P212″ Whole Putrajaya in Sibu”

A voter from Sibu remarked cheekily,”Now Sibu looks like the Federal Capital.” Just drop a name who is who..? They are all camped in Sibu and they even have time playing squash and also checking the prices in Sibu wet market. Even the Pakatan State leaders are also seen campaigning for votes. Wah! Sibu so famous now and the Capital of Malaysia till the 16th is Sibu. “Welcome to Sibu Federal Capital of Malaysia ….Good huh!

A political analysts picked this statement up from the CM of Sarawak,” Taib also described the on-going campaigning for the Sibu by-election as very “panas” (intense).”We seldom experience this kind of situation. We are used to more localised issues.

Isn’t there a saying he remark,”Too many Cooks spoil the soup..? In this context there is no more daily briefings on what is and what is not to say but ONLY TO ENSURE  that the votes are in the bag fro the BN. Of course the pressure boils and the main issue seems to be the Bible issue for East Malaysia.

A DAP member said,”Can we import Bible with Allah into Sarawak..?” This issue remains hot on the heels of BN and they need to find ways to appease the 50% voters who are of Christian denomination in Sibu. All other bread and butter issues are of secondary importance in this election and the Tua Pek Kong Procession will not have too much bearing on the outcome. However the postponement of the May13th scheduled Rally is a plus point for the BN government.

The importance of internet and smses in this predominantly urban Sibu by election area  is of utmost importance . Take this twitter message sent by Hannah Yeoh,”Prayer & worship important to Christians, I use words to talk to God. I don’t want the government to regulate my conversation with God.” while you compare what Information Communciation and Culture Minister Rais Yatim had to say ,”They need to achieve 50% broadband penetration by years end and they need to distribute PCs and notebooks to the students who need them .”

Is this still relevant and its like cutting ribbons for a shop opening or jut to kickstart a development project.? The urban Sibu people want to know how policies are to be amended especially on relevant issues not how 50 % broadband penetration but “Allah”Bible” Scholarships”Subsidies etc.etc. BN needs to revamp. 

No wonder the CM said its “panas” and it seems in the bordersless world the Opposition members knows how to use the savvy technology of twittering,blogging,smses and facebook to their advantage while most of BN YBs are only dishing development funds while not intellectually having the right political discourse with the internet savvy voters.

This is and will be a major headache for the BN in the coming GE and State elections and if their YBs and Mps are still leaving in an egoistic world { bent on proving (to themselves) that they are better than those who have elected them }   their TIME will be up.

However having said that Sibu will still be in the hands of the right man for the job as the voters will have no qualms of taking the person out at the slightest hint of underperformance. When the whole of PutraJaya is in Sibu will you bet your lasts dollar to the opposition.

The democratic voting process is in the hands of the People and they will know what to do when they mark X on May16th for the P212 Sibu MP.  Have you decided or you need to listen to more ceramahs…………………


20 thoughts on “P212″ Whole Putrajaya in Sibu”

  1. Malaysians, not only the Chinese or urbanised voters, are increasing fed up with the UMNO controlled BN and its brand of politics which are increasingly corrupt and authoritarian. Rule of law is openly and unabashedly flouted, Judiciary, MACC and PDRM reduced to political stooges.Even our religious freedom enshrined in our constitution has been trampled, with the ban on the use of Allah by Christian in the national language.

    Our economy is semi-paralysed by racist protectionism and cronyism. The future generations will be made to pay for our massive national debts accumulated as a result of wastage and blatant corruption.

    Malaysians can accept that infrastructure projects and other socio-economic developments need proper planning but with prudent financial management , responsible, committed and corrupt free government, all the major and necessary developments would not have taken over 50 years to be completed and most are yet to be implemented especially in over 70% of the rural constituencies.

    Malaysians who do not support the UMNO controlled BN are certainly not anti- government or anti- development. We value and love our nation and enjoy living in peace and harmony. The concern about all races in Malaysia living in harmony and mutual respect for one another are the least concern but UMNO controlled BN is determined to divide all Malaysians and rule with absolute power and remain in power at all cost. Make no mistake, UMNO is effectively BN and BN is effectively UMNO.

    Malaysians look to Sibu voters now more than ever for them to realise that Sarawak and sabah are very much an equal partner of Malaysia and national policies and direction are equally important to Sarawak and Sabah.

    This Sunday, Malaysians voting in the Sibu by-election must make a historic vote to set the pace for a nationwide change of government. Vote out the corrupted regime controlled by UMNO.

    Vote decisively for Pakatan-DAP candidate YB Wong Ho Leng

  2. May “Allah” wins, ……fight not by might but by the spirit. May Allah blessed all the voters……instead of listening to all the hu..hah, lets us be quiet in the spirit and let Allah speak to our heart. Because at the heart of all this, is “Allah”.

  3. Najib has many “eyes” in Sarawak and knows how bad the situation here has become under Taib. This is basically the reason he is pouring in the cash to the State, the Sibu By Election just happened coincidentally to be in the way.
    Anyway, Robert is already assured of 2000 plus votes from his own KTS workers. So if BN wins by under 2000 votes, then DAP will have won.

