Football 39 Years “There are Back”

Blackpool 9 years ago was on the brink to drop out of the Football League. Now they are back in the Land of ‘Milk and Honey” the Premier League. Cardiff City was expected to join West Bromwich and Newcastle into the Promised Land but at Wembley it did not happen. Ian Hollaway the Blackpool Manager outwitted Dave Jones Cardiff Manager with his teams enthusiasm and never say die attitude even though they were twice behind.

Cardiff City has been in the the news as a consortium from Malaysia has bought into the shares of the club and expected them to be in the Premiership. Extracted statement,” Vincent Tan and his group’s recent purchase of a controlling stake in Cardiff City (by the way, Cardiff City is in the playoff for the Premier League) … and all of a sudden,The potential upside to a Cardiff City promotion is tremendous. It’s not going to be taps that we are going to open, it’s going to be floodgates .”

However it turned out to be a momentous day for Blackpool and we saw a scintillating game and a dramatic game with 5 goals in the first half. Blakcpool won 3-2 and many congratulations to them.

The consortium will need to bear with Championship Football for another season or more as Cardiff City will do well to even come as close as to even sniff Wembley turf. It gets even harder as there are always an “Indian Sign” hanging over the Wembley Play-off Losers.

It isn’t always rosy for any company to take over a football club riddled with debts eventhough the facilities are all  first class.The structure might be in place but Cardiff will need more than a miracle worker or consortium to make her dream of Premiership Football alive. Back door through Football bookies or betting syndicates could just be an answer.Hmmm.

But British Football will not easily fall prey to what happened to Malaysian Football at its pinnaclein the 90’s. Whoever thinks that football is short term fast gains better just use their money some where else where it could generate faster gains.

The recent headline news of “Sports Betting License Approval” by the Malaysian Government was also to assist the consortium to advertise the company responsible as millions usually tune in every weekend to follow the Premeirship. This indeed is a Dampener and ‘Bad News” as far as Advertising Action Plans goes. However to the opposition voices in the legalised betting saga this Blackpool Win is a Blessing in disguise.

Blackpool for 39 years have lived their dream and today they have not only joined the Big Boys but the Reality is that they are Back to where they should be. The whole town and the community will welcome the Chelseas,MUs,Arsenals and Liverpools to Bloomfield Road (home ground) and they will  enjoy every minute of it in the 2010-2011 season.

 Cardiff City and the new partners so near and yet so far.They had expected a 90 Million Pounds Windfall by going to the Premiership but Blackpool Won on the Day……

5 thoughts on “Football 39 Years “There are Back”

  1. zainuddin says:

    They only care for their own pockets. After they make the $$$$$$ they will hang BN very high and GE13 will see the end of BN like Cardiff City

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Stop them like DamaCai in Sarawak. if not the Sarawak BN will kiss goodbye too.. Pretty sure. One down many will go too.

  3. Premier League Fan says:

    Vincent Tan and group can buy Cardiff but they dont know the heart and soul ofthe fans.Very soon like the consortiums that took over Liverpool,MU and they will be protests and unhappiness. Big business but fans pay to watch and the British fans fill the stadiums not Asians.

  4. Mata Kuching says:

    It is common knowledge that all the 4d licenced operators were made to “donate’ to UMNO coffers or rather UMNO received from these operators on behalf of all BN coalitions “election expenses” and in return the authority approved additional draws for these operators to recoup their “donation” to UMNO.

    The practise will continue and as for the football betting licence, Najib has a substantial share in it.

    Malaysians want the “champion of Islam”, Perkasa and its big fat scumbag president to enlighten us for giving their undivided approval to such dubious and Haram deal at the expense of all Malaysians and taxpayers.

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :idea: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility :idea:
    :lol: Sadly many big bosses are just GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY to the extend that they never care about others suffering and pain :lol: :lol: :lol:

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