“No More B.S.”

Seems that the many voices against Sports Betting has been heeded by the Government. We played a little part in it and we highlighted amongst others this message to the BN Government. Our earlier article:- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/05/29/malaysia-b-s-reality-sucks/

Either one could see the beginning of an end to the ruling government in any other country except in Malaysia.

Do they care about the Barisan National Government?

These companies only care for their OWN BARISAN POCKETS and NOT Barisan National as a whole.

This latest report filed in shows that the Government is :-


The Finance Ministry has yet to issue a sports betting licence as the government is still sourcing feedback from the public on the matter.

 In a written reply to four MPs, Finance Minister Najib Abdul Razak said the government had also yet to finalise the terms and conditions of the permit.

“The government is still sourcing feedback from various quarters for the proposal to license bookmaking in Malaysia, with the aim of reducing and subsequently eradicating illegal gambling,”

Some BN Grassroot supporters called audie61 and said,” The PM has listened to the people on the ground and he does and will not be pushed around eventhough it will generate revenue for the Government. Of course the opposition will say,” They have won a moral victory” but the Government above all should be commended for PUTTING A STOP TO SPORTS BETTING.


Earlier Article filed:-The federal government’s recent decision to re-issue a sports betting licence to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd continues to be the popular topic – this time in Parliament, as independent and opposition parliamentarians submitted their questions.

This is in addition to widespread opposition and public demonstrations against the licence issued to the company owned by business tycoon Vincent Tan.

vincent tan sports bettingTan (right) had recently defended sports betting and said that he will donate to charity the proceeds – amounting to half a billion ringgit – from the sale of Ascot Sports to the Berjaya Group.

“What is the fun of watching sports without betting,” he had quipped.

Up to four questions and one motion with regards to sports betting were recorded in today’s order paper, one each from Tian Chua (PKR-Batu), Ibrahim Ali (Independent-Pasir Mas), Khalid Samad (PAS-Shah Alam) and Anthony Loke (DAP-Rasah).

Tian Chua wanted the government to reveal why it cancelled the licence in 2004 and its rationale in reissuing it now.

“Why did the government issue the licence without open tender?” he asked further.

Ibrahim and Khalid wanted the government to explain why it persisted with issuing the licence in spite of it clearly contravening Islamic values and facing strong opposition from various segments of society.

Loke asked whether the government had considered the impact that the legalising of sports betting will have on society.

“The goverment should also justify why it approved the licence to Ascot Sports, why was the company chosen?” asked Loke in his question.

zulkifli noordinZulkifli Noordin (Independent-Kulim Bandar Baru) went a step further, following up with a motion for debate, moving for the house to urge to government to cancel the sports betting licence.

“It contradicts Syariah law and may give the wrong impression to youths that sports and gambling go hand in hand,” said Zulkifli (left) in his motion.

Due to lack of time, the questions were not answered this morning. But written answers are expected later today or early tomorrow.

Zulkifli’s motion however may also not see parliamentary debate as priority will be given to government business.


19 thoughts on ““No More B.S.”

  1. Not now and ever. The government must stick to it and if they do issue it backdoor they are in a lot of trouble. Right on no more B.S..

  2. :lol: B-eNd DRAMA one way or another n they should follow LION CITY to only approved 1 gambling licence n not more :lol: Semenanjung Malaysia still full of OVER GAMBLING SHIT with 3D,4D n TOTO to makes many Malaysians goes kaput,bankrupt,addicted,moral problems for generations to comes :lol: Wish that all Malaysians will wake up n conscious about their B-eNd evil intentions to weakens many poor peoples getting even more poorer :lol: DRAMA @ SANDIWARA n all those greedy goons will be voted out very soon :lol: :lol: :lol:
    vTAN can go kick his own balls for now n hopefully forever so that more Malaysians will be better off without his !@@!$#@#$$%%% :oops:

  3. :idea: LOVE your family more n have more BABIES instead of waste all your $$$MONEY to feed them in gambling hell :idea:

  4. Who has been misleading the rakyat? Vincent Tan or Hisham? It is not a matter of Gambling is haram but almost all social problems are the results of over spending and the bulk of some people’s income goes into trying their luck and or seeking thrills in the form of 4D and sport bettings. Unlike 4D bettings, sports bettings can be mindless for most people including those who never gamble before.

