P212..”The Blame Game Starts in BN ??

What will be the main cause..Poor turnout “NO WAY.. !!” Its too feeble an excuse. BN Sarawak should look at its coalition partners in this aftermath. PR with DAP/PKR/PAS and SNAP are solid in unity ,” Berganding Bahu We will give you more in the days to come.

The Blame Game will start from Najib down and we did warn Najib about it as he has the people to read audie61…….

audie61 would like to congratulate the new MP for P212 Sibu Wong Ho Leng…………

The Final Results:-

Votes cast – 37,919 votes
Turnout – 70%
Spoilt votes – 395 votes
Majority – 398 votes
Postal votes – 2,429 votes


14 thoughts on “P212..”The Blame Game Starts in BN ??

  1. No more to say. All that I wanted to say had been said. Sibu voters deserved this victory and they had achieved this very hard fought victory for all Malaysians who believe that Change is imminent.

    We shall not be distracted by the betrayers whom we voted in the last GE quitting PKR. It will only strengthen our resolves to change the authoritarian and highly corrupted regime of UMNO controlled BN.

    Thanks to all Malaysians who have contributed in whatever ways long before the battle began in Sibu. It shows that despite only armed with bows and arrows, Pakatan backed by people’s power,can defeat BN which was armed with all the sophisticated “weapons.

    Malaysians can now sing loudly…And now, the end is here.. And so I face the final curtain..My friend we’ll say it clear..We’ll state our case of which we’re certain…….WE DID IT OUR WAY.

    Hidup Malaysia!

  2. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :lol: GODS will always forgive a person if he/she is sincere and never do evil things like killing or cheating :lol:
    :idea: Don’t worry,Be happy & Be Humble :idea:
    :lol: Well said and Bravo to Respected ‘Mata Kuching’ as you really touch all our ‘kopitiam’ frens for all your powerful and to the point comments in this Wonderful Audie 61 blog :lol:
    :lol: THANK YOU and relax to all for a while with Andrea Boceli-Besame Mucho :lol:

  3. Sibu reflected what is possible… Rakyat taking back the state/country and choosing who they want, and exercising their power to kick out the dissented

  4. Good fight and good result. At least this historic performance of DAP teaches ‘expired’ white hair to think that it is about time to go peacefully and start to torn down the most corrupted and ‘opaque regime’ !!!

  5. blame blame blame on PRS how come so many YBs having a great time in Bintulu. Najib was watrned by this blog maybe he just took it forgranted. Too many easy going BN and just taking $$$$ and not really working for BN..Thank you DAP

  6. Was told there was too much campaigning in Bintulu TDC. Thats why there was hardly any PRS presence. On top of it the President James Masing had to say SUPP please do not forget Bumiputeras. How this has helped DAP/PR..? Najib tell pek moh to drop Masing from coalition or else you will be Opposition leader in the next GE13..Believe me the people have spoken.

  7. Some more gambling license. Najib salah timing lah. should give it after next GE. Retract it or else Berjaya group will just forget about BN. Let the GE go first and thats the deal. Make more later not now hahaha

  8. BN just dug its grave further.True what audie61 has been writing. Like the two ele ctions in May story. So much truth and najib and Pek Moh be warned. whats more sources tell me the picture handed by Masing to Taib in Bintulu has more implications than he can think off. No good fung shui Taib. They are pushing you to the edge thats why u still open the TDC. No more easy wins as its your posts era. PRS is looking at bigger picture and have you CM Taib at their finger tips.(No more Towkays James dare to say and rural based.Aiyoh Aiyoh Aiyoh) CM Taib now blame it on PRS for holding the TDC in mid byelection of P212. Either way James Masing has to pay for it..Najib and Taib look for scapegoat.

  9. Now we see some cracks within BN component parties – more will come soon. The big enemies of BN are from within the component parties – you garu belakang I, I garu belakang yo balik – sedap!!! This is the weakest link of BN Sarawak.

  10. Blame? Who and what to blame? Do they not understand what they have done to:
    1. promote injustice
    2. promote racial bad feeling (e.g. perkasa, Allah issue etc)
    3. mistreat native Dayak/Ibans and Sarawak minor races
    4. tolerate total corruption in Sarawak government & administration
    5. close eyes on UMNO’s arrogance and corruption
    6. many other issues that rapidly rotting the BN and impacting on parties such as MCA & SUPP
    So, what/who/how to blame? Best way out is to admit these short falls and apply the correct remedies before it is too late. Not all hate BN and turn away, instead, some things wrong some where that need care and cure

    May trust, righteousness, peace and harmony be restored in our beloved country to stop it from falling even further. We all need to love our country and our soil

  11. Shows how effective the PR forces are when they work for each other . Never see or dream that PAS and PKR work their socks out for DAP in SarawaK !! Keep it up and we can achieve the change that the rakyat wants . Tahniah !!

  12. I beg to differ with all political analysts that rural voters still stick to BN in future voting trend. Firstly, Dayaks living in rural Sarawak are living in a small group of usually less than 120 doors. They like to live “peacefully” among themselves and have been indoctrinated for the last 47 years that Oppostion are trouble makers and will cause their longhouse folks to quarrel among themselves.

    The indoctrination had worked and the fear are still there that voting against the government of the day will cause unwanted bickering and quarrel in their longhouses which they wanted to avoid.Of course they had been threatened into believing that future grants and projects would be withdrawn if BN candidate lost.

    So rural voters, while voting for Barisan National( BN), did not vote against Pakatan Rakyat(PR) either in the true sense because there was never another government in the last 47 years!

    Slowly but surely they will be enlightened when they are aware that the two party system of governance has become a reality in our country.

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