P212″First Salvo by BN Taib”

Joey of audie61 received an sms from her ex-colleague.”Your CM has already fired the First Salvo” 

CM Taib BN Sarawak Chairman has already launched the first attack at the opposition even before the Election Commission (EC) receives the notification of an official notice of MP 212 Lau’s death.The dates for nomination and polling will be fixed by the EC.

CM Taib said,”We are ready for the by-election,” and he said the former MP had contributed immensely to the people of Sibu and its development, state and country. Sounding confident Taib said that the BN will retain the Parliamentary seat in the by election.

This will also be a litmus tests for the State BN Government as it needs to face the rakyat for a fresh mandate before June 2011. What will the response from the opposition be..???


3 thoughts on “P212″First Salvo by BN Taib”

  1. Sarawakians from all walks of life and from both political divides would expect the chief minister of Sarawak and head of BN Sarawak to respect the late YB Robert Lau and family during their bereavement. He should not be so power crazy as to show blantant disregard for the family and the solemn feelings of the community of Sibu when the body of the late YB is still “warm” and yet to receive his final blessing to be united with the Lord.

    Sarawakians especially the community of Sibu should realised by now that the CM of Sarawak only cares about his own political survival and crazy for absolute power to enrich himself.

  2. Time has come for Sibu to grasp millions and millions of projects with just a single by election.Promises by BN are something common in any campaign.Just and see how is it.SJKC in Sibu might benefit parts of it.

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