    Can Hisham or the Ministry of Finance clarify if indeed the licence has been issued to Vincent Tan or the licence has not been “finalised” ? How can a licence be issued and yet be “not finalised” ?

    Before the height of an all round protest against the government’s decision to issue the licence to Vincent Tan, the authority was very upbeat and positive about the decision being the right way (of all reasons) to curb illegal bettings.

    The Najib’s administration has too many flip flops and dubious policies which when added up to all the mismanagement of our resources and abuse of power, are keeping more foreign investors away to the detriment of the nation.

    Malaysians cannot allow these desperados in UMNO to govern our country. Will Vincent Tan now take legal action against the government for taking a U-turn or will he reveal all?

  5. I have been doing the research on parking related matters and local council in Selangor past week. Like many Malaysians, we tend to be forgetful after 3 months and after a year, the facts will get all jumbled up that many would have forgotten the head and tail on many issues. One such issue is the Local Authority (LA) car parking business in Selangor which I believe was engineered during Khir Toyo time where all LA parking in Selangor was streamline and spread over two companies.

    THE privatisation of parking services in Selangor was formalised sometime in Q2 or Q3, 1999, when the state government decided that the move would bring about a uniformed system to parking in the state which would benefit the local authorities. Legally speaking the state gave the directives and the local authority inked either a 20 or 25 years parking agreement with two companies i.e. Swastapark Sdn Bhd (later renamed as Godell Parking Sdn Bhd) and Suasa Efektif Sdn Bhd. Selangor parking territories are shared between this two entities.

    Godell Parking was given the concession for PJ, Subang Jaya, Sabak Bernam, Hulu Selangor and Kuala Langat for 20+5 years and Suasa Effektif was given Shah Alam, Kelang, Ampang, Selayang, Kajang, Sepang and Kuala Selangor for 25 years. I remembered when KT announces the appointment of these companies, there was some noise in the background on the lack of transparency in view of direct negotiation between both parties. For that matter, the noise stayed in the background and is silenced by other matters.

    Back then the idea to form a uniform parking arrangement was made on the basis of cosmetics and disguise in the form to improve the revenue collection to the local authorities. There was no tender. There was no open selection. There was no pre announce news. There was only announcement on how Selangor Parking is to be shared between the two parties.

    Questions begin to surface on wether the 70/30 contract favouring the concessionaire are indeed fair and works in favour or the local authorities. In Ampang Jaya for example, Suasa Effective apparently owed close to RM 800K in parking rental to MPAJ. The same thing happens in Selayang where the amount is said to be about RM900K.

    In MPAJ, the management practice a contra mechanism where concession collection is contra with the fines issued by MPAJ. The problem here is one of accounting and liquidity. Payment should not have been in contra especially when there issued fines are documented but the collection amount is not the same as the amount issued. While the agreement says that the concessionaire is suppose to pay MPAJ once a month, this is not being done.

    The LA does not act in accordance of the provision of the contract. They appear to be weak in implementing the powers given to them in the contract. What is still not clear is how the 70/30 formula is derived and how does the local authority know how much is being collected. It is also not clear on WHY the LA did not terminate the agreement despite non payment by the concessionaire. Not surprising, the LA is taken for a ride and the weak management and the local councillor’s fails in their fiduciary duties in ensuring that the revenue of the LA is maximized. I believe it is time for the State Government to revisit this matter and find ways to maximize the profit for the local authorities. I hope the new batch of councillors in Ampang will do a better job in promoting transparency and maximizing revenue for the LA.


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  7. The following article on Vincent Tan and sports betting was published in the Straits Times on May 14 2010.

    The news was never refuted or denied by PM Najib nor the Ministry of Finance when it was published.

    DAP was right in calling for the PM to be referred to the privilege committee for misleading parliament.

    Tycoon wins sports betting licence in Malaysia

    Business Desk
    The Straits Times
    Publication Date: 14-05-2010

    A company linked to Malaysian tycoon Vincent Tan has received approval to run international sports betting in Malaysia for non-Muslims, part of government efforts to counter illegal gambling estimated to be worth billions of dollars each year.

    The finance ministry has given Ascot Sports a licence to offer betting on sports such as soccer, basketball, motor racing, tennis and golf, according to a statement late on Wednesday by Mr Tan’s conglomerate Berjaya Corp.

