“2 Elections in Sarawak Mid-May..!!”

It seems that they will be two elections in the month of May in Sarawak. One involves PRS TDC elections on the 15th of May and the Other P212 By-election on the 16th of May. A Bidayuh BN member was not too happy as there were rumblings on the ground and the tremors could be heard by the opposition in that the PRS TDC should have been put off to a later date.

Instead PRS decided to continue without giving due considerations. PRS should have mobilise all their forces in totality with full concentration and help their SUPP Coalition partner in this by election in Sibu. Isn’t PRS a multracial party? Imagine 700 PRS members having a TDC with internal elections in Bintulu? Where is the justification of helping your fellow BN SUPP partner?  

PRS grassroots will be rooting for their own people/candidates to ascend the leadership ladder and in that there will be intense lobbying and campaigning for the Vice Presidents and SC posts available. Will those PRS leaders just leave it to chance to see themselves booted out when they are busy campaigning for the Sibu SUPP candidate.? Absolutedly not and we wrote earlier  on April 19th Will SUPP or BN be happy?

In one of the paragraphs of the article we said,”Every help is needed in every byelections/elections for that matter and if one coalition is so busy with its TDC that means they care for themselves more than the BN coalition. What is in the minds of PRS ?

Many theories have sinced surface especially with KM3,CMs successor and now the ground has reveberated to be erupted In Bintulu according to an aide ,”James will tell the whole assembly that N54 Pelagus is PRS and they will field a candidate of their choice. We will determine who we want and BN will have to follow us. They will not be Larry Sng in Pelagus N54″

So its all bargaining and leverage being played by PRS as they want to show their strength and credibility with the inclusion of the Parked YBs and MPs from SPDP they totalled 18 legislators and SUPP is just irrelevant to them.These words have surfaced more than once according to sources within PRS.

Shouldn’t PRS be standing alongside PBB in the State political power sharing instead of SUPP? Many question the loyalty of PRS as being the determining factor which SUPP remains more the favoured partner of the BN Sarawak Coalition. {PRS is an offshoot of the now defunct PBDS and PBDS was very instrumental in the 1987 Ming court affair.The remannts of PBDS are still inside PRS and they determine the direction of the party. KM3 has been mentioned and BN Sarawak cannot afford to face a common enemy again}   

SUPP then did not play ball with Permas/PBDS and Today the wound might heal but the deep scar remains.It will not go away so easily even after more than 23 years. The fruits are ripening and it seems the time is just about right again and its almost perfect for a final assault of the KM project.

3rd(Third) time lucky who knows and not postponing the TDC is just the tonic for a bigger picture. The bargaining chips are now full in the hands of the dayak leaders in PRS. We go ahead and we invite the Chief Minister to officiate and that is the message very clearly. {We have prepared it long time ago is just a lame excuse and postponing it will be less one issue for the opposition to capitalise. How much again did they pay the blogger..?? Wonder how much audie61 would fetch in the market..??   }


The PM needs to address this TDC issue and if the BN candidate suffers and loses by 700 votes to DAP we all know where the blame goes to. Overconfidence has a price and its not only Top echelon leaders who needs to be seen working for the candidate  in Bandar Sibu P212 but also all BN component grassroots.

 P212 has a history of a giant killer and who knows the Lau legacy and political continuity might just be this factor of PRS TDC. If SUPP can say the debate with DAP can be put back after the elections no one in BN will begrudge that PRS do theirs and postpone its TDC to a week later. Najib havent you heard of the song,”It’s Now or Never….”

The Hotels or organisers will not sue the party for breach of contract nor will travel arrangements be turned upside down. Najib will do well to tell PRS leaders that he wants to come to the TDC a week later.All the component parties in BN will willingly be seen in the PRS TDC and it will be a boost for the party.

Have they thought of the bigger picture or have they got their own agenda..??? You Decide….    


15 thoughts on ““2 Elections in Sarawak Mid-May..!!”

  1. Masing and gang can shout all they want, send millions of protest memo to PM and CM, or even get a court order to stop Larry from contesting under BN, the fact remains that this Sng junior will still stand under BN ticket. So why waste time on this. Dayaks have plenty of other problems which a political party like PRS can help to sort out.

  2. No need PRS we will handle the dayaks voters ourselves we in SUPP have enough dayak leaders to campaign. PRS go do your TDC. Next time we know what to do.

