P212 Two Lawyers,Two Parties,Two Coalitions-‘One Destination”

Both the candidates for the Sibu P212 are lawyers representing Two different parties SUPP and DAP respectively and Two different coalitions BN and Pakatan Rakyat. It’s a heavyweight tussle in this 11th by election since 308.

Robert Lau Hui Yew (45 years) is the Assistant Treasurer for the Sibu SUPP Branch while Wong Ho Leng (50 years) is the Sarawak State DAP Chairman. In actual fact its a political novice against a veteran of 3 Parliamentary elections.

 Wong Ho Leng losts 3 times in his pursuit to be the Parliamentary representative for this constituency. He took on the late Robert Lau three times and losts by a margin of above 3000 votes each time.

In 1999 he losts by 4845,  2004 (3345 votes) and in 2008 (3549 votes). Isn’t there a saying “THIRD TIME LUCKY..??” This will be his fourth challenge to try to knock off the SUPP candidate eventhough this time its not the late Senior Lau but a Junior one. Seems that DAP has got more to lose if they do not perform to expectations. There are too many  possibilities and amongst them would be the ‘ COMPASSIONATE VOTING ”

azlanBN Sarawak will have their full machinery and so will PR. Their aim is of course to ensure that their candidate fulfill the coalitions wish of the “ONE DESTINATION to be the NEW MP for Sibu Constituency come nightfall on May 16th 2010.

In the run up to the polls there will be a lot of issues used by all parties involved being used to capture the imagination and ultimatedly capture the votes for the ballot box. Yesterday the propaganda war has started when leaders form both opposite camps started selling their PRODUCT and the candidacy for P212 Sibu.

Taib CM Sarawak,” Lau 45,is quite a long serving lawyer who mixes around a lot with all types of people in Sibu.He’s an all-rounder and this is the kind of person we want to attract to work with us.”

Lim CM Penang.” Our decision tonight is based on a leader who is serious and capable of bringing people to change.”  

Its not only the two candidates at stake but also the two parties SUPP which losts miserably in the last state elections while DAP has more to lose than to gain.

A lot of hard work,persuasion,promises and sincerity will be needed to turn the total number of 54695 voters to put the mark X to the candidate. Will DAP plus the PR coalition be able to stop the SUPP BN candidate from galloping home with more than 3000 votes again? The bookies are already monitoring the situation and in no time the odds will be open. Would one be surprise if the ODDS favour the SUPP candidate giving a headstart of 1500?

Anyway he is a novice and to asks for 3000 above will be total disrespect for the DAP candidate. He does pull a punch or two and BN will use all its might to ensure that Wong Ho Leng will not make the breakthrough in the “One Destination”. The Parliament House awaits one of them……………….

23 thoughts on “P212 Two Lawyers,Two Parties,Two Coalitions-‘One Destination”

  1. kpt99 says:

    WHL will have a tough to overcome 7000+ postal votes and Malays votes first before thinking of winning.Grasping 60-70 % of the chinese votes can slightly cover that deficits.But then he will pay attention to outskirt votes which majority are with BN.Thus BN has a slight edge over DAP,it could be his 4th loose.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    3212 or 8212 my lucky car number and hope this will bring good luck to PR DAP this time round with CHANGE of mind,heart and idea to be a WINNER with Respected Sibu,Sarawakians support :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. kangtao says:

    Lawyers are always thought to be smart, alas not quite, we certainly get bad lawyers and stupid lawyers around too. Ho Ho Ho….I hope both aren’t stupid….but we are 100% sure one has to be the loser…Ho Ho Ho, hopefully it’s the BN lawyer.
    Ang Pow gia lie….

  4. fedup says:

    Just watch how much money will be thrown around but unlike Hulu Selangor, it won’t be publisized.

    Lets see how clever or how stupid the people in Siibu are..after so long under BN, even people from sibu cannot stand sibu. So lets see if they still vote the group that made sibu what it isn’t today!

