P212 “Handicap Odds For Sibu”

azlanHere We go! Here We go! Here We go!

These Familiar football chants from the terraces of any football matches has certainly caught on with the World Cup fever in June. Legalise Football betting in Malaysia Wow! That will hit many other punters instead of curbing syndicated betting crime.

But before that there is the Sibu P212 by elections where a lot of $$$$$$ will be exchanged especially in determining the result of the polls.If we can legalise football betting why not election betting..? In actual fact any form of betting is a Disruption and Contamination to the Flow of Nature

This statement by Sibu District Police Chief ACP Shafie Ismail,”We are doing this because we want to ensure that the by election is crime free” when the Headlines appeared in teh STAR Sarawak edition “BETTORS BEWARE

Natasha and Joey of  audie61 made a few phone calls to certain known sources who has links to the underworld betting syndicates and the word is that the bookies are ready to accept bets and even before nomination which is tomorrow 8th May 2010 the odds are already known.

Its BN giving 2000 headstart with those taking DAP/PR winning 85 cents. Taking BN will receive full $ and loses will be at 95cents. In the report published on May4th in the Star a team of CID officers had been deployed to Sibu for the byelection to keep an eye for such activities as they are also linked to gangsterism.CID officers are also working together with Special branch to gather information on such activities.

Both SUPP and DAP condemn election betting but both want to see more done by the police to ensure a good clean fight. In 1982 it was believed that the former SUPP President  Wong Soon Kai losts the elections in Sibu due to massive betting and odds offered which resulted in the end of his political career. 

So are we legalising ELECTION betting ….???


15 thoughts on “P212 “Handicap Odds For Sibu”

  1. Do not gamble your future and that of your children away no matter how financially broke you feel you are especially if it is going to favour UMNO controlled BN.

    Take back the power we gave to UMNO controlled BN for the past 49 years and which was the very reason we were not earning an above average income and living a very comfortable standard of living today.

    UMNO controlled BN has betrayed our trust and abused the power we raykat conferred on them by voting for them every elections. It is time to take back that power and entrust our power to Pakatan Rakyat to reform our economy, Judicial, MACC, PDRM and our education system.

    We need a new government to ensure the majority of our rural population who has been neglected and ignored for the past 49 years are brought directly into the main stream of development. We need to stop UMNO controlled BN from bullying the rural populations by offering generator sets, speedboat engines, building materials, fans, plastic chairs, urinary pots, cooking pots and pans in exchange for voting them into power both at state and federal levels whereby there ought to be a comprehensive rural development master plan that should be implemented systematically regardless of their political affiliations.

    We do not want tax payers money to be blatantly mismanaged, misused and abused for BN propaganda in promoting 1malaysia, 1clinic, 1roti canai, 1toilet, 1batik and 1rosmah for all obese women and whatnot.

    VOTE for Change and vote for Paktan. Vote DAP in the Sibu by-election as a platform to changing the government at federal and remove UMNO controlled croncism politics in Sarawak.

  2. Vincent Tan is the new Boss of Cardiff City,England no wonder government propose legalise football betting

  3. SOUP is the Taiko in betting, they pay people to bet. Do you You want to bet they don’t, then follow me to Sibu! Ho Ho Ho

  4. The man who said he had no choice but to be a Malay first and Malaysian second, making a mockery of BN’s 1Malaysia, because the Malays would shun him if he were to be a Malaysian first will be in Sibu town. Even the Malays are divided into grateful Malays if they supported UMNO and ungrateful Malays and betrayers if they supported Pakatan. UMNO has no principled stance on 1Malaysia. Dr Mahathir and Pekasa wanted UMNO to protect the Malays from the Chinese and the warlords in UMNO had been told to be patient with the Chinese for been ungrateful and that the appropriate punishment will be melted out once UMNO controlled BN regains its 2/3 majority.

    Malaysians in Sarawak will lead the pack in voting for a new dawn and a new government. Sarawakians decide Pakatan be our government at Putrajaya and Petra Jaya.

