2 Years On-“It’s Labours Day”

On behalf of audie61 and the crew we would like to wish all those who have contribute to the world and work for an ‘HONEST LIVING” and a “HARD DAYS WORK” a very ‘ HAPPY LABOUR DAY.”

Thanks for your unselfishness and dedication in making the world a better place for us all. Your toils and your contribution to the society as a whole will not go unnoticed. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Today Audie 61 is also celebrating her presence of 2Years in the blogsphere .

We would like thank all visitors and also our friends,supporters,allies,members and not forgetting all those who have contribute in one way or another in making our time in the blogsphere two years which we have enjoyed and cherished.


10 thoughts on “2 Years On-“It’s Labours Day”

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :idea: Happy Labours Day and proud to earn a good living in a Honest Way and not robbing or cheats others :lol: CHEERS :idea:

  2. kangtao says:

    Ho Ho Ho who are the cheaters? Do you mean the BN government? …anyway, have fun today and especially to our underpaid workers> vote BN out>

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      :arrow: You know & I know la :lol: we all will vote B-eNd out comes 13th GE :lol:
      Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    My profound and special appreciations to those council workers who labour with pride and commitment to keep our towns and city clean. I used to see many of them cleaning and removing debris from our streets and roads as early as 6.ooam. May God bless them on this special day. Happy Labour Day.

  4. kangtao says:

    ahhhh at least Malaysia keeps something “Christian” for us WORKERS, in Brunei where I reside, MAY 1 is a WORKING day? …what say you, buddy??? Ho Ho Ho

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    OOPS above video DELETED :oops: :!: Anyway Happy Holidays and just relax and have a very wonderful weekend with this Beautiful Alisan Girl singing to entertain all :lol: :lol: :lol:

  6. don't know who says:


    Sarawak formed Malaysia together with Malaya, Singapore & Sabah in 16th September 1963. Singapore left Malaysia to be an independent Sovereign State officially in August 1965.

    Sarawak therefore remained as one of the three entities that is collectively known as Malaysia. That is to say, Sarawak is one of three equal partners in the federation. The terms that governed the relationship where contained in the 20 point agreement (18 points for Sarawak)

    The points are listed at the end of this commentary.

    These 18th points have eroded into non existence. To name a few, the government departments are filled with officers from West Malaysia, the status of the local indigenous people continue to be unrecognized, whilst the wealth of the State is being systemically siphoned off to Malaya.

    Sarawak now is loosely and wrongly identified as one of the 13 States that make up Malaysia . Thence equal in statute to the smallest Malay State of Perlis. It is not to the advantage of Putrajaya to give recognition to these facts, whilst the local BN leaders are content to let others manage the wealth of Bumi Kenyalang.

    Slowly but surely Sarawakians are on the slippery slope to when it doesn’t mean a thing to be Sarawakians anymore. The status quo is largely due to lack of education, the lack of political will and general apathy amongst its populace.

    Further we are all too focused on the little issues, at the same time losing the right of self determination and our identity.

    The debate about Block L & Block M (read Che Det / Dr Mahathir’s blog) between Abdullah Badawai, has stirred up controversy in the news. Apparently Abdullah signed away the two blocks of oil reportedly worth USD 100 billion / RM 320 billion to Brunei, in exchange for “nothing”!

    The subject meeting was held in Brunei which Abdullah left announcing victoriously that the Brunei claim on Limbang was resolved. The Brunei palace issued a denial immediately the next day. Meanwhile the Oil Blocks are gone.

    How the Oil Blocks were lost or who was responsible and for what consideration, will continue to make waves in the news when it suits the BN / UMNO leaders.

    The thing that irks me is that this concerns Sarawakian rights, which have received no mention whatsoever in the matter. Granted our previous leaders may have foolishly granted Oil & Gas exploration to Petronas for pittance described as “oil royalty”. This does not mean that Sarawak has abdicated her rights over her resources, as the property reverts back when the exploration stops.

    Therefore the question is when did Sarawak decide to give mandate to Abdullah to sign away the rights in these two blocks? Meanwhile the Sarawakian leadership has remained mum over the issue. They seemed to be more interested in who is the new mayor of Padawan Council rather than protecting Sarawak.

    If you complained to the generation of Sarawakians who were around during the Malaysia formation, they will tell you that Sarawak at the time was between a rock and a hard place, socialist Indonesia was eyeing us at a time when the British Colonialists just wanted to go. Malaysia was seen as an option, especially with the signing of the 18 points, that could preserve the rights of Sarawakians. In addition the Federation also undertook to protect the sovereignty of the State from foreign threats.