    Berjaya is buying 70 per cent of Ascot for 525 million ringgit (S$226 million), the Associated Press (AP) reported yesterday (May 13).

    Ministry officials could not immediately comment when contacted.

    The move confirms a report by The Straits Times last month that the Malaysian government was leaning towards allowing Mr Tan to offer sports betting.

    Gambling is a sensitive political issue in Malaysia, where ethnic Malay Muslims comprise nearly two-thirds of the country’s 28 million people.

    Non-Muslim minorities, mainly ethnic Chinese and Indians, are allowed to buy lottery tickets and bet on horse races, but betting on other sports has been illegal.

    Industry officials estimate illegal sports betting in Malaysia could total RM20 billion every year, with soccer betting accounting for about 90 per cent of this figure.

    “This represents a tremendous loss of tax revenue to the government, which Ascot Sports hopes to be able to mitigate,” Berjaya’s statement said.

    Ascot is likely to launch the betting services by August, too late to catch next month’s start of the Fifa World Cup in South Africa, a Berjaya official said on condition of anonymity because she was not authorised to make public statements.

    The service will be offered through selected outlets and by telephone for non-Muslims aged above 21, according to the Berjaya statement.

    The official said Ascot might seek approval to eventually offer online betting.

    The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations has slammed the move, saying it was the government’s responsibility to stop gambling rather than benefit from it.

    “It will encourage people to gamble, and this will cause other problems,” such as illegal money lending to pay off debts, more crime and possibly suicides, spokesman Mohamad Yusof Abdul Rahman said.

    Mr Kamarulzaman Mohamed, an official with the opposition Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS), said party members were planning at least two protests outside mosques following Friday prayers today to urge the government to reverse its decision, AP reported.

    The Straits Times had reported last month that Ascot, currently a private company owned by Mr Tan, was awarded a licence for a 20-year gaming concession in June 2003.

    This was just months before prime minister Mahathir Mohamad retired from office. The company paid RM25 million for the licence.

    Although the move to legalise sports betting is controversial, the government is looking for new revenue sources as it aims to cut the budget deficit to 5.6 per cent of gross national product this year from last year’s record 7.4 per cent.

    The PAS has long campaigned to shut down the country’s gaming sector, which includes a casino run by the Genting group and three numbers-forecasting operations, which together generate revenues in excess of RM10 billion annually.

    One of the trio is Berjaya Sport Toto, which offers bets on combinations of numbers and has outlets nationwide.

    Mr Tan’s latest attempt was his third bid to introduce sports betting in Malaysia since he was awarded a licence in 1987 by then finance minister Daim Zainuddin.

  8. BCorp to buy 70pc of Ascot for RM525m


    BERJAYA Corporation (BCorp) Bhd has announced plans to acquire a majority stake in Malaysia’s first legalised sports betting operation.

    In a statement, the company said its chairman and chief executive officer, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, has offered to sell 70 per cent of his company Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd to BCorp for RM525 million in cash.

    Ascot Sports has a paid-up share capital of RM80 million comprising shares of RM1 each and based on the sale price, the price per share is RM9.375.

    “Ascot Sports has been re-issued the sports betting license by the Ministry of Finance which was first issued in 1987. Ascot Sports has the first-right-of-refusal in the event the Government decides to allow sports betting which it has now in view of the rampant illegal book making activities being conducted,” BCorp said.

    Tan has agreed to guarantee that the company will make a cumulative after tax profit of at least RM375 million for the first 3 years of operations.

    To back this profit guarantee, he has offered to deposit RM81.25 million worth of listed securities and BCorp will withhold RM125 million cash from the total consideration of RM525 million which will be released annually upon achievement of profits proportionate to the guarantee.

    Hence, the initial consideration will be RM400 million.

    BCorp has also announced its proposal to call a rights of 8.0 per cent ICULS on the basis of one RM1 nominal amount 8.0 per cent ICULS for every eight BCorp shares held on the entitlement date.

    This rights issue could potentially raise more than RM0.5 billion.

    The 8.0 per cent ICULS will have a tenure of 10 years and are convertible at par by surrendering one RM1 8.0 per cent ICULS for one new BJ-Corp share of RM1 each.

    A portion of the funds raised will be used to pay the initial consideration of RM400 million with the remaining to be deployed for working capital of the Group.