    Btw, Hulu Selangor has increased the worth of votes to RM 50,000 per vote. So you in Sibu thats the current market rate which BN has to pay you people.

    Hey make that 50,000 lah for real instead of just being that stupid to fall for the dangling carrot nonsense.

    Guess there will be many drinking and feasting sessions thrown by BN in Iban kampungs…trick to make those pro opposition to miss voting the next day because of the heavy night drinking and feasting! So sad, no wonder we are in such shit!

  5. frankie says:

    The reckless and blatant land grab of NCR lands by the well connected and Taib’s cronies have reached boiling point. We are very “tu lan”. My friends and I are willing to forgo our “gawai bonus” promised by KTS group of companies where we work, to seek justice for our fellow rural bumpkins (yes they were real bumpkins to have supported BN all these years) only to have their land taken away. We want to elect Wong Ho Leng of DAP to fight for all NCR land victims in parliament.

    Who say the Dayaks are cheap and can be lured by scrums dropped by SUPP and BN YBs? Our rural Malay and Chinese friends know and understand what it is like to have our land handed down by our ancestors taken away from us. BN and Taib are given PhD for robbing the people and we get arrested for protesting our NCR land. You call this justice and 1Malaysia?? Stop the bullshits! All Dayaks and native or malay landowners must fight together to protect their rights to ownership. We must vote Wong Ho Leng to protect our NCR land.

  6. nangka voters says:

    who ever touch 20K will win the election. Let say the 75%(as per HS) will turn to vote = 41021 votes cast on the 16th May. Let say WHL garnered 70% of chinese votes(41021 x 66% x 70%= 18951) So he need 1548 votes from Iban and Malays. Snap and PKR and Pas must know this number for PR to win Sibu and WHL must get 70% of Chinese votes!

  7. frankie says:

    The Ministers and YBs in PBB, SUPP, PRS and SPDP cannot protect the Dayaks’ NCR land from been taken away and given to the rich and cronies of Taib. These Ministers and Ybs are working hands in handsto broker NCR land to plantation owners at a hefty commission or gains. Sibu voters especially who are Dayaks and Malays whose family may own native or malay reserve land muts unite to vote for Wong Ho Leng of DAP in the Sibu by-election. Do not sell your votes and save our NCR land from the rich and corrupted. Vote DAP. Vote Ho Leng.

  8. kpt99 says:

    Timber and oil palm plantation,KTS<WTKTA ANN >SINYANG thousands workers will behind BN,I wonder how DAP can win ?.

  9. Mata Kuching says:

    For someone who has held high position and a state cabinet post while in BN and now he has tasted the kind of oppressive treatments been hurled against the Opposition, the honourable Daniel Tajem shall be the inspiration to all the simple minded and helpless Dayaks who own thousands of hectares of NCR land which the Sarawak BN government led by Taib Mahmud does not recognised or give titles.

    Daniel Tajem. together with Pakatan leaders, should lead all victims of NCR land throughout Sarawak to voice out their strongest displeasure against the Sarawak BN and Taib in Sibu on nomination day and throughout the campaign for the Sibu by-election. The Dayaks and Malays together with the Chinese voters must come out in full force to vote against Taib and UMNO controlled BN’s oppressive land policy regarding NCR and Malay reserve land. Hundreds of thousand of hectares had been taken and sold to big conglomerates with a few hundred cases pending in Court.

    Now is the time to show Taib and BN Malaysians in Sarawak will not tolerate their politics of self enrichment and oppressive politics of “vote BN in exchange for developments”. We must vote YB WHL. Vote DAP for a strong Pakatan to take over the federal government.

