“2992” Who Has Who Dies.??’

The battle of Bukit Assek in Sibu Constituency N45 will see if it materialises two heavyweights slugging it out for the 2992 newly registered voters. Pretty sure the number 2992 wil be sold out in the gambling outlets tomorrow.

 The numbers if you add up 2+9+2+9=22 { 2+2=4 }and during the last count the total registered numbers were 26002= 10 and add in 2992=28994 for the next State elections. Numbers plays a significant part in the daily lives of those who indulge in a little flutter of some sort. They are also indicators of some sort on where the “feng shui” of numbers will favour.

Nothing superstitious but with MP Tiong Thai King of SUPP and ADUN Wong Ho Leng in a keenly fought contest they will of course be a casualty.One has to lose and 4 signifies Death while the winner will have the number 5 which is Have what it takes to Win. 

Its already up in FACEBOOK where Wong Ho Leng DAP Sarawak Chairman where he alleged that ,”Someone fr SUPP had moved in voters from other areas. Voters changed their IC address with false addresses and moved into Bukit Assek,”. However Minister of Environment and Public Health, Wong Soon Koh said most of the new voters are youth aged 21 who are now eligible to vote.

Ysterday we wrote,”BN ..Not End .Certainly some Black Areas” and in it we said,”

Barring any miracles of course the BN will still maintain the 2/3rd majority and will not cruise through like what SUPP President George Chan has confidently said.

What do you expect him to say said a graduate in business studies? Of course after losing heavily 8 out of 19 seats he needs to rally his troops and put up a Brave Face eventhough he knows DEEP DOWN IN HIS GUT that SUPP will face their usual adversary in DAP and expects a TOUGH OUTING AGAIN.

Its a psychological game of political wits and whatever propagander is needed to ensure one has the edge over the other. SUPP will go on an all out attack to “CHOP OFF THE SNAKES HEAD” which is a term commonly used by tacticians  and gain back lost ground and they will be more than satisfied to send Wong Ho Leng to the abyss.

The DAP Chairman is well prepared and he has been ruthless to say the least in maintaining party discipline.The suspension of DAP N11 Assemblyman is a good indicator of the no nonsence approach of DAP Sarawak. He has wasted no time in putting his foot down and many political analysts say it is within his right as Sarawak party head. He needs to stabilise the party as it gets ready to do battle with their common enemy SUPP.

It will indeed be a 2992 battle between Wong Ho Leng (incumbent) against MP Tiong if he is chosen by the SUPP hierarchy. This will be an interesting heavyweight battle if it materialises. Have you bought your numbers yet..???

BN..Not End.”Certainly Some Black Areas..”

Eversince DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang came out with the bold prediction of denying Sarawak BN 2/3rds majority the people on the streets in Sarawak are asking,”Possible Kah..? Sarawakians according to a former journalist has a delayed reaction and the tsunami of 308 is reaching the shorelines now.Just about…..

Natasha,Joey and Cindy of audie61 went around asking professionals,graduates,man on the streets and asked,”Will the Opposition HAVE ENOUGH IN THEM to topple the present State BN..?” But before they embark on their rounds in the opinions audie61 checked with their lawyer as someone might just instigate a “DELAYED REACTION” as some people just want to do things behind the “Cloaks of Invicibility”  

Of course the original question was more straight forward and it will be highly irresponsible on our part to publish it here eventhough it was brainstormed and decided by the majority to use it. My hands are itching to put the question out….Where are my glasses..hehehe.?? The lawyers shouted across the room no,no,no..NOoooooo.

We look at the 71 seats break it down into urban and rural and also the racial mix on the constituencies. How many are winnable? Barring any miracles of course the BN will still maintain the 2/3rd majority and will not cruise through like what SUPP President George Chan has confidently said.

What do you expect him to say said a graduate in business studies? Of course after losing heavily 8 out of 19 seats he needs to rally his troops and put up a Brave Face eventhough he knows DEEP DOWN IN HIS GUT that SUPP will face their usual adversary in DAP and expects a TOUGH OUTING AGAIN.

