Weekini “I Just don’t get it”

Whatever has got into our Malaysian Members of Parliament (MPS) recently? Is it because the Greatest Show on Earth “The 2010 edition of the World Cup “.??” There have been a number of ‘childish,unwarranted and very unbecoming “statements from some.They know who they are.


Suddenly a bashing on an online internet protal Malaysiakini especially on this issue,’ Wee had scrutinised “special offers” such as Malaysiakini‘s “RM300 for three years” news subscription package.Say for a year it is RM100, so for three years it would be RM300. Now, if it is a special offer, maybe it will be half, RM150. The offer is not special . I dare say these companies are facing financial difficulties. If not, they will not come out with special offers.

A political watcher said,” Maybe his online blog has suddenly dropped in readership eversince he became an independant leaving PKR” Nobody cares anymore for him and no more news filtering to him. Take it out on Malaysiakini and later he will change his blog to WEEKINI.  hmmm”

Another sms came to audie61 and it had,” There are more pressing matters than to blame it on an internet portal making adverstisements of this kind. Does the MP want me to tell him what to say and do in Parliament.Please,please  ashame and this MP has certainly outlived his usage. I just don’t get it…” 

Certainly its Kickoff time very soon for the World Cup in South Africa and MP Wee Choo Keong has just kicked himself into some bother 

 “What A BALL….Ooouch..?? ”