    BCorp said Tan has undertaken to subscribe to his and his private companies’ entitlements in full which would amount to at least RM400 million.

    “Tan Sri Vincent Tan will not net in any cash as he will reinvest the entire initial consideration to be received to honour his rights issue obligations,” the statement added.

    Ascot Sports is set to become the next big money spinner for BJ-Corp.

    Comparing examples in Singapore and Hong Kong where legalized sports betting has been in operation for a number of years, the market is seeing consistent double digit compound growth rates, BCorp said.

    The Hong Kong Jockey club for instance had revenues of about HK$35.0 billion (about RM15.0 billion) whilst Singapore Pools revenue is estimated at a few billion Singapore Dollars.

    “By some estimates, the illegal sports betting market in Malaysia is thought to be as much as RM20 billion per annum. This represents a tremendous loss of tax revenue to the Government which Ascot Sports hopes to be able to mitigate.”

    “Based on the RM375 million profit guarantee, the net profit averages at about RM125 million per annum. At the implied value of RM750 million for 100 per cent of Ascot Sports, the acquisition PE multiple is about 6.0x, which is an exceptionally low multiple given the enormous potential for the industry.

    “The Board of BCorp expressed its gratitude to Tan Sri Vincent Tan for having offered this remarkable ‘Sweetheart’ deal to the Company. The Board recognizes that typically, one would probably have to pay a high double digit PE multiple with no profit guarantee if such a business is sold with an established earnings track record,” the company said.

    AmInvestment Bank has been appointed the Main Adviser whilst OSK Investment Bank has been appointed the Independent Adviser.


    The deal:

    1. BCorp to buy 70% of Ascot from Vincent Tan for RM 525 million in CASH.
    2. Tan has agreed to guarantee that the company will make a cumulative after tax profit of at least RM375 million for the first 3 years of operations.
    3. BCorp will withhold RM125 million cash from the total consideration of RM525 million which will be released annually upon achievement of profits proportionate to the guarantee.
    4. BCorp to propose rights issue to raise more than RM 614.5 million.
    5. Rights issue will be used to pay Vincent Tan for the Ascot shares (RM 400 million) and the rest for working capital.
    6. Tan has undertaken to subscribe to his and his private companies’ entitlements in full which would amount to at least RM400 million.
    7. Tan will not net in any cash as he will reinvest the entire initial consideration to be received to honour his rights issue obligations.

    Before the exercise

    * Vincent Tan owns Ascot 100%
    * BCorp owns 0% of Ascot

    After the exercise

    Vincent Tan owns

    * 30% of Ascot and RM 525 million cash.
    * RM 125 million cash is held by BCorp to be released in stages.
    * RM 400 million cash is used to subscribe to his portion of the rights issue (ICULS).
    * Tan will not need to fork out cash as he will reinvest the entire initial consideration to be received from his disposal to subscribe to the rights issue.

    BCorp Company

    * owns 70% of Ascot.
    * owes RM 614.5 million through rights issue in form of ICULS @ 8%.

    BCorp minority shareholders

    * own BCorp which has debt (ICULS) of RM 614.5 million and asset of 70% of Ascot
    * give out of their pocket RM 214.5+ million to subscribe to their portion of the rights issue (ICULS) which is effectively a loan to be repaid at a later date.

  9. Too late for u-turn, denial by BN or Berjaya. Why would VT paid and reimburse half a billion for nothing if not for the licence already done deal? The absence of open tender definately made it a guided monopoly by default just like Astro last time with RM1999 first decoder with zero satelite tv competitor minting easy money til now. Ascot probably will go for online football betting which eliminate the need of physical betting outlets like shoplots premises which saw the Pakatan states already putting ban on such premises. The federal ministry can still issue more other types of gambling licence and using online system. Sooner or later even number forecast, lottery also using the same system just like booking airasia ticket online. Malaysia Boleh!

  10. Audie61..lets take a break from sports betting and who was th biggest liar in the world.

    How about lets talk about Saiful and his anus? The following information was extracted from a medical journal. So lets keep this piece of information in mind when we follow Sodomy II.

    The main function of the rectum is to act as a passageway for feces, but feces are not normally stored in the rectum except just prior to a bowel movement. Small amounts may remain in the rectum. This is one of the reasons that it is recommended to use condoms during anal intercourse.