A former Chinese Pemanca said SUPP will do well to maintain 11 out of 19 their seats and Ido fear for SUPP as the young urban voters do not care about what SUPP Has done in the pasts and this younger set of voters are already turning their backs on the party which is “plague or diseased with infightings at mosts levels

It seems that the in-thing suits them and DAP is Coca Cola to them while SUPP is like Green Spot where it has their own fanbase. The suspension of DAP Batu Lintang Assemblyman and DAP is bold to take out such an action. It is a no nonsence approach which the young urbanites sees it as a “feather in the DAPs cap in Sarawak.”

A dayak undergraduate said to Joey,”It was a known fact by one BN coalition party did not take the appropriate action against the persons when it was a necessity and today it is back haunting the coalition.” The difference is that this will harm the BN coalition in the dayak areas as they will surely be disuntiy and it will turn to ‘BN versus BN” and the opposition Pakatan group will benefit handsomely.

BN in the dayak areas was grey areas and now its slowly turning Black and its a warning SHOT to the leaders in the coalition to stem out the root of the problems now or else pay heavily in the STATE POLLS LATER WHEN ITS CALLED.

 According to a historian these leaders Suharto,Nicolae Ceaucescu,Manuel Zelaya were all ousted. Could this happen in Sarawak..? It will not be so drastic but if the Black Areas are Pakatans gain in time BN will lose more than its fixed deposit status.

The malay/melanau areas are still pretty safe but they will be skirmishes here and there but not enough to even lose more than 5 seats. The opposition will of course push the figures up and 1987 was a very good lesson in which PBDS won 15 Permas 5. If only they had looked at the Chinese areas then but that is history now.

The well greased Bn machinery of the ruling parties will be tested to the fullest this time around as it does look “CALM ON THE SURFACE BUT DEEP BENEATH THE SURFACE THERE IS CERTAINLY A CAUSE FOR CONCERN.”

The usual NCR land issues will still be used but now its no more relevant to go for the voting people. The BN will have their own manifesto and the Pakatan group too but as in any elections the people will have their  final say.

The simple things like roads,electricity,jettys,briges,water,community halls,schools,clincis will still be used to win some rural votes but its not enough anymore to them.

Its not only the bread and butter issues now but also the POLITICAL CANDIDATE that is presented to represent the coalition. Not everyone is a politician unless he has the heartbeat for the people and the people know now more than ever.

Nevertheless the coalition parties needs to clear up their own backyards before they even present a winning combination. i.e party plus candidature will go a long way to boost the mark X on the ballot paper. It has been uttered once too often,”Sarawakians are Afraid of Changes but they will be a time…..” Could it be Pakatans time this round..? BN..Not End just yet..will you just let it go.

We have said it and after doing a survey we feel that,”the calm waters are not about to suddenly turn into raging waters unless a CERTAIN MIRACLE HAPPENS. Do you have what it takes to come out with it..?? Its election time and the politicians needs all the brains there is to turn an election campaign into a WINNABLE One. So what do you say….huh!!  

Even our SB sources agree BN..Not end yet..as they indulged in the barbequed lamb and beef prepared by us at audie61.But some will be barbequed thouroughly in the black areas” The SB reports are not too far wrong and the YBs needs to buck out or be shipped out..You have been warned…… 


“Mawan Pandai..Mana ada PRS..??”

An old friend in the early days of PRS and a very staunch and loyal PRS dayak member surprisingly gave me a call. He said audie61 the SPDP crisis is nothing as compared to what PRS and PBDS went through. In this whole equation now it seems that Mawan is the clever one”Pandai he says” and Masing and PRS a party accepting all supposedly PBB YBs. He said with a tinge of sadness. Sekarang mana dapat PRS keluar dari BN.? Taib memang Pandai juga.James kena checkmate and also knotted like a rope.