    VOTE Pakatan.

  5. :idea: VOTE PAKATAN :idea:
    :lol: Pakatan ‘keng’
    :lol: Pakatan ‘seng’
    :lol: Pakatan ‘chan hai mou tak teng’
    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  6. Let the Malays be themselves in Sarawak, they are now divided but peacefully here, the daughter wears Tudung, the father plays 4-D. You see them going into 4-D and Toto joints, no body cares. They can’t do it in West Malaysia, they will be arrested. As for the 5,000 odd Malay voters in Sibu, it will be interesting to see who they support.

  7. :idea: PR is full of LOVES for the RAKYAT and works for the RAKYAT :idea: Keep the FROGS away comes next 13th GE and here’s something relaxing for my Brothers and to all LOVELY & FRIENDLY SARAWAKIANS frens too :idea:
    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  8. How true is that KLT graduates can continue their studies at UNiMAS ?.Naib chan and Wong signed the memorandum at the presence of Khaled Nordin.Does UNIMAS have any prerogative on students intakes or is the role of UPU ?. Another great show of BN to win the support of Sibu voters .KLT students should call UNIMAS for comfirmation of the news to guarantee a place after graduating or otherwise you will cheated.worried students

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  10. Many of us do pray faithfully in church, temple and mosque for good health, good career, harmonious family and a better future for ourselves and children. The power of prayer is indeed very powerful if we have strong faith and are guided by wisdom to know what has failed us and what is corrupting our system of government and institution that lead to a chain of deteriorating events retarding our socio-economic progress.

    All Malaysians who are eligible to vote in Sibu must come out in full force without fear and with the conviction and faith that we shall use the Siby by-election as a platform to make the one single most important change needed and have our prayer answered.

    Vote out a corrupted regime and revoke the power we lend to the UMNO controlled BN for 49 years in Sarawak. It is time the Rakyat and Malaysians in Sarawak appoint a new trustee to govern our beautiful nation. Vote Pakatan in the Sibu by-election as the first step in our march to Putrajaya together as Malaysians.

    Vote YB Wong Ho Leng to be the MP for Sibu and for all Malaysians.

  11. Clean clean clean the dirt away. Today the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ are already flying, Bum No dishing out their $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. All the hungry fish around waiting for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Ho Ho Ho

  12. If ever there were to be a civil unrest in Malaysia it will be triggered by the Malays who worked hard but have been neglected by UMNO controlled BN and the Malays who had too much for doing nothing (UMNOputras).

    Blaming the Chinese for dominating the economy is just a ploy by UMNO to camouflage their hidden greeds and stolen wealth in the name of NEP and NEM.

    The ordinary and poor Malays know it but the middle class and rich Malays are not willing to share the cake. The Indians watched with amusement and at the same time indictment because they too have been marginalised. For the Dayaks, Orang Ulu, Kadazan and Dusun Bumiputra in Sarawak and Sabah they never truly understand their rights enshrined in the constitution and accorded them when Sarawak and North Borneo(Sabah) formed Malaysia with the Malayan states in September 1963.

    History has been distorted and Malaysians from Sarawak and Sabah have been denied the truth. The Dayaks, Kadazan and Dusun leaders have been blinded by financial and material gains and glued to their past by vehemently defending UMNO controlled BN’s policies that weakened and oppressed the democratic rights of the rural poor.

    Sarawak and Sabah need to lead in the change for a new government and lead the pack to march to Putrajaya under Pakatan Rakyat government.

  13. history how Wong Soon Kai lost in 1982.Large amount of money bet between the minor rich and the majority poor.The majority poor was on the handicapped sides by losing 15-20 ringgit to win full per 100 ringgit,meaning that if they take 10000 ringgit,they will lose only 1500-2000 ringgit if WSK win.The big amount money bets were shared and extended to their friends and relatives by forcing them to vote for DAP.Scaring of losing they have to vote for oppsition to avoid their money lost.All these money are extensively share among the poor and middle class people in the whole sibu.Thus WSK lost.haha

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