  10. Mata Kuching says:

    How long can PPP state leaders hide their real intention and agenda from BN. On one hand they are so eager to offer assistance and help in the Sibu by-election unconditionally. Its state chairman, John Lau (fake PhD holder) even went as far as polishing Taib’s balls. On the other hand, when the press asked what they would do if BN is silent or not responding to their offer of assisting BN, their leaders responded by saying they would decide on their next course of action and would perform as independent party to serve the people!! It is what happening when crooks were chosen to serve in a crooked party. Like the rest of UMNO controlled coalitions, their leaders will never stop dreaming about how to be multi- millionaire by serving the people.

  11. Minda Mandol says:

    Just give ur vote to WHL n at the same time ask as much money from SUPP/BN. If Najib the najis can pay all the arreas for the Felda n Felcra Settlers in HS why can’t he pay all arreas for oil n gas for Sarawak the last 45 yrs i.e 28.33%. Sarawak suppose to be equal partners with Sabah/Malaya forming Malaysia in 1963. All these yrs we only paid 5% royalty. Reject SUPP/BN in Sibu this time.Bravo Siburians.

  12. jessie says:

    Call all women voters to vote for Wong Ho Leng because we want all china girls to be kicked out of Sibu. It is estimated there are now 300 china girls prostituting in Sibu alone under the guise of working in foot reflexology centres. Wong Soon Koh cannot pretend not to know what are happening behind the walls of these massage centres. Vote Wong Ho Leng to fight for the rights of the helpless NCR landowners. As christians we must not only pray for them but actually help them by voting against BN the big bully of the rural folks. Vote Wong Ho Leng to pressure BN to build one university in Sibu. Lets not fall for the sweet talk of Najib and his deputy prime minister wife. take whatever money they throw but for for DAP and Wong Ho Leng.

  13. limsweekee says:

    The bright students whose family have no political and business connection in Sibu have left Sibu for good. They are either making an honest living overseas, in some parts of West Malaysia or working in Kuching.

    Ministers like Jabu, Soon Koh, Late Robert Lau and Tiong had bought up large track of land in Sibu at dirt cheap prices and sell to the government for construction of Sibu Airport, State or federal buildings, in addition to procuring timber concessions and participating in oil palms plantations at the expense of dayaks land rights over their NCR land.

    Rampant and all done in broad daylight for the past 46 years. Sibu voters must reject short term benefits and piece meal developments. All government money belong to the people and all Malaysians. All forms of political grants and donations are the people’s money. The people who voted in a coalition to form the government deserved to be served and benefited from all forms of developments. There is no such gesture that the people must be thankful or grateful to the government for any forms of donations, grants and development fund.

    BN government will continue to brainwash the people especially the housewifes, rural folks and farmers to be thankful to the government and pressure these people to vote for them in return for rewards, donations and grants.

    Be brave to Change . Be brave to vote for Pakatan. Vote YB Wong of DAP.

  14. Mata Kuching says:

    A repost: Lets educate our voters. An interesting read!

    Sunday, April 18, 2010
    Somebody to vote for – not just against!

    As a kid growing up in a small southern town called Batu Pahat, in the seemingly halcyon 1950s, I recall seeing the entire town festooned with navy blue buntings bearing a white sailboat motif.

    That was the symbol of the Alliance Party and, although I was too young to poke my nose into politics, I understood that it represented the newly-hatched Malayan government led by Tunku Abdul Rahman.

    My father was a health inspector and, as a civil servant, he was expected to support the ruling party – but I suspect he rarely bothered to vote. In those days there weren’t too many political alternatives.

    The Labor Party of Malaya, registered in 1952, came up with a logo that featured a hoe crossed with a pen against a large gear on a blood red background. Far better than the hammer and sickle, I suppose – since the pen suggested literacy and a degree of intellectuality. Still, for most middle-class families, the hoe (or cangkul in Malay) was hardly in keeping with their aspirations towards ever greater gentility.

    So I remained blissfully unaware of shifting undercurrents in local politics and – even after the eruption of violence that began on 13 May 1969 – I found myself far more interesting than the political milieu. To a certain extent that still holds true, I have to admit.