  4. The frequent education policy changes has been the hallmark of the UMNO controlled BN. It didnt matter who was the Education Minister as it was the collective decision of the BN cabinet ministers. As long as the present Education Minister does not join Pakatan Rakyat he will not be made a scapegoat by UMNO for being responsible for reversing the teaching of Science and Mathematics from English to Bahasa Malaysia. Datuk Serti Anwar is now being made a scapegoat by Najib when he said when Anwar was the Education Minister he did not support Chinese vernacular schools. While not all BN government policies were decided during cabinet meeting, it was almost certain that all decisions made were decided at UMNO supreme council meetings.

    So Najib, be a sincere and truthful gentleman to earn the respect of all Malaysians. You need not be a smart PM for all Malaysians.

  5. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :arrow: Testimony proves Najib-Rosmah -IGP ‘CONSPIRACY’ :shock:
    Hope that brave LION of Jelutong YB Karpal Singh will not let all of them sweep their :?: under the carpet and scotch free :lol:

  6. Mr Prime Minister Sir, the voters in all the parliamentary constituencies outside of Sibu want you to issue a cheque of RM200,000 to all the Chinese primary schools, RM1,000,000 to all mission aided schools and another RM1,000,000 to all Chinese vernacular schools to prove that you are not BUYING VOTES IN SIBU. We shall not mind receiving the cheques for all the above mentioned schools in all parliamentary constituencies by May 15 2010.

    WE look forward to receiving your cheques as a gesture of BN government sincerity and commitment to enhancing quality education in all vernacular and mission aided schools throughout Sarawak and Mr Prime Minister Sir, please dont forget our close neighbour Sabah as well.

  7. :oops: Hope that Sibu ‘Tua & Jee Ah Pek & also Tua Pek Kong’ will bless all Sibu Taoism followers there to be awaken and not be blinded by evil forces bad intentions :oops:
    :arrow: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/131609
    :lol: MAMAKtiu cannot do anything as he is powerless now but he still can BLA BLA BLA only until you know la :lol: bai bai n ta ta
    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  8. It may look good that Sarawak can have a by-election every month, so that more project cheques can be received, roads improved, schools funded, poor families blessed with living assistance and so on and so on…..It does not mean some ones have to “die” but MPs and YBs can take turn to play the RESIGN GAME to puff way for more by-elections and instant noodle development. So by-elections will keep all federal big men busy visiting Sarawak, temples, mosques, churches, schoools, longhousesss..etc etc.

  9. Even in the Philippines, no projects are to be announced and development fund distributed three months before an election be it a by election or a major election.

    Will all the YBs from other constituencies openly and publicly declare that the schools in your areas do not need any funding and there are no roads, basic amenities,and bridges to be constructed or repaired urgently.

    Malaysian politics under UMNO controlled BN is no better than Ethiopia in Africa! Lets see what will happen if BN garner less than 40% Chinese votes and win by a slim majority or lost the Sibu buy election.

  10. :oops:Wrong place at the wrong time and his kick was as fast as a LIGHTNING :!: 3 min only :?: Methink this sinner worry that something from out of this world go inside his body like what mediums experience and PuFF :lol: all his secrets finish lo :lol: :lol: :lol:

  11. Malaysian voters know very well that without a strong Opposition and without a by-election in our country, we will never get to see the amount of money and projects folowwing to a constituency , all in the name of UMNO controlled BN’s commitment to the people in the constituency.

    RM15 million was distributed to 65 chinese national type and chinese private primary schools to fish for votes from the Chinese community in Sibu. Suddenly and after 47 years under the rule of UMNO controlled BN but will this disbursement and BN’s publicity and buy election stunt impressed the Chinese. A round estimate will show that these schools actually received RM4,900 per year over the last 47 years !

    The indiscriminate disbursement of education fund of RM15 million to 65 primary schools in Sibu is not only BN’s desperate attempt to win votes but done at the expense of all Malaysians especially those whose children still need to walk for few hours to reach their schools and whose schools and homes have yet to be lighted up and connected with treated water. Is this the kind of commitments we expect from UMNO controlled BN government?

    Najib also assured and promised all Christians that they have a place in Malaysia and under his “hollow” 1Malaysia. The Christians in Malaysia especially in the states of Sarawak and Sabah want Najib to just match his action with his promise and assurance by immediately asking his government and the Home Ministry to withdraw the government’s appeal aginst the hight Court ruling on the ban of Allah in favour of the Catholic Church. Otherwise his promise and assurance are just as hollow as his 1Malaysian propaganda.

    Voters in Sibu should rightly enjoy all the benefits thrown at them for now but should not be influenced by the BUY ELECTION gimmicks of UMNO controlled BN.

    We cannot fault Lau Hui Yew for choosing the right father who is filty rich. As loving Malaysians who care very much about our country, we are never anti-government and or anti-development. We are strongly against a highly corrupted and authoritarian regime in which SUPP is a component.

