P212″ Forget SNAP,PRS Where is PCM..??”

A political watcher emailed audie61,” Seems the headlines in todays newspapers are “SNAP in Marudi,PRS in Bintulu.” But amazingly the question on everyones lips are ,”Where is the much hyped Parti Cinta Malaysia(PCM)?? Didn’t they say they will stand in 40 seats in the next Sarawak State elections.? Incidently as per an internet portal this was mentioned,” When the prime minister visited Sarawak, PCM leaders were at the Kuching Airport to greet him. Are the PCM leaders going all out to secure the Dayak votes for  the BN..?

It seems that SNAP are now having second thoughts or they could have been harassed to submission and its wiser to stay away from the HOTLY CONTESTED P212 By election?

PRS is also not spared  and eventhough the leaders have been seen campaigning the TDC in Bintulu should have been postponed to a later date (1 week or 2 weeks later). Maybe James unknowingly uttered the wrong words especially on SUPP overlooking the Bumiputeras. 

However the agenda could be BN wants its component party PRS  to hold its TDC at this moment in time with the DUN Meeting starting on 17th of May it could signal the last DUN before the impending Sarawak State elections. 

CM looks all ready to call for a SNAP ELECTIONS and if the SUPP/BN P212 is an overwhelming victory and a clear majority/mandate he will just have the INSPIRATION.  Afterall he is the guests of honour and he will officiate the TDC in Bintulu on May15th 2010.

PCM might just be following the by elections on the sidelines and trying to pick up what issues are relevant to be used for the State elections. Or have they been asked and instructed to keep a low profile..?

PRS has the agenda , SNAP according to the headline”desert” but PCM remains anonymous. Could we see them in the next State elections…???


23 thoughts on “P212″ Forget SNAP,PRS Where is PCM..??”

  1. PRS is rocking the BN boat… wonder what is James thinking……..Its not easy to become a leader but at least have some sense..

  2. someone will have to pay for BN loss in Sibu. Word on the ground even CM is working very hard to turn it round. How come?? We have had enough our land is being taken away and DAP will fight for us in Parliament not SUPP

  3. Even Saiful has losts the plot against Anwar. Now the trial is postponed to May 31st. bye bye SUPP and the people will vote for DAP/PR and not SUPP/BN

  4. PRS-head is not stupid; man is playing his card slowly and carefully….better SUPP lost P212 so their voice for next state election is automatically tuned/turned down; so Pelagus is in PRS pocket ( they think) ..

    SNAP is thinking they are still BN component, definitely should not stir the troubled water more; in case it is accepted back to BN and some minister posts will be allocated. This is politic with no fucking stance

    PCM- not seeing any lobang to make some money and cinta, so not interested in swimming in Rajang River. Looking other chances to swift to other parties, may be MCA or MIC or UMNO, may be..

  5. PCM? What is that? You mean the Penang based party made up of ex Gerakan leaders, with its headquarters located on top of a karaoke in Butterworth?

    Perhaps the party was formed when a few of them got high and thought it will be a good opportunity to take over the vacuum in Penang by the impotent Gerakan.

    PCM = Parti Cinta Malaysia, similar to Thai Rak Thai in Thailand? Oh! Goodness me, is it not known as Parti Cari Makan?

  6. Najib says, ” I will deliver what you want, you must deliver what i want and you know what I want “.

    My secondary school daughter asks me what was the PM’s message. I told her that Sibu shall be having a by election this Sunday and that the PM did not want to appear to be bribing the voters to vote for BN government in exchange for development or development fund. She asked…then? have to explain that in a bribery , there are two parties…the giver and the receiver. It appears to me the PM did not wish to be seen to be giving and so he wants the voters to bribe him by voting BN in exchange for development or development fund. Next she asked..is there any difference? It is corruption anyway! yes my daughter, it is Corruption. Lesson outside of school and which most scholls will not teach their students.

  7. PRS really know that if they support SUPP they will also lose Pelagus to SUPP.That is the deal with Chan/Ting Pek kiing.U see he will do all he can for his son in law

  8. PRS wants CM to show his allegiance to open the TDC. CM will play along but in the end he will still name Larry as candidate in Pelagus. U catch me now I catch you later thats why he is willing to declare open the TDC.

