Mayor-Parking Dues”EveryDog will have its Day”

The Mayor is not from a Political party. The Mayor is trying to recover the unpaid parking dues and of course he is mad. Our source said that $2miilion unclaimed dues so the money is not channelled back to MBKS/DBKU of which they have 40 % share in the company KCPS.

 He wants to reclaim the $ and $2miilion amounts to $800,000 and its substantial. Any one can help Mayor Chan? What are the councillors sitting there for? If the councillors cannot help the Mayor should get professional/consultant help Do I need to say further.?? 

Each and everyone of us are paying taxes not for the councillors to just sit there. This is not criticising the Mayor for his boldness but for a solution to be found. DAP has come out fighting and its time the SUPP party come out fighting instead of fighting amongst themselves. {Dudong and now Bengoh versus the rests for the Padawan Chairmans seat.}

Does it take  BN friendly people to tell us that its about time the BN wake up and with the loss of the Kuching seats its another way of regaining losts ground. DAP will have a field day and it seems the Mayor has just used an AK47 on the BN.   

One suggestion from audie61 crew,” We know the KCPS came out tops for the tender process of parking tickets collection. Now the issue is full blown similar to H1n1 second outbreak.

We say the solution is at the mayors fingertips. One solution  is that Kuching parking should be designated into at least 8 Zones with 8  Different companies Partcipating. IDEAS SHOULD BE SOUGHT OUT AND BETTER WAYS OF COLLECTION. Even the KPI AND KRA put forward and introduced by the Sarawak Federal Minister can be fully IMPLEMENTED. 

Its about time and it should also be noted though that many people in Kuching move houses and to even receive a past 2 years parking bill was a shocker in the system to yours sincerely. I dont want to pay is the understatement for $12.21 cents.(this of course we take it on the chin (overlooked on our part or is it)when it was sms to us – the mayor is put there to look after the Kuching peoples interests but not to look after a few unscrupulous people who have no responsibilty to pay for what they already use.)

 Imagine the voters in Kuching receiving the bills just before the State Elections..?? 2 0r 3 years late? Even those who were captured on Speed driving are disputing?

Are they better ways for KCPS to come out with it or the council to terminate the services of the company if $800,000 is not paid to the Council. Isnt this ISSUE about money due to the council?

 With the participation of more companies and each looking after zones it will see competition and the $ would be due to the council. The companies must also be made to pay up monthly when they tender for the car parking collection project. Isnt this what the opposition wants and isn”t this TRANSPERANCY ON THE PART OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT.Isn’t this a way of winning the trusts back for the BN government..???

This is the solution Mr.Mayor who does not have any political affiliation and that is to open it up to more Companies with Zoning and see how the companies look after the Parking GOLD MINE TRADE.

They will no matter what pay the council as this business is lucrative. I am already giving away one of the many solutions which the Mayor should look into. Politics is very important Mayor or else you will not be there in the first place. Who is going to blame you for giving up this GOLD MINE to 8 companies.

We are pretty sure that the State Government will be only too happy with more companies sharing and having a part of the business in Kuching. When people are happy with the economy they will not have too much time for politics. People engage not for the sake of putting a suggestion across but to assist also in finding solutions.

We know we will not be getting Christmas or Greeting cards from the councillors in MBKS or the Mayor but we know also Every Dog will have its day. Who says that DAP will not have it tough with retaining the seats in Kuching.? Will SUPP make a return to former glories? What about the SEASONAL QUOTA SYSTEM TOO..? That is not for us to deliberate here but read what is attached below.

  Mayor’s property freeze plan under fire Share

Friday, 02 April 2010 02:21( The article which appeared in Malaysianmirror below)

 KUCHING – Kuching City South Mayor James Chan’s plan to collect parking offence compounds and overdue parking notices and linking it to a ‘freeze’ on offenders’ properties has come under fire. In a press conference Wednesday, Chan said there would be a linkage with relevant authorities and departments on parking compounds. If people want to sell their properties, they would be in for a hard time if they have outstanding parking fees to be settled. The plan for such a move did not auger well with Wong King Wei, Special Assistant to MP Kuching, Chong Chieng Jen. Wong, in a press conference this afternoon, hit out at such a ridiculous idea and urged Chan to drop such plans. Wong said parking compound may range from a few ringgits to a few hundreds but to ‘freeze’ one properties to force the people to pay would be too much. “Some properties are worth ten of thousands if not millions,” he said. He said it was such an abuse of human rights. He added that based on the principle of law, a personal debt did not allow the creditor to caveat even the debtor’s land. Citing an example of the Miri Municipal Council’s suggestion to the Road Transport not to renew a driver’s road tax if he has outstanding parking coupon debts, Wong said such ruling was against the violation of Article 13 of the Federal Constitution. Outstanding traffic summons He cited a court case – Leonard Lim vs Director of JPJ – two years ago when the latter prevented Lim from paying his road tax due to outstanding traffic summons. The High Court ruled that by blacklisting the road user due to an unsettled traffic summon is tantamount to compelling him to admit to the alleged offence and is against the principal that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The High Court further decided that to deny a person of a motor vehicle licence is to deny the person the use and enjoyment of his motor vehicle which is in contravention of Article 13 of the Federal Constitution. Wong said the judge further stated that the applicant was alleged of a traffic offence which is criminal in nature. He said in the unsettled parking coupons, it is not even a criminal allegation, it is a merely an unsettled debt. The city council should not force the people to admit to the unsettled debt unless they chose to do so in free will. To recover the debt, the city council should take civil Court action before a person can be adjudged as a debtor. Asking the Mayor and others city council to learn from the court case, Wong said they should think of other legal ways to collect the outstanding parking fees and not to resort to such action.


