component of the BN government and hence, being the “left” hand it should know what the right hand is doing. The youth in SUPP of which I assume Burung is in the youth, should be credited if ever credit is due and I will not take away any credit from you guys if its due. Fighting for a refund of the premium for house owners who have already paid is just one of the hundred of issues that the BN government can resolve easily if it is caring and sincere in lessening the burden of those who have overpaid. The BN government does not not need SUPP and any of its component to fight for the affected people because SUPP is already part of the BN government and one of the decision makers in the BN government. SUPP should already know if it is a YES or a NO. It is not the responsibility of DAP or Pakatan Rakyat to get the refund for those affected because Pakatan is not the government yet.

    The opposition Pakatan Rakyat has its role to play as an effective Opposition and also it has earn the the right to rule the state and the country. Malaysians will make evaluations among these two coalition whom they will once again entrust their power and give the mandate to administer and govern Sarawak when the current term given to BN government is due. For 48 years UMNO controlled BN government has been given the mandate, rightly or wrongly, to govern Sarawak and at Putrajaya. Now Malaysians have a choice and Pakatan Rakyat has earned its stripe and right to govern.

    SUPP and BN Sarawak may feel uneasy but it just have to be prepared to be the Opposition if Malaysians decide to give the mandate to Pakatan Rakyat.

  9. Burung Kenyalang, are you trying to tell us something which we haven’t already known? Are you and Sarawak Unwanted People’s Party (SUPP) ‘s youths trying to tell us that SUPP was never in the Sarawak BN government? Are the Youth leaders in SUPP trying to say that SUPP has no say or the right to jointly administer and govern the state of Sarawak? Is SUPP youth now trying to say that SUPP is actually a pro BN NGO only and fighting for the right of the people and helping to seek justice? SUPP youths should slap themselves in the face and disappear from the surface of this earth. Stop talking garbage!

    The Sarawak BN government in which Sarawak Unwanted People’s Party (SUPP) is a component has simply not enough money to implement the many necessary and important projects which they had promised in every Malaysia Plan. BN Sarawak has mismanaged and misappropriated billion of ringgits from revenues collected from our own natural resources and from federal fund. All the rural constituencies and longhouses are not under the Opposition and why are 70% of these constituencies still lacking in even basic amenities, electricity and treated water under BN rule for the past 48 years?? Have you ever ask why a chief minister with a salary of RM20,000 can be the richest man in Malaysia and one of the richest in the world when 70% of the rural constituencies, which had supported BN for 48 years, do not even have basic amenities, electricity and treated water?

    Have Burung Kenyalang and all SUPP youths ever visited and witnessed the most developed constituency in Malaysia, Bukit Bintang, which is under DAP- Pakatan since 1967?

    Stop talking rubbish about SUPP youths daring to stand up to SKH and GC? Who are these SKH and GC? Don’t they have a name? If they do have name, tell them to resign from the party. Publish in a full page advertorial asking Taib Mahmud to step down as chief minister of Sarawak too and subject himself to independent investigation.

  10. Even God made a wrong decision to create satan or Lucifer, what more to say, a man made coalition such as BN and parties such as SUPP and the like. Of course there are mistakes made, we are human after all, Do you think DAP, PKR and PAS are so godly that they do not make mistakes? The job of the component parties within the Sarawak BN government, when they perform properly, is to voice the grievances of their supporters. We must realise, the different parties have different levels of representation within the coalition. PBB holding most influence, with SUPP having less and less due to the lost of the Chinese votes in the towns. When the collective decision made is not equitable to the SUPP represents, then, if we cannot get the desired results, we then may have to to go to same other arm bending strategies, to at least try to get the best outcome for our supporters. SUPP is taking a risk to go against the coalitions decision not to refund the extra payments. From a no refund, it is now a selctive refund, if SUPP continuesw, it may get a “REFUND FOR ALL”. Sorry to say DAP, could never hope to achieve this result.
    We do admit that in the past, the leaders and party reps may not have perform as well as they should have. But now a time of change is coming to the party. The new batch of leaders are aware that there is a need for immediate change and they are taking the necessary steps. The changes they have made so far are worrying the opposition leaders in the state, and they have been desiminating negative propaganda to confusde the rakyat. This is to be expected. But the Refund for the lease payments is the first step and one of the first time SUPP have taken the initiative rater than be reactive to DAP’s actions. This new trend have made Chong a bit worried. There is much work for the new batch of SUPP leaders to do to catch up to the DAP guys but, I believe they can do it, primarily because they have the concern of the rakyat in their hearts. This is a much different batch of leaders compared to the old lot. Give them a bit of time, you will change like me, from a DAP, and even once voted PKR to now a staunch SUPP supporter, because I believe, only SUPP can achieve my vision of my Sarawak in my life time, if I wait for DAP, it will be impossible as they can never hope to win the rural voters over in the next 20 years

    • Burung Kenyalang, judging from your comments I gather you’re probably a SOUP member, thus, not surprising on how you comment.