Do you think its still PRS he asked?.Even the LOGO he said has changed and now its padi stalks and the colour is Green. Though he is dayak he says launching the logo twice is not good “feng shui” and it has similarities to Gerakan in the Peninsular..Might be washed away this time with Tiong,Sng and Ting havent forgotten what Masing has said and done. Mesti kena bomb,bomb ,bomb di kawasan PRS.

Though it was a short conversation he said ,’If only Masing has listened to the ones who cared instead of those who look for economic gains.” Anyway he says its only a matter of time when the elections is called and it could be after the DUN sitting at the end of May. Its 429 days away and if CM has the inspiration it will be very soon……

Taibs Successor…”Hold On”..State Elections 1st!!

Brunch” this morning with various party members threw up yet the subject “Succession to CM Taibs throne” As early as 1994 this subject which has interested the party members still remains a mystery even  though the PBB Convention has just concluded on the 5th of March 2010.

Taib will not be drawn into rumours of personalities being groomed for take-over but instead he will look forward to leading a team of dedicated,disciplined and united PBB together with the other BN coalition partners in going fr a FRESH MANDATE  from the rakyat. The succession speculations can be left to another day which Taib  has held it close to his chests.

There has been many reports on WHO and WHEN he hands over the baton says a party member who wishes to stay anonymous from the northern region. The guessing game does not augur well as there seems to be an alignment of various leaders as they look forward to the day Taib calls it a day.

The main political reason,’They fear that they will be LEFT OUT COMPLETEDLY. He pointed out an article which was posted in Bintulu.org some time ago. audie61 checked it out and we have the posts below.

What is Taib Mahmud, Melanau Muslim strongman and Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) president Samy Vellu has in common? In one word ‘long‘.

Tan Sri Taib Mahmud was appointed Sarawak chief minister in 1981. Thus he has been in power for the past 28 years and counting.”My position as PBB president is for the party members to decide and I am leaving it to them to decide. I have openly said I am ever willing to step down as president any time now but party interest has the final say,” Taib said  in Betong.

Last month MIC’s supremo Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu announced that he will only step down in 2015.

“No one should doubt that he will keep his word. This means, wait for it… by 2015, Samy Vellu would be the winner of the “longest” time in power.”

“He was elected president of MIC in 1979 and by 2015, he would have held the MIC presidency for 36 years!!!”, says Prof James Chin an expert in Sarawak politics.

The State Elections will be called very soon as in two months time the present STATE Government will go into its fourth term. Taib has until July 2011 to go for a FRESH Mandate and its up to him to have the INSPIRATION to pick the dates.

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Sng Chee Hua..”A Political Comeback..??”

These smses which has been in circulation today has sent tongues and tails wagging,”Eagle has landed..d.Sng to contest Meluan regardless” and the follow up,”not quite to replace w.judat mayb. Mawan may need him to neutralise Masing.”

Is this a political comeback of some sort by Sng Chee Hua? Its like the rise of “dayakism” and the posts Taib Era has got something to do with this speculations and rumours circulating.Masing has been very incessant in his statements that Pelagus belongs to PRS and they have found a candidate to replace Larry Sng (son of Chee Hua) and Assistant Minister in CMs office with three portfolios and is partyless after the PRS crisis.

Why Meluan? Why an SPDP seat? We have been harping that  the dayaks are seriously trying to use 1987 as a yardstick. 1994 PBDS came back to the fold and many felt they have been shortchanged by their leaders. The political equilibrium which has been enjoyed by the BN government in terms of stability,unity and harmony for the lasts 16 years is being rattled not only by the Opposition parties of DAP,PKR,PAS and SNAP but also from within BN.

The 5 plus 3 SPDP separatist has somewhat opened the PANDORA BOX. We have found delight for the last 16years in terms of OLD WOUNDS HEALING but political alliances does not lasts forever and the SCARS are still there. We say our politicians have come of age and extreme parochial politics has seen the last of its days but  its coming back with a different version.