15 thoughts on “Mayor-Parking Dues”EveryDog will have its Day”

  1. This mayor is doing a good job but he should know who he represents. He is appointe by the BN. I lkike the way you put it AK47 at BN. he should know that BN put him there. If he doesnt wake up go and retire early. Wake up lah mayor!

  2. Very true audie61. Why should just one company holding the whole of Kuching to ransom? If 8 companies like your solution there is everychance that each and every company will be competing and its healthy. GOOD POINT. They should engage audie61 to be consultant and so far you all have given very sound and constructive ideas besides having a go at things which are not right. The mayor should know who put him in the chair too?

  3. SUPP bye bye to your bandar kuching seats. Mayor just shot your candidates with the AK47. Replace him even if he does a good job. That is what he thinks. Please have more filter .

  4. What a good article. Certainly is food for thought especially with DAP having their say. How to capture lsot ground by the SUPP party with the Mayor hitting out at the people just before the upcoming state elections. Uphill for the BN candidates here.Feel sorry for the candidates.

  5. This business of non collection should go to the private company who tendered for the project. Why should MBKS/DBKU look after their interests. 2 years for reminder as written here in this article. Something is wrong with the company or the administration of the council as a whole. If this was a private company the CEO would have to pack his bags. The directors too will have to answer and this is getting too much and all the worms are wringgling out from the can. Has BN anychance of getting back to former glories? No way and DAP is championing the rakyats causes now. Its a joke and $2 million of unpaid dues.What more is left inside the closet????? Can anyone out there tell me…

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  7. The photo shot used aptly shows how a person can be very deceptive and cunning . This is the same mayor who said during his installation he would be discharging his duty professionally and would work with politicians from both divide. All have changed since and this mayor had denied the DAP whose leaders were featured on the photo, the use of Dewan Mesyuarakat for their recent dinner gathering. Not too long ago his men had harrassed the DAP during their rounds of voters registration exercise.

    Can we trust this man who had been doing dubious job for Hardwood Timber before and now wants to disguise as fair mayor and being apollitical ?

    We want this mayor to declare in public his impartiality in discharging his duties and look into the corporate structure of the comapanies that have resulted in their inefficiency in collect parking fees and not to resort to ridiculous ideas that infringe on the rights of the public.

    Why can’t MBKS work with more companies and zone the whole cities into 4 to 6 zones for operational efficiencies and allow 4 to 6 companies to participate? The privatisation of rubbish collection was already one of the biggest mistake to MBKS which could have generated more revenue and the privatisation of the parkings control is also flawed .

    If Jame Chan allows himself to be dictated by BN he might as well resign now and be ready to be a candidate for the next state election. WE don’t need a mayor who puts on two heads and masquerade as a professional and impartial mayor.

  8. Be conscious guys that these MAYORS throughout Sarawak are appointed positions and as such, are PUPPETS of BN. Most of them are being told what to do. They have got their real masters teaching them what to say. THe local councils in sarawak this year (FEB 2010) were given 26 million plus by their FEDERAL LORDS to improve their infrastructures, now they want to collect more money from you.Better that they pull up their dirty socks and be more transparent…..we all know that contract jobs are 1) Given out to their cronies manipulated through a faulty Tender System OR 2) Prices are INFLATED and given to their cronies to benefit individuals’ damn pockets. NO, TODAY THE PEOPLE ARE MUCH MUCH SMARTER AND MORE WISER ! That’s what NAJIB wants under 1Malaysia, an informed society.

  9. This Mayor thinks he knows all. Heard him shouting too and barking instructions to his staff as if they are nobody. U wan to see him beter go and check him out in action!

  10. Lets see whether the councillors dare to tell the mayor and the council that there should be more ZONES for tender. Correct correct correct and that will mean transperancy and not just gabbage talk.

  11. Kiss goodbye lah SUPP! the mayor is working for someone else interests so that even the council parking tickets collection is theirs. Cant you see?

  12. We want all the local council members be elected as suggested by DAP/PR. But SPR says no. These are all ukoi (dogs) of BN. Kuching South mayor is no different. What are a pity that our country and council are administered by these types of people. 47 years is very long time and I don’t think we need to wait for that long to bring change and let’s all be responsible here come state election change PBB/BN to PR. Let’s try them to administer us the next 5 years and if they’re better than PBB/BN then reelect them come PRN11 or else get them lost.

  13. ” This is James Chan, your Datuk Bandar speaking…and blah blah blah….. during the chap -go meh staff gathering, many heads of department and staffs are absent from the function. If you feel you can’t work with me you should be looking elsewhere (something to that effect) “..over the intercom of MBKS.

    THis is the first time ever that a Datuk Bandar openly threaten the staffs! Song Swee Guan, can you please verify this serious allergation. If this is true, we shall make sure this mayor lose his deposit should he be brave to stand in the coming state election.

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