P212″Robin Finally Welcomes Batman”

The sms read ,”Bro all the Tension of the Past week from both BN/PR campaigners is enough to drive one up the building. Posts this sign of the faceless Robin/Batman just to ease the mood.Superman soon.” Cheer us up O. K. Tq

Well,audie61 and crew certainly would like to do just that and we know what our fellow blogger meant. Robin is YB Chong Chieng Jen and now he has Batman in YB Wong Ho Leng  and they both can fight for Sarawak that is Kuching and Sibu in Parliament.

 Superman they say will be from Miri and that is where you have to work out from which constituency. 

Anyway, more serious stuff soon and lets get ready for the war Sarawak State elections after the battle of P212 Sibu.


12 thoughts on “P212″Robin Finally Welcomes Batman”

  1. Its a huge lift for the Pakatan partners in Sarawak. BN will need to look at their “creativity ” hahaha says Najib.Whatever happen to the $$$$$ paid for all the advertising companies??

  2. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  3. Headline in Malaysiakini:

    ‘We don’t know why voters are unhappy with us’

    HahaAHhaahaahaahahhahahahahhahahaha so stupid meh???
    My GOD, Georgy boy has his head so far up his ass he doesn’t even smell the shit! If that is not being out of touched, i don’t know what is!!!

    Hey Georgy, why don’t you just quit! Do something for the community for once, give them a by-election lah! Surely for someone with a doctor’s qualification you’re quite stupid!

    What a joke! btw George, you may just be reminded of how stupid you have been, perhaps by your grand kids in the future???

    something like this when they happen across the malaysiakini on the internet: ‘Grandpa, so stupid? Don’t even know why SUPP lost that famous Sibu ‘Buy Erection’ when head of SUPP! How silly! It’s simple, don’t do anything mah, just act like dog of pek mo. Haiyo, so stupid meh and Chay may one!!!! No wonder strangers look at us funny with a sarcastic smile when told of our relations. Now that you no longer big shit, don’t even dare have kopi at our local kopitiam! Shame on you grandpa. You should have quit and give the people a by election, like they want, they might have forgiven you a bit! So gong one!’

    Can you see that happening george? Since SUPP is already on the way out, those SUPP Aduns or MPs who quit now thereby giving the public a by election, might just save themselves from being hated by the people in the future!

    Don’t forget, we Sarawakians are overseas too! You can’t avoid us! Sarawak people very ‘chin chai’ one, do something good for the people lah! Resign now! They may just forgive you instead of cursing and spitting at you when you’re old and grey!

  4. There is one sure way to find out when Taib Mahmud will be inspired enough to dissolve DUN and pave the way for state election is for George Chan to resign from his cabinet post and his state seat for the sake of all Malaysians in Sarawak.

    George Chan, as president of SUPP, must step down and be personally responsible for SUPP’s defeat in Sibu Buy Election on 516.

    And the fact that he said he didn’t know why the voters were unhappy with SUPP and UMNO controlled BN, showed that he is no longer qualified to hold any cabinet post and or represent the people of N.63-Piasau Miri.

    That will spare the raykat and the press from speculating when the next State Eection will be held.

  5. Will There Be a Buy Election in Kinabatangan, sabah. P187 ?? The MP, Bung “Kotex” Mokhtar who owns a Porsche Cayenne costing USD400,000.00 in Makaysia, will be sentenced in syariah court tomorrow for illegal polygamy.

    Bring it own BN. let’s Malaysians enjoy more Buy Elections.

  6. Mata Kuching and others, in response to George blaming it on religious issues, I wrote on another blog: Hear, hear, Sarawak people, this is vintage George CHN !
    Allah issue was created by his KL Masters, and SUPP silence means consent ? If you read the local Chinese papers during campaign period, SUPP captured headlines “Vote DAP -is- Vote for Islamic State.” It has spectacularly backfired, thus it follows “it is DAP” and not SUPP which exploits religious issues ?

    The SUPP Supremo, has not listened to the voice of the people of Sarawak, even after the disastous 520 outing in 2006. Unprepared for the issue for a major party in Sarawak ! The ALLAH matter concerned Sabah and Sarawak Christians more than Peninsular Christians; GCHN has obviously not heard from the Church people in Sarawak, especially the Miri-Baram based SIB Church, this on his own turf.


  7. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    “lol: LOVE n spend your hard earn $$$Money on your Family,Kids,Girlfren,Boyfren,GrandMA,GrandPA,Mom,Dad more rather waste it on Gambling or Betting that will cause grave negative impact in long runs :oops: Enjoy your precious life with your LOVE one n have more BABIES than waste your $$$Money to Gambling boss that won’t help you when you are in trouble :lol: Think wisely n Have a Great Weekend with your LOVES one :lol: :lol: :lol:

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