P94″One Win,One Fly”

The early morning newspaper BIG BOLD headlines for the STAR reads,”Some can Fly“. An Assistant Minister from Sarawak pointed out that the editors must have embarked from a flight from Air Asia and changed it from ,”Now Everyone Can Fly”

Just then one person in the group remark,”Sure One fly after this weekends by elections in P94.” Wonder whether it will be BN or Pakatan though? Who do you think it will be..?

Most  airflights were grounded from New York to Asia  to Paris due to the drifting volcanic ash.However in Selangor P94 the political soldiers,campaign workers and leaders from both political divides are moving and criss crossing the breadth of the constituency. 

All will want to win the hearts of the voters in the area and only they the 60000 strong  can decide  who wins and who flies{ Poi Loh in Hockien} 

Both BN and Pakatan will be at each others throats as the crucial last few days before polling day gathers momentum. The FENCE SITTERS are by far the ones who will swing the votes to who they feel deserves to win.

They will be able to judge not only on party platform,election promises,character,personality and charisma of candidate but above all how the candidate will be able to serve and assist the constituency not only in monetary/projects but also by ways of being there for them.

The voters are no more fools and they will see whether the candidate will be able to ‘ WALK  HIS  TALK ” . The days of LIP SERVICE has already DE -COMPOSED.

It is without a doubt not only the party symbol but also the overall candidate personality which will ensure the swing from the FENCE SITTERS in this P94 constituency.

Its up to the whole party machinery and those connected with the candidate that they ensure THE WIN. The elements of commitment and dedication by the party campaign workers will be absolutedly crucial. The Key to enter Parliament House is in the hands of the voters for one of the two candidates. P94 Hulu Selangor will have a New MP by nightfall on the April 25th 2010.

20 thoughts on “P94″One Win,One Fly”

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    Good Luck and All the very best wishes to all Hulu Selangoreans and Datuk Zaid this coming Election in Hulu Selangor :idea:

  2. zainuddin says:

    Zaid ibrahim has the edge. The drinking effect is and will have very little effect on the election. Zaid is a person who walks his talk and he will certainly deliver. Those in UMNO got him out because they are afraid of him.

  3. phyllis says:

    It will be very difficult for BN to dislodge Zaid. Kalanathan is new ,clean but MIC has too much baggages. If Sammy had only relinquished his posts as President MIC would have been like building from ashes and will stand to win more. Sory kala not in the right party you….

  4. Mata Kuching says:

    The Indians and the Malays in Felda are the most neglected lots and all UMNO cares about is winning the by-election at all cost and its warlords are bankrupt of real social and economic issues affecting the residents of Hulu Selangor. The Chinese in the 13 new villages were up in arms ,scolding MCA and BN campaign officials like hell. Today the Felda settlement’s residents are demanding the government pay what they are owing to them before the 25th. The Indians too want Maica to disburse them their hard earned money invested in the company by the 25th as well. BN government and Najib is staring at a revolt from the majority of the residents in Hulu Selangor. Who do you think will walk away a winner?

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    All native landowners whose land have been taken away from them should gather in Sibu on nomination day and throughout the campaign period to demand the BN government takes immediate action to return them their land. Be brave to protect your land and demand justice. The Sibu-by- election is an opportune time to make your voices and cries heard.

  6. The Twins says:

    it seems that BN is facing a hard time especially what we hear that P Kamalanathan is related in some ways to Sammy Vellu. Indian votes bye bye

  7. Minda Mandol says:

    Let’s signal to Najib, the najis that Sarawak is not the umNO/BN fixed deposit. We must ensure that PR/DAP win the Sibu parlimentary by-election when 16.05.2010 comes. So sombong n bongkak. We, the Sarawakian got maruah n dignity. Don’t be so arrogant n we know how n what to teach u the Mr Najis. We all know ur dirty tricks, instant mee, promises, corruptions, cronies, fitnah, murders, racist n etc…etc..etc. Bla…bla…bla. Berambus u. kita sudah tau benar siapa u n umNo/BNla. We’ll teach u comes 16.05.2010.

  8. kangtao says:

    MIC is already paralyzed from the waist down, 2 seats in Parliament and that remains. Ho Ho Ho, If Zaid had been drinking whisky, then what about this Sam Su guy, is he not Indian and a BN man who drinks too. So go tell the Sultan of Bru… to fly kite because he drinks…Ho Ho Ho

  9. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :idea: Datuk Zaid work for the RAKYAT and the RAKYAT in respected Hulu Selangor love him :idea:
    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  10. kpt99 says:

    Najib said no more lebih kurang attitude from now.Please comment,Is he telling us that Malaysia has been rule by the lebih kurang attitude of BN for 53 years ?.Second after Japan in economy in 1957.where are we now ?.Who run and manage the country ?.Are they all HP6 and lebih kurang leaders in BN ?Where is their mentality ?

  11. kpt99 says:

    Najib said no more lebih kurang attitude from now.Please comment,Is he telling us that Malaysia has been rule by the lebih kurang attitude of BN for 53 years ?.Second after Japan in economy in 1957.where are we now ?.Who run and manage the country ?.Are they all HP6 and lebih kurang leaders in BN ?.

  12. Mata Kuching says:

    Mahathir has broken his vow not to campaign in Hulu Selangor. His presence will be the final nail on BN candidate and a message to Sammy to retire immediately.

    The voters have decided. Zaid will roam home by comfortable margin. Najib’s flip flop concept of 1malaysia is confirmed a failure and not acceptable to UMNO warlords.

  13. kpt99 says:

    Right time has come for the discriminated school leavers especially non-bumi.The rejected JPA,Matrikulasi,IPTA and civil service applications victims will surely teach the government a good lesson on fairness and equality under the so call 1 Malaysia.NON-BUMI parents will you vote for BN if you have a son of 10As reject as compare to your friends of 6Cs accepted.Are you fair to your children if vote for BN ?.

  14. kangtao says:

    Hello brother KPT99 > don’t you ever 4get that Najib is a good talker. You must have heard of the “loyar buruk” in the kedai kopi who knows how to talk very well…Ho Ho Ho

  15. kpt99 says:

    Talk is cheap.as the going gets tough,the tough gets going,i am going to make difficult decisions,Malaysians must abandoned the LEBIH KURANG ATTITUDES which has hindered the country developments,we must move from middle- income trapped to high-income economy,Rm20000 to RM 50000 per capita income,1 Malaysia tiada sesiapa pun tercicir atau terpinggir and many more.Perhaps he is the best lip-service PM Malaysia ever has.All the thundering and strong attractive speeches will soon blown by the wind and die in the sky.The are too many misi and visi,till today what can malaysia compare to other countries like Japan,HongKong,Taiwan and Singapore.With abundant of natural resourses is non comparable to tiny red spot of the south.If MERITOCRACY is blind in Malaysia,there is little hope Malaisie will become a developed country in 2020.It will be a SANGAT KURANG country.

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