    The introduction of the New Economic Policy in 1971, under the premiership of Tun Abdul Razak (right), followed swiftly by the National Cultural Policy, effectively turned me into a “second-class citizen” in the country my grandparents had opted to make their permanent home. I remember hearing a lot of bitter comments from my father – but he never translated any of his grievances into political action. As far as my dad was concerned, Lee Kuan Yew was the sort of leader he could respect – yet he was far too comfortable to consider moving to Singapore.

    I was thus utterly indifferent when the Alliance Party reinvented itself as the National Front or Barisan Nasional, opting for the archaic weighing scale as its new party symbol. (Ironically, there’s a neo-Nazi racist party in Britain which calls itself the National Front. I wonder if the Barisan Nasional is aware of this prophetic coincidence.)

    Having grown up in an urban environment, I noticed that the NEP created an interesting phenomenon whereby there were suddenly a lot more Malays driving expensive cars than 10 years ago. I thought that was a positive development. It was a necessary phase, perhaps, to accelerate the proliferation of a Malay middle-class which would effectively bridge the cultural divide between urban and rural folks. One of the significant spin-offs of the NEP was that many Malays were able to send their children abroad for further studies – and many returned effectively bilingual, with Caucasian spouses in tow and a distinctly cosmopolitan worldview. What once was the exclusive prerogative of the Malay aristocracy now became available to a wider spectrum of Malay society.

    Monolingual Malays – particularly the ones embedded in the deep rural constituencies – remained somewhat insular and prone to xenophobia. Umno was quick to realize that these grassroots members served the party best as an ignorant, emotional voter base that could easily be swayed by official propaganda piped through the mass media. There was really no point in ensuring that they had access to different languages and cultural templates.

    Accordingly, the education system was designed to be strictly utilitarian – preparing the young for jobs in an industrial society, but not encouraging them to be curious about the larger world or to acquire a taste for knowledge. A well-informed, discerning voter base is an extremely volatile one.

    I recall seeing Dr Mahathir’s face for the first time in the newspaper. Even though he was only a deputy minister then and I knew next to nothing about the man, something in his demeanor made me shudder. It was a visceral reaction that has never entirely left me – and perhaps never will until I get word of his departure from this planet.

    To avoid the feeling of mild nausea each time I caught sight of Dr M’s sneer in the papers or on TV, I focused my attention and energies on the performing arts – specifically theatre and music. That was entirely therapeutic for me. Not only did such activities keep me (relatively) sane, they also won me a wide circle of friends and invites to endless parties.

    It was becoming more than obvious by 1986 that Dr M had given a sinister twist to the word “entrepreneurship” with his misguided attempt to create a Frankenstein’s monster called the Bumiputra Billionaire, aided and abetted by the ultimate Mafia don, Daim Zainuddin (right).

    When people become exceedingly rich by inventing something universally popular and useful – or through the display of extraordinary talent, whether in the cultural or athletic field – one can only applaud wholeheartedly. However, fast bucks obtained through political skullduggery and financial shenanigans are hugely damaging to the moral equilibrium of a nation. What happens is that the horizon of decency quickly becomes obscured, to the extent that honest truth-speakers become a threat to the corrupt status quo.

    In October 1987 Mahathir, acting in his capacity as home minister, invoked the obnoxious Internal Security Act and ordered the arrest and detention without trial of some 106 people – many of whom were my personal friends and none of whom could seriously be considered a threat to anybody except Mahathir himself. A couple of newspapers were shut down and a climate of fear quickly descended upon the nation. People became apprehensive about discussing politics in public places. Each time somebody uttered the dreaded name “Mahathir” people would immediately look around to see if anyone was watching.

    The Special Branch of the Royal Malaysian Police (modeled after the British Special Branch) began playing a major role at the start of the so-called Emergency in 1948. Its prime target was to infiltrate Communist cells operating within the country and gather intelligence deemed necessary to safeguard the nation’s security.

