SPDP “Mawans Perfect Gawai..”

There is a saying that does not need to be reemphasised especially when it comes to someone who has all the kind words even when ‘dirt is thrown towards him.”. Is he for REAL..?? Leaders are born into this category and there are only very few who can swallow the pride and take it on the chin. No, audie61 is not writing about the Biography of William Mawan President of SPDP.

It was all too perfect and the press/media were all pressing for a quick reaction after the SPDP SC today. First he thanked the press and when these words came out from a reporter on site,”What will happen to the 5 YBs” Wow! Pheeeew !! Dush! Duuusshh..!Pretty sure there were expecting an “EXPLOSION OF WORDS” He answered with a genuine smile on his face “ What 5..Nothing has happened to the 5Ybs and they are still very much in the SPDP family.

Not getting the killer news one other reporter hoping to get a KICK especially with the World Cup 2010 a good 15 days away asked,”Will we see New Faces in SPDP lineup for the upcoming State elections? 

 Mawan said lets wish every one a Perfect Gawai including all the reporters present here and then when we sit together in the BN Supreme Council we will all decide on the Credible Candidates. The mosts important thing is SPDP must be ready with its machinery and on top of that the BN Solidarity Night will be on the 17th July 2010.

The 5 Ybs will be celebrating Gawai this year and they will be watching the World cup which will commence from June 11th till the Finals on July 11 2010.  A political watcher mentioned to audie61 “Isn’t that sufficient time for the 5 to finish their soul searching and reciprocate to Mawan come the Solidarity Night on the 17th July 2010…??” Mawan has been a cool gentleman even though so much has swept up towards his face and MY DEAR GOD… no one could asks for more than that. What would you have done..??

The World Cup will have a winner come July 11th 2010. In this SPDP 5 separatists misadventure there is also a clear winner and that ” would be ” Barisan National Sarawak.

 The President of SPDP is already a Winner as far as the press,members and the BN coalition is concerned.

Have you got any other questions..??


14 thoughts on “SPDP “Mawans Perfect Gawai..”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Absolutedly Spot on audie61. He seems to have won a lot of respect with his handling of the situation.The 5 would learn and grow with him in SPDP rather than be with James who is only trying to wake up the INcredible HULK”hahaha so shallow of him

  2. 16iduA says:

    It was all too perfect and the press/media were all pressing for a quick reaction after the SPDP SC today. First he thanked the press and when these words came out from a reporter on site,”What will happen to the 5 YBs” Wow! Pheeeew !! Dush! Duuusshh..!Pretty sure there were expecting an “EXPLOSION OF WORDS” He answered with a genuine smile on his face “ What 5..Nothing has happened to the 5Ybs and they are still very much in the SPDP family.

    Bro. Be assured that nothing politically unpleasant can happen to SPDP & PRS. They (the parties) are protected. The hoo haaa are just stage play to divert the real issues and ongoing robbery of the NCR land and other abuses. Mawan is correct by not exposing his role too much but for masing he must (by academic status) be seen to be smarter than mawan.

    Remember a mock submission of the “Pandora Box” eventually “DEREGISTERED” the Party. THAT WAS REAL.

    Good day

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    M’sians made to pay for BN’s profligacy
    May 28, 10 7:43AM
    free ‘What about the billions stolen from Petronas, commissions, power contracts, inflated project costs, and of course the bailouts of cronies? Why no alarm bells for these?’

    The rakyat will be made to suffer for future debts even with the gradual removal of subsidies. Obvious subsidies are not the real cause of our country going broke.

    Malaysia is like an ordinary person who after working for 52 years and yet have no savings in the bank and EPF and his children have to pay for his debts for many years to come and may even have to pay for his coffin.

