SPDP President “Enlightenment Chanced Meeting”

It was supposed to be and planned for a quiet and uneventful Tuesday to recharge all batteries which seems to be fully exhausted after a heavy and hectic weekend. This particular ring tone from a close confidante of the SPDP President and the subsequent words that followed was enough to give an added impetus for our lifeless body. The Brains though suddenly sparked into high gear as we made our way to meet the SUAVE President of SPDP.

What was it all about? Great , a personal interview for audie61 from the MAN himself which might throw some more insights into the 5 Separatists or could they be other more enticing and refreshing developments.

We shook hands and thanked the President for giving us the chance to see him. Cards were exchanged and the first thing he said,”Unleash the Potential of Youth” Brilliant…!! We have broken the ice and this was what he has been busily professing to all on the importance of the youth and the technology which the youths used in terms of countless hours on the internet,phone sms,twittering,facebooks etc etc.

He mentioned to us that the youths today are different from how we spent our youthful days. One must realise how far we have advanced and how the Youth view todays  Politics. Politicians must keep abreast with what is going on and we must now actively engage the youth or else we will be left behind by them.

To Mawan,”Technology waits for no one and we must be up todate and he encourages his YBs and party members to check out the internet portals and blogs and never brush anything under the carpet.

What affects other parties will also affect SPDP and to him the youths are the most important market for growth. The party needs new blood and we have now the Pengerakan Puteri and Putera ranging from the age of 18 years to 35 years at the Division,Unit and State level of the party. This is indeed a Fresh Outlook for SPDP as it prepares the next echelon leaders for the party and also for the State of Sarawak or Malaysia in the future.    

How could one not be enlightened by the President of SPDP ?He has the visions of allowing and giving a platform for the youths to be included in the bigger plan of SPDP and this augers well for the future. audie61 has indeed found similarities to work closely with the President of SPDP.

Mawan mixes well with those who shares in his beliefs that SPDP as a party is above all. No one should be bigger than the party and this party belongs to the people who does not have selfish agendas. Lets go back to Youths he said and in time the multi racial concept of SPDP will start attracting people like bees to flowers.

The youths have changed in their mindset and we need to always engage,listen and deliver to them what are forefathers have taught us. To us it was not only a CHANCED MEETING BUT AN ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. Thanks to the close confidante of the President to arrange for us what was an eventful morning and also a very meaningful day.

12 thoughts on “SPDP President “Enlightenment Chanced Meeting”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    All Barisan National YBs in both Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia have no moral and political will and courage to check the hegemony of UMNO and its leaders. At most the internet will only give these YBs an indication that their political career and tenure are coming to an end. Whatever blogs and cyber space they accessed themselves to supposely get feedbacks on the people’s sentiments about government policies mean very little to them which will ultimately lead to their own political demise sooner than later. Good luck to you Mawan and all Sarawak YBs as you will not miss being in power after the next state election for you will have amassed enough wealth to last you till doomsday.

  2. Unofficial Observer says:

    Well well well. The opportunity was only for that? What happen to all the questions that audie has wanted to ask from the MAN himself?

    Audie should have ask the MAN to get a bigger screen mobile phone to enable him to read blogs online and while on the move.

    So, Mawan do read blogs! Hahahaaa

  3. BN man says:

    Unofficial Observer come on la, of course he reads all those blogs or have others reading them for him. Politicians can be smart, cunning, irritating, stupid and of course like Mawan says, egoistic. hahahaha….is he one too?

  4. BN man says:

    Mawan is smart and right to say SPDP is a “multi racial party” . That’s the only party around in Sarawak that has got Sammy V worried…….hahahaha

  5. SPDP Youth says:

    Well audie, you forgot to remind him that none of his supreme council member is below 45. Most of his so called presidential list is above sixties. I recalled what PN said when he challenge Nyarok, the party need to recognised the younger generation. It mind boggling how they react, putting banners all over the state to ask PN to withdraw from the contest. Is this what you called “unleashed the potential of youth”!!???. How about saberkas??? To call it a youth orgn is a joke when 90% of its leaders and members are half past six!!!. Mawan need to walk the talk, otherwise he will be seen as an empty gong. Audie, till then I am not convince!!!

  6. Mata Kuching says:

    The youths in Malaysia have awaken ! The Kadazan/ Dusun in Sabah have awaken ! The Dayaks in Sarawak have awaken! We are ready for two party system and the government who is willing to toe the line and earned their keeps will be voted in and their performance will be evaluated every five years.

    No Prime Minister, Chief Minister or Menteri Besar shall serve more than two terms.

    All Petakan Raykat candidates will take the lead by making a public declaration that should they resign for whatever reasons from their party, after been elected as ADUN or MP, they shall give up their seat and pave the way for a by-election. This will show their personal commitments and sincerity to the rakyat when offering themselves as a person and candidate with high moral integrity and character under Pakatan Rakyat ticket.

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