The “Howler the Bookies Loved”

The end result is what matters in football matches. True,everyone in the football fraternity sympathises with Rob Green for his”Howler” which also cursed former England keepers in David Seaman, Paul Robinson and Scott Carson. They have lived to tell their tales but the mistake by Rob Green in the England versus USA World Cup Game the Bookies certainly loved him. Why..??

The Handicap Odds England 1 ball accorded to USA. 

During lunch yesterday we met a football punter who told audie61 minus the crew,”  All earlier 1st round games today receive the handicap. How very true..!! However there were some patrons in the coffeeshop who opposed and said ,

“Eat and Run Away Later”

My friend he was right yesterday and he must have made some $$$$$$. Lunch coming soon on him. The fact though at every World Cup or Big tournaments like the European championship we will hear of two or more familiar names packing their bags and leaving their home towns/cities. A lot of England fans were unhappy with the result but a lot of England punters must have

 CURSED so Loudly that “BIG BEN” Rang



3 thoughts on “The “Howler the Bookies Loved”

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :oops: Oh he just lost his APPETITE to eat his BANANA when he lost his BALL there :oops:
    :oops: What to say :oops: Accident happen hahahahahahaha :oops:

  2. I'm Malaysian says:

    Hmm..many Malaysians really enjoy this 2010 WC everywhere in Kopitiams and Argentina under Maradona not bad this time..but wait until we see Germany,Brazil and many good one in few days to come..haha

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      :lol: Germany will be the BEST to watch for in this 2010 WC man 4-0 hahahahaha :lol:
      BRAZIL n the rest better play harder :lol:

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