    First thing first if we ever want to save our country. Without kicking out the highly corrupted regime of UMNO controlled BN government, we will not be able to stop all the leakages and wastages in the form of commissions, highly inflated procurements, contracts and projects. Nobody including lawmakers from both political divide actually know how much “real” money are left in the coffers of Petronas and KWSP. If Sime Darby, one of the largest GLC can incur known losses of more than RM1.8 billion and possibly more which was not detected, one can imagine how much money in Petronas and KWSP have been systematically siphoned off and disguised as another “business deal and decision” of the board under the directive of the country most powerful man.

    While Malaysians look forward to celebrating Hari Gawai Dayak, we shall also be strengthening the movement to save Malaysia across the country and to heartlands of every states.

    Selamat Hari Gawai to all our Dayak brothers and sisters. May God bless you all.

  4. 16iduA says:


    Remember Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS)? – a mock submission of the “Pandora Box” eventually “DEREGISTERED” the Party. THAT WAS REAL.

    Good day

  5. Reflexology says:

    SPDP will not be similar to PBDS. There were too many hidden hands involved for persoanl gains in PBDS. Thats the truth..

  6. I'm Malaysian says:

    Happy Gawai to all Dayaks in Sabah and Sarawak and whole Malaysian who celebrate this happy occasion..
    Happy Wesak Day to all Malaysians Buddhist peoples as well..
    I’m Malaysian first..

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    A repost from a report in Malaysian Insider.

    The heading will be an appropriate Gawai message and reminder to the rural poor in Sarawak and Sabah who are among the poorest in the country.

    The removal of subsidies will severely inflat all goods and services to the rural community who have been excluded from benefiting from the leakages and wastages of UMNO controlled BN government and now they shall be included in sharing the burden and liabilities due to the government misrule and mismanagement.

    Vote BN for bankruptcy, warns Pakatan
    By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani
    May 29, 2010

    KOTA BARU, May 29 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders used dire forecasts of a gloomy future if there are no subsidy cuts to warn that voting for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the next general election would lead the country to bankruptcy.

    A government minister this week had predicted Malaysia could be bankrupt by 2019 if it does not begin to cut subsidies for petrol, electricity, food and other staples, which cost RM74 billion last year. But the Najib administration is waiting for public feedback before deciding on actual cuts.

    DAP leader Lim Kit Siang said it was not subsidies but BN’s corruption and abuse of power that has led the country to current financial crisis.

    “I cannot imagine if DAP, PKR or PAS had made the announcement that country will be bankrupt by 2019. If we did, Umno would have labelled us as anti-nationalist and traitors. We probably would have been locked up in ISA and given free food.

    “Remember Vision 2020? We were supposed to become a developed nation by 2020 but unfortunately one year before 2020, we are already bankrupt,” he told a crowd last night in Tanah Merah, a two-hour drive from the Kelantan state capital.

    Lim was one of many PR leaders in the state speaking at ceramahs ahead of the PKR convention this weekend.

    Thousands of people had slowly filled the football field in Tanah Merah to hear the PR leaders, with supporters of all ages coming with families and straw mats sitting in between the two goal posts across the field.

    Surrounding the field were stalls bustling with people buying goods, from traditional medicine to perfume. There were also children zigzagging through the crowd selling peanuts and refreshments.

    The bustling night bazaar proved to be an ironic backdrop to arguments that the country’s economy is broken and needs reforms.

    Lim declared that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s New Economic Model (NEM) is an admission that the country has been in an economic stagnation for the past 10 years.

    “Yes, we do believe that we must gradually reduce the country’s subsidies but how can we be certain that the proposed formula will solve the problem because these are only the symptoms. The core problem is the years of corruption practised by the Barsian Nasional government.

    “Therefore, the first step is not to abolish subsidies but abolish all forms of corruption!” he said.

    The government also announced that slashing subsidies for petrol, diesel, gas, electricity, sugar and flour, among other staples, would save the government RM103 billion over the next five years.

    Lim also dared Najib to a “dollar to dollar” challenge.

