PR Sarawak “Go,Go,Go….??”

The first words uttered when he answered audie61 in the telephone was,” Go,Go,Go PR ” This should be what audie61 should be writing about the PR coalition in the run up to P212 Parliamentary elections in Sibu. Now,there is a pact amongst the coalition unlike the last General Elections where SUPP had to deal with not only DAP but also a PKR candidate. This is certainly GOOD NEWS to Pakatan Sarawak members.i.e.DAP,PKR,PAS and SNAP.

Are we hearing something different from the Information Chief of PKR Sarawak See Chee How? Its like saying to us,”Now we are united as ONE and as usual if we are divided we will fall. This is a by election and the BN will use whatever means to wrestle the seat and with the proposed SUPP candidate it will give SUPP the edge as he is fresh faced and the sentiments of compassionate votes might swing to SUPP.

DAP will not take anything forgranted and PKR will be standing right behind and will give all the necessary assistance to try to secure the votes for the PR candidate. We will start as underdog and it will be an uphill tasks but PR will have the spirit and we will go,go,go and audie61 should say correct,correct,correct. 

The facts are there for all to see. It will be a tough battle and eventhough SUPP is embroiled in so much infighting lately and in the news for all the wrong reasons this by elections will see that the leaders will consolidate and with full assistance from all BN coalition partners  P212 Sibu will be a  ” TASTY BATTLEGROUND

THe CM Taib has fired the first salvo last weekend and  has already confidently predicted that SUPP will retain the seat for the BN. PR will try to derail the confidence shown by the BN Sarawak Chairman but we know its going to be one hell of dush,dush dush from the BN. 

PR will just have to look at the positives and get out of this battle brimming with confidence too. We are ready and lets be honest we are go,go,go but please not GUNG HO.

Much has been written in the internet portals of malaysiakini, malaysian mirror, free malaysia today and the battle of P212 in Sarawak has just begun. See Chee How has already sounded the bugle for the troops of PR,”Go,Go,Go….Are you game..??”

13 thoughts on “PR Sarawak “Go,Go,Go….??”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    The Borneo Post which is linked to KTS group whose chairman is SUPP candidate, Robert lau, for the by-election, wasted no time in spinning and doctoring ill conceived propaganda.

    According to the Borneo post the survey it conducted in Sibu showed Alice Lau is the best choice and the voters wanted to see more women in politic and participate in parliament.

    The question is why SUPP still stick to their decision to nominate Robert Lau instead of a woman candidate from its party.

    Sarawakians need not complete primary six to know the kind of rubbish Borneo is churning out and at the same time project that Robert Lau is one notch up against Wong Ho Leng who is very likely to be the DAP choice. I dare SUPP nominate a woman candidate based on Borneo Post most recent survey about the people’s prefered choice as reported in its front page today. Only then I will concede that SUPP is one notch up against the DAP.

    An ill conceived and low class propaganda such as the one appearing on the front page of and the first of more to come by Borneo Post is a total insults to all Malaysians especially to those who will be voting in Sibu.

    Borneo Post has blindly allowed itself to serve the interest of SUPP and its family members who is nominated by SUPP at the expense of Sarawakians and its customers. It has inadvertently erased its status as a newspaper of preferred choice. All Sarawakians especially those supported Pakatan Rakyat who wanted to witness true and broadbased reforms should stop buying and reading Borneo Post until at least GE13 is over.

    I will now group Borneo Post with the same pariah character of Affendi Bin Jeman who was heading a group known as JPUNS and who claimed he has the blessing of UMNO to Sarawak. He also claimed that he is the protem president of a yet to be registered party known as ARBS.

    Incidentally in today’s Borneo Post, he said he was ready to campaign and support BN candidate. Will he has a change of heart and principle if he has any principle at all if Maybank is not taking legal action against him to recover debts owing to the bank? Will he be able to con BN of enough money to pay Maybank to save his house from been auction on June 11 2010? Again, Malaysian need not have more than a primary six education to know such opportunist and conman on the prowl.

    I urge all Malaysians especially in Sarawak to stop buying and reading Borneo Post until the next GE is over. If you have to access to some business news, go to its internet portal and stop buying Borneo Post.

