Fever”32 Teams One Aim”


 “Touch my Head.Got Fevermy 9 years old nephew took my hand.

Your’re Fine I answered him.No way its getting too much and I am already having it. What is it..? Oh I see. Ronaldo, Robinho.Rooney and Messi. My favourite 3 R’s and 1 M.Then he pointed out to me that there are 32 teams but only one can win it. He said Uncle,”32 teams 1 Aim”


The supposedly football licence issued to Berjaya Corporation by MOF in Malaysia has caused more than a stir. However to see how your Favourite team stands in the Bookies mind check this out.

World Cup Outright

Spain 7/2

Brazil 9/2

Argentina 13/2

England 7/1

Holland 9/1

Germany 14/1

Italy 14/1

France 20/1

Portugal 25/1

Ivory Coast 50/1

Paraguay 66/1

Serbia 66/1

Ghana 66/1

USA 66/1

Chile 66/1

Mexico 80/1

Denmark 100/1

Nigeria 100/1

Uruguay 100/1

Cameroon 110/1

Greece 125/1

Australia 125/1

South Africa 125/1

Switzerland 150/1

Slovenia 200/1

South Korea 200/1

Japan 250/1

Slovakia 250/1

Honduras 350/1

Algeria 500/1

New Zealand 750/1

Korea DPR 1000/1

If you are not having the FEVER when it kicks off in 2 days time we do not know what else excites you. Wah.!!Even my nephew said,



6 thoughts on “Fever”32 Teams One Aim”

  1. :ilol: PR is about LOVE n CARE n we don’t burn Churches,demo COW head like primitive goons n we don’t discriminate poor minority peoples :lol:
    :idea: WE ARE POSITIVE N FULL OF LOVE :idea:

  2. The germans look like a good outsider to win. They always come good in big tournaments. No Ballack no problem.

  3. Oh Oh…Najib must have changed his mind when he realised that a piece of sports betting licence can be sold for RM528 million and yet the owner still keeps 30% share! Now vincent Tan will have to fork out a lot more money to give to Najib before he returns to the negotiation table.

  4. :oops: PERKOSA Katak ‘BRA’ him man might wanna share that cake 1/2 of that 30% then that vTAN ‘bo liow@pochi’ n might come out with new DRAMA how to flip n flop like those goons :oops:
    :lol: Anyway I only bet this WORLD GREATEST football with my family members for free meal or :?: p&c la n methink few favourites will be at SEMIFINAL will be BBRAZIL,GERMANY,SPAIN n CAMEROON :lol:
    What says you guys :?: 

  5. North Korea will win the world cup lah and Kim Jong Il happily dye his hair gold color. Also their odds looks just as great returns as Iceland bank interest at 50pct p.a!

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