SPDP”It’s SOoo Hot..Drop it..!!!

Its very common for people to use names especially when it rolls out their mouths like candy. Its also very malicious to backstab the innocent ones who unknowingly fall into the category of being “powerful”. There are people who would use this method just to be relevant and in the end they will be SMOKED OUT LIKE FARM RATS.  It seems after the weekend spent at the Bidayuh hinterland of Bau word has it that some SPDP leaders have used the names of certain Ministers as a Shield for their own Misadventure. Could they have used the name for someones bigger agenda?  

Even the top man the CM Taib was implicated to be the UNSEEN HAND. Is the CM so naive that he gets himself dirtied to the point of being hated by his own coalition BN partner? Names were used immediatedly as cover up and the next bests thing is to throw out few names and see where it lands.

 We have done our investigative work and found out that the particular Ministerial name was conveniently used. He sounded like what audie61 would write,”Huh! Tak Ada Lah! Mana mahu Campur! Selalu orang pakai nama aku. Jangan dengar khabar angin saja“{ Huh! No way,Why should I interfere? Everytime people use my name .Dont listen to rumours only}

In the Borneo Posts today Mawan SPDP President made a very concerned and right approach as a forgiving guardian to the Separatists 5.He said that the 5 may have “preferred to stay out in the sun while others are inside the houses.but I am treating them as SPDP members no more no less so long as they have not declared themselves as PRS(Party Rakyat Sarawak) members.

According to a BN YB he said to audie61,”SPDP is sailing now on calmer waters and the Separatists 5 will regret not to be on the Cruise.” They will have to come to a decision to “helicopter back in to land and make up for losts time.” CM is quietly monitoring the situation and their actions of not ” COOLING IT” has indeed put a bit of a dampener on to the state elections date. 

A political source said that there are of course some who are seen to be guilty to the point where they have even come out with statements to protect or rebuke Mawans front page statement. They have indeed failed to see that Mawan has meant ” THE ONE ” who has garnered enough strenght to push for his own personal ascension to the CMs throne. 

Of immediate reference would be the PRS President but its not and he should be thankful to audie61 to have save him from arrows directed at him at this particular fluid political situation. Would he now..? Mawan would at least send his man to say thanks but thats the bests he could and can do for us at audie61 as we have earlier lambasted him for not reading internet blogs.

The CM succesion is one such HOT issue that many are looking over and above Taib. Its SOoo Hot that many are given clear signals to drop their pursuit or face a good many years in cold storage. CM Taibs inner circles have already more or less identified the person for consideration to take over barring any hiccups. They will be those who will still go after the FOOLS GOLD and they will pay the price for being misinformed.


23 thoughts on “SPDP”It’s SOoo Hot..Drop it..!!!

  1. Unofficial Observer says:

    The 5 are now enjoying their summer holiday, sun bathing at the advise of their SPDP insider.

    Mr. Bean goes holiday!

    • Eh entah apa nama says:

      it was a bad bad miscalculation by the 5 stooges. they may be sun bathing but soon they will get very bad sun burnt until no one recognized them.

  2. BN man says:

    The SPDP 5 are YBs who have SHOES but are now wearing SLIPPERS! They have to think hard, real hard and not continue playing this losing game for their Party. Let’s face it, if they want to challenge the top posts, let’s do it in 2 years time at the next TGA. That’s a fair game, the winner and his group takes all, if Dr Chua could do it in MCA, why can’t you YB Sylvester. You are still an SPDPian, yes you are!

  3. zainuddin says:

    very true. People always use names to throw their weight around which of course means they have somthing sinister.

  4. BN man says:

    Well CHLOE, the end result will be they will be left out in the cold, no way could they be PRS candidates in the coming GE, so they still need to stand on a platform which equates to SPDP/BN, ie. if they are NOT dropped and that can happen. Because the people who decide on the candidates will be the Party’s President and the Chairman of BN in Sarawak (Taib). It’s simple Arithmetic, they must come back to their senses before it’s too late.

  5. BN man says:

    You have SHOES, you want to wear SLIPPERS, you may end up “kaki ayam”. Ponder man, ponder, do like what Chua SL did to the Ongs.

  6. Ben Obama says:

    Why so worry about, they have DAP, PKR and event can be independent as a platform to fight for injustice, if not for personnel gain.

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      :lol: Yes KANGTAO those goons and pirates will deny thisa and tah and methink we just ignore them or just ask them to go to their 1 Clinic Malaysia for their ‘Kepala Pening’ medicine :lol: What about that fren :?:

  7. BN man says:

    Masing has declared he’s not the bogey man. Then who is he? That enemy from within BN. Your guess may just be as good as mine. First he must be a Datuk, second, he must be very rich and loaded, third of course he should be a YB. Is he Chinese? Guess who?…the PKFZ towkey? or….?

  8. ng.kesit says:

    There you are, looking good if every old and young spirit can play a part in criticised our leader and the present govt. The critics is because we are not happy with all the fund allocation either state and federal are channeled to those corrupted YB’s and public servant’s who hold such high position.

    Should the fund channeled directly to the people then every single of us will get benefit from it and not make Najib every time announces this and that make the people happy by showing there are consent. The are culprit.

  9. ape says:

    Majority of Sarawakians are still stupid…this is a society where ‘maggots’ thrives!

    When there are maggots, there are rotting flesh…thats what this place is…rotting flesh, with all its juices being sucked out.

    Most of those ignorant supporters of the regime aren’t too aware of the true economic state, they still think this is an endless flowing fountain of wealth!

    Sadly mistaken thinking there will always be opportunities for them to be just like their ‘heroes’. Guess by the time they ‘awake’ it would be too late, there will not even be rotting flesh just bones left!

    Sad indeed..so continue to believe in this nonsense and lets see if whats written here is just fiction.

  10. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :arrow: PM Najib’s promote M’sia but their racist goons give the WORLD bad impression like Churches fire bombing and their Majority threatened the minority with 513 again :?: What confident investors look at M’sia with this type of political situations :?:

  11. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :arrow: This idiot :evil: call others 2nd class citizen when actually M’sia Ingenious ( Orang Asli ) are real soil peoples here and not him :?: :lol:

  12. ng.kesit says:

    Racist issue never end, from the beginning to another. Recently our Muyidin says ” he is 1st Malay 2nd Malaysian. ” Najib say’s 1Malaysia for all. Muyidin better you make apology to all Malaysian before it more worst. I don’t dare to say that you are stupid leader. World is watching you Muyidin.

  13. kangtao says:

    1st Malay 2nd Malaysian, 1st Iban 2nd Sarawakian 3rd Malaysian ……So it proves that 1Malaysia is merely a slogan, a gimmick. BN leaders in Sarawak, please don’t make others make you live in “denial”.

  14. Mata Kuching says:

    Lets call a referendum for Sarawakians and Sabahans to decide if they still want to be part of Malaysia and or its political rethoric 1Malaysia.

    Let us put it to all BN ministers to declare if they are 1st ethnicity and 2nd nationality. Give them 14 days to decide or denounce 1Malaysia completely.

    It is never too late to be a country known as Sarawak and Sabah . Aferall we are not an equal partners and we are 50 years behind in term of development.

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