Sarawak JPJ “Peace Party…??”

This is a favourite political phrase,”Mushrooming of parties especially elections are near.”

JPJ in full Julian Petrus Jout (former PBB) has created a small wave with his revelation of the formation of a new multiracial party with its roots embedded and aligned to the ruling BN and will work closely with the State to bring about peace,stability,justice and progress. 

 JPJ amongst the local fraternity from Kampung Sagah in Bau must be supported by a Powerful Hidden Hand with connections to the ruling BN government.

WHO CAN IT BE..??Any Leads.??

A Political Watcher pointed out to audie61 and said the answer could be read here and you pick it to find the truth.No need for full details.  

  • 1. Adenan Satem Returns to helm the Political Strategy of the State
  • 2. His elevation and awarding of title “Tan Sri” 
  • 3. Tupong State Seat under PBB is under threat as PKR has made inroads
  • 4. The Fence sitters needs to be involved or else they will turn to assist the opposition.
  • 5. The Bidayuhs are unhappy with the current incumbent YBs
  • 6. Remember Kundai Nyareng..??

We were also presented with a full background of the person in question and in him some Political master finds him a most valuable asset and he finds mosts comfortable in territories where others dont even dare to venture.



8 thoughts on “Sarawak JPJ “Peace Party…??”

  1. Little devil says:

    He only CARI JALAN FOR SOMEBODY. PBB and BN very worried about Pakatan . It will be CM Taibs Biggest war after 1987 Ming Court

  2. sarawakiana says:

    World Cup On still he wants to join in the party.So he start PEACE party to keep the wife and girlfriends happy. hahaha

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    The Dayaks leaders in PBB, SPDP and PRS can dump Taib Mahmud anytime provided they have not accumulated business debts and living on bank overdrafts and last but not lest riddled with sexual scandals such as screwing somebody’s wife or hiding mistresses from their own wives.

    A very high percentage of Sarawak BN YBs and leaders are screwing around when they should be visiting their constituencies or when they are on “working” trips overseas.

    Your guess will be as good as mine as to why our Dayaks leaders in PBB, SPDP and PRS have no balls to dump Taib Mahmud. They are riddled with sexual scandals and living on massive overdrafts.

  4. Bee Sie Khung says:

    Hmm recently new parti PCM, now this new Peace Party coming…just how Nonsense lah these politicians can be.

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