SUPP “Skating on Thin Ice”

A Bidayuh elder from Bengoh said,” If we can we take,why not..If not there are of course room for compromise. That is politics and there should not be too much deliberation or else it will affect the races and it will do no good to everyone involved. 

Natasha was talking to a number of Bidayuh voters and summing up its clear that one particular remark is indeed interesting ,”Of course the Bidayuhs would like to have the MPP Chairmans position but we cannot have it all. We are making the noises and its up to SUPP the party to make the decision. We can shout until our voices are hoarse but at the end of the day its how the Bidayuh SUPP leaders lobby for it. Peter Minos is making the plea but he is not from SUPP. Let the party SUPP handle this as the Party knows it is SKATING ON THIN ICE.

Todays headlines has the SUPP President saying that they have not found the right candidate just yet. The party has yet to finalist the candidates,”So far we have not discussed the matter and therefore the decision has been made to that effect.We will hold a meeting soon and hopefully by then a decision can be made.” the DCM and SUPP President told reporters after opening a Heritage Exhibition.  

Its SUPP’s call and the party knows bests and its up to the leaders to deliberate at length and at the end of the day the person pick to be the Chairman must be able to serve the rakyat and deliver. audie61 leaves it to SUPP to make the correct choice and there has been too much said………….


11 thoughts on “SUPP “Skating on Thin Ice”

  1. George can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool everyone every time. You are a very weak leader and a liability to SUPP and Sarawakians.

    If you cant choose a suitable person from within SUPP to be the chairman of PMC, please do yourself and your party a great favour by either advertising for one so capable Sarawakians can apply for the job or be a real man and call for municipal election.

    The Bidayuhs are getting fed up with your antic and lame excuses for not giving due recognition to Bidayuh leaders in the party. I am sure there are many Bidayuhs who are graduates from prestigious universities and not from Universiti IkanTerebok Masin (UITM) to choose from.

  2. Its time for the Kaum Bidayuh to sail on hot soup, Wake up DBNA belum cuba belum tahu nanti George cakap lu tia-da minta ..mana.. surat ….. lu cakap mulut saja ….ti – dak guna lo….

  3. This doctrine doesn’t work here in Sarawak. Is this 1Malasyia? Ho Ho Ho, instigation from UMNO rians…. Mahatharians!

    • :idea: Yes Kangtao but those racist + extremist must be update & expose to all Malaysians so that all will think TWICE who to vote for comes 13th GE :lol:
      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  4. :arrow: bUMNO is racist party even Mahatharians admit IT and now they are using this PERKASA to play their racist card so that bUMNO now will look like a good boy and moderate 1 in their 1 Malaysia slogan :lol:
    They will deny any involvement with PERKASA but Mahatharian is bUMNO members and why he support PERKASA :?:
    This is their new DRAMA when they wanna clean bUMNO image after so many issues,corruption to the core and many many unresolve cases :!: They are really sick and robs us all like ‘LANUN’ and must be kick the HELL out comes 13th GE :lol:

  5. A timely warning to SUPP, PBB, PRS, SPDP and all BN component parties in Malaysia. Malaysians including “undernourished” Sabahans and Sarawakians have awaken!

    Do not insult the intelligence of rural Malaysians anymore by gleefully barking that Opposition cannot do anything or deliver and Opposition make empty promises BECAUSE Barisan National are actually the opposition in Selangor, Kedah, Penang and Kelantan and the Pakatan coalition are the government of the day in these states. Ingat betul betul! Soon BN Sabah and Sarawak will be in the opposition and the entire Barisan National shall be in the Opposition with Pakatan Rakyat as the government. By then what the Barisan lawmakers are sowing now will be the prophesy and the truth when Pakatan becomes the government in Putrajaya and all the 13 states.

    Malaysians are happy to see even 20% improvements in governance, transparancy, accountability and a real and concerted efforts against corruptions in the Pakatan led government in the two years what Barisan National government has failed to achieved in the past 50 years.

    The Penang government led by Pakatan is showing sincerity and real appreciation by giving RM100 for a start to senior citizens this year and the amount will grow as the state government saves more money in future. It is the sincerity that matters apart from other financial and social benefits received by the rakyat. So Shahrizat, dont be a hyprocrite and belittle Penang government’s effort by feeling sorry for the senior citizens of Penang. Malaysians know the difference that sincerity and appreciations are different from Barisan’s vote buying money. All grants or money given out by Barisan leaders to certain groups of people when election is near are all haram and sadly the muslims receivers know very well too.

  6. Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers.
    When the gangsters went to extort money from the poorest of the poor in Tiong Hua Road,Foochow Road and Bukit Assek areas the people of the dust knew that they have no recourse either in law or in politics.The only thing they can do is kneel down with their faces of anguish and open arms facing heavens and cry out to their creators…Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers….Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers…Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers.

    All Sibu Voters..Vote according to the guidance from your creators.

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