“Puppet Masters At Work”

The early morning calls this morning concerned Sarawak DCM Jabu .The headlines didnt help him much as it implicates,”Many Quarters believe Jabu is CM Material.” Tun Rahman former Chief Minister and Uncle to Taib has put the cat among the pigeons when he said,”Since Jabu was PBB Deputy President he was in effect a representative of all races in Sarawak and therefore the bests person to become Chief Minister.

There was a lot of reactions and former Deputy Chief Minister Daniel Tajem even challenged the state to make Jabu the next Chief Minister. Even SNAP President Edwin Dundang chipped in a few words by saying,”it would be an achievement for the Dayak Community if Jabu ever become Chief Minister.”

DCM Jabu was quick to put a stop to all the speculations as the situation might just get out of hand. He issued a statement ,” At this point in time, replacement and succession of the Sarawak chief minister should not arise and should not be speculated upon,” Jabu, who is Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) deputy-president, said in a statement today.

I have consistently and publicly said that I have full confidence in the very capable, fair, competent and visionary leadership of Abdul Taib as Sarawak chief minister, and fully support his continued leadership as chief minister,” he said, adding that he was fully committed to work as a team player in PBB and Barisan Nasional (BN).

Over the past ten years there has been names being put forward to succeed Taib Mahmud. The names of Adenan Satem,Effendi Norwawi,Abang Johari,Awang Tengah and Sulaiman Taib just very recently has rolled off the tongues of most political analysts. These names will continue to be touted as possible successors as the Puppet Masters continue to pull the strings.

Jabu has flatly denied with the statement above but can we rule him out when the time comes? The Puppet Masters will ink their approval on the CHOSEN SUCCESSOR..


7 thoughts on ““Puppet Masters At Work”

  1. Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:
    :lol: BELIEVE IT OR NOT we do really need some SUPER HEROES over here in bolehLAND for us all to feel safe again & for our children sake and we need no PUPPET goons or YES MAN no more :lol: enough is enough :oops:
    VACANCY for SUPER HERO available now :lol: CALLING CALLING :!: :lol:
    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  2. The political strategist for Taib’s PBB and his melanau empire is working again.

    This time he is assessing the response of the dayaks to his “feel good” statement and at the same time strategising to have PBB enhance its dominance over other BN coalitions in Sarawak politics the way UNMO dominated BN in West Malaysia but with the sole objective of conserving his family empire.

    His “feel good” remark will stir some excitements and speculationsin the Dayak community and at the same time induce other Dayak leaders in PRS and SPDP in particular to react and plan preemptively. Tun Rahman ‘s remark is definitely not aimed at Jabu but the other Dayaks leaders in BN component parties. Jabu is seen as the weakest link between the Dayaks and their hope to see another Dayak CM. He is definitely not a threat to the Melanau empire.

    Tun Rahman was the man who masterminded the split in the Dayaks by getting Tun Jugah and Thomas Kana to go against and remove Stephen Kalong Ninkang as CM. The bumiputras interest in Sarawak will be better taken care of by Ninkang and that would be bad for Tun Rahman personal ambition and federal government under Tun Razak was fed with false and negative information about Ninkang.

    The Dayaks should not pay any attention at all if Tun Rahman and Taib Mahmud can ever be trusted. The Dayaks must be bold and brave to choose a new government who will align their interest with the federal constitution. After 47 years of giving their absolute trust to BN Sarawak, its is time for the Dayaks to test another government to raise their livelihood and living standards to a higher and equitable level.

    After 47 years, the UMNO controlled BN government is the only government that Malaysians in Sarawak ever know hence BN Sarawak will continue to capitalise on the fact and said no other government can deliver and develop the state when we have yet to test and install another and new government.

    Be brave and bold to vote for Change. Vote for a change in government by voting for Pakatan. The power is in our hands and our vote decides who has the right to govern and take care of our interest. 47 years is definitely too long for UMNO controlled BN to develop a small country like Malaysia and to bring prosperity to Sarawak. It is time to change the “board of directors” and the management team that didn’t perform too well. VOTE PAKATAN.

  3. Very True soon james Masing will take the bait and his KM3 brains will be working overtime. He is afterall 6Oyears old now and he needs to push his agenda ahead. Very good tun rahman i salute you.

  4. High time the other dayak leaders bring Jabu,James,Mawan down from the state government. They are just all pawns for the melanau regime. Of course melanaus will not want to lose their stranglehold and they need to see out the nemies from within. Jabu is the bests person to use and he is always YANG KASIHI. As long as he makes it he doesnt care who he serves and thats Jabu.

  5. The high class dayaks dont care too much. They have enough to llok after their families for education,housing and also holidaying. I pity the dayaks who stays in the rural and outskirts where their longhouses they call HOME do not have the basic necessities in life like water suppply,electricity and proper schools. There is a huge gulf from what the BN government has been professing 1 Malaysia. No way…

  6. The dayaks should wake up and look around their own perimeters.They have had too much of a raw deal till now and they need to just to show a bit of colour. What do the melanaus know that the dayaks dont?

  7. Soon all the rural development fund will be hijacked into promoting Rosmah Mansor as 1Rosmah to satisfy her insatiable ego. Funds meant for rural developments are the easiest to hijacked and diverted into someone’s pocket or other uses due to lack of control and loose audit. Already taxpayers money has exceeded RM10million just to promote her as First Lady of Malaysia. What is RM1 million given out by BN government to all the schools in need of repair? rural voters shouldnt be nice and respectful to their BN appointed Tuai Rumah anymore who had betrayed their trust. VOTE Pakatan to ensure every single cents allocated for rural developments are spent exclusively for the rual constituencies which have been most neglected.

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