On November 9th 2008 nearly 1 and half years ago we wrote”Ming Court 1987 of a reverse version“where the Dayaks are playing the puppet game on the surface but striking it hard quietly as they advance from their rural base.

We also received from a BN YB and Political Secretary said,”No need to wori Bro.What revival is this? Hasn’t there been numerous revival which led to the formation of PBDS before? It’s just another attempt by disgruntled and frustrated PERSONALITIES TO WIN POWER. Bear in mind that any group that uses race as their battle cry will never succeed. It has been proven by PAJAR and PBDS before.Many have short memory.   

With this in mind former Deputy President of PRS (P182 and N54 YB) Sng Chee Hua might also be picked to join in the fray. The 24 2/3rds majority and 36 overthrowing the BN Sarawak government has been sounded by DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang. It will be a political comback of some sort by Sng and he has been itching to get back to what he knows bests.

The smses which has been circulating has also a sting with a deadly venom especially this one,”Someone a GUD Fren has dug the graveyard for Masing.” Mawan appears all cool eventhough his name has been implicated and he would be very happy to play a major role in the absence “IF JAMES DOES WALK AWAY FROM BN” 

Opposition leaders cannot see it happening and many are not James bests friend but they know with PRS dayak leaders with them and also their own the REALITY CAN BE ACHIEVED.

 Will Sng again spoil the Opposition plans..?? He is afterall 8 years younger than Taib Mahmud the CM . Surely he will brush this speculation aside. We will SOON KNOW as the election days draws near………..

“BN Taib,Tiong,Sng,Chan,Jabu versus James and Pakatan”

Is it already written in the history books? It has already been simmering for sometime now and relations between James and the ones mentioned has not been at their bests.Pretty sure,no greeting cards will be exchanged during festive occasions.  

Taib crossed swords with James instrumental in KM1 and KM2 during the infamous Ming Court Affair and the PBDS ‘dayak struggles for power days.  Taib no doubt has been using the divide and rule of the dayaks and political parties to ensure that he is No.1 and also by living close to the enemies. 23 years on the dayaks are coming up again as now they have really grown up in economics and politics and the time is ripe.

Sng Chee Hua who aligned himself to Tajem and later James Masing has been casts into political oblivion though he has tried to use his Son’s platform and Ting Pek Kiing to stay relevant in BN. He got found out very fortunatedly as some dayaks and PKR members said during Lubok Antu by elections. One remembers what famous politicians will say to their ‘hidden machais or understudies”- Once you show your head you are term useless to me and in place someone will take over.” 

Tiong without a doubt and even a little kid would be able to point out ” has been labelled as one of the certain personalities” in the proxy fight and illusionary merger process of the SPDP Separatists 5 plus 3 with PRS.

The “CRISIS BREEDS OPPORTUNITIES” and “18 YBs in Kapit” in togetherness certainly has sounded the alarm bells within BN. Word has it also that there is no more turning back. James is listening more than ever to his trusted aides.  

Certainly dont even rule out that PRS will follow the footsteps of PBS said a final year political studies student. History has a funny way of coming back and Taib,Tiong,Sng,Chan and Jabu are watching these developments with curiosity.

 There needs to be a check on PRS movements and Taibs ears and eyes needs to be strongly planted into PRS or else it will be a little too late. Taib is 74 and James you are 61 and thats the blunt message which is blowing from the winds across the dayak hinterlands. If not NOW, WHEN similarities to someone’s remarks don’t you think..??

Tiong has even brought 40 MPs to Taiwan and Taib will know that Tiong is not someone who he can do without. Enemies becomes Friends isnt this common in the political alignment of politics when there is a necessity…?

Jabu as we know has always been attacked as he only focusses on his Betong Constituency and he was the giant killer in 1974 when he defeated SNAPs Kalong Ningkan at SNAPs fortress. In the internet blogs and in the political circles it is very clear that Jabu will be challenged and there might be a GIANT KILLER.

Who will present himself with this opportunity to write himself into Sarawaks political history books? There are a number of names being touted and Stanley Embat and Tedewin Ngumbang seems to be the GRADE A package. 