    The rectum is not straight – see the sexual anatomy diagrams. After the short anal canal that connects the anal opening to the rectum, the rectum tilts toward the front of the body, sometimes as much as 90 degrees. Then, after a few more inches, it swoops towards the front of the body again. A person can learn about the shape of his or her rectum by gently inserting a soft object, trying different angles and body positions and concentrating on how it feels. Make sure the object has a flared base so that if you lose your grip, it won’t slip into the rectum and become temporarily irretrievable.

    If you insert a finger about one half-inch into your anus and press your fingertip against the side, you can clearly feel the two sphincter muscles. There is less than a quarter-inch between them. The external sphincter is controlled by the central nervous system (voluntary), which means you can tense and relax this sphincter whenever you want. The internal sphincter is quite different. This muscle is controlled by the autonomic nervous system (involuntary). The internal sphincter reflects and responds to fear and anxiety. It may cause the anus to tense up automatically even if the person is trying to relax.

    There is the risk of sphincter tone (tightness) loss over time due to repeated dilation for insertive intercourse. Stool incontinence (poor control) can occur when anal sphincter tone decreases; this problem has to be surgically corrected if it becomes chronic. This is another very good reason to take things slowly and to never force anal intercourse! Everyone’s body has different levels of ability to adapt; if anal intercourse remains painful (or even very uncomfortable) then it is probably best avoided – remember, there are still many other ways to stimulate and enjoy the anal area without full intercourse.

    Though it is always wise to practice the safest sex possible, this is especially true with anal intercourse. The lining of the rectum is very thin, and can rip if there is too much stress put on it. By wearing condoms, you can greatly reduce your and your partner’s chances of transmitting most STDs.

  11. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :lol: Nobody want this SHITfool :lol:
    :lol: Everyboby will prefer this WONDER GIRLS beauty here :lol:
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  12. Deepak Jaikishan was entrusted with the job of taking care of ex-police officer turned private investigator P. Balasubramaniam. Do you remember Bala? Bala was the individual who signed the very damaging Statutory Declaration linking Najib Tun Razak to Altantuya Shaariibuu.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Do you remember the story we published on 8 October 2009 called The Carpetman who is Rosmah’s Bagman and much more? Well, if you have forgotten, this is what we said then:

    I met the Carpetman more than a year ago. He asked to meet through a mutual acquaintance because he was alarmed that I was about to reveal that the Carpetman is actually Rosmah’s Bagman. But that was not the thing that got him all flustered. What did was the revelation I was going to make that he is not only the Carpetman who is Rosmah’s Bagman but that he is also her Toyboy.

    I only do business with Rosmah, said the Carpetman. My relationship with Rosmah is only for business purposes. I am not sleeping with Rosmah, he pleaded. So please do not tell the public that I am Rosmah’s Toyboy. The impression he wanted to make is that his relationship with Rosmah is confined to the boardroom and does not extend to the bedroom.

    Well, that is not what Mumtaz Jaafar says. And who is Mumtaz Jaafar? Hey, if I start talking about her then I would also have to mention her relationship with Saiful, the person who alleges that Anwar Ibrahim sodomised him. And if I start talking about that then we will end up talking about the Sodomy 2 case as well. So let’s get back to the subject of the Carpetman, Rosmah’s Bagman cum Toyboy.

    The whole country is very focused on Najib Tun Razak’s extramarital affairs. Sure, every Malaysian knows about this. And every Malaysian also knows about him getting caught in a Port Dickson hotel room with Ziana Zain. In fact, Isa Samad even had photographs of Najib clad only in a towel with the delicious young thing in his bed. And Isa handed the photograph over to the then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. (And that is why Mahathir just does not understand why Najib would choose Isa to contest the Bagan Pinang by-election when it was Isa who tried to bring Najib down with the photograph).

    Anyway, let’s not digress too far. As I said, every Malaysian knows about Najib’s extramarital affairs. But how many also know that Rosmah has a penchant for Bollywood types. Hell, she will even arrange datukships for them if they treat her the way she loves to be treated, if you know what I mean. And this particular chap I am talking about, the Carpetman cum Bagman cum Toyboy, is far better looking than Shahrukh Khan (or is it Datuk Shahrukh Khan now?) — not to mention younger as well.

