P94″One Win,One Fly”

The early morning newspaper BIG BOLD headlines for the STAR reads,”Some can Fly“. An Assistant Minister from Sarawak pointed out that the editors must have embarked from a flight from Air Asia and changed it from ,”Now Everyone Can Fly”

Just then one person in the group remark,”Sure One fly after this weekends by elections in P94.” Wonder whether it will be BN or Pakatan though? Who do you think it will be..?

Most  airflights were grounded from New York to Asia  to Paris due to the drifting volcanic ash.However in Selangor P94 the political soldiers,campaign workers and leaders from both political divides are moving and criss crossing the breadth of the constituency. 

All will want to win the hearts of the voters in the area and only they the 60000 strong  can decide  who wins and who flies{ Poi Loh in Hockien} 

Both BN and Pakatan will be at each others throats as the crucial last few days before polling day gathers momentum. The FENCE SITTERS are by far the ones who will swing the votes to who they feel deserves to win.

They will be able to judge not only on party platform,election promises,character,personality and charisma of candidate but above all how the candidate will be able to serve and assist the constituency not only in monetary/projects but also by ways of being there for them.

The voters are no more fools and they will see whether the candidate will be able to ‘ WALK  HIS  TALK ” . The days of LIP SERVICE has already DE -COMPOSED.

It is without a doubt not only the party symbol but also the overall candidate personality which will ensure the swing from the FENCE SITTERS in this P94 constituency.

Its up to the whole party machinery and those connected with the candidate that they ensure THE WIN. The elements of commitment and dedication by the party campaign workers will be absolutedly crucial. The Key to enter Parliament House is in the hands of the voters for one of the two candidates. P94 Hulu Selangor will have a New MP by nightfall on the April 25th 2010.

SPDP “Truth be Told”

When all hell has broken loose and tempers flared one tends to be lost in the mayhem. It was exactly the case for this SPDP SC who said,”We are taking our time and let things cool and after the State Elections we move according to the CM”

He feels a bit of remorse as he has turn against the party that he was instrumental in building it up to be a strong partner in the BN coalition. He does feel that the burnt bridge  is repairable as judging from his body language .The  tone of voice are hallmarks of a person feeling a deep sense of regret.

SPDP as a party was rock solid and it seems that all was well. Suddenly due to some ones over-exuberance of the HIDDEN HANDS behind the group the dare of moving away from SPDP became a reality.

It was just to rock the foundations of the party and not to disrupt the unity within the party. Why rock..? The real reason amongst all other insignificant political hoo-hahs  or agendas was of course ” Posts Taib Era.” 

The power game has already started and the pawns are all being used to tests each others strength. It seems that its the right time to build the armies to ensure when the CMs posts is up for grabs these so called ” warlords with their armies” will have a bearing on the destiny of the top posts. 

Surely the SC member was following the instructions and he steadfastly stood behind the Separatist 5. He was told in not so many words “Just follow instructions”

The truth of the matter when the dusts has settled after so many rounds from the AK47 was CM said,STAY COOL. ”

Who is to be blame..? What happens next..? Will they be reconciliation..? Will the group ‘Separatists5 plus 3 SC” disintegrate and move back HOME individually.? 

Truth be told the BN cannot afford to have quarrels within the component parties as it prepares for the impending State Elections. Someone is trying to make the CM look vulnerable and weak but CM who has 29 years behind him as adminstrator for the State will come down hard when it matters mosts. The inner circles of the CM said to audie61,”They will NOT EVEN FEEL IT..Truth be told..” 

The SC member of SPDP is already feeling remorse what more those 5 legislators. SPDP President has already said it,”As long as they are still SPDP members I will treat them as one of us and nothing else. ”

audie61 knows after a brief  meeting recently that Mawan is open to negotiations and his dictionary does not contain the words,”disgreements” and the Olive Branch has been extended.

 SPDP will just wait for the homecoming and though the scars are proof of  a nasty battle the wounds in time will heal. The SPDP SC member has already more than initiated the move back. Will all follow suit.…???

“Will SUPP or BN be Happy..??”


Call me “OTT  but its “MHO This veteran TRUE BLUE BN politician who has since taken the backseat and only voices his opinions when required was very upset by PRS SG news which appeared in the Borneo Posts today.  

audie61 management team was at the breakfast table and first thing he said,”Call me OVER THE TOP (OTT) but this is MY HONEST OPINION (MHO) do you think what the SG of PRS has said will be accepted in totality by SUPP or BN.

Every help is needed in every byelections/elections for that matter and if one coalition is so busy with its TDC that means they care for themselves more than the BN coalition. What is in the minds of PRS ?

