N10 “SUPP’s Early Salvo at DAP…”

SUPP celebrated its 51st Anniversary yesterday and after losing the by elections in Sibu P212 to DAP Wong Ho Leng something needs to be done to boost the morale of the troops. No need to tell us that it wasn’t a BIG BLOW to SUPP as that would be the most BELIEVABLE LIE..Hmmm if you know what i mean short of saying( B..S…)

SUPP needs to regroup and rethink their strategy and for once a former SUPP Assistant Minister,former ADUN for Pending and SG for SUPP Sim Kheng Hui said this which many especially the second echelon leaders in the party were half-expecting,”I can tell you for sure that I’m excluding myself as a candidate.Some of the potential candidates are young,some not so young. The candidate is also likely to be male.”

Has SUPP done YB Violet of DAP a favour..? She was often called DAP’s cili padi and she was razor sharp in her “ceramahs” in the last state elections and she won many plaudits for being fearless. She will certainly feel a bit rather uncomfortable if she knows who SUPP has in mind as the candidate.

It seems that at GROUNDZERO the name of the Professor Sim Kui Hian is the most likely candidate to give Violet something to think about. The shift of using a well known doctor who is the Head of Cardiology Sarawak and a very good one too with all the credentials will in a way lift the morale of the troops in the Pending constituency. Even the BN component parties  of PBB,SPDP and PRS would go all out on the ground to assist and try to wrestle the seat back for SUPP. Batteries will certainly be re-charged.

No hard feelings SUPP SG SIM KHENG HUI

Even a colleague at the General Hospital said to audie61 ,”It would be very sad for us to lose him to be the Peoples Representative for ADUN N10 if he manages to create an upset and win the seat back for SUPP” He will and also be an added advantage to the State of Sarawak as an Assemblyman. He has the right qualities and his  credentials speaks for itself.

audie61 met him a couple of months back and he said,”God willing if thats my call I will serve” Violet will certainly have her hands full and will be wondering how to avoid an onslaught from SUPP. Though SUPP losts in the last elections Professor Sim will mosts likely be the candidate that will turn the fortunes round and recapture N10 Pending for SUPP.

DAP Violet won in the last state elections convincingly due to the land lease problem and also the many grouses of SUPP has overused its same candidates. Will the people of Pending turn their backs at Violet and give Professor Sim a chance? We will know when the State election results are announced for N10 if  Professor Sim takes on  DAP YB Violet Yong.



20 thoughts on “N10 “SUPP’s Early Salvo at DAP…”

  1. Well, DAP would just got to plan lor….Nobisha, a Kedah blogger mention that there is a possibility that Lim Guan Eng might be the PM of Malaysia. Hmmm…….I say more like Wong Ho Leng would be the CM of Sarawak…..I prefer Baru Bian though

  2. SUPP is a party that has losts its direction.Groundswell is that whoever is going to be a candidate for Pakatan against SUPP chances are at 51/49. SUPP needs to overcome its internal fight. No two buts .Even Najib or Muhyddin comes down to assist it will be futile.

  3. Professor kah or tycoon still People Power will see the Pakatan candidates in the urban areas winning. Cannot say about the rural seats though. need $$$$

  4. Nationally Gerakan and MIC already irrelevant. Next is SUPP in Sarawak. Who else will be wipe out? BN of course in the next GE13.

  5. SUPP Chinese seats will be total washout and the ones standing might just be the dayak seats. If DAP fields Leon Jimmy in Sri Aman it will be a safe seat for BN. Cannot say about Jerip or Ranums seat though. Here PKR has a strong chance especially the Opar and Bengoh seats. All the best to the inspiring candidates.

  6. SUPP be ready to take the fall as this time it will be worse. GChanthis time will say I resign and not I am sorry.

  7. Honestly, SUPP whoever you put up it won’t matter because it’s not the candidate that people are voting for, it’s the FLAG they fly!

    Unfortunately for SUPP, the impression many get is that these SUPP hopefuls are all full of themselves and still don’t understand that ‘it’s not just about saying that they have tried and will try but give excuse like unfortunately, it’s CM don’t agree and reference to land lease renewals and S.47!!!

    Check with georgy chan, many have approached him to ask for help with their problem to do with S.47…ask him what his reply is!!!! Audie maybe you should find out what georgy’s reply to these unfortunate people are..bunch of tai chi masters!!!!!!!