    Yes, I have been keeping this story under wraps for more than a year now. But it is now time that the story be told. There is more, though. Deepak the Carpetman cum Bagman cum Toyboy has been very naughty. And all these naughty deeds were done on behalf of Rosmah.

    In due course more will be revealed about the role of the Carpetman and how he has served Rosmah. Today is not the time to do that though. So stay tuned for further episodes of the Carpetman cum Bagman cum Toyboy of the so-called First Lady of Malaysia.

    (You can read more here).

    Okay, and with that intro, it is now time to continue the story of the Carpetman cum Bagman cum Toyboy of the ‘First Lady’ who goes by the name of Deepak Jaikishan and reveal what naughty things he has done.

    Deepak Jaikishan was entrusted with the job of taking care of ex-police officer turned private investigator P. Balasubramaniam. Do you remember Bala? Bala was the individual who signed the very damaging Statutory Declaration linking Najib Tun Razak to Altantuya Shaariibuu.

    A few hours after Bala revealed his Statutory Declaration during a press conference on 3rd July 2008 he went missing. The following day he filed a second Statutory Declaration that contradicted his first one the day earlier. And then he disappeared totally.

    (Read PI Bala missing, says nephew by The Star, 5th July 2008).

    By the way, I also went to Rawang to meet Bala’s nephew, R. Kumaresan, mentioned in this news report.

    What many did not know is, even as Bala was giving his press conference just before lunch on 3rd July 2008, some security personnel were in front of his house in Rawang. They then kidnapped his family.

    While Bala was enjoying his lunch a certain ASP Suresh phoned him and asked to meet. Bala was also told that his family’s safety was at stake if he refused to meet. Actually, Bala was having lunch with me at the time the phone call came in so I was sort of aware of what was happening, especially when I saw his face suddenly turn pale and he started panicking. And of course ‘they’ knew that I know and that is why they decided to go for me as well.

    After Bala filed his second (and contradictory) Statutory Declaration, they whisked him out of the country and hid him in India. Deepak then paid Bala RM50,000 a month to buy his silence.

    Bala had no choice, really. It was either RM50,000 a month and ‘retirement’ in India or suffer the same fate as Altantuya. And there was also his family to worry about — so better the money than C4.

    And with that all safely in place Deepak thought that he and the ‘First Lady’ could afford to live happily ever after without any further problems.

    Little did they know that Bala was just biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike back. And now he is striking back and has come out to reveal what really happened since the time he signed his first Statutory Declaration, followed by the second one the following day, 16 months ago.

    Today, we are going to show you just a small part of what Bala has revealed. Yes, only a small part. And there is much more to reveal over the next month or so, all very damaging indeed.

    In the meantime, until the real juicy parts are revealed, let us keep Seri Perdana in Putrajaya in suspense. Why should we allow them to sleep soundly? By the time we finish revealing everything there will not be a single Malaysian left who would any longer doubt Najib’s involvement with Altantuya.

    As an appetiser, take a look at the copies of the cheques below which the Carpetman cum Bagman cum Toyboy called Deepak paid Bala. If Bala signed a false Statutory Declaration, as they claim he did, then why do they need to hide him in India and pay him RM50,000 a month?

    Well they needed to do this because the first Statutory Declaration that Bala signed is true. And that’s why they needed him out of the way.

    Yes, the Carpetman cum Bagman cum Toyboy is soon going to be in deep shit so stay tuned for more as the shit hits the fan good and proper.

    Sleep soundly Putrajaya, wherever you are.

  13. Ghani Patail and Musa Hassan will go down well in history as the greatest crook of all time who make a joke out of the judiciary, the law and order

    Ghani Patail and Musa Hassan will go down well in history as the greatest crook of all time who make a joke out of the judiciary, the law and order and the human rights of Malaysia.
    Filed under: Uncategorized — taxi2driver readmre click here

  14. Vincent Tan of Berjaya bites back, insists he has approval from the government! Over to you Najib and Hisham. Will Vincent Tan allow himself to be taken for a ride by Najib although Najib has been cornered and checked mate?

    Vincent Tan knows everything about UMNO and how many hairs Najib has. Don’t forget, Rosmah Mansor was one of Vincent Tan and gang’s playmate in the 1970’s. Najib decided to join the fun but got “trapped” by Rosmah.

    We shall see what will unfold if the issue of sports betting is prolonged by Najib.

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