P212″What issues..??

A PR member told audie61 that in Hulu Selangor by election the BN knew very well how to attack Zaid Ibrahim. The think tank worked overtime to sell itself to the voters and Hulu Selangor voters responded together with a lot of goodies thrown in.

There was also a voter who asks for a Latest LG Refrigerator as seen in the advertisements and according to his sources “It was delivered within 2 hours” Would similar tactics be used by the campaigners from both political divides? When a by election comes a calling there will be a lot of goodies on offer and its up to the voters/constituents to go for the REALISTIC Bread and Butter Goodies. Who knows many Companies selling Refrigerators will make some $$$$$ instead of the usual suspects?

The usual suspects meaning:- New Road development, Water supply,Longhouse internet connectivity,pontoons for embarkation from the river transportation,solar powered electricity projects,more $$$ for Chinese education etc etc. Not many years ago when we were busy campaigning in the interiors of Mukah we were approached for Pots, Pans and even urinary bowls. Not hampers mind you……

The party members had to oblige as these are the things which the rural folks needs instead of mega and monstrous projects. Who are the first liners to benefit from all these projects? The people and voters..?? I should say instantly no way. FULL STOP!!

The picture above is not meant to belittle or derail DAP or PR but its just to tell the Sarawak P212 DAP members and their partners to expect the unexpected. We manage to outsource the caricature from the Social networking site Facebook.

Dont tell me now that Anwar and Kit Siang will use this and say “Kalau dia BN bagi Peti Sejuk,Barang-barang  ambil saja tapi undi DAP dan PR.” Wouldnt we just know that they might just do it as the local folks knows what is presented rather than promised.

BN will need to just deliver or incur losts votes. Its not so much the developments as 50 years in Malaysia its already expected.PR will have a right go at the legislators and planners who have not carried out the proposals or concepts.

So will we hear the Latest LG Refrigerator issue in Sibu P212? Hmmm it will be just a boost for the local economy wouldn’t it?

10 thoughts on “P212″What issues..??

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :lol: Only PR leaders and Majority Rakyat are really concern about this innocent death of 14 years old Aminulrasyid Amzah beig SHOT :shock: DEATH by trigger happy COWboy pondan stupid + idiot cop and now BeNd Hisapmoodin defend the stupid trigger happy cops :shock: WTF this idiots are doing :?:
    REMEMBER THEIR CRUELTY AND VOTE PR PAS,PKR or DAP in any elections held as they are the only hopes for all the RAKYAT to CHANGE all their :evil: system and bad managements :lol: :lol: :lol:

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    I supported PR because it is not anti-government or anti-development. I supported PR because I believe our country under the UMNO controlled BN is getting more abusive, oppressive, corrupted and taking the voters and Malaysians as fools. I support PR because PR does not resort to bribing the voters and insult their intelligence by giving urinary pots, grass cutters, cheap brand refrigerators, rice cookers in exchange for votes.

    The nation needs an overhaul and reforms in our governance, police, judiciary, education and civil service.

    The generation before us, the present generation and our future generations have not and will not witness a better and brighter future. For the ex civil servants, ex teachers, farmers and fishermen sons, who joined politics and elected as UMNO controlled BN lawmakers their fortune might have taken a turn for the better and become multi-billionaires multi millionaires and millionaires while their fellow Malaysians who voted for them and gave them the power to govern remain as ordinary as before and many languishing in near poverty.

    There is no future with BN anymore. The blatant abuse of power and rot started 40 years ago when UMNO became dominant in BN. ISA was used to oppress the dissenting voices and NEP was camouflaged to enrich the UMNOPUTRAS and BN warlords at the expense of all Bumiputras in Malaysia.

    Today in Sarawak, the son of a fisherman family stands proudly as the CM of Sarawak for 29 years unchallenged and one of the richest man in the world.

    Malaysia is the future of all these corrupted leaders like Taib, Najib and all the BN warlords. We are giving away our future and that of our children and grandchildren if we continue to support UMNO controlled BN. Our real and true future begins only when we vote out BN and when we vote for a new government in Pakatan Rakyat.

    The journey of a better and brighter future for ourselves and all Sarawakians begin in the coming Sibu by-election. VOTE DAP and PAKATAN to guarantee ourselves our own better future. Voting BN will further make UMNO controlled warlords and Taib much more richer in the years to come.

    Sarawakians decide. Malaysians decide. We want to vote for our own better future by changing these oppressive, abusive and corrupted leaders in UMNO controlled BN.

    VOTE DAP. VOTE YB WONG HO LENG. Hidup Malaysia.

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    Correct ‘Kangtao’ Bro and hope that Respected Sarawakians from Sibu will wake up and reject this $$$$$ lazy money from BumNO and voted for PR DAP :lol: Thank You :idea:
    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  4. Mata Kuching says:

    One of the two questions YB Wong HO Leng will ask BN from nomination day to polling day for Sibu by-election shall be : Did Federal government in 2009 consulted the Sarawak and Sabah State Assemblies and get a legally binding agreements signed by these two states when the Federal government ceded the areas off Limbang to Brunei which has a known oil reserves valued at over RM320 billion? .

    The federal cabinet was silent about the arrangement with Brunei and so was the state assembly of Sarawak and Sabah. Malaysians from Sarawak and Sabah in particular and Malaysia at large want to know the answer.

    Malaysians are not stupid and we know the difference between giving away our sovereign rights and participation in joint exploration at the invitation of Brunei for such a lucrative oil wells within our territory.

    The BN cabinet and state assembly of Sarawak and Sabah are jointly and severally accountable to all Malaysians for “selling” our sovereign rights.

    Can we continue to vote for BN and entrust our future to BN? This is yet another classic example of blantant abuse of power and mismanagement of our assets and national wealth.

    VOTE DAP and Pakatan , beginning with the Sibu by-election, to save Malaysia.

  5. kangtao says:

    Mata Kuching – this is obviously MANIPULATION by the Federal Lords, people like you and I cannot be fooled.

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
      Well says Guys and thats include me too with you guys HaHaHaHaHa :idea:
      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  6. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :arrow: BEWARE Of this animals on the loose :oops:
    :roll: This 14 years old innocent boy PARENTS and loves one must be really SAD SAD SAD SAD and thats what happen to Teoh Beng Hock,A.Kugan & Altantuya’s incidents too :cry: All their LOVES one must be really SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD that $$$$$$$$$$MONEY cannot buy :oops:
    GODS bless all MALAYSIANS from this kind of :evil: evil forces :lol: and may KARMA fall upon those bad HEART EVIL :evil: :lol: :roll: :oops:

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