P212 “Opposition Closing In..??”

The ground zero effect unlike Hulu Selangor P94  where the swing for BN is imminent is not being felt in Sibu. There are a number of factors which if not addressed will see a drop of votes for the BN. DAP with Lim Kit Siang at the helm playing psychological warfare/propaganda has managed  to overturn an overwhelming BN unassailable lead to a close 51/49 and there are still two days left.

The SYNDICATED BOOKIES has suddenly saw an upswing of punters who had earlier placed their bets on BN winning over 2000 votes retracting and replacing it with bets for DAP Wong Ho Leng. Are there reasons for this..? One would have thought that the Chinese voters must be enticed by the development funds/projects being “Bombarded left right and centre” 

The main factors remains the Lau and Tiong rivalry,the Teng/Soon non-appearance,the 120 dayak longhouses votes,unavailablity of job opprtunities in Sibu,the Bible and “Allah”issue { the 50% Christian voters have not forgotten especially the confiscation of some 15,000 Kitab Injib, the Malay translation of the Bible,}

Point 1:- Lau and  Tiong rivalry has been going on for ages. One aide close to Tiongs camp said that when the Lau Juniors name was mentioned there was not even a consideration for the other name submitted by Tiong. It is speculated now that Tiongs camp will not push/force his workers to vote. A swing for DAP..?

Point 2:– The non appearance of Dr.Soon and David Teng and his group will see some of his followers protesting in the balloting trend. There might be an upsurge of spoilt votes/not bothering to turn up and this might somewhat reduce the majority of votes for the BN camp.

Point 3:- The NCR land issue remains a very sensitive and sore point for the ruling Sarawak BN. According to a source the CM Sarawak visited a longhouse where there was supposed to be a large crowd but it was disappointing. Is there a swing for the dayaks and are the opposition making gains in the dayak areas..??

Point 4:- The movement and brain drain and the job oppotunities available in Sibu has somewhat turned the seemingly satisfied Chinese voters to look more at their own backyard. Could a vote for the Opposition be justifiable and push the message through to the leaders in Sarawak BN for more economic activites to Sibu.??

Point 5:- Religious freedom and tolerance is and will be a main capture for votes from all the constituents in Sarawak and for that matter in Sibu. Christians make up 50% of the 54695 eligible voters in Sibu and a slight shift will be enough to pull ahead for the candidate in question. BN/Pakatan have made their intentions known by meeting up with christian religious groups and laypersons to explain their stand.

Did the PM’s “three -minute lightning visit” to the Tua Pek Kong procession muster any votes for the BN candidate a political watcher asked..?? This is but a small factor to consider with the reversal of punters hurrying to throw their weight behind the DAP Wong Ho Leng. BN needs to reassess their political strategies as the Pakatan group is slowly and surely closing in.  

Of course all the political parties will have their own assessment of their ground work/campaigning and an overzealous Minister even predicted  a 70% BN win over DAP. Of course with all the development funds being bombarded one would give him/her the benefit of doubt but GROUND ZERO is what matters.

The bookies can’t go too far wrong and their livelihood hangs on making a huge winning to boost their accounts  just in time for the Gawai Dayak Holidays. 48 hours closing and pushing it close to the edge and the Chinese will know what benefits them now rather than later……….


23 thoughts on “P212 “Opposition Closing In..??”

  1. Go DAP GO its time for another DAP member in Parliament. Surely it will do a lot of good for Pakatan to have a WHL in Parliament. JomUBah

  2. BN will have it not easy. Seems the whole Fedral cabinet and state cabinet is in town campaigning. Serious against only one man Wong Ho leng…aiyoh!

  3. My vote goes to DAP and with Najib just making a three minutes lightning visit this is bad news for the Chinese. He should have spent at least half an hour. 3 minute hero is it..??

  4. There are more than 5 points which are favouring DAP/PR. BN running scared and also the bookies. Will be very close and BN depending on postal votes and malay votes in Kg.Nangka. Dayak votes are split and its a fact not help by PRS on SUPP not helping Bumiputera.Backlash..

  5. promises promises promises we are no more the foolsthat BN has taken us as. We now know that we cannot be fooled all the time and its time for us to stand up and be noticed. BN sarawak too many promises and mosts of them not kept. Only look after crony longhouses. AsK PM and entourage to go on 1 hour boat trip to longhouses without water supply,electricity and fans for that matter.Then we dayaks believe.

  6. Conversation with a few friends voting in Sibu Buy Election indicated that Sibu voters were not bought by the education fund distributed and other fund for flood mitigation. Wow I truly salute you guys! They felt that whatever development distributed so far for education and infrastructure are long overdued and is the responsibility of the government of the day.