This statement should never be uttered and it also gives the Opposition the extra ammunition to tell the voters,” BN partners are overconfident and they dont need each other.” says OTT politician. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It just goes to show that this attitude needs to be addressed or else all hell will break loose in the next State elections. audie61 has already informed a few YBs who are very close to  inner circles of the CM and they are totally aware of the situation. it seems that PRS is getting a bit too carried away with their numbers of YB in their fold and wants to play leverage says a close aide to the CM.

 Does it need the BN Supreme Council to step in..?” There seems to be a total blanket of lets do what we can as its already “POSTS TAIB ERA“.However what was significant and a respect of being in the coaliton was the SPDP statement which was very well received by many political analysts.

Paul Igai the Deputy SG of SPDP said as for the solidarity dinner on May 15th,”unless and until there is a directive to cancel or postpone it” he is saying we will be waiting for instructions. We will follow what BN wants us to do unlike what Nissom has said,”PRS TDC has been long planned before the unexpected had happened.”

This certainly is a very ” HEAVYWEIGHT STATEMENT” and long may this statement be edged in the minds of SUPP and BN. PRS it seems has a lot of different agendas and the KM3 does pop up once too often for many in the local political arena. 

Nissom being a veteran politician should have been more diplomatic instead he seems to be subjected to more arrows piercing the heart of PRS. Is he echoing “What the President instructed him to say?” There was already a GAG order in place by the President and this seems to be a collective decision. The CM is of course not available as he is on a trip overseas and he will be most displeased with these developments. CM has a hawks eye on PRS movements and will be too aware of their intentions.

Mosts of all what will SUPP leaders feel reading it for breakfast first thing in the morning says a member of a BN party.?? This is a total lack of respect and ‘XXXXX..mindset,pardon me for saying”  Do they want BN or SUPP to beg them? So Tai-Ko(big brother is it.??)

Something needs to be done and BN will be a pound foolish to let PRS carry on with the TDC and unless they PRS has losts total respect for the CM and the BN partners. Its not the war but this battle is really crucial for SUPP as it will mean that they will be more comfortable going into the next State elections. Words said like “we are with you in spirit” is not enough if the soldiers from PRS are not in Sibu town fully to support the BN and her  machinery on the days up to polling.

Is the TDC too important to forsake? Even an OTT veteran politician says it just might put James Masing in a difficult situation with what the SG Nissom has openly said in the Borneo Posts. Maybe James will use his prerogative..hmmm?? 

Do we need to tell Nissom what to do…???

1000 “We’ve Come A Long Way”

audie61 tookoff  to the cyberworld on May 1st 2008. Our very first article was ,”The Birth of Multi Racialism in East Malaysia” audie61 was not planned to be the voice for some or aligned to any political party. It was a blog shared by all on board with Bugi Wijaya reporting from Sabah, Ally and Joey from Peninsula Malaysia while Cindy and Natasha were stationed in Sarawak covering the vasts state of Sarawak. 

We cover what we know bests and looking back we know we have made enough NOISES to be a force to be reckoned with not only in the cyberworld but also rattled some in media world. We sniff a kill as soon as its let out of the cage and amonsgt the earliest scoops were “SAPP Sabah withdrawal from BN” “Takeover by BN from Pakatan in Perak” Our insiders were on spot inside the rooms when it happened and we broke the news instantly. Bugi Wijaya used to say to us at audie61,” IT WAS SS

It not “SS” like the Nazi’s” but Oooops a lot of people know what is…We hope though.Phew didn’t we knock someones teeth out along the way? Didn’t we take a battering from the emails we received and the hate smses? audie61 took all good or bad with a FORGIVING HEART. We have send felicitations,condolences and congratulations to many and we have tried to reach out to all those in need and destitute desperate for help. It is all WORTH THE WHILE and we intend to go towards our next target.  

There is still so much to look forward to. We have the Hulu Selangor and Sibu Parliamentary elections which is right in the news besides that we might just be able to update our friends,readers and alliances on the SPDP separatists and other exciting updates.

Wonder what caught the imagination the mosts from our friends out there? Our Foes might just be happy if we had not stumble upon them and written about them. Its basically been such a roller coaster ride and we all have enjoyed every minute of it and we have toed the line. Our lawyers are always telling us to be responsible and not fall foul into and direct into the hands of the authorities.

Today its all about us and everyone connected with audie61 has every reason to be proud of reaching the magical number of 1000. We hope you will enjoy with us this special song to commemorate our special day.17th of april 2010″THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO KEEP US GOING” .