    Haiya people are sick and tired of the crap these SUPP spin..SUPP insults the people’s int

    SUPP should ask themselves seriously this..Would they vote for someone that just talk and lick CM’s ass give excuses CM don’t agree whilst their problem is not resolved? Just like that…how many have suffered because of the land lease issue, the S.47 issue etc? SUPP ask yourselves and maybe you SUPP hopefuls should talk t the people in the streets instead of talking amongst yourselves…of course, amongst yourselves you’ll feel that your still popular!

    Many that join SUPP has some agenda of sorts and it isn’t to help the ordinary folks!

  8. SUPP and UMNO controlled BN had been diagnosed to be critically ill if ever Professor Sim knows what that implies politically. He may have all the credential to be a good surgeon but surely as a highly educated man, he should also know what good governance means to a country and how corrupted the UMNO controlled BN leaders have been and why Taib Mahmud must be annihilated. Professor Sim will be totally naive and politically retarded to think that he can transplant his heart to an critically ill SUPP and BN Sarawak to save SUPP and BN Sarawak from been defeated in the coming state election. The reality at ground zero is that DAP can put up a totally unknown female candidate and take on any of the SUPP candidates and win convincingly with the support of the people who want a complete Change. Enough is Enough! We want Pakatan to be our next government at Petrajaya and Putrajaya. Every seats won will be attributed to the people of Malaysia who pride themselves as Malaysians first and ethnicity second.

  9. I fully agree with mata kuching. It’s already sunset for supp to talk about how to bring changes. Nasi sudah jadi bubur. PR is already smell the Petra Jaya and Putra Jaya. Supp can put anyone, a professor or whoever it’s just a waste of professionals. PR in PKR, DAP, PAS n SNAP have all the professionals n intellectuals to be fielded in this coming state election PRN10 and do the same with PRU13 national election. The rakyat as a whole know who’re UMNO, PBB, SUPP, PRS, SPDP, MCA, MIC n Gerakan. These parties are all corrupted and racial-based. They all races-bias. Only PR is the party for all Malaysians. Comes PRN10 and PRU13 make sure that UMNO/BN and PBB/BN berkubur n both Petra Jaya and Putra Jaya will be PR administration for good to all rakyat tanpa terkecuali.

  10. This potential SUPP candidate for Pending has some qualifications but that’s not the key issue! What’s important is, how much does he know and how willing he is to fight for the rights of the people?
    Does he know that the people are his boss in a democracy? Does he know that the world is getting smaller and people are less ignorant today, that wrongdoings will be dealt with sooner or later. As a public elected representative, he is answerable and is held responsible for wrongdoings to do with the office that the people put him in!
    Does he know that in S’wak, to effectively represent the people he will be required to speak out against injustices which means questioning and taking a stand against Taib, question Taib on cronyism and nepotism etc! Like Violet of DAP which incidentally, is the one you’ll have to unseat!!!
    FYI SUPP, many of your SUPP ordinary members don’t even vote for your candidate anymore (Sibu is an example)…………just ask your party workers, is it getting harder to get SUPP members to volunteer for things nowadays esp. by-elections etc!
    Question to this SUPP hopeful: (Maybe Audie can help ask him for us)
    Would he publicly state his stand on Taib, whether he fully supportive of Taib in whatever he does (thereby be yet another lick ass) or will he seek and get positive change for the betterment of the living, working and education opportunities and conditions for the people, fight for a better future for all! That won’t make him very popular with Taib, if he does, so is he prepared for that? Prepared to stick his neck out to be chopped!
    Is he willing to do the following things (saying ‘yes’ is not enough, he has to do it):
    Publicly state his stand on S.47, NCR Land issue, unfair land lease renewal premiums, school issues, job opportunities for non bumis in government jobs amongst others, land grab, cronyism, nepotism, SIMC, First Silicon, Bakun DAM, Murum Dam, SESCO, Batu Lintang land, Ong Tiang Swee government land taken, and many many more!!!!!!
    Would he dare publicly criticise Taib? Publicly criticize and question nepotism and corruption in S’wak thereby the resignation of Taib?
    If you truly want to help the people (since you are already some medical big shot) just stay where you are and get better medical care and facilities for the people, esp for the poor folks and rural folks! Make medical facilities readily available to all S’wakians lah.
    Being popular with your staff doesn’t make you a people person or get you a public elected job! In the eyes of the public especially saying you’ll be trying is simply not enough!!!
    No one ever said being a public representative is easy and in a democracy, the public representative works for the people, by the people and in the interest of the people and ultimately answerable to the people. Just in case you don’t know, read up on the recent UK elections. Read what happened to Gordon Brown! Lost his Prime Minister job didn’t he!
    If you want to do a good by the people, for the people and if you think you are indeed such a person, then: JOIN DAP!
    Now that’s putting money where your mouth is!