    I trully agreed and besides all these buy election disbursements are not BN’s money but money belonging to all Malaysians but are definitely made at the expense of all Malaysians not affected by any by-election and I like to emphasize especially at the expense of so many school children who had to walk for many hours to schools and whose schools and homes have yet to be lighted and connected with treated water. But how many of our Dayak YBs and lawmakers will feel guilty about Najib’s publicity and buy election stunts?

    To all Sibu voters : Stay true to your convictions to vote for change and to vote for religious freedom by voting against the highly corrupted and authoritarian regime. Sibu to vote for Pakatan-DAP and be the platform for Sarawakians to dismantle our very own corrupted regime in the coming state election.

    Vote Pakatan-DAP! Vote YB Wong Ho Leng!

  7. Christians here, though learnt to be “forgiving”, are mostly still in doubts of the following:
    1. Torching of churches, why all actions die out in silence?
    2. Why only at by-election, big guns come to know the lack of people and area?
    3. Why “Gomen” still quiet on Allah name for Christian in 1 Malaysia? Undecisive by PM?
    4. 6000 ha for oil palm development? How about decision on NCR on the whole run?
    5. “5.13” what is this UMNO’s game? 1Malaysia spirit of unit? How??
    6. Many many other doubtful issues; all big corruption cases swept under carpet??
    Dont undermind we Sibu-ans, please!!!
    N29 was a big lesson learnt!!

  8. BN’s last 2 days’ tactic is to put “guards” on all longhouses, sleeping and eating, keeping eyes, digging holes in walls, peeping and over-hearing, then guard voters from pintu to ruai, to tangga, to bus, to voting stations, to ballot boxes….and last main main on the ballot boxes lah

  9. Two days left before Sibu voters go to the poll for the Sibu Buy Election this Sunday. Dayaks’ future are at stake because their NCR lands are at stake. Make no mistake that UMNO controlled BN will appeal up to the highest Court on all land rulings in favour of NCR landowners.

    Now Dayaks have two very strong reasons not to trust UMNO controlled BN and government.

    Make no mistake that it is the UMNO controlled BN and government that :-

    1) appealed against the High Court ruling that it was unconstitutional to ban the use of Allah by Christians in our national language.

    2) appealed against the High Court ruling that NCR landowners had the right to ownership of their land which were taken away by the BN government.

    Moreover, all the money splashed by UMNO controlled BN in Sibu did not benefit the unemployed Dayaks, the neglected Dayaks, their villages and longhouses.

    If the UMNO controlled BN government is sincere and caring, it would not appeal against the High Court ruling on these two important issues affecting the Christians and NCR landowners.

    If the UMNO controlled BN does not withdraw the appeals by tomorrow (Friday), Dayaks must vote against BN and vote for Reform and Change initiated by Pakatan and vote for DAP.

    If you have Dayak friends and relatives voting this Sunday, please inform, educate and tell them that they have now very strong and compelling reasons to vote against UMNO controlled BN and Vote for Pakatan-DAP.

  10. know a few people who have gone back to sibu to vote and some more going. great news! some even took leave to do so. they support change and fed up with the shit from BN…win or lose for the opposition is not the ultimate for now, its getting the people to make an effort to push for change is! the people are hungry and angry!
    time for change!

  11. :oops: We REJECT this dr MAMAKthir racist to the bone dictator who are selfish and never think about the weak and poor peoples life if 513 happen again :oops:
    Dear all RRespected Sarawakians,Sibu frens and fellows loving Malaysians :lol: Think positive and rejects those racist + corrupted to the core B-end and vote for CHANGE :idea: VOTE PAKATAN RAKYAT DAP :idea:
    PR respects all seniors citizens and care for all :lol: give them an opportunity to give all you Respected Sibu citizens sincere service and long term success :idea: Thank You :lol:

  12. Nazri Aziz is in Sibu and we want to tell him not to show disrespect for Sarawakians’ hospitality if he is here to promote his 1malaysia 2 Christians (West Malaysian Christians cannot use Allah to refer to God in our national language and East Malaysian Christian can).

    Christians in Sabah and Sarawak want Nasri Aziz to know that that there is only one Christian in the world and we also speak on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ living in West Malaysia.

    If Nasri Aziz cannot advise the Home Ministry and BN government tomorrow (Friday) to withdraw its appeal against the high court ruling which states that it was unconstitutional for BN government to ban the use of Allah by Christians to refer to God in our national language, he should take the next available flight out.

    The SIB church in Sabah and sarawak are also awaiting for the government to return all religious materials confiscated by the government.

