P212″Debate off..??”

The sms which audie61 received was ,”There will not be fireworks between DAP and SUPP in the debate.Its Off and How Sad.Someonechix out and used a very lame excuse. No need to say anymore and it would be a level playing field for the parties speakers to impress.

The full article appeared in an internet portal.

The DAP recently banged on SUPP’s door, challenging the Sarawak-based party head-on for a one-on-one debate over Sibu’s future in the run-up to the constituency’s forthcoming by-election.

The latter, however, pulled out of the challenge on grounds that they are busy preparing for their campaign.

DAP Sarawak chief Wong Ho Leng today then accused their opponents of chickening out of the debate which was scheduled for 7.30pm this Thursday at the Sibu Friendship Association Hall.

azlan“Did SUPP chicken out because they don’t have the courage to debate?” he charged at a press conference in Sibu this afternoon.

“I want to appeal to all Sibu residents to tell SUPP not to chicken out, and take on DAP in this great debate on who can actually benefit the rakyat,” said the opposition party’s candidate for the by-election.

The Sibu Election Watch (SEW) NGO had organised the face-off between the contesting parties with the topic: ‘Who can lead to a better future?’

SEW coordinator Wong Meng Chuo said they actually secured SUPP’s consent on April 30 before they approached DAP for their participation, but are now in a bind as to how to proceed with their plans.

Each party was asked to send two speakers for the debate, with leeway given to SUPP to choose any party member they wished as representatives.

‘Too busy to debate’

SUPP had originally confirmed their central working committee member Daniel Ngien Kiong Ann, while DAP put up Wong and Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen.

The Barisan Nasional component party’s late decision to back out has left SEW in a dilemma. “We haven’t decided whether to proceed with a question and answer session with the DAP or cancel the event. We will announce our decision tomorrow,” said the SEW coordinator.

azlanWhen contacted, Ngien acknowledged that he was supposed to attend the debate, but said they are tied down with their campaign preparations.

“We are very busy with our campaign. We hope the debate could be held after the by-election,” he said, echoing a similar response by the prime minister when challenged to a debate during the recent Hulu Selangor by-election.

The DAP candidate, meanwhile won’t be placated. “The DAP will go to the venue to wait for SUPP to come,” said Wong.

The May 16 Sibu by-election is expected to be a one-on-one battle between SUPP, representing the Barisan Nasional, and DAP under the Pakatan Rakyat flag.

The BN has named 45-year-old lawyer Robert Lau Hui Yew (right in above pix) as its candidate, while Wong Ho Leng (left) will contest for the DAP. The seat was vacated after SUPP’s Robert Lau Hoi Chew died after a long battle with cancer at the age of 66


13 thoughts on “P212″Debate off..??”

  1. :arrow: How can a 14 years old boy fight with those TRIGGER happy COWboy pondan :?: How ah :?: Did this innocent boy carry arm :?: No leh :lol:

  2. Malaysians from Sarawak at large and residing in Sibu in particular can fully understand why SUPP “chicken” out when debating issues of substance. SUPP and BN will also “chicken” out of Q & A session.

    Ever since Najib took over as Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister, all the BN coalition parties and law makers have been made to hide behind UMNO and told specifically to promote 1Malaysia, BN Government Transformation Programme and NEM. Every words that BN lawmakers and coalition partners say must be linked to these three initiatives and attributed to Najib.

    From the photograph taken on the “1Malaysia” event at Sibu Town square it is obvious that less than 10 % of the crowds is Chinese and more than 60% of the so called big crowds are from the outskirt of Sibu who have been ferried there by buses by the SUPP organiser to placade the PM and hence attribute the presense of the crowd as an acceptance of PM’s 1malaysia, Transformation Programme and NEM. How pathethic and a sheer wastage of taxpayers money for such a propaganda and publicity stunt. Sibu voters and Sarawakians are not stupid.

    Suddenly everyone in SUPP Sibu wants to be Robot and we shall have Robot Wong, Robot Tiong, Robot Ngien, Robot Lau Jr and Robot Goh. Perhaps only Dr Soon chooses to be himself and know that a person can only do so much as long as he lives. Do Malaysians need few generations of Robots to continue the work of one person and or Taib when he is gone?? SUPP and Najib’s BN can no longer take Sarawakians for a ride.

  3. To Robert Lau junior, just a simple question to you before you kick off your debate with DAP.Do you agree to me that Malaysia has a caste system of education policy for non-bumi and bumi students ?.Is that what we call 1 Malaysia ?. Are these ignorant non-bumi students treated fairly by the governments ?. Why are they given equal opportunities even in the field of educations.What hopes do they have in future in this country ?. Just a simple example, non-bumi students are not eligible to apply for IPTA courses by using SPM result.Bumi students 6Cs can gain entry to Matrikulasi where as non-bumi 10As students can be denied ?.This is reality with many proofs by frustrated Chinese excellent students all over the country ?.

  4. Maybe Robert Junior can explain why the government ceded Block M & Block L to brunei, despite Article 2 of the Constituition which prescribed that Parliament AND the State assembly MUST approved such changes in the boundary. If the answer if the Cabinet approved, then the next question is “Can Cabinet approve to cede Sarawak to Brunei?”

  5. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :lol: Never be afraid of failure :lol: even you fail or falls :lol: stand up again and FIGHT and CHARGE forward to sure WIN one :lol:
    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  6. Say what you like, it will boil down to hard $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, BN will provide a lot of it 4sure. Time for Sibuans to pluck the grapes.How you vote and who you vote, that’s secret and up to you and GOD.

  7. :mrgreen: Ya lo :lol: BUY election again and really make us PUKE at those goons again :mrgreen:
    All Malaysians must wake up and vote BeNd out ASAP :(

  8. :idea: For all those YOUNG,SWEET,HANDSOME,BEAUTIFUL,STRONG fifteen (15) :lol: Cherish and enjoy your life to the FULLEST but BE GOOD & BE SAFE :lol: GOD bless you all :idea:

  9. SUPP and its leaders are still building castles in the air. Never a day gone by when we dont read about SUPP leaders saying that the Chinese has accepted Najib’s 1Malaysia concept, NEM, Transformation Programme and NKPA. First and foremost why SUPP feels only the Chinese has accepted all these concepts? Who give SUPP the right to make such false statement and in the absence of a referendum to gauge the truth? Secondly why SUPP still sideline the other communities in its struggle to remain relevance?SUPP will no speak for the Chinese and shall not give a damn about the Dayaks and Malays/Melanaus. SUPP will only fight and struggle to remain relevant in UMNO controlled BN to safeguard and serving the interest of a few tycoons dominating the party. SUPP has no political will and the gut to tell Taib and UMNO controlled BN that Taib has overstayed his welcome and that Taib has through his politic of self development and enriching his families and cronies, had deprived 80 % of Sarawakians especially those living in rural constituencies of even a decent standards of living. SUPP and BN Sarawak are desperately fighting for their own economic survival.

    Let’s all Malaysians think for a moment. Will not UMNO controlled BN be most effective when they are given the Opposition role to provide check and balance for the Pakatan government? After all they will know all the loopholes and methodologies used in plundering and squandering our nation’s wealth and will be most vagilant in ensuring the Pakatan has no opportunities to steal and rob our nation when Pakatan is the government. Then all Malaysians will prosper and our nation will progress and stands out among the best in the region and the world.

    Malaysians should give UMNO controlled BN the opportunity to be the most effective opposition and ensuring pakatan government is transparent, accountable and fair to all Malaysians.

    VOTE Pakatan to be our next government and allow UMNO controlled BN to be the most effective opposition.

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