Adenan “Politicians Never Dies”

Winston Churchills words,”Politics are almost as exciting as war,and quite as dangerous.In war you can only be killed once,but in politics many times.”

James Masing did say to my Batu Lintang members at Kedup in 2005,”Your boss is very dangerous” Maybe he has a point there and if he does not know how to use the people who are dangerous they will come back and haunt them. So when Mawan said this as the SPDP PC “nobody dies in Politics” he must have been told of a bigger picture on the horizon.

When we broke news to certain friends and aides of political leaders about three months ago that  Adenan Satem will be back they just laughed it aloud and say we at audie 61 have gone “COOKOO” The poliitcal strategists in CMs inner circles have really pulled this out of the rabbits hat. Did we not hint to