  2. zainuddin says:

    dun wori too much about the Borneo posts,”SUPP has served its last SOUP” DAP will represent P212 in parliament. Believe me and it will also signal the beginning of the end of the Taib regime..

  3. sarawakiana says:

    No way mata Kuching we listen to the BN media. The urbanites in Sibu will know who to vote for. Now with PKR and DAP and PAS and also SNAP together this will be a bitter battle for both coalitions. DAP will not be easy meat for SUPP. They are sworn enemies and it makes it more interesting .PKR needs to give the supporting role and also PAS and SNAP. Everylittle help will ensure a good outing for PR and see the end of BN.

  4. Kangtao says:

    There seems to be mixed feelings about Sibu and US, at least from what I read in the blogs and elsewhere.
    My assumption is that BN will lose in both these 2 areas. Take as bet, just slap me on both cheeks! The reason: CORRUPTION. People are fed up except for the PBB and UMNO stalwarts. SUPP is just about as good as gone.
    Ho Ho Ho silo silo silo habis SOUP! Ho Ho Ho

  5. Kangtao says:

    ….it started with Ya ya ya Corek Corek Corek….and MR M got rid of Pacik Abdul Tido….UMNO crumbled! MIC ahhhh forget them President ular semu ular….

  6. Kangtao says:

    ….it started with Ya ya ya Corek Corek Corek….and MR M got rid of Pacik Abdul Tido….UMNO crumbled! MIC ahhhh forget them President ular semua ular….

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    You guys have been great! Kick out all these assholes from BN who repeatedly insult our intelligence by asking Malaysians to be grateful to the BN government. We should be grateful to only our parents and God.

    THe government of the day be it BN or PR should be grateful to the rakyat for giving them the “power” and entrusted them to government. The government should be listening to the people and be grateful to us. But BN government and YBs want all voters , associations, independent schools, longhouses and even places of worship to be “close” to them and be thankful to the government. That is in part being arrogant and also taking us as fools.

    It is time to show BN government who is the real BOSS and who entrusted them but BN has failed all Malaysians for over 50 years.

    Lets kick BN out by giving our faith and trust to Pakatan Rakyat in Hulu Selangor and Sibu by-elections and thereafter kick Taib and BN out in the coming state election. Make every votes count and ensure all your friends, colleagues, family members and neighbours exercise their voting rights and VOTE PAKATAN RAKYAT.

  8. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :idea: :lol: ONLY THANKS OUR PARENTS AND GOD :idea: :lol:
    :arrow: Don’t be fools by those BeNd goons or Mamakutty that robs and lies to all of us :shock: :oops:

  9. francis jew says:

    All Sibu voters,
    Please take note urgently,
    Do not vote for open gangster ism in Sibu.You house could be the next one thrown with Molotov cocktails.You son could be the next one kidnapped by Lee Long Private Limited for ransom.You daughter could be the next one raped and killed by gangsters like the 14 year old daughter of the fried mee hawker.Your car will be stolen and returned to you for a handsome ransom.You will be harassed by Kar Liew Yang 24 hours a day and 365 days a year including Chin Ming.They will clean you father’s grave without permission and ask for a high price made in hell.Your father would be a kar liew yang client even 50 years after death.That would spell bad Feng Shui for all your future generations.

  10. francis jew says:

    To: All non gangsters of Sibu.
    Agenda: Protest against gangsterism in Sibu.
    Method: Come to any of my flower shops and you will get a red rose free.It represent the blood of the Sibu innocent folks like the 14 year old girl spilled by gangsters without getting justice.Vote the politicians who are also Ah Tuai out of this town and this world.

  11. francis jew says:

    Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers.
    When the gangsters went to extort money from the poorest of the poor in Tiong Hua Road,Foochow Road and Bukit Assek areas the people of the dust knew that they have no recourse either in law or in politics.The only thing they can do is kneel down with their faces of anguish and open arms facing heavens and cry out to their creators…Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers….Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers…Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers.

    All Sibu Voters..Vote according to the guidance from your creators.

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