  12. Why and how Greece collapsed – unfortunately the below sounds so familiar to

    Bureaucracy: Greece’s bureaucracy is famous in the whole of Europe ! To
    open a cafe or pub there are 25 processes to go through !! This is a country
    of many unnecessary rules and regulations.

    Bloated civil service: There are 1.05 milliion civil servants (excluding
    police and armed forces) . The population of Greece is only 10 million !!
    More than 10% are govt servants !! Salary increases every year and benefit
    for civil servants in Greece is one of the best in Europe !! More and more
    money is needed to upkeep these unproductive bloated civil servants . The
    retirement age is 62 yrs old.

    Corruption: Greece is the most corrupted nation in the Eurozone. Citizens
    pay “under table ” money to:

    # admit into a public hospital

    # pass a driving licence

    # to enter public service

    # renovate your business premises or your home

    # avoid income tax

    Every govt project is awarded to political cronies and at hugely inflated
    prices ! Transparency International compared the prices of the construction
    costs of stadiums built for the Athens Olympics recently with similar
    structures in China –500% more expensive than the Chinese , compared to Los
    Angeles and Sydney — 50 % more expensive !!! All these with tax payers
    money ! and borrowings !!!

    Tax evasion: Officially 80% of its citizens are supposed to pay tax but only
    37% are doing so. Big businessmen and corporations have refined tax evasion
    to a fine art ( or have the tax men taken some coffee money ? )

    No transparency in governance: The politicians and bureaucrats falsified
    economic data and painted a rosy and manageable picture while the economy
    was rotting away .

    Unabated borrowings: Meanwhile, the politicians and bureaucrats continue to
    issue govt bonds to keep afloat, series after series. They were trying to
    cover up the financial mess they have created creating one big hole to cover
    up the previous !!

    Lacking political will power to reform: To keep hold on to political power,
    politicians are prepared to lie, commit economic and political fraud. If
    reforms were taken some five years ago , the country need not go bankrupt
    and its citizens need not suffer so much. Political expediency and greed to
    political power over-rides everything and hence Greece is now a bankrupt
    country. Luckily, it is part of the European Union and its currency is
    EUROs, otherwise Greeks will have to eat grass to survive !!

    Laid back attitude: Tourism is THE ONLY industry in Greece and over the
    years the Greeks have had an easy time. Many flocked to see the historical
    sites. enjoy summer vacation on the islands. But they forgot that not many
    tourists will returned after visiting the sites –there are so many other
    tourists attractions in the world, maybe more exotic and perhaps cheaper !!
    So once tourism wanes and coupled with higher costs of living –the Greeks
    could not and refused to adapt and transform –still partying and having a
    nice time — maybe the Greek Gods will bless them !!! Greece have no natural
    resources, no electronics industry , no R & D –no anything !! They were so
    laid back –cannot see what is coming and crashing down on them. Even now,
    the civil servants refused to take a pay cut — because they feel that the
    world owes them a living !!

    does the above sound familiar???!!!

  13. For BN lawmakers to tell Malaysians voters that Opposition lawmakers cannot deliver or provide development fund for their constituencies is a great insult to the intelligence of the voters. A strong Opposition to offer check and balance and prove themselves to be a better alternative in ruling the states and or country is very important to our nation.

    I fervently hope the Pakatan state government will not be aping or copyright the UMNO controlled BN government by oppressing Opposition lawmakers in their respective states of Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan.

    It is foolish of BN lawmakers to say that Opposition cannot develop a state when they are not in power at Federal. The Federal Government should be and ought to be the government of all Malaysians regardless of their political leaning. Similarly the PM must be seen to be a PM for all Malaysians and PM of the opposition held states as well.

    It is indeed stupid and foolish for taib mahmud and the SUPP candidate to say that even if Pakatan-DAP candidate , YB Wong Ho Leng wins the Sibu by-election he cannot bring development to Sibu because Pakatan is not the government at federal. This stupid statement and “orang utan” attitude will only strengthen sarawakians’ resolve to vote out this oppressive,abusive, and corrupted regime.

    Never look back and be fooled by the UMNO controlled BN’s buy election gimmicks. Vote for Pakatan-DAP this Sunday.

  14. Nasib lead a temple procession of 50,000 devotees in Sibu,
    He got votes from many Chinese,
    But he failed to spear a pig to death,
    That is why he did not get many Dayak votes,
    Wong Soon Koh speared many pigs to death,
    And he got voted into ADUN many times,
    So who is the pig that got speared to death in the end ?
    The young fighting cock,
    Now he is a dead cock,
    A dead cock hangs his head down,
    He cannot crow..coo..coo..coo..every sunrise anymore,
    And what about a man with a dead cock?
    The hens will desert him,
    Ask Ding IK Ming,
    The ex mayor of Sibu,
    And king of fighting cocks,
    But there are still many fighting cocks in Sibu,
    Judging by the tens of thousands of china dolls there,
    The favorite sport of Dayaks is fighting cocks..

    Regional Manager of packet drinks,

    Leei Eng Hock – June 4, 2010 at 7:47 pm

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