  11. If the result of the just concluded Sibu by election is an indicator of sort, then Wong Soon Koh (ADUN for Bawang Assan) should start worrying about the thin margin of 800 votes SUPP “won” in the state constituency. If pakatan could just organise 400 “semi- conscious” Iban voters from the area to support them, (not a difficult target to achieve anyway), then the pekmo 1st deputy might find it real.

    With polsec Schilling manipulating and harrasing the tuai rumahs, the younger voters are getting smarter as they realise that schilling is only serving the interest of SUPP at the expense of their illiterate and naive elders.

  12. SUPP still dont get it arent they, the people all wanted SUPP gone dead for good. Dont drag and corrupting any good hearted, gifted soul into BN dark side. Sarawak dont need to lose another Idris Jala. If SUPP really fight for rakyat, better surrender no-contest all SUPP seats to DAP (with Dayak also as DAP YBs, surely a history) and dissolve itself to become NGO, social activists instead.

  13. This is the kind of intelligent debate and views that Malaysians should appreciate. Hope there are more Malaysians who will express their views on our current pathetic state of financial mismanagement by UMNO controlled BN government.

    I wish to categorily state that Malaysians who supported Pakatan Rakyat did not oppose the government, but they did oppose Barisan National and seeking a change in players and not the government. We value the Westminster style of democratic government in our country but not Barisan National.

    Did Idris Jala ask the right question?
    Jun 10, 10
    Years of debate training taught me one thing: you can trap your opponents by asking the right question. For example, if I asked, ‘Would you prefer your country to go bankrupt or for your subsidies to cut?’ The reasonable answer is rather obvious for if I said I would rather the country to go bankrupt I will look like a selfish bastard.

    But this was exactly the question that our minister, Idris Jala and PM, Najib posed to Malaysians a week ago. They asked us to choose between being a selfish bastard or a ‘noble’ countrymen.

    But if I rephrase the question into, ‘Would you rather have your subsidies cut, or stop corruption and wasteful government spending in order to save the country from going bankrupt?’ Then, suddenly, we are not so sure anymore that refusing subsidies cut is a selfish thing to do.

    Any successful businessman will tell you that ‘you reap profit not by saving money but by investing it.’ What good is it if we are able to save all the money in the world if it is not meant for investing in a better future? Perhaps this is a good time to reflect on our major government spending spree and see how the ROI (return on investment) looks like.

    From the Multimedia Super Corridor, Sepang Formula 1 Circuit, Bakun Hydro Dam to the hundreds of low-cost housing development areas, how many of these actually reaped concrete returns to the people of Malaysia?

    As if to add salt to the wound, recently we purchased state-of-the-art submarines that cannot submerge (and once submerged would never emerge) and 257 armoured vehicles at RM31 million each. What is the ROI for these?

    And to my shock, I stumbled onto a 2005 Nature journal paper titled, ‘Malaysian biotechnology: The valley of ghosts’ which claimed that the government had spent US$160 million building a biotechnology hub in Malaysia but it failed, miserably. Although I understand that the building of this hub is still a ‘work-in-progress’, how would any world-class bio-technology researcher want to work in Malaysia after this revelation by Nature, one of the most influential journals in the world? What is the ROI for this?

    Would the subsidy cut succeed in saving Malaysia from bankruptcy if implemented as a stand-alone policy? The answer is a straight ‘no’. In the recent sub-prime financial crisis, many countries in the West have had a bail-out plan, tightened loan requirements and also had their subsidies/welfare cut.

    But they knew that this was just a temporary mitigation plan. Their long-term strategy was to restructure the way banks work. So do we have a similar long-term strategy? Or is cutting the subsidies our ‘long-term’ strategy?

    Let there be no doubt that we Malaysians have been enjoying a whole range of subsidies since we were born. And I totally agree with Idris Jala that Malaysians are one of the most heavily subsidised citizens in the world. But the question that goes a-begging here would be: where did we go wrong?

    Was it the 1997 Asian financial crisis? Was it the 2001 burst of the IT bubble? Was it the recent sub-prime financial crisis? Could the government be giving a false impression to us for past decades by keeping the subsidies high, the inflation low and fueling the economy with debts?

    It is not possible that the years of economic boom under the leadership of Dr Mahathir Mohamad was just a mirage after all?