      It’s typical of SOUP to insult the intelligence of the people, take for instance, Peter chin’s comments after the Sibu by-election.

      Who does he think he is! He has clearly lost sight of who is his BOSS! He shall be reminded of it in the up coming elections!

      As you put it, BN is not infallible and makes ‘mistakes’ but I can tell you this, for the kinds of BN ‘mistakes’ (it seems they make it with impunity), in any civilized society you get the BOOT and your ass hauled off to Prison!

      Know this; the statute on limitation has no time bar on Criminal offences! These monkeys better be prepared to face trial which they will, sooner rather than later!

      The People are fighting for a better future and a Government for the people but not a bunch of self serving bastards! BN has been given more than 50 years to perform and they have failed the BOSS!

      It’s obvious from one of your paragraphs on the reason for KIV projects, the tactics of BN meet with your approval. It is clear that BN has lost sight of who is the BOSS!! Why should we the People be held at ‘ransom’ and we never approve and will no longer condone it! We have for 50 years and why the heck would we want another 5! Are you an idiot? ……….so SCREW YOU and your reasoning!

      Logic tells us that since we the People are the boss of this ‘Company’ (by ‘Company’ by which I mean SARAWAK), and since the S.O.B.s put in charged are not acting in the interest of this Company, by the Company and for the Company, it’s time to….


      Starting with soup!!!!!!

      I suggest that you have better find some books on democracy and what it means…and maybe you should also get some for your leaders! Just to start you off on your journey to redemption, here’s a phrase for you to look up,(wiki it):

      “A Government of the people, by the people and for the people!”

  11. Be it a damage control exercise or a publicity stunt, it is really too late for UMNO controlled BN government to just talk about needed reforms but continue to play the race cards and in denial. Good Bye SUPP and BN.

  12. Burung, it is really pathetic to know that SUPP Youths have chosen you to be their spokeman and PR guy!

    • Mata Kuching, one reason why the PR coalition will forever remain in opposition is because of people like you who jump to conclusions. I am not in the SUPP youth nor am I in SUPP. I am a Sarawakian working for many years in West Malaysia, and I am a member of MCA, now retired and back, home in Sarawak. With wisdom of age, I have seen much in the years, probably eaten more salt then you have eaten rice. SUPP has been here for 50 years and have helped many in our community and will continue to be relevant in the years to come. Today, they chinese community is the most affluent community in Sarawak, where was DAP in all this time. Have you asked yourself, how did our community come to this level if the BN government was so bad to us and our community leaders (who are mostly from SUPP are useless?), how did we achieve level,? You are the few that think with their heart, but there are many people who think with their heads. As much as you want to believe DAP can win, it is all an illusion and when the time comes, with the new crop of SUPP leaders, the rakyat will see through the empty promises by DAP candidates and vote for real development in their communities. People VOTE for STABILITY, CONTINUITY, PROGRESS, TRACK RECORD and DEVELOPMENT, not flash in the pants EMPTY PROMISES.

      • Burung Kenyalang judging from your comments, sorry to break it to you but you have wasted eating all that salt because you don’t appear any wiser!

        Simple lah,…What the fuck do you mean by the chinese community has Supp to thank for their successes? Well, i have a few things i would like to thank supp!

        Thanks for the apartheid policies that we have today…thanks for the bleak future for the children of sarawak, thanks for the corruption in sarawak, thanks for the crap education system we have, thanks for the crappy roads we have, thanks for the crimes, thanks for stealing our land, thanks for the stupid people like burung!

        You selfish old man! It’s not just about one community! It’s about Sarawak, the people of Sarawak, and most importantly, the children of Sarawak because they are our future.

        So Burung, when in the future your children or grand children cannot take care of you, don’t complain..asks yourself, what have you done for their future today!

        You have better eat more salt old man!

      • Hmm..I think this burung is hallucinating and my advice to this burung is..go fly kite because your comments sucks..

      • In a debate or discussion, when a person turn to vulgarities and personal insults and attacks, then the person has lost, because he can no longer logically and factually support his or her arguements. I learned much from DSAI’s debate with Sabri Chik, once you resort to personal attacks, it is a clear sign that you have lost the debate. Like I said, those who think with their heart will always be infront of those who think with their heart as in the case with Fedup and the other new guy. So far Mata Kuching is the only relevant guy in this DISCUSSION

  13. DAP teach SUPP leaders to get data from Land and Survey

    By Jamie Harrison

    State Assemblywoman for Pending, Violet Yong showed reporters a stack of names complete with lot number, house number, shop number, dates of application and approval of the land lease renewal data today.