We’ve come so far and we’ve reached so high
And we’ve looked each day and night in the eye
And we’re still so young and we hope for more
But remember this
We’re not invincible, we’re not invincible – No
We’re only people, we’re only people
Hey we’re not invincible, we’re not invincible
So again I’ll tell you

P212 Sibu May 16th 2010

The following article extracted from an internet portal

Sibu voters will go to the polls on May 16 after an eight-day campaign with nomination day being set for May 8, announced the Election Commission today.

This will be the 11th by-election in the country after the last general election in March 8, 2008.

azlanSUPP’s Robert Lau Hoi Chew, who was also the deputy transport minister, died on Apr 9 after losing in the battle with liver cancer.

At last count, Sibu has 53,679 voters with a Chinese majority of 60 per cent. There is also a large concentration of Melanau (20%), Iban (18%), Orang Ulu (1.1%) and other races (0.9%).

Lau, who had been Sibu MP under the Sarawak United People’s Party (Supp) flag for five terms since 1990, beat Sarawak DAP chief Wong Ho Leng and PKR’s Lim Chin Chuang in a three-cornered fight in the last general election.

Lau won by a majority of 3,235 votes with 19,138 votes against Wong’s 15,903 and Lim’s 812.

MIC “More than you bargained for..!!”

It is almost certain now barring any last minute changes that  party information chief P Kamalanathan will be pick as the candidate for the upcoming P94 Hulu Selangor Parliamentary Seat. He will be pitted against PKR Supreme Council member Zaid Ibrahim.  

Samy Vellu didn’t want V Mugilan, Muhyiddin Yassin said G Palanivel was a no-go.Kamalanathan who lives in Rawang , 44, is the public relations chief for Beras Jati, a rice retail company. He had been tasked by party leaders to rebrand MIC after its disastrous performance at the 2008 general elections.

MIC has come up with a compromised candidate and Palanivel and Mugilan the two front runners will have to settle for the backseat.

The question now is ” Will Palanivel or Mugilan campaign for the candidate? Palanivel may be assured of at least of a Senators posts and  a deputy ministers position. Mugilan has time on his side and he will need to be seen to toe the party lines and he should be given the platform in the next GE.

MIC has bargained for the seat and with the compromised candidate they need now to focus and win back the seat for the BN coalition. Its going to be a tough battle and all partners within the BN coalition needs to set aside personal or party differences or agendas and work for the candidate.

The voters will decide on polling day who they will put an X on. The political parties needs to work hard to secure the constituents of P94 to vote for their man. Hulu Selangor will be in the spotlight for the next seven days before polling as all political soldiers and generals will be crisscrossing the constituency.

PR Sarawak “Go,Go,Go….??”

The first words uttered when he answered audie61 in the telephone was,” Go,Go,Go PR ” This should be what audie61 should be writing about the PR coalition in the run up to P212 Parliamentary elections in Sibu. Now,there is a pact amongst the coalition unlike the last General Elections where SUPP had to deal with not only DAP but also a PKR candidate. This is certainly GOOD NEWS to Pakatan Sarawak members.i.e.DAP,PKR,PAS and SNAP.

Are we hearing something different from the Information Chief of PKR Sarawak See Chee How? Its like saying to us,”Now we are united as ONE and as usual if we are divided we will fall. This is a by election and the BN will use whatever means to wrestle the seat and with the proposed SUPP candidate it will give SUPP the edge as he is fresh faced and the sentiments of compassionate votes might swing to SUPP.

DAP will not take anything forgranted and PKR will be standing right behind and will give all the necessary assistance to try to secure the votes for the PR candidate. We will start as underdog and it will be an uphill tasks but PR will have the spirit and we will go,go,go and audie61 should say correct,correct,correct. 

The facts are there for all to see. It will be a tough battle and eventhough SUPP is embroiled in so much infighting lately and in the news for all the wrong reasons this by elections will see that the leaders will consolidate and with full assistance from all BN coalition partners  P212 Sibu will be a  ” TASTY BATTLEGROUND

THe CM Taib has fired the first salvo last weekend and  has already confidently predicted that SUPP will retain the seat for the BN. PR will try to derail the confidence shown by the BN Sarawak Chairman but we know its going to be one hell of dush,dush dush from the BN. 

PR will just have to look at the positives and get out of this battle brimming with confidence too. We are ready and lets be honest we are go,go,go but please not GUNG HO.

Much has been written in the internet portals of malaysiakini, malaysian mirror, free malaysia today and the battle of P212 in Sarawak has just begun. See Chee How has already sounded the bugle for the troops of PR,”Go,Go,Go….Are you game..??”