“PAS Sarawak 26 Seats…??”

Headlines yesterday,”All is not well in Pakatan Sarawak” audie61 asked a PKR Sarawak Executive member,” Is it a diversionary tactic..?” Where and who are the candidates? Where does this lead to as PKR and DAP will also be fighting head-on for some of the overlapping mixed seats?

If  this is not a diversionary tactic by PAS or the Pakatan Sarawak set up it will really put a ‘spanner in the works“. A Sarawak voter bluntly said to Natasha of audie61,” They need to see out this problem or else the momentum will never swing to the Pakatan. Why fight amongst themseves when the common enemy is BN..? ”  PAS needs to look at its strength in Sarawak  and dont throw the whole coalitions good work into the dumpsite.”

Today SNAP President Edwin Dundang even told PAS to be realistic and not to be arrogant in claiming seats for the next state elections. He said each party in Pakatan Rakyat(PR) must not be greedy for power in the fight against BN.Instead it must ensure that it has good candidates,enough resources,good ground support and not to be seen to be greedy. “I emphasis once again that PR must be very focussed in the allocation of seats to ensure one against one contests as far as possible.

In so far as SNAP is concerned the President said,”SNAP does not want any conflict with DAP,PKR and PAS over the seats distributution. Meanwhile in relation to the seats allocation in a PC the Sarawak State PKR youth announce the movements intention to contest in the 6 state seats of Satok,Semariang,Kedup,Bekenu,Katibas and Repok.

Clearly the signs are there that with the imminent dissolving of the state assembly the Pakatan and BN ground movements are evident.Those who can conjure enough support and resources are all putting their names to the respective parties for consideration. It seems that there will be also Independants who will try to join in the race as in any elections now a “SURE WIN IS NOT RELEVANT ANYMORE.”

Those who aspire to be candidates must be seen to be accepted by their respective parties as a Winnable candidate be it from BN or Pakatan. PAS and PKR Sarawak Youth have openly claimed stated their intentions and its up to the PAKATAN STATE ELECTION BUREAU to consider. BN will do likewise and of course they will also be “dissatisfaction amongst their ranks”

Will the elections be called soon….?? Only one person has the dates close to his chests and its up to him to have the INSPIRATION…………………


14 thoughts on ““PAS Sarawak 26 Seats…??”

  1. Lets go back to history. Who was given the credit for bringing PAS to Sarawak? What happened to PAS after they were totally annihilated when it formed a pact with Maju and did not make any significant appearance in the last two state elections.

    Tun Rahman was the man who brought in PAS but he has an ulterior motive and that was to “destroy” PAS in Sarawak.

    Today the political strategist and mastermind behind Taib’s reign is still Tun Rahman. Tun Rahman promised to provide financial support to PAS after the Ming court affair, to challenge Taib in Malay/ Melanau areas but Tun did not keep his promise and PAS candidates then found themselves fighting a lost cause.

    It is not surprising that a PAS leader in Sarawak has openly appeared to be “unfriendly and uncompromising” and insited that PAS should be contesting in 26 seats deemed to be majority Malay/ Melanau. I will strongly suspect that PAS secretary in Sarawak, Saidin Massudin Sahini has been manipulated by the same unseen hand, Tun Rahman to put up as many candidates as possible in Malay/ Melanau majority constituencies.

    PAS Sarawak should submit its list of candidates to the PR leadership as soon as possible to prove me wrong that they have indeed 26 or more credible, committed candidates of good moral standing and with professional education.

    The unseen hands and mastermind of BN Sarawak can easily offer leader of a political party say RM150,000 for every candidates they put up and the unscrupulous leader can easily pocket RM100,000 for each candidate recruited regardless of their background and political convictions and commitment to change the BN government. RM100,000 x 26 = RM26,000,000 ! Will you be tempted??

    PR leadership and especially PAS leader from HQ must quickly investigate why its Sarawak secretary Saidin Masuddin insisted in contesting 26 seats.

  2. The correct figure should be RM2,600,000

    My formula for Pakatan Raykat Sarawak for the coming state election is to get all contesting candidates under PR to make a public and legally binding declaration that should the candidate breach the trust of the voters who voted for them under PR ticket and resign or become independent or sacked , they shall vacate their seat and pave the way for a by-election.

  3. Walau eh mata Kuching for real kah Tun Rahman? So its to kill of PKR/DAP and ensure that BN still rule in Sarawak. or is it Melanau still rule?

  4. There was no bad blood between Tun Rahman and his nephew, Taib Mahmud. It was all a crafty scheme to find out who could be loyal and trusted to support a Melanau leader. Unfortunately, one of PBB assemblyman’s father was made a scapegoat as Tun Rahman blamed Hamzah for causing the “misunderstanding between them. Unfortunately too, the Dayaks which forms the biggest population in Sarawak was taken for a long long ride till today. As usual the Chinese leaders in SUPP were only interested in timber concessions then and used money politics to ensure Taib remains in power till today.