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  11. A re-post from an article appearing in Malaysiakini which explains very well how Malaysians in general view UMNO and PAS.

    M’sians – East or West – deserve better than Umno
    May 14, 10
    It was reported that DAP leaders met church leaders in Sibu to explain the Allah, and other religious issues. I sense many Christians in Malaysia want to contribute to the nation’s well-being but are not completely certain whom to trust. I will therefore summarise the salient features of ethnic politics in West Malaysia, and let the East Malaysians make their own inferences.

    I will focus on the Umno leadership because Umno is still the most powerful force in Malaysia. Umno leaders are addicted to the wealth and power that is derived from corruption and wholesale abuse of power. Umno has deliberately weakened the state to become all-powerful. West Malaysians understand there is nothing Umno elites will not do to protect their personal wealth and power including misusing race and religion to further individual worldly ambitions.

    Perkasa came up with some nonsense about the ‘blue ocean strategy’ but Umno has already bankrupted the country with decades of a ‘white elephant strategy’. Basically Umno leaders approve one useless expensive project after another, inflate it by 100 – 1,000 percent, repeatedly subcontract it, and take their lucrative cuts along the way. In this way, Mahathir wasted US$100 billion of your tax money

    To be more accurate, Mahathir may have made his own family, friends, and Umno cronies obscenely rich by taking it all from you. Essentially, they got their cut, and you funded it, you bailed them out, and you got robbed. Instead of state resources in Malaysia being used to fund the poor and needy, it is the poor and needy, the ordinary citizens who fund the rich and powerful in Umno.

    This has been labelled the malaysian NEP, Umno’s white elephant strategy, Perkasa’s ‘blue ocean strategy’, Third World African kleptocracy, Umnoputra’s trickle-up economic strategy but essentially if you are a taxpayer, no matter your race or religion, then truly, you are being exploited by Umno.

    Basically, Umno leaders have turned getting robbed in broad daylight into a patriotic duty, where they will rob you but then accuse you of being ungrateful, and a pendatang, or a pengkhianat if you finally decide to vote Pakatan instead.

    You only have to look at Marcos in the Philippines, and the generals in Burma to know where Malaysia under Umnoputra leadership is heading. The bottom line is Umno addicts cannot reform. They can only be kicked out by determined voters. The ‘Allah’ issue was a side issue that had nothing to do with Christians trying to confuse Muslims.

    It had everything to do with Umno feeling threatened by PAS and PKR Malays. If Umno cannot make itself look pious by accusing the non-malays of threatening Islam, if Umno fails to demonise non-Malays and non-Muslims, and if Umno cannot offer meaningful reform like clean government, then PAS will win all the Malay votes. Courageous moral leaders like Tok Guru Nik Aziz of PAS have said racism has no part in Islam and have repeatedly backed democracy, clean governance, and fairness for all.

    If these are the spiritual and governing principles by which PAS and Pakatan stand by, then it is only a short matter of time before every informed citizen – every Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucianist citizen who understands the truth about Umno politics – will vote for Pakatan.

    The only other thing that Umno has left to offer are the racial quotas that some Malays feel they would need to exist. This erroneous belief persists courtesy of the massive Umno-funded mass media brainwashing outlets like Ugutan Malaysia, Biro Tata Negara, and RTM.

    Unlike Umno, PASrefuses to demonise nor scapegoat anyone to win votes. I am not qualified in any way to tell East Malaysians whom to vote. But surely Malaysians deserve better than Umno.

  12. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :arrow: This bumNO DOTtor mamak really sick and evil :evil: heart to play racial sensitive May 13th clash again and HELL below is calling him to report to them already :!:
    MODERN MALAYS,CHINESE.INDIANS are not stupid to play this DOTtor mamak sick evil games no more as he has lost majority peace loving + friendly MALAYSIANS respect n supports :oops: :oops: :oops:

  13. Latest:

    BN leading by mere 1000 + votes, but may lost away this 1000 on this last day 24 hours …..common dissatisfaction toward CM and SUPP internal fighting are two majors

  14. This message is especially for all Christians who will be voting this Sunday. Regardless of whether you had received any “vote buying” money, inducement, promise of more money if you vote for a candidate, and all promises made by both BN amd Pakatan, invite Jesus into your heart to guide you to make a wise decision. Seek guidance to choose the right party to address all the current socio-economic and political mess in our country.