James is looking into the possibilty of leading the charge as the political scenario has changed more in favour of the dayaks who are now frustrated and disgruntled by the Melanau led regime of 28 years of as Chief Minister. Will James take this bait..?

It is without a doubt that Baru Bian himself an Orang Ulu will willingly step aside if the PKR leaders sees James as more than capable of overthrowing the BN Sarawak rule. 29 dayak majority seats,26 melanau/malay and 16 Chinese majority seats and one need not use geography/history but mathematics to see where the winnable seats are.

 Lim Kit Siang DAP supremo has already indicated 24 seats as depriving 2/3rds majority while 36 as overthrowing the BN Sarawak rule.

The hard core within the defunct PBDS has not forgotten the embracing of the Melanau uncle and nephew on stage at Hilton and James will know its an opportune time to “PAYBACK” to the dayaks on what should have been theirs instead of being ruled by the minority race says a veteran politician.

This is alarming and its very calm on the surface. James knows without his troops in PRS beneath the surface are gauging the sentiments and working out the bests possibilities to overthrow not only Taib but the names mentioned.

Will SUPP come to the rescue again as it did in 1987? It certainly is a different era and if the UNLIKELY Happens with James leading PRS into battle with Taib it will be very much closer. Ths time the Frogs might come from BN says another political observer. If Selangor can fall why not Sarawak he added.

How many of the 18  dayak YBs we ask will follow James into battle with Taib? He has nothing to be worried as he will have with him this time round PKR,DAP,PAS and SNAP. BN will be left with PBB,SUPP and SPDP remnants. eventhough those who will walk out of James in PRS they will have to fight at the dayak majority seats. They will be termed ‘BETRAYERS” too if BN plays the same game.

The warning tsunami signs are already approaching the coastlines of Sarawak and the ground movements are certainly growing in strength. Taib has to muster all his experience and above all his POLITICAL WITTINESS to stem this tide. Its not only ‘dayakism” but another New Partner. 

1987 was Permas and PBDS but this time Taib will know he faces his greatest challenge. James knows Taib has not forgotten and James likewise will get his revenge at the mosts opportune time.

Will they be another time? The simmering water will be turned up to BOILING POINT and Taib will need to turn to his trusted collegues to undo this ambition of the powers to be. 

Are we telling the readers something which they already know or are we telling Taib the traps are already opened and the Tigers you have will ALSO FALL SOON. Chan the SUPP President has even sounded confidently that BN wil make a clean sweep and one seasoned politician said,”He is trying to whip the sentiments of the Chinese in that the fast flowing waters have reached his neck.”

 Its a rallying cry and we did ask earlier will SUPP be able to come to BNs rescue again? The undercurrents are too strong now and more than ever Taib will need Tiong,Sng,Chan and Jabu to not only  double check but triple it up.

Will James not want to sit at the HIGH CHAIR and see that his KM3 work. Lim Kit Siang did not give up and finally in 308 Penang was taken over by Pakatan and today LIM GUAN ENG is the Chief Minister. (His son)

It is indeed very calm within the Pakatan alliances and they do hope that the Miracle of PRS will do a PBS. Nothing is Impossible in Politics they say…Don’t you agree…???

“Crisis Breeds Opportunities”

It seems what goes round comes around and 1987 Ming Court Affair will resurface if its left unchecked. PRS President James Masing has already blown the BUGLE at Kapit in the presence of 18 YBs plus party supporters and it seems these words,”,”Crisis Breeds Opportunities” at PRS press conference will haunt him. According to a veteran politician he says,’ James is very cunning and wily and as an Antropologists plus his political experience he knows how the human minds will react. 

Mawan who has been rather cool especially with his 5 Separatists YBs and 3 SC deserting him at SPDP PC has said,”,”Politics is about agreement and not disagreement.”