    I sincerely hope PAS in Sarawak will select the best candidates with the political conviction and moral integrity to work sincerely with DAP, PKR and SNAP to dethrone BN and Taib.

    Hence it is imperative that PAS Sarawak openly and sincerely give their list of potential candidates, if indeed it has 26 or more qualified and suitable candidates, to PR election committee for Sarawak to scrutinise each and every candidates submitted by the respective coalition.

  5. 26 seats . what a laugh . That’s not PAS talking but Saidin !!! Most PAS leaders will think before they they give comment unlike this particular person . Jangan beri malu PAS with this kind of cheap talk .

  6. To remind all PR components and especially PAS. Be very careful with a few PAS S’wak members like Saidin n a few others. This Saidin is a guy who doesn’t use his head that’s why most times he talks shits. That is why he left PKR bcoz no one listens to his shits. What worry us all he may make PAS malu aje. Org ini bukan ada integriti sgt. I can recall one night A ceramah was organised at Kpg Jln Hj. Mataim when this Saidin came to the ceramah venue that evening didn’t show courtesy at all to Tok Guru Hadi n Ustaz Othman by not bersalam dengan mereka. This type of character is totally not suitable to be in PAS. Shameful.

  7. Lets give Saidin the benefit of doubt for now and we shall keep our ears to the ground and watch out for any Trojan Horse in PR. Nowaday even the seemingly pious and holy can sell God’s name to enrich themselves.

    PR election committee or bureau must double check the background and past activities of each and every potential candidates and who they associate themselves with apart from checking on their credibility and if they are undischarged bankrupts or currrently facing any litigations.

    We welcome PAS participation and hope for their contribution, commitment and conviction for a change in Sarawak. But the 26 figure does not make sense at all unless PAS Sarawak can prove us all wrong with a credible and winnable list of candidates in the constituencies that they are interested to contest. Do not breed racial politic in PR by suggesting that PAS should be given all the seats in Malay? Melanau majority and DAP in Chinese areas and PKR only in Dayak. That is a racist view and policy that Malaysians want to disband. We are watching your moves very closely Saidin.

  8. For PAS especially n PR, saidin is not an asset but rather a liability. If What Mata Kuching had mentioned saidin is involving in a lucrative political business by getting RM150,000.00 per candidate for an election let him pursue it. U all in PR must ensure that this trojan horse musn’t be there or else what r we expecting change to come about by voting for PR? We know PR is multiracial, multireligions, multicultural, multiethnic n many many more multis. We all know change we can in S’wak but minus saidin n all the trojan horses in PR. We’ll see u PR in by-election for Sibu Parliment n will sure ur boat sails through. Get things straight n go for it this time, the game is urs PR but u must be in 1PR and like UMNO 1Malaysia, slogan only. Cakap dan bikin. Bikin dan cakap. Bravo PR S’wak. For saidin what u got to talk, no more shit to throw.

  9. It is time for the Dayaks and Malay voters in Sibu especially the government servents to rally behind PR candiadte which is likely to be represented by the DAP to win in the Bandar Sibu by-election. We must put a stop to “divide and rule” by Taib and BN. Together we must achieve UNITY through diversity. More importantly , we must ensure a PR win to send a strong message to Najib that Malaysians want REFORMS. We want real concerted effort and commitment to develop every sectors of our economy and not piecemeal effort of BN usually when election is near. With the current deficit standing at almost 7.8% of our nation GDP the BN government led by UMNO is leading our country to the brink of bankruptcy. WE want real reforms, achieve higher income status and abolish hidden taxes that affect our daily lifes before we accept paying GST .

    Vote PR in Bandar Sibu by- election. Hidup Pakatan Rakyat. Hidup Malaysia.

  10. All Sibu voters,
    Please take note urgently,
    Do not vote for open gangster ism in Sibu.You house could be the next one thrown with Molotov cocktails.You son could be the next one kidnapped by Lee Long Private Limited for ransom.You daughter could be the next one raped and killed by gangsters like the 14 year old daughter of the fried mee hawker.Your car will be stolen and returned to you for a handsome ransom.You will be harassed by Kar Liew Yang 24 hours a day and 365 days a year including Chin Ming.They will clean you father’s grave without permission and ask for a high price made in hell.Your father would be a kar liew yang client even 50 years after death.That would spell bad Feng Shui for all your future generations.

  11. To: All non gangsters of Sibu.
    From: francisjew@gmail.com
    Agenda: Protest against gangsterism in Sibu.
    Method: Come to any of my flower shops and you will get a red rose free.It represent the blood of the Sibu innocent folks like the 14 year old girl spilled by gangsters without getting justice.Vote the politicians who are also Ah Tuai out of this town and this world.

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