    “I challenge the prime minister and BN government that the country can save RM103 billion if the government abolishes all forms of corruption and misuse of powers. This is because a study has shown that the country has been losing RM10 billion to RM28 billion every year through corruption. So does Najib have the political will?” asked Lim.

    PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said Umno’s misuse of state funds has forced the government to legalise gambling.

    “Back then, they said that they cannot legalise gambling because it was against but today they are legalising because Umno has no money. Their excuse is that they need to legalise betting to help curb illegal gambling. Something must be wrong with their heads.

    “The world today is upside down, we have a Muslim government that wants to legalise betting but we have Chinese who are against it. They don’t understand that the poor people will suffer. This is why we are against Barisan Nasional. They have no principles,” he said.

    Anwar also ridiculed Najib, saying that his political foe is misleading the public.

    “Now they want to take back our subsidies because the country is heading towards bankruptcy. The prime minister had earlier announced that the economy was making a strong recovery but now our country is near bankrupt?

    “They should fight against corruption but not take away the subsidies. They only know how to take. They take away land and seize oil away from Kelantan. They are just thieves,” he said.

    He said the government must remove commissions and not subsidies.

    “Every year the country loses RM20 billion from what? From commissions made from building houses, stadiums and buying submarines. Whose money is this? That is our money! We should eliminate commissions and not subsidies because subsidies affect the poor and not the rich,” he said.

    PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat condemned the government for sanctioning betting because it was against Islam.

    “They say that they want to legalise betting so they can monitor gambling. How you can expect a man to supervise another man? It is like asking a cow to supervise another cow. Who can control man? Only Allah,” said the Kelantan mentri besar.

  8. Mata Kuching says:

    Malaysians have nothing to look forward to when UMNO controlled BN government is staring at the prospect of leading our country to bankruptcy in 9 years time.Every single Malaysians especially the rural poor have been held at ransom . In a well managed country and economy the landowners and farmers are usually earning above average income and becoming millionaires than those working in the offices and in the civil service. But in Malaysia the UMNOputras and BN warlords and even law enforcement officers are amongst the richest in the country which is expected to be bankrupt before we realise vision 2020 to be a developed country.

    The rural Malays, Chinese, Dayaks, Kadazan, Dusun and Indians have always been used as pawn and held at ransom by UMNO controlled BN government for the last 52 years. We must not allow this highly corrupted and authoritarian regime to divide us by race and religion. We must unite in diversity and in the fear of GOD to kick out this regime which enriched themselves and sabotaged our economy and for leading our beloved country which has always been rich in resources, cultures and diversity down the gutter.

  9. Spdp member says:

    I for once beg to differ from audie.Mawan is surrounded by too many little Napoleaon. Look at those he appoint to political positions…cr.and pol sec. Esp. the pol sec. the only educated one is PI, PH and LAL are clowns and could not even writes reports. Rumors is that the latest edition is a lady,Primary six or form 3? the poco poco and dinner queen. Mawan decision making are influence by those little Napoleans. He does not even dare to make his own decision. Audie, unless he take that bold step to go above his self inflicted predicament, he will continue to be a mediocre president at best, and SPDP will not go higher but will slide further into the abyss. along the line of Idris Jala, “if he continue to behave as he is, spdp will be “bankrupt” by 2012 the latest. Selamat Gawai to all audie61 readers.

  10. Observer says:

    SPDP Member said:

    Rumors is that the latest edition is a lady,Primary six or form 3? the poco poco and dinner queen.


    Who? There seem to be many scandals coming out from SPDP involving the Wanita

  11. PaRaSa says:

    Heard that the latest PRS Pol Sec (a lady from Beraga) is a member of other BN component Party. True Kah?

    Ayoo…yooo all the same mah.

    What a coin-siden!!

    Senator Empiang = Jabu’s wife, Women chief etc etc

    Senator Dayang Madinah = Abg. Jo’s Sister, dy women chief

    Doris Brodie = ??????

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