Paul Masefield at Channel 812 ESPN was spot on. The Liverpool fans must be tearing their hair out,going ballistic and tearing up Rafael Benitez photographs into shreads and doing moon stomping on it. The word is “NUTS…and F…Hell according to my friend who is a Liverpool fan and he just doesnt understand what this Spanish Manager has got in his mind.

Its time for him “Rafa” to just quit and get out of Anfield. 4 points behind Manchester City and City has a game in hand with 5 games remaining. What the “tut tut tut” is he thinking off changing Torres a world class striker with 25 minutes left with Ngog. This is too much and for Liverpools sake its time for him to be replaced. Rafa got it all wrong and maybe he was thinking to protect Torres for the Benfica match in midweek.

The result 1-1 and if Torres was still on the pitch who knows he could have assisted even to play Babel or Ngog for the winner. Stevan Gerrard the captain was also caught on camera scratching his head in disbelief with the managers decision and also Liverpool fans worldwide . 

Liverpool is really a club in turmoil with Rafa Benitez a dead man walking as the team lurch from one crisis to another, out of the title race, out of the FA Cup and now edging closer to missing the 4th Champions League spot.

 Liverpool should be challenging for the Premiership instead now they are only considered as one of the teams for the 4 Champions League places. How very sad..!! Now wonder all the Liverpool faithful fans are throwing tantrums everynow and then. Rafa has overstayed…..

5 thoughts on “Liverpool”Ballistic..!Nuts..!F…Hell”

  1. Hywei says:

    Rafa Benetiz has indeed done more damage than good to Liverpool football team this season. He has overstayed and could not agree more..

  2. zainuddin says:

    Want to use all the swear words and whatever comes to my mind. What the tut tut tut is ok I hope from the administrator of this site. Just cannot tut tut tut why he took off Torres??? Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. kpt99 says:

    It is truly the concept of 1 Malaysia,as reported recently that Johor has 10 Chinese and 116 Indians in the strong state 8000+ civil servants.Hebatnya equal opportunities for all, regardless of races.

  4. Mata Kuching says:

    Unlike football, Taib being the CEO of BN Sarawak which also owns SUPP, has by-passed the coach of SUPP by replacing PMC chairman and made Tan Joo Phoi an assistant minister although the state election is only a few months away.

    SUPP being a racist party for the super rich and opaque Chinese tycoons is now navigating on choppy racial current when the Bidayuh leaders in the party is openly demanding that the chairmanship post be filled by a Bidayuh. The demand has been seen as an open challenge to the resolution passed by 4 or 5 branches from Kuching requesting that a Chinese leader filled up the vacancy.

    Some Kapitan Cina are now questioning the motive of Taib in making the minor reshuffle. If Adenan’s appointment was to please the Malays…Fatimah’s appointment was to please the both the Malay and other Bumiputra women..then Tan’s appointment was to kill off SUPP.

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