  15. P212 majority voters Chinese! Next Lanang 76% Chinese, Stamping 75.5%, Sarikei BN won by 51 votes!!! Very alarming !! Chinese are much well of in economy than us, yet why they are not satisfied with BN; does it mean some thing is not right with BN governance including BN Sarawak’s adminitration?? How then we native Dayak/Ibans should place our stance?? Keep bowing to bullies and threats OR need stand straight up and tell them what we do expect from dear BN. Make a wise choice this time, dear Bros & Sis Dayak/Ibans

  16. Dear P212 voters, please vote BN and let us BN bring you more development in another 50 years – by then Sarawak is 100 years old but many parts without electricity and water. “Sabar Menunggu” – the name of the song

  17. Sarwakians must not be fooled by Taib Mahmud’s announcement of lower or “lowest” premium for property renewal. Make no mistake, Taib Mahmud is the “government of Sarawak” and he thinks Sarawak belongs to him too. Unless and until anything he says are made into law and gazetted it is just Taib Mahmud farting! Will Sarawakians benefit from a lower premium( if ever it isgazetted and stated in the Sarawak land Code) if there is no guarantee that their properties will be renewed upon expiry?

    Taib Mahmud has long identified the urban land which he wanted to take by changing the housing ministry to that of ministry of housing and urban renewal and given special power to enter and acquire any properties or land. This minstry shall have the right to take back any residentail or commercial properties which the government of and for Taib Mahmud deemed to be in a deplorable condition and or not befitting an urban environment. With a lower land renewal premium it can only mean the market values of the Sarawak properties acquired by the government of and for Taib Mahmud shall be much lower and compensation shall be much lower accordingly.

    There is nothing that benefit the people a litlle that will not benefit Taib Mahmud tremendously. There is nothing that Taib Mahmud’s empire cannot supply to the proposed SCORE project , Aluminium Smelting project, Hydro-electric dams projects, and all major infrastructures to be implemented in Sarawak. All these did not happen by accident or chance. All thee have been planned with meticulous details with absolute power that he now enjoys. Whenever taib mahmud gives sarawakian an additional of 1% benefits he shall take back another 99% benefits for himself.

    Who is the real and main owner of Sarawak Energy Bhd, Assar Senari Port, Assar Senari Chemicals, Mukah coal power plant, Sejinkat power plant. Any layman will think it is 100% owned by the government but one need not complete primary six to know that the major shareholders of all these so-called government agencies are owned by Taib’s family and cronies. These are Taib Mahmud’s strategic companies controlling all the strategic resources in Sarawak.

    Malaysians in Sarawak must not be swayed by his announcement on lower land premium. Taib Mahmud has done all his evil calculations long ago on how to rob Sarawak and Sarawakians . We must stand our ground and exercise our right by voting out this evil and corrupted regime in Sarawak and Malaysia. By denying UMNO controlled BN every single parliamentary seat in Sarawak and the rest of Malaysians doing their part in all other states we shall defeat this evil and corrupted regime. Sibu parliamentary seat is just as important as all other parliamentary seats for us to help ourselves to defeat UMNO controlled BN.

    Vote Pakatan-DAP to save Malaysia and Sarawak.

  18. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :oops: RAKYAT will reject B-eNd bcoz our oil block L&M in Sabah are being sold & they the pirates robs all of us poor & dry :lol: one way or another :lol:
    Vote Pakatan Rakyat to save Semenanjung Malaysia,Sabah & Sarawak. THANK YOU :lol:
    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  19. The submarine deal

    A French legal team found 3 important elements in this case. Two of it
    which clearly states that there was a commission being paid.

    1) This Company who transacted the deal between France/Malaysia are only a
    few months old. No experience in selling Submarine but was paid 140Mil Euro
    2) One of the Company Director is our current PM’s wife, Datin Rosmah
    Mansor! “Unquote” So? What have you got to say now?? This is CHEATING THE RAKYAT!!!

    Check out the video at :


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