P212″BN Sure Win But By..??”

May 8th 2010 Chelsea  will be crowned the New Premeirship Champions if they play to their true potential and beat Wigan at home no matter what PM Najibs favourite team Manchester United  does. May 16th 2010 Najibs BN coalition will wrestle P212 Sibu Seat barring any hiccups and a disastrous campaign trail. Doesn’t this script sound too familiar?

After nomination day today  there will be a three cornered  fight {Robert Lau (SUPP-BN), Wong Ho Leng (DAP-Pakatan) and Narawi Haron (Independent) } the opposition parties are not on an upbeat scale and are not their confident self. Is this another way of generating sympathy and in a way Lim Kit Siang DAP supremo hit the right tone,””The battle of the century has began and we want the people in Sibu to speak up. He gives DAP 40 % chance of winning,”

Could this be reverse psychology to boost up the election campaigners and supporters of DAP/PR as they have just conceded defeat in the numbers game at nomination this morning with BN having a crowd according to Special Branch reports to about 5000 strong while PR had about 1000 at the mosts. Its 4 to 1 and Lim Kit Siang knows he needs to use a different approach to appeal to the the people who matters mosts the “VOTERS”  

It will be Full Houses at both Chelsea( Stamford Bridge) and Manchester United (Old Trafford) and many especially the MU fans will be hoping for a miracle to happen at the bridge and see Wigan drawing/winning. A Win for Chelsea will end the dream of a 4th consecutive Premeirship Crown for MU. Surely Najib will not dreaming too for his team?

May 16th it will be Kit Siangs time to dream and also many in the Pakatan fold whether their hardwork and 8 days of campaigning will bear some fruit. DAP will be only mindful of these famous words,” I Have A Dream” and it will be surely a political magic if it does happen in this by election. Even those ordinary folks in Sibu has already more or less given up hope and saying,”BN Sure Win But by how much”

BN will even throw in a Golden Kitchen Sink let alone an LG Refrigerator to ensure the impossible does not happen says a Sibu retired government servant. Believe me and what Lim Kit Siang said has so much truth and he is indirectly appealing for a miracle. True or Not…….???


10 thoughts on “P212″BN Sure Win But By..??”

  1. Ho :lol: Ho :ol: Ho :lol:
    :mrgreen: NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD :mrgreen:
    Ai ya yayaya you n me also know la how those BumNo will usually do during election :?:
    Pakatan Rakyat will be sincere to the RAKYAT and hope to WIN in MERIT and not ‘BUY-ELECTION’ way :!:
    Hope Respected Sibu,Sarawakians will think POSITIVE and votes for PR DAP to show them PEOPLES POWER will wins over evil and corruptions :lol: Thank You :lol:

  2. For Sibu voters who are still indecisive, I have this to say. You have 2 choices. One is dig yourself into a deeper hole you cannot climb out or vote for change. Yea, it’s that simple. Think about it.

  3. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: That’s What FRIENDS Are For :idea:
    POOR or RICH TRUE FRIENDS will always be together :lol:

  4. To UMNO controlled BN : Is your Allah also our Allah? Is your Malaysia also our Malaysia? Why Malays are known as ” Malay Bumiputra” in all government application forms and Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputras are known as “Others”. and do not even have a race. Bumiputras from Sarawak are not allowed to purchase property in West Malaysia reserved for Bumiputra Buyers. Why is this so? Another technical problem?Children of Sarawak Dayaks whose father is Dayak and mother a non Dayak or Bumiputra cannot be classified as Bumiputra because of techinical problem according to National Registration Departmnent BUT Taib Mahmud’s children are all Bumiputra althought their mother was a foreigner.

    Many Indian and Pakistani Muslim YBs and whose wives are Malays had been allowed to register their children as Malay and qualified as Bumiputra.

    Najib, can you please explain all these discrepancies? UiTM, with its racist policy has continuously sideline Dayak students and ignore your hallow 1Malaysia concept.

    Dayaks will no longer sit back and be considered themselves as third class citizen of this nation. The march for Change has begun. We want our identity and dignity protected. We want our NCR land recognised and protected. We cannot accept the ban on the use of Allah to refer to God in our Bahasa Malaysia prayer services and in all our Bahasa Malaysia bible and religious newspaper publications.

  5. Dear Sibu voters whether UR Chinese, Iban, Malay/Melanau or Bidayuh U must REMEMBER THE BATANG AI election, the money this division promised by UMNO/BN had not yet receive. So please Sibu voters do not believe what they are promise. U can demand RM500,000 better than HS Felda demanded RM50,000 per family Let the UMNO/BN give U first than u can decide whether U want to vote them.

