“35 years On…Have we changed..??”

Fancy this…?? After 35 years I found my long lost friend.Where else..? In the internet in Facebook. Times have changed and in this technological savvy world we have to use whatever resources and ways to STAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION. 

This today could be my mosts useless piece I have ever written on audie61 but who cares..!! Even Simon Cowell (American Idol Judge) has his dark moods where everything seems a no and a no.

audie61 hasn’t got over the fact that yesterday an old friend had a right all go at one of our ministers. It was headline news,’ Talking behind lorries with microphone.” by the DAP. He said to me ‘What if the DAP becomes government and the PBB minister had to do it that way..??” Over 50 years BN has been in power and they are telling people that they should not do this or do that.

Just remember the whole world is changing and people cannot be fooled anymore. The YBs are people representative  and they should be on the ground and not so high in the clouds as if nobody can touch them. It’s time to wake up  and BN better take heed.

Even today at breakfast one of my source said,” SUPP losts because they were not united and one of the senior Ministers in SUPP openly said that DAP will push the knife further in if we dont wake up.It could be the beginning of the end for once a great party but 50 years down the road they forget who are the grassroots and forget to listen to even the smallest of problem.”

In the Facebook and thanks to the creators of this wonderful programme that we can make use of this to find our long lost friends. 35 years is not a short period and to absolutedly lost touch and to able to communicate again is JUST WONDERFUL AND FABULOUS. You will be asking me next..Who huh! Must be somebody special.Of course it is and tears just rolled of my cheeks when I saw the photo.Brilliant..!!

BN as the government of the day should look into connecting the world to Malaysia further with access to the rural areas where even the most inaccessible place in Malaysia can enjoy this facility. DAP is right they make use of whatever presents them while it seems the BN has overlooked the tinest details.

The heartbeat of the nation is People Power and the people would love to see like what the PM practise walking with the people. (Some even say PM is putting himself at risks and should not do it.. huh! how narrowminded!) Unfortunatedly the majority of the YBs and MPs forget where they come from. No use me knocking them down and its up to PM Najib to sort his troops out.

The frustrations of the people will turn to protests in the ballot boxes and  if BN does not feel the pulse of the nation even FACEBOOK cannot save them. Its a wake up call the Sibu losts to the BN says a youth exco of the ruling BN government. We need to take it by the chin and move on and like a fighter we will not give up easily.     

Its time the elder leaders in BN entrust the youth and harness their potential. By gripping on to power too long will not only see BN losing touch with the people but also eventually be wiped out if we are not careful. 

Governments around the whole has changed dramatically and BN is really lucky that there are examples to follow. We need now to see how we learn from the opposition and do it better and make it happen.

Alright,we have more wrinkles on our faces,maybe less hair and put on a bit of weight but deep down we know that we as Malaysians want our country to progress with change and stay ahead as always like when we use to say,” MALAYSIA BOLEH.” Its yours Malaysia for you and me  and whoever gets it right be it 35 years on finding another friend be it.It’s 1Malaysia in heart and spirit if we are challenged by another country or attacked  thats for sure..

Have you changed and thought about it..? Oh no,that was rubbish I wrote but this is a blog right..?


23 thoughts on ““35 years On…Have we changed..??”

  1. its sad to see that ppl in the rurals dont have access to what ppl in town have.. technology has come so far and yet so many have yet to see it.. its a pity..

  2. So great the facebook and we need to use it well and proper.Not for sex scam as news are filtering through now.

  3. :idea: Well said Audie61 :idea:
    :lol: We as a Malaysians must CHANGE for better in EDUCATION,TECHNOLOGY n COMPETITIVENESS with the outside world :lol: n if we don’t then we will be left behind others many many years backwards :oops: no more Caveman world BUT 21st Century High Tech World :!:
    Anyway,the main point here is DID all our Malaysia Leaders CHANGE to a more positive mindset that are no more ‘RACIST’ or only help his own ‘abang & adik’ only n not others :?:
    Hmmm,35years for all Respected Sarawakians with RICH natural resources should be very advance n fully develop under a caring n good Government :roll:
    Have we CHANGE :?:
    If still not CHANGE :!:
    CHANGE them in the ballot box comes this 13th GE :lol:
    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  4. Beginning of an end to BN if they remain in their comfort zone. Good for you audie61 to have found your friend in facebook.Is it your ex girlfriend hehe?

  5. This statement very true and precise.<"Governments around the whole has changed dramatically and BN is really lucky that there are examples to follow. We need now to see how we learn from the opposition and do it better and make it happen."
    Yo Wake up BN YBs and Mps

  6. Hulk you are on the spot.Rural areas cannot even have electricity.Whats more internet like my longhouse .iF say it malu my YB only. BN been too long and my aki and uncles all kena tipu selalu.

  7. Pakatan will bring fresh air but they need not be too complacent too. Absolute power corrupts they say.

  8. The Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Culture, Joseph Salang, should not, as one of the educated Dayak leaders, try to manipulate the minds of the less educated rural poor and imprison their thoughts and views of what are happening to them and around them. He has deliberately and dishonestly spook fear in the already poor rural folks that if they choose to vote against BN like the voters in urban constituencies they would be left behind in development and progress for at least four years or more. Did Salang being one of the educated Dayak realise that these people whom he talked to had never seen development and progress in their longhouse for the last 48 years under the rule of UMNO controlled BN led by a notorious paramount pirate CM in Sarawak?