    However, the definition of “Communist threat” soon expanded to include leftwing political parties with socialist ideologies and outspoken critics of the government. According to Umno and the Malay ruling elite, anybody concerned about social justice, human rights and a level playing field was potentially dangerous to the status quo and therefore had to be closely watched, harassed at every turn, and thwarted from ever attaining political power – even through legitimate and peaceful means.

    At that point I was compelled to remove my head from the proverbial sand and start paying close attention to all the hanky-panky that was going on in the political Punch’n’Judy show.

    For a start I decided to register myself to vote. And I’m proud to say I have voted against the Barisan Nasional at every opportunity.

    Although it felt a little strange to occasionally have to vote for a candidate from the Islamic party, it was still far better than voting for any of the arrogant, greedy, hypocritical rogues in the ruling party. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the Chinese-dominated Democratic Action Party (I used to be a closet Sinophobe, despite my Chinese ancestry) – but their leaders were truly inspiring in their sheer tenacity and focus, especially veteran generals like Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh. All of them seemed ready to go to jail for their beliefs.

    In 1999 when Wan Azizah inaugurated Parti Keadilan (Justice Party) to keep the spirit of reform alive while her husband languished in prison, I was prompted to join. Indeed, it was the first time in my life I actually felt drawn to committing myself to a political organization.

    No opposition party on its own had the wherewithal to combat the firmly entrenched power of BN – but towards the end of 2007 Anwar Ibrahim finally succeeded in pulling together the tripartite political coalition now known as Pakatan Rakyat.

    DAP’s emphasis on sound financial management, PKR’s focus on social justice, freedom and human rights, and PAS’s spiritual foundation combine to forge a conscious, functional union of Head, Heart and Soul.

    Finally we have somebody worth voting for – not just against!

  15. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    Thank You and well said ‘Mata Kuching’ :lol:
    :lol: Vote wisely and vote for our Children future :lol: Vote for PR because they are our future guidance and Rakyat supporter that will gives us more positive benefits and not Robs,kills or discriminate the Rakyat :lol: Think positive and not that :evil: BumNo negative $$$money politics that are temporary enjoyment :oops:
    :idea: VOTE FOR PAKATAN RAKYAT :lol: THANK YOU :idea:

  16. Mata Kuching says:

    UMNO controlled brainwashing and indoctrination programme in rural constituencies :

    a) Myth : Opposition only know how to shout but cannot deliver.

    Fact : Role of Opposition is to offer check and balance and making sure UMNO controlled BN deliver their promises.

    b) Myth : UMNO controlled BN have been bringing developments to the people but Opposition never build any infrastructures , schools, bridges, drainage system etc.

    Fact : It is the reponsibility of the government of the day to carry out all developments because they are appointed by the people to do so and to manage our tax money responsibly. The authority given to a coalition by the people to form the government can be withdrawn and given to another coalition if the government of the day has abused its power and mismanaged our resources and tax money and or corruptly enriching themselves. The people who vote them in can also vote them out.

    Is our democratic parliamentary form of government workable for our country? The answer is yes. However, over the years ( last 50 years) UMNO has arrogantly dominated the government and systematically amend the constitution and rules on governance giving rise to massive corruptions and hiding behind the NEP to enrich an elite group of cronies at the expense of the majority of the bumiputras and non qualified bumiputras.

    These group of corrupted lawmakers are the ones who should be changed and replaced so that corruption can be greatly minimised and contained and the development fund reached the targeted group .

    Hence an Opposition is not anti government or anti -development as UMNO controlled BN want the people to believe. The people now has a viable alternative goverment.

  17. kangtao says:

    Ho Ho Ho > long long one have to read, you make my kepala pusing Mata Kuching, we make it simple> kick all the BN political people out, Ho Ho Ho…do you agree?

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