  6. Malaysians in Sarawak and Sabah will not be fooled by BN Sarawak’s and Sabah’s leaders telling us that Najib is a Prime Minister of all Malayisans. All the five states ruled by Pakatan have had their development fund diverted and or hijacked and federal projects shelved. The most notable was the withholding of petroleum royalty to Kelantan and to Trengganu when it was under the Opposition. Malaysians in Sarawak and Sabah will not not submit to such treats by Federal Ministers telling us to support BN if we do not want developments to be disrupted. That is daylight and blatant extortion. UMNO controlled BN is the mother of all ganterism in Malaysia and they are of the same mould as those gansters in Sarawak who extorted the farmers, rubber tappers, retailers for fuels and eggs in rural areas and express boat owners.

    SUPP and BN Sarawak have never speak out against extortions by gansters in Sarawak. Malaysians in Sarawak and Sabah dare Najib and BN to withhold development fund and the petroleum royalty to Sarawak and Sabah when Pakatan has taken over the government in these two states. Prove to us that you will be a PM for all Malaysians. For now all the farting by BN lawmakers do not cost anything. Explain to all Malaysians why UMNO controlled BN has withheld the 5% royalty due to Ketantan people. Explain to all Malaysians why UMNO controlled BN is trying to shelved the second bridge project in Penang and now trying to remove Penang port to another BN dominated state despite the fact that Penang state government and its economy under the leadership of Lim Guan Eng of Pakatan is doing very well. Selangor government under Pakatan has also done more to improve the state in just over two years what BN has failed to do in the last 50 years.

    Stop bluffing the people and all Malaysians that Najib is the PM for all Malaysians. Stop wasting tax payers money in BN’s and UMNO’s propaganda in promoting 1Malaysia when Malaysians including the Malays who supported Pakatan are castrated and held as ungrateful and traitors. Stop bluffing the people and all Malaysians about Transformation and Reforms when the MACC, PDRM and Judiciary have been exploited to the tilt to suppress and oppress Pakatan and their lawmakers.

    All God fearing Muslims, Christians, Silks, Hindus and Buddhists cannot accept a vindictive, abusive, oppressive and corrupted federal government. Stop insulting our intelligence further. Malaysians in Sarawak and Sabah will not beg for development or submit ourselves to threats and extortion by UMNO controlled BN.

    We shall vote for Change starting with the Sibu by election. We shall vote YB Wong Ho Leng to be our MP and voice in Parliament. We support Pakatan to be the next government for Sarawak and Sabah and federal government.

  7. The greatest historical achievement of SUPP as to date.Diploma holders of Kolej Liala Taib can further their studies at Unimas or U Tun Hussein Onn.Thanks SUPP, but hopefully it would only a political gimmick only.All universities entry are managed by UPU,How can KLT given such privileges ?.Congratulations to all current students,you made the right choice said Khaled Nordin.One of my relative is studying there,hope he will has a smooth pasage

  8. Last night, Hishammuddin told students at the Malaysian Students Department in London that “chit-chat” among women have exaggerated the level of street crime in the country and caused fear among the public.

    “Most victims are women. What do women do? They go to the hairdressers … they chit-chat and suddenly it is everywhere and cause people to fear,” Hishammuddin said.

    DAP’s Ipoh Timor MP Lim Kit Siang was outraged that Hishammuddin would blame women especially on Mother’s Day.

    Malaysian women and voters..you decide if women in Malaysia will continue to tolerate the chauvinistic lawmakers in UMNO? Not so long ago we had an MP by the name of Bung “Kotex” Mokhtar who insulted all women by defending the leakage in Parliament due the shody workmanship and maintenance work by saying women also “bocor” .

    With the lastest insult on women in Malaysia by none other than the Home Minister who was also responsible for banning the use of the word “Allah” in all Christian Bible and religious publication in our Bahasa Malaysia language and church services in Bahasa Malaysia.

    Malaysians cannot entrust their future and that of our nation to these bunch of irresponsible, incorrigible, abusive and corrupted lawmakers from the UMNO controlled BN any more.
    Women voters must not tolerate the constant insults against women by these BN scumbags.

    My mother, sisters, aunties and friends have all been insulted by this nonsensical and insensitive remarks made by Hishammuddin on a day when we ought to show our appreciation and gratitude to the women for their contribution to family and nation building.

    Women in Sibu should send their strongest protest to the UMNO controlled BN by voting against BN and vote for YB Wong Ho Leng of DAP, a founding member of Pakatan Rakyat which is seeking a change in governance and practise CAT, Competency, Accountability and Transparency .

    Vote YB Wong Ho Leng of DAP.

  9. :lol: ACEH 7.2 richter scale EARTHQUAKE n BEWARE of TSUNAMI n avoid SEASIDE area :lol:
    :oops: Methink this out of this WORLD brain kerisMOOdin will APPOLOGISE to all GIRLS like a GeNtlemaN :oops:
    :arrow: There you ‘R’ this BOHONG MOKTAR-HEAD joker disrespect of woman when he play play with the words MONTHLY ‘BOCOR’ :?: he BOCOR too :?:

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