    We cannot allow the UMNO controlled BN government to take away the Dayaks NCR land and sell to big corporations at a hefty profit, to plunder our national wealth through highly inflated procurements, awarding of contracts to BN cronies , to trample on our religious freedom and hope all will be forgotten and forgiven over time.

    Voters in Sibu have decided and will not be blinded by the quick fit and piece meal financial assistance and disbursement of development fund.

  13. Lakia – The Iban shit also UMNO want to know ka? Hiya, the Ibans you cannot tell one nowadays, got internet ma!

  14. Kangtao & All Dear Voters
    Hope so lah, Iban/Dayaks make difference nowadays after more and more exposure to the reality and truth of today BN’s governance and bullies of UM-NO…Dayaks/Iban/Lakia will not be bullied for ever and ever. Almight God loves all humankind including Dayak/Iban/Lakia

    BN should understand, using all QSG vehicles, helicopters, money, cheques (cashable or uncashable), PM/DPM/CMs/Ministers/MPs/YBs/Secretaries/Senators/Department Heads and Tails…All in and All out, just manage to be slightly ahead, WHAT that means? It is loud and clear enough….something wrong somewhere in the country administration.

    Dayak/Iban voters, take all the baits but also to teach BN a lesson; help repair the lost moral at Batang Ai N29. YOU deserved the praise and honour

  15. :idea: Ho Ho Ho :idea:
    PENANG ISLAND practice religions FREEDOM even now under PAKATAN RAKYAT and even now PENANGATES senior citizens loves PAKATAN RAKYAT leaders and even gives them a BIG HUG like their own children too because PAKATAN RAKYAT leaders respecvt them and fair to all :idea:
    Hope that Respected Sarawakians from Sibu will not be fools by Bn umno trick again :lol: Just think positively :!: :idea: IF NO ‘BUY’ elections here and there then where got b-end cares for all of us 1 :?: they only cares for their frogs and their own pocket full of $$$$$ only ma :roll:
    Yes,teach those bully b-end a big lessons with your Peoples Power right and show them we Malaysians are not stupid and knows all the bad evils :evil: things they have done everywhere :lol:
    :idea: GOD bless all of us Malaysians loving & friendly peoples :idea:

  16. Ho :?: Ho :?: Ho :?:
    :oops: Is this ‘1’ what kind of man or no man :evil:
    NO NEED TO SHIT,WASH,FART and lock its ‘ka chng’ @ anus for 2 days :?: Ai yo yoyoyo sperm or anything inside also ‘matong khiow’ like dead smelly fish lo :oops:

  17. The trump up sodomy charge against Anwar, the setting up of perkasa to propagate extremist activities, the exploitation of law enforcement agencies, the blatant flouting of rule of law and the threat of ” you help me stay in power and I help you with development” are all desperate measures by UMNO to stay in power at all cost and putting the party interest above national interest. Malaysians must take drastic measures to stem out this highly corrupted and authoritarian regime of UMNO controlled BN by giving Pakatan-DAP a decisive and convincing victory this Sunday in the Sibu Buy Election. Take all the money thatwere given to you by BN in the form of grants( for BN to avoid been charged for corrupt practices during election) for repairing your longhouses, repairing your schools, churches, temples, and whatnot. This money does not belong to UMNO controlled BN. It belong to all Malaysians and its our money.

    Be happy, feel good about it and when you reach the polling station this Sunday, touch your heart and tell yourself that we shall reject this highly corrupted and authoritarian regime and vote for Pakatan-DAP to save our beloved nation. Vote Pakatan-DAP to save MALAYSIA.

  18. Hope more and more BN reps will die soon – so all of us can see more “buy-elections” and hope people will take the goodies money but vote Pakatan. Malaysia already on deficit budget of >7% – Greece in the making in 5 years time !!!

    Change the whole bunch of kleptocracy – Najis + Tai Manuk + Chuntal + Ikan Masin + William Sawan !!!!

    Go DAP Go!!!
    Go DAP Go!!!
    Go DAP Go!!!

    Yep Yeap Hooray

  19. Voting is not just queing up in the polling station and and enjoying the quiet thought to yourself of ” guess who am I voting?”

    Your one precious vote can determine and shape the future of our country. Your one precious vote can effectively remove the CM that you wanted removed . Your one precious vote can effectively bring down the government that has been corrupted, abusive, oppressive and plundering our national wealth.

    The last best gift of God to man is the right to VOTE. God has given us this powerful gift that can end an authoritarian and highly corrupted regime.

    By the grace of God, we shall vote out the evil and corrupted regime.

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