    So when there is a dispute over Block L & Block, we should have as a nation rushed to defend our territory, we have the submarines and the army, instead our leaders saw fit to sign away those rights. Our PM expeditiously flew to Brunei and signed away the rights in their backyard.

    Without so much as a mumble, or a hearing at the International Court as with Batu Putih, we collapsed to the Sultan of Brunei. Without trying to be vulgar, a girl would have done much better at defending her virginity.

    Alas, this discussion is destined for the cobwebs of history, we have sold ourselves recently in Batang Ai as we are preparing to sell ourselves again in Sibu, this time in exchange for flood mitigation measures.

    The agreement

    Point 1: Religion
    While there was no objection to Islam being the national religion of Malaysia there should be no State religion in Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah), and the provisions relating to Islam in the present Constitution of Malaya should not apply to Borneo

    Point 2: Language
    * a. Malay should be the national language of the Federation
    * b. English should continue to be used for a period of 10 years after Malaysia Day
    * c. English should be an official language of Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) for all purposes, State or Federal, without limitation of time.

    Point 3: Constitution
    Whilst accepting that the present Constitution of the Federation of Malaya should form the basis of the Constitution of Malaysia, the Constitution of Malaysia should be a completely new document drafted and agreed in the light of a free association of states and should not be a series of amendments to a Constitution drafted and agreed by different states in totally different circumstances. A new Constitution for Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) was of course essential.

    Point 4: Head of Federation
    The Head of State in Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) should not be eligible for election as Head of the Federation

    Point 5: Name of Federation
    “Malaysia” but not “Melayu Raya”

    Point 6: Immigration
    Control over immigration into any part of Malaysia from outside should rest with the Central Government but entry into Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) should also require the approval of the State Government. The Federal Government should not be able to veto the entry of persons into Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) for State Government purposes except on strictly security grounds. Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) should have unfettered control over the movements of persons other than those in Federal Government employ from other parts of Malaysia Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah).

    Point 7: Right of Secession
    There should be no right to secede from the Federation

    Point 8: Borneanisation
    Borneanisation of the public service should proceed as quickly as possible.

    Point 9: British Officers
    Every effort should be made to encourage British Officers to remain in the public service until their places can be taken by suitably qualified people from Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah)

    Point 10: Citizenship
    The recommendation in paragraph 148(k) of the Report of the Cobbold Commission should govern the citizenship rights in the Federation of Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) subject to the following amendments:

    * a) sub-paragraph (i) should not contain the proviso as to five years residence
    * b) in order to tie up with our law, sub-paragraph (ii)(a) should read “7 out of 10 years” instead of “8 out of 10 years”
    * c) sub-paragraph (iii) should not contain any restriction tied to the citizenship of parents – a person born in Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) after Malaysia must be federal citizen.

    Point 11: Tariffs and Finance
    Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) should retain control of its own finance, development and tariff, and should have the right to work up its own taxation and to raise loans on its own credit.

    Point 12: Special position of indigenous races
    In principle, the indigenous races of Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) should enjoy special rights analogous to those enjoyed by Malays in Malaya, but the present Malays’ formula in this regard is not necessarily applicable in Borneo(Sarawak & Sabah)

    Point 13: State Government
    * a) the Prime Minister should be elected by unofficial members of Legislative Council
    * b) There should be a proper Ministerial system in Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah)

    Point 14: Transitional period
    This should be seven years and during such period legislative power must be left with the State of Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) by the Constitution and not be merely delegated to the State Government by the Federal Government

    Point 15: Education
    The existing educational system of Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) should be maintained and for this reason it should be under state control

    Point 16: Constitutional safeguards
    No amendment modification or withdrawal of any special safeguard granted to Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) should be made by the Central Government without the positive concurrence of the Government of the State of North Borneo

    The power of amending the Constitution of the State of Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) should belong exclusively to the people in the state. (Note: The United Party, The Democratic Party and the Pasok Momogun Party considered that a three-fourth majority would be required in order to effect any amendment to the Federal and State Constitutions whereas the UNKO and USNO considered a two-thirds majority would be sufficient)

    Point 17: Representation in Federal Parliament
    This should take account not only of the population of Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) but also of its seize and potentialities and in any case should not be less than that of Singapore

    Point 18: Name of Head of State
    Yang di-Pertua Negara

    Point 19: Name of State
    Sarawak or Sabah

    Point 20: Land, Forests, Local Government, etc.
    The provisions in the Constitution of the Federation in respect of the powers of the National Land Council should not apply in Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah). Likewise, the National Council for Local Government should not apply in Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah).

  7. kangtao says:

    ayoyo>feel like dancing too Ho Ho Ho, you’re great with your selection of videos! Gawai is fast approaching but first, to Sibu for the battle! Ho Ho Ho

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