    BN knows very well that they cannot do a drastic subsidy cut. It will increase the inflation that will kill off the economy as well as any chance they have in the next general election to regain their two-thirds majority. So they may just keep the subsidies. Here comes the scary part – would the government continue to drive the economy with the current failed strategy despite knowing that Malaysia will go bankrupt?

    And mind you, when we say the country goes bankrupt it doesn’t mean everyone becomes dirt poor, but only the middle working class like you and me. I personally believe that BN will continue with the ‘bankrupt strategy’ because (1) BN ministers have an abundance of wealth far beyond the reach of middle working class like you and me and (2) most of them own a ‘back up’ property in Australia.

    I have absolutely no grudge in paying more taxes and in accepting the reduced subsidies from the government provided that I know the money that I help save is well spent. But not only is my confidence in government policy lacking, so is the general public’s.

    There is no way a subsidy cut is going to work, not if the government doesn’t first show their commitment in combating corruption and wasteful spending. And no, I’m not talking about the MACC action against the guilty ones amounting to only few thousand ringgit. We wouldn’t be going bankrupt just for that amount of corruption.

  14. This article reflects the general consensus of majority of Malaysians about the concepts or rather the spin doctoring of a) Malaysia Boleh b) 1Malaysia c) People First Performance Now d) Transformation and last but not least the most original from any world’s leader..”You know what I want..I will give you what you want if you deliver to me what I want”. Over to you SUPP (Sarawak Unwanted People’s Party)…Do you still need to continue with the life support system or seek termination?

    Malaysians don’t need or want Apco’s services
    Yee Siew Meng
    Jun 11, 10
    Malaysians have now been formally introduced to the world of spin-doctoring. This is a word coined in the 90s and made famous by political leaders in the US and Great Britain engaging in public relation strategies to influence the public. This definition from the Internet:

    ‘A spin doctor uses ’spin control’ to emphasise or exaggerate the most positive aspect of something. For example, cigarette companies sell products known to be harmful, which can make them look bad. However, if they also provide funding for charitable events, or build community playgrounds, this can make them look good.

    ‘Such examples of ‘corporate social responsibility’ give corporate spin doctors positive aspects of the cigarette company to promote to the public through the media. Some public relations firms list spin-doctoring outright as one of the services they offer, while others use terms such as ‘transformation strategy’ or ‘image transformation.’

    Companies and political organisations also need a spin doctor to ’sell’ their mission and ideas to the public. For example, when the US Department of Homeland Security, which was created after the events of Sept 11, 2001, was not receiving as much positive public reaction as originally hoped, the same corporate branders behind the FedEx name were hired to revamp the department.

    In the last seven years, we have seen much public relations tag lines coming out of the Malaysian government. From the ‘feel good factor’ of the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration to Najib’s ‘1Malaysia – People First, Performance Now.’ Image consultants and PR companies are paid millions of ringgit of taxpayers’ money to spin and re-brand the Malaysian government’s policies and plans. There is something wrong with this notion.

    Unlike companies who have a product to sell and their image is directly correlated to their performance, governments are in the business of governing. The role of government in broad terms is to ensure a level playing field in their policies and to protect the rights of the minority in a democracy so as to ensure everybody is able to carry out fair trade and business in their country.

    When a government engages spin companies like Apco-Worldwide they are saying ‘we need help in serving our own people. We need the Malaysian people to like us’. This is absurd. If the government governs from a point of principle and not politics, they will not need to engage spin doctors.

    In fact, the tag lines which we have heard from ‘Malaysia Boleh’ to ‘1Malaysia’ become a point of ridicule especially when expectations are lifted but delivery is poor. The Malaysian people are today more informed and are able to make informed judgements about the performance and the seriousness of the government to ensure there are no leakages, graft, corruption and oppression of minorities and individuals who are a political threat.

    This is the politics of old and there is no amount of spin which can blind the eyes of the young urban Malaysians. This is true all over the world as prime ministers of the spin era during the Iraq war were booted out one by one by their own people when it was discovered that the threat of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was nothing but the work of spin doctors.

    Malaysians do not need spin doctors and persecuting the opposition leader for revealing this is adding salt to the wound. Let’s urge our BN members of Parliament by writing to them to stop this nonsense or else face the boot in the next general elections.

  15. Pls check if Prof Sim wealth’s was obtained the right way. Check on Simweelee Delepoment. Did his father obtain any land or contract while being in the state govt ? Heard that Prof Sim has lots of wealth and property in Melbourne. Ask him if he has any propery there.

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