    Violet in a press conference showed the number of applications from Foochow Road, Kenyalang Park and Chawan Road of house/shop owners who had paid their renewal land lease though some will only be expired in 2025.

    Waving the papers in her hands, Violet said what she had said of SUPP President and Secretary general was true as they had make use of the people to gain political mileage.

    SUPP had twice on Sunday asked the shop/house owners to give their names and data to them so that they could appeal to the government to refund their paid renewal fees.

    The government had announced a 50% cut of the land renewal lease fee during the Sibu by election and a number of folks who had paid before that had cried foul wanting part of their renewal fees to be reimbursed.

    Violet said from the announcement of the land lease renewal was announced in May 2007 and SUPP leaders came out to ask people to apply fast or the renewal would be more expensive as time goes by. A lot of residents whose houses were not expired had paid fearing a higher land lease renewal fee.

    She said since November 2006, a total of 611 residents in Kenyalang had paid up and of the amount collected was RM2.6 million. “In today’s rate, it would be around RM611,000 as each house need to pay RM1,000 each,” she said.

    Pointing out that a total of 1,508 residents which included Chawan and Foochow Road had paid up, Violet said the government should be fair to refund those who had paid up.

    She said if she in the DAP could get hold of the data, it would be ten times easier for the SUPP to collect the data from Land and Survey.

    “As I said before, they should not waste the people and their time collecting data. Instead, they should work within the government to ask the government to pay back the refund. After all, they are part of the government. It is easier for them to discuss within their family,” she added.


  14. Lee Hui, I understand from a little birdie that first batch of petition applicants for refund from the SUPP petition list in Kenyalang park area has been approved. I now want to see how fast Violet and Chong can back pedal on their “Hollywood and frivilous activity” statements they made when they described the SUPP petition for refund activities.
    The new young turks in SUPP are making their mark. You will see an evolution or even a revolution within SUPP. This will have immediate and long term benefits, for both the people of Sarawak and SUPP itself. People of Sarawak will see good and progressive things from this new breed of young SUPP leaders. SUPP have become Proactive while DAP have become reactive for the first time in many years.

  15. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :shock: Now i can hear the BIRDIE also wanna live like ‘katak di dalam tempurung’ always in their life n only live like ‘kow tow’ YES man that will always follow their sick SHIT greedy master even though their master ask them to sit boo boo or eat SHIT :arrow:

  16. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :lol: Just a matter of time when all the RAKYAT wake up :lol: then they for sure going to REJECT all Katak,Kangaroo,Syaitan,Pontianak,Ulat-ulat,Burung hantu,tiong,kamlan,ken’apa’lang n all their corrupted to the core greedy goons :lol:
    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  17. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :lol: PR Keng :lol:
    :lol: PR seng :lol:
    :lol: PR chan hai mou tak teng :lol:
    :lol: HIP HIP HOORAY :lol:

  18. Burung burung..Just look below at your half wit attempt at correcting your mistakes in the comments above!

    “sorry Typo error “Those who think with their HEADS” and not heart”

    HEADS? You have two heads?

    Maybe yr brain is in yr little head and not where it should be! i therefore, excuse your lack of intelligence. However not before i give you some more shit! So Who died and made you judge? SCREW YOU!

    I have always believed that one can’t reason with a monkey by talking, one need to use a stick to beat it over the head and only then will the monkey understand!

    Like you, i shall use the ‘stick’ on you..and as for the vulgarities, fuck you and your ass licking kind, many of whom are in soup!

    Sad for the rest us, for many years now, they are in gomen!

    No wonder they can only resort to ball carrying and back stabbing as suggested by burung in his own admission, it appears that his half wit brain is not where it should be! Taking burung as an example of what you’ll find in soup, GOD HELP US! These fuckers are running the state! No wonder we are in shit!

    Truth hurts doesn’t it burung. You’re not much of a ‘PR’ person for soup and how i agree with Mata Kuching! What a joke!

    Also, this is no debate and i am sure i speak for many when i say we are fed up with the crap from BN and we choose to no longer be held on ransom by them!

    Btw, Lee Hui’s posting above…now thats a joke! Soup is in gomen or not? Damn idiots! Do they know what they are there for? So whats the point of having them in gomen?

    I have often wondered how such idiots can get into office. It just goes to show how appallingly backward a society we are to allow these monkeys to mess up the place!

    In a civilised and educated society, stupid comments from such so called ‘leaders’ would have bear the brunt of the media….here, it seems the opposite is true. These local shit paper instead chooses to glorify these’s unbelievable how often these ‘leaders’ make themselves look so foolish. They indeed write their own jokes!

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