    Would Joseph Salang choose to live in the longhouse and confine his parents and siblings to the hardship of living in the interior Sarawak without electricity and treated water and cut off from developments which we witnessed even in Opposition constituency like Bukit Bintang and Kuching just to name two . And Bukit Bintang under the DAP since 1960s is one of the most modern, developed and thriving constituencies in Malaysia today.

    The Minister in the Chief Minister Department, Fatimah Abdullah, should be feeling most guilty when she admitted that there were many schools like SMK Balai Ringin in Sarawak which were in dire need of repairs and improvements. Financial constrains had caused the projects to be stalled yet she was not daring to speak out aginst the way his boss and PM splashed money to 65 schools and 5 churches in Sibu which did not need the money in the recent Sibu Buy Election. Infact none of the BN lawmakers in Sarawak dared to speak against such blatant bribery and inducement for votes at the expense of all rural poor who had waited for 48 years to be connected with electricity and treated water and schools to be repaired and improved. Some schools had yet to be built despite the urgency.

    It is too little to show and too late to convince the rakyat to be united behind UMNO controlled BN in Sarawak. 48 years is already too long. NO more lame excuses. The root cause of Sarawak been one of the poorest state in Malaysia despite our rich natural resources was because of Massive corruption and abuse of power by Tun Rahman and now Taib Mahmud.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Sarawak is ready for Change.

  9. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :oops: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Sarawak is ready for Change-Mata Kuching
    Well,BN will never CHANGE n not Gentleman when they lost Sibu to Peoples Power :lol: Check this one out :arrow: http://bit.ly/aIhHvn
    Hope that Respected Sibuans and all Sarawakians will CHANGE in positive way and better tomorrow for all their childrens by giving Pakatan Rakyat a CHANCE to lead and CHANGE Malaysia into a right track and direction for all MALAYSIANS :lol:
    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  10. After 35 years, we see the down falling change in SUPP and the next state election is another deadly blow. Just prepared for it, SUPP, unless you are ready for changes which we do not and can not hope through the present leadership. Is it still a party for the PEOPLE it tends to make UNITED or just heading to be a politic party Sarawak Under Purpose Party – from an eagle to a mosquito. Change you must, SUPP.

  11. It takes a long waiting 35 years for a double-lane more modern road from state capital (so called) Kuching to Serian. It may take another 350 years for Sarawak to equate standard high ways in S. Malaysia. MPs, YBs come and go, some gone back to hell, some to heaven….trans-Sarawak highway still a far away dream; because Ministers still can fly with people’s money on helicopters while rakyat voters still cruising long winding roads from town to town, village to village.
    OH, 35 years, DONT CRY SARAWAK……

  12. In some 35 weeks or so, I sense the mood of fellow Sarawak people reading this blog has changed too. Thanks to FB, all the IT media, and most of all, UMNO/BN itself !


  13. BN only hope now keeping rural folks poor, uneducated and ignorant in order to keep their BN votes that forms two third of DUN seats. Asking BN to put more better internet, roads, schools facilities etc means even more dilemma for BN: people will become exposed, educated and better informed thus more votes for Pakatan. But delaying or procastinating development also cause even more votes for Pakatan too! So how BN? Bring more internet to the longhouses as proof of BN development or instead opposite effect like a snake asking Eve to eat the apple and show just how naked you still are? Damned if you, damned if you don’t BN!

  14. Long time i didnt comment. Think BN has really losts the plot. Its time for Pakatan to capitalise and all out war to wrestle the state.belum cuba belum tahu. Oh yeah Batang Ai.so much promises how many kept? Dayak areas are penetrable and James Masin should look at himself.Is he under attack? He will go like Sammy Vellu and Koh Tsu koon if he doesnt watch it. SUPP angry with his statement and that is trouble…

  15. It was cool when BN started 50 years ago.Times changed but they still live in the same world of given projects,corruption,cronysism and a hosts of misdeeds. Nothing done they BN willhave dug their own grave.It really is a time for a WAKE UP CALL..or else BN will not be so coooooolllll anymore..

  16. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :roll: 35 years ago I only help my Mom to sell ‘Huat kuih’ when I was just a kid :roll:
    :idea: Que Sera Sera :idea:
    Will I be RICH,A POLITICIAN or a HANDSOME ACTOR :?: :lol:

  17. YB Karim blamed the forefathers of Sibu for the floods in Sibu !! Government should rectify problems not blaming those are dead already . Another slap on the face for the voters of Sibu coming from BN YB !! Really a shock statement that will definitely make the sons and daughters of Sibu angry…

  18. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :lol: HAVE FEELING n do not TORTURE animals as they have right to lives like all of us too :lol: Go DATING n make sure your lovers are not racist n fair to all n CHEERFUL :lol:
    CHEERS :lol: :lol: :lol:

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