SUPP “Political Suicide”

The message from the Bidayuh hinterland especially with SUPP is clear,”Appoint one of the SUPP Bidayuh leaders to the vacant Deputy Federal Ministers posts or the Padawan Council Chairmans posts.” No questions asked and just do it. Will SUPP take notice?

SUPP having losts in the Urban Chinese seats in the last State elections cannot afford to disregard the representation from the Bidayuhs. A voter from Opar said to audie61.Ranum and Peter Minos are absolutedly correct in voicing their voices for the community. If not them who will do it.? What is wrong with asking when there are vacant posts available.?

Peter Minos former DBNA President clearly stated,SUPP cannot afford to have any war with Bidayuh voters unless it seeks political suicide.” A check on the groundswell will reveal that any candidate that represents SUPP in the next State elections will need to work doubly hard and put extra shifts to ensure that the seats are winnable.

If the Bidayuh interests is not looked after in SUPP there will be the ‘threat of SUPP” losing the seats of either Opar or Bengoh. It is so clear already when the main stream English daily Borneo Posts highlighted,”In recent days many quarters have questioned if the party was really multi racial or was just paying lip service” 

 Isn’t this music to the ears of the Opposition parties? SUPP will be paying a very heavy price if they remain inclusive and does not hear the calls of the DRUMS SOUNDING LOUDLY FROM THE BIDAYUH HINTERLAND

The ball is rolled back to the SUPP SC and the leaders and they need ‘collectively’ think for the future of the direction of the party or end up sore losers in the next state elections.

SUPP Infighting and party positions gains are not uncommon in SUPP. In recent months the party has managed to controll the TEAM A versus Team B and also the Dudong Division Saga. This is another fresh challenge for the party hierarchy.

A veteran SUPP member said,” Honestly will the Sibu SUPP camp give up its Deputy Federal posting ? We shall know when its announced but until then they will be a lot of lobbying from the leaders. The Bidayuh leaders needs to be seen to be making the correct noises and create the right cry ” baby ” tantrum.

SUPP as a party is facing a lot of challengers and they need to ovecome all the nitty gritty problems within the party. If the party so decides to stay in the prehistoric mould the party will suffer the indignity of being voted out by the voters. Its very clear that voters today do not and will not be taken for a ride and they will make their voices heard through the ballot boxes.  

The message is clear even without audie61 pouring  hot oil over the blazing and heated fire. The cards are with the party leaders and they need to deal it carefully……. {The Bidayuhs …{ SEEK PEACE AT THE CITY WALLS }


17 thoughts on “SUPP “Political Suicide”

  1. Say what u like, SUPP is a Chinese rooted, and also, jangan lupa, ada banyak $$$$$$$$$$$$ which means they can win back the Urban Chinese votes….CONTROL the mafia world and you are there!!!! hahahaha semua $$$$$$$$$$$ ler!

  2. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :!: Got $$$ kangtao lo :lol:
    Ai ya yayaya you know and I know la :lol: most joint politics bcoz of WHAT :?: :?:
    sure must have ‘kangtao’ lo then they join or jump like groggy :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. Time to deliver what you promise SUPP. We have been too patient with the party. Maybe SUPP is destined to go into oblivion. Watch out!!

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  5. The Bidayuhs have been waiting for their chances and finally that chance has arrived. But what will they get, the Ministerial or the MPP’s post? Its either one will do to please the Bidayuh folks. Is that too much to ask for?

  6. The vacant PMC chairmanship post and the now vacant Deputy of Transport post are two separate issues and should be confused.

    If ever there is someone from SUPP who should be selected for the Deputy Minister Transport post it should rightly and without question goes to YB Richard Riot. There is no need to lobby for the post by any quarters as I remembered George Chan had said he had made recommendation to Putrajaya before to nominate YB Richard Riot during the last federal cabinet lineup but he was sidelined. So now YB Richard Riot should be chosen based on his seniority and loyalty to the party and not because he is a Bidayuh.

    In the case of PMC, the Bidayuh openly requested for it to be given to a Bidayuh leader in SUPP. In short both the vacancies should be given to the Bidayuh leaders in SUPP and there should not be any trade off. The Bidayuh community never lobbied for a Deputy Minister post and it happened to be vacant now and the rightful person in SUPP to be “promoted” is undoubtedly YB Richard Riot.

    So SUPP should stop playing the race card and profess to be a multi racial party. The appointment of one Bidayuh should not be at the expense of another deserving leader.

  7. Malaysia Boleh or Bodoh,27.5 million for contract to supply leather shoes for the staff in Ministry of Defence and 77 million for a year contract with Apco.

  8. Whoever get the post of the late Robert Lau is not a great concern to UMNO cos they are just small fry like Tsu Koon

  9. All Sibu voters,
    Please take note urgently,
    Do not vote for open gangster ism in Sibu.You house could be the next one thrown with Molotov cocktails.You son could be the next one kidnapped by Lee Long Private Limited for ransom.You daughter could be the next one raped and killed by gangsters like the 14 year old daughter of the fried mee hawker.Your car will be stolen and returned to you for a handsome ransom.You will be harassed by Kar Liew Yang 24 hours a day and 365 days a year including Chin Ming.They will clean you father’s grave without permission and ask for a high price made in hell.Your father would be a kar liew yang client even 50 years after death.That would spell bad Feng Shui for all your future generations.

  10. As I go around delivering flowers in Sibu everyday I saw a big strong man with steel muscled tattooed biceps wandering around the Central Market aimlessly.He was singing a song ” Where is my BOSS gone,Where is my BOSS gone? Far far away,far far away,Will I see him again ?” Can any of the Sibu Folks help this man?

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