  3. SUPP will win but with thin majority. PRS will then be blame thats good. So Najib will know who is with him and who is not. Word has it that James trusted lieutenants have met DAP Lim Kit Siang and have sounded their alliances and thats why they are not so bothered about lending a hand in Sibu.
    Its just like Ripleys believe it or not..??

  4. James has always been very cunning and he is also very vindictive according to people who have crossed his path. its time the BN leaders take him out in the open and fry him up. using Baginda to hit at Jabu and Taib and its all below the belt. CM has him by the balls though and ground zero talk is that the malay lawyer is about to turn it all in against James. How true yet to be seen..

  5. PRS always blame others for their follies and they should look at themselves. They came back in 1994 as PBDS to join BN and then kill off PBDS and now in 2010 just about the next state election there is talk that PRS might do a PBS. When it happens good for Pakatan but if not its all hotair talk on PRS leaders ad playing games only.

  6. The candidate of N54 Pelagus will be a very interesting part of PRS in this coming election.Knowingly that Taib favored the young Larry Sng, so it’s a test to James Masing’s power to the prerogative of CM.Just wait and see who will come out as winner ?.

  7. Good will prevail over evil. Whatever UMNO controlled BN propose God will dispose, It is already happening.

  8. :lol:Believe it or not :lol: KARMA will fall upon them very very soon :lol:
    GOD is watching their :evil: EVIL 513 plan to discriminate the minority :lol:
    VOTE for real democracy and PEACE :lol: VOTE for PAKATAN RAKYAT because they truly care and not RACIST :lol: Thank You :lol:

  9. Robot Wong Soon Koh gleefully announced that Najib has good news for Sibu when he comes again! Same old..”berita lama” . Why didnt BN government and Najib approve and provide whatever development fund for Sibu 2 to 3 years ago and while the late Robert Lau was alive which they suddenly approved when there is a by-election in Sibu? And why only in Sibu? What about Sabah, Sri Aman, Lundu, Sarikei , Baram and Miri for instance?

    Najib and UMNO warlords will always treat the country’s wealth as their largesse by privilege and right . They will decide when to hand out development funds, where and through whom the funds will be channeled in exchange for votes.UMNO controlled BN will continue to hold all Malaysians especially the rural voters at ransom and demanding that they vote BN in exchange for developments. Urban voters will not fall for such baits and neither will they submit to such threat. Not even if SUPP announced that the next federal deputy minister will be a Chinese from Sibu and not YB Richard Riot who is a Bidayuh. SUPP has its own selfish and wicked scheme to win back support from the Chinese voters but it will not work and SUPP is destined to be wiped out in the coming state election.

    The Dayaks and especially the Bidayuh should not allow themselves to be used as pawns by BN Sarawak anymore. Those who are more educated and living in urban constituencies must educate their rural folks, friends and relatives to fight for their right and seek justice by voting for a new government in Pakatan Rakyat.

    VOTE DAP and give YB Wong Ho Leng a convincing majority to effect a change in both the state and national politics.

  10. Money politics has always been the hallmark and backbone of UMNO controlled BN. For the Sibu by-election, BN will be willing to buy this election by pumping in just as much development fund if not more than Hulu Selangor into Sibu. Sibu will stand to benefit a lot more than what BN is willing to spend for now if DAP wins this by-elction because the next general election is less than 2 years away and UMNO controlled BN will definitely want to win back and retain as many Parliamentary seats by spending a lot more to win at all cost. But whatever money BN distributed for a by-elction or general election, this money rightfully belong to all Malaysians.

    VOTE DAP and let YB Wong Ho Leng to be the MP for Sibu and all Malaysians so that UMNO controlled BN will pour more development fund into Sibu in the next 18 to 20 months.

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  13. Habis lah kitak orang di sri aman, laban Masir kujat Dah menang serta sesuka hati ya mengunakan kuasa BN ngau akan bermaha Raja lela di Sri aman ngau makai duit Wang Kerajaan serta rakyat Sri aman Mayuh Mayuh secepat ya mungkin akan lari ke menua Australia untuk business ngau masa hadapan keluarga ya. Akai indai, rakyat Sri aman udah pilih salah Orang di undi, Sri aman akan mundur habis habis ngau serta akan nadai bisik pemaju sekali pun akan datai. Abah AK Taik Ugi pun sama makai duit free atau nipu rakyat ngau serta master mind, laban utai nya nang sigik amat nadai bulak.

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