It seems the message has really caught on and CM Taib in this Malaysiakini report also echoed it out loud at the Rejang Regatta 2010,”He also reminded them that “there should be more agreements to do more things for the people rather than more disagreements where they will end up quarreling among themselves“.

“There is nothing to gain by being divided,” he said.

“We should learn from our own experiences since 20 to 30 years ago where the great partnership between our people of different races, religions and backgrounds had yielded much better results for the country,” he said.

It clearly reflects that CM is not the Unseen Hand which many has said that he was behind the toppling of Tiong King Sing for his egocentric and powers and not respecting the Chief Minister Taib. If it was taib would not have played this card about disagreements. The persons or “HIDDEN HANDS” are using this opportunity to knock harder as the posts era Taib and also preaching with it Taibs days are closing on him and numbered.

Who has ambition? Who has been harping on future CM will be a dayak? Who seems gullible? The words spoken as they say when it comes out from the tigers mouth is UNRETRACTABLE AND BEYOND SALVATION. CM is not sleeping yet eventhough he has been stabbed once too often and his generals and lieutenants will consolidate and eventually destroy those who uses “Crisis Breeds Opportunities

One needs to be remind James the PRS President too,’ THERE ARE STILL DANGEROUS PEOPLE OUT THERE .THEY ARE NOT KILLED UNLIKE DURING WARS.” 1987 and 2010 are too different eras and need we say more.…??

WHY ITS CALLED MING COURT AFFAIR 1987 from Broken shield

The Ming Court is a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, where a group of politicians headed by the former Governor of Sarawak, Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub gathered some time in March 1987 and discussed a plan to topple the State government of Sarawak under the leadership of Taib Mahmud, Rahman’s nephew. The Ming Court Hotel became the “headquarters” of these politicians who were dissatisfied with Taib’s government. Thus, the name of Ming Court Hotel Affair came about.
Are they all still around……Of course..!!! 

Dissatisfaction with Taib’s leadership started as early as in 1985, when Bumiputera politicians accused him of neglecting the interests of Bumiputeras – the Malays, Ibans and Bidayuhs and giving so much face to the Chinese. Many big projects, timber concession areas and large tracts of land were given to the Chinese and SUPP. Because of a special relationship between Taib and SUPP leaders, SUPP became very daring in its demand. SUPP even asked the State government to give it a piece of land in each of the seven divisions in the State for the construction of its premises. This request by SUPP angered the Bumiputeras.

Wilfred Nissom, the independent State Assemblyman for Bengoh, was among those who were critical of Taib Mahmud. Nissom accused Taib of being a “weak” Chief Minister who always gave in to demands by SUPP. He said that it was only a weak Chief Minister who tried to make a criminal out of a Bidayuh who had made a private application to join PBB under him.

24/36″The Fear of 1987 Repeating Itself”

1987 was the Ming Court Affair. Thought Provoking..?  History about to repeat itself.? Didnt 1987 changed the way how the powers control the political scene in Sarawak ? Is Pakatan Sarawak the New force and a New platform for the opposition to surf their way to the Corridors of Power?

Usually there must be a spark of some sort which will further PUSH FOR A REVIVAL. The groundswell is there and even amongst the BN dayak politicians there is a call for “Dayakism”. Why? What ‘s wrong? Where is it happening? Who are the forces behind?  When is it happening?

One school of thought is that,”Its not so much the opposition is strong but BN versus BN  which will benefit the Pakatan group? Even the push to oust the so called towkays in the BN aligned political parties is reaching feverish momentum. PRS has already reengineered the move with the Sng faction taken out of the equation and it seems SPDP is also moving towards that. 

SUPP will self explode and DAP will be the beneficiary if they still maintain the OLD GUARDS to protect the already cracked castle. PBB is also experiencing the posts Taib Era and the successors to be pushing their claims for the holy grail. Will they be able to even SNIFF THE HIGH CHAIR..?

 Lim Kit Siang has even dared the opposition to look at depriving the Sarawak BN of its 2/3rd majority and even suggested for the 36 magical number of overthrowing the BN.

Nothing is impossible as the dayaks are slowly but surely pushing the BN powers from within on a collision course and it spells TROUBLE FOR BN AS A WHOLE. The boiling point will be very soon and the ground is reverberating with calls of NO U TURN by the Separatists 5 plus 3 which does not help BN in totality. 

BN should be looking at going to the ground serving the rakyat instead of the “Whispering Revival of Dayakism” Imagine hearing with my own ears,”I am for Dayakism”

The rural areas “appears on paper“though as still BN stronghold but with Borneo Warrior and Broken shield playing this up,” “Jabu has a lot of weaknesses and failures and we need to highlight these failures to the voters and make them understand the issues,” said Tedewin Ngumbang, another potential candidate for the constituency.

It certainly is BN versus BN which will galvanise and ensure the people or rural voters make a switch and a very opportune time to do it. In the 2006 elections you could hardly see any opposition members so “DARING or OPENLY” carrying SLOGANS or party flags.

24/36 seems to be the rallying cry for the Pakatan Sarawak group to inspire and push the oppositon members to capitalise on the dissatisfaction and infighting which is so evident in the BN parties.The waters are calmer now especially with the Pakatan machinery in place and their ground troops moving not only out of their fox holes but openly mixing and capitalising on BN’s weaknesss which is INFIGHTING .

Who would have thought this year alone the world is experiencing a lot of Earthquakes whether its a small recorded seismic reading or a devastating one. 308 BN parties were so complacent and look what happen?

2006 SUPP President George Chan apologised and said sorry that SUPP losts 8 seats. One cannot imagine what will happen in the next State election as there are too many factors which are not in BN’s favour. PBB will almost certainly retain all its seats but if the ground shake is nothing short of devastation a few seats might  justs be lost. 24 or 2/3rds majority looks realistically within reach. 

The towkays in BN needs to know who will they back and they might just be the catalyst for change. Dont overlook what has been written and BN will need to buck up or they might just be deprived of the majority.  Who dares to predict that the Opposition parties will not capitalise on BN’s weakness?

Its up to BN to shore up the cracks in the fortress or be left devastated into a rumble of rocks. 1987 is a lesson learnt and “dayakism” can never be ruled out nor ignored as Sarawaks population is made up in majority of dayak origin. The first person who said it will not happen again will deservedly be given a good right hook or a slap to tell him don’t be over confident.

 Read the ground movements………….. Just a thought “Who then will be the next Tun Rahman and Leo Moggie as the commanders in chief as in 1987? Do you have their names….???

PKR “CNY Open House”

Latest sms from See Chee How at 915 pm PKR Open House: Good Turnout easily more than 350 turn up eventhough Chua Jui Meng has left early for Airport at 8.30pm. More are coming in after performing prayers.  

PKR Sarawak will be holding a Chinese New Year Open House at their New party headquarters in Satok,Kuching. The guests of honour will be PKR SC Member Datuk Seri Chua Jui  Meng (former Health Minister). The function will start at 7.30pm and PKR members,friends,supporters and alliances have all been invited to attend.

The Information chief of PKR Sarawak See Chee How says,”Its a Chinese New Year Gathering and we hope that it will be a very good night for everyone in the spirit of Celebrating the CNY festival.”

PRS “Senatorship..”

Its another winnable strategy by PRS leaders in trying to solve the problems besetting SPDP and also allowing the Separatists 5 plus 3 to temporary park at PRS. Though the 5 plus 3  has not heeded the CM to “cool  it” they have on their part listened and were advised by the PM Najib not to start a new party but park at a current BN coalition partner.

PRS is in a win win situation and according to inform sources the PRS Wanita Chief Doris Brodie would be sworn in as Senator with effective from the 12th of March 2010. Of course this is another political message being handed down and its more than meets the eye. We offer our congratulations to her and as we answered our smses “VERY GOOD DESERVEDLY”-

Many congratulations to PRS and it seems the President has consented to her appointment with the blessings from the CM and approval from PM Najib.