Chua-Ong “Ultimately Snake King”

Isn’t he justs that..Snake -King..? Chua in Hockien pronunciation can mean Snake while Ong “King or Powerful” Chua Soi Leck against all odds have come back and within two years have seen off the Ongs. Firstly he tussled with elder Ong and Ka Chuan was defeated by him for the Deputy Presidency Posts.

Younger Ong Ka Ting and Former MCA President and Incumbent MCA President Ong Ka Ting are both shown also the exit doors. Of course not without going through a tough election process whereby the DVDS surprisingly or deliberedly made an appearance again..Hmmm

How did Chua do it? How did he manage to Coax or have 900 odd delegates on his side to wrestle it away from two heavyweights. Just a couple of notes  for the defeated MCA candidates to ” TAPAU ” back. Just get your facts right and do not forget that the delegates are using every opportunity to see whether you are worth their vote. We know thats its only a small factor but dont you agree even “a small snake bite will be enough to hurt and maybe kill you. 

We pick this up from an Interview done by Malaysiakini TV and Ong Ka Ting said,’ After 3rd of March a lot of time have been wasted..Huh! Wrong date ” and Ong Tee Keat “Unfortunatedly there are too many Spin doctors”   One got his facts all muddled up while one is blaming the internet blogs,main stream media for his follies.

Khairy Jamaluddin interestingly enough even said that nowadays we have to move away from politics of yesteryears and use the mind and the right knowledge in this Brand of New politics with a different approach to win over the new voters

Votes win any elections.  Of course the MCA party delegates deep down in their hearts know who is sincerely true in bringing reforms and to get the party out of the crisis. The two Ongs fought each other but the bite from Chua was enough to see both of them off. Chua Soi Leck has paid the price and he has come out stronger and more determine to ensure that MCA remains relevant and his agenda is simple,”Inclusive and Collective”.   

His tasks has just begun eventhough he has managed to stop the Ongs. He had to fight off both of them and came out victors. Chua edged former president Ong Ka Ting, who garnered 833 votes, by a close majority of 68, while incumbent president Ong Tee Keat only managed to secure 578.

We have had the Scorpion King Movie and can we rule out “Ultimately Snake-King..Not Ananconda please….

9 thoughts on “Chua-Ong “Ultimately Snake King”

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :mrgreen: :evil: This time new DRAMA will be CHUA-LIOW = SNAKE FINISH and going to end very soon comes 13th GE as they are now MR YES MAN to B-eNding that only know how to ‘Kow Tow’ and yes yes yes only to their Big bully bro only :lol: :lol: :lol:

  2. True Blood says:

    Very true what you said,”snake bite no matter how small is also a bite and it hurts aduuuuuh. What about a mosquito or a bee ??

  3. VT says:

    Outspoken and thinking he knows all and OTK “Ong The King” is defeated by CSL”Chua Saya Lah” hehehe good riddance to all the MCA rubbish..Spin doctors please and dont read please and be a hermit lah OTK.

  4. Mata Kuching says:

    The voting delegates of MCA has rightly made the right choice given that the next election for the presidency is 18 months away and if Chua Soi Lek who has been known to be vocal and hard working, does not perform, he will have to pack his bag and shift out. Can Chua do what all the past presidents had failed to do? Or he is just another rubber stamp for UMNO and hence lead this once mighty party to the abyss.

    The next 18 months will be the most exciting and exhausting for MCA I reckon when it is a known fact that the leaders who had been tainted and associated with PDFZ in cohort with UMNO will do anything within their power to conseal the mega scandal and save themselves from been investigated.

    Ong Tee Keat has had his chance to revamp and reform the party consisted mainly of opaque businessmen who are just as corrupted as the elite leaders in UMNO but he has no gut and unwilling to upset the puppet master.

  5. yeomen says:

    At least these MCA guys are voted by the delegates !! Here in Sarawak . most of the leaders are there , due to the ‘non-contest’ policy . Never know whether this so called leaders got the majority of the delegates/grassroots support . We will never know . What if a challenge is allow on Jabu or Abg Johari in PBB ?? Just some thoughts . but will never happen coz PBB or even Sarawak is being run like a sole proprietorship !!

  6. yeo siew lian says:

    How does Chua Soi Lek treat his personal friends ???
    Yaks,Yaks,Yaks,He gets them to “hisap” his cigar,
    That is not the right way to treat your personal friends !!! CSL !!!
    Refer to CSL personal interviewon TV,
    Chua: I’m the one in sex video
    Jan 1, 08 4:32pm

    Health Minister Chua Soi Lek today openly admitted that he was the person featured in a video depicting a man having sex with a woman purportedly in a hotel room.

    Chua, 60, who is also MCA vice-president, made the confession at a press conference this afternoon in his parliamentary constituency in Labis, Johor.

    However, he said that he will not resigned as minister but will instead let Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to decide on his fate.

    The senior MCA leader, who is married with three children, also said that the 30-something woman featured in the video clip was a personal friend.

    Over the past three days, the Chinese dailies have reported that free DVDs – allegedly showing the politician in various sexual antics with a woman – were first distributed in Muar and later, Batu Pahat and Seremban.

    The scandal first broke on Saturday when copies of the DVD were anonymously placed in various streets in Muar town for people to collect. Some copies were even distributed by unknown individuals to a number of shops in the area.

    As a fellow doctor in dental specialist line I would like to share these thoughts with you,
    Personal friends are people who stands by through all thick and thin episodes of this life..
    They rejoice with you in all your happy occasions,
    They lend you their shoulders to cry upon during your saddest moments,
    They are concerned for your heart,mind and soul,
    That is the way my personal friends treated me when I went through the messy divorce papers with my senior politician and sexually wayward husband,
    I am a dentist and I tell you that the mouth is a wonderful creation,
    It is meant to eat,talk and sing,
    It is meant to kiss your lover,
    Read through the wonderful lives of the Four Great Beauties of China,
    They brings joy and happiness to their men without having to hisap their cigar,
    I am very angry that the past eras Japanese egoistic men asked their women to kneel in front of them,
    But now in the woman’s rights 21st centuary how can the head of Malaysian Chinese Association forces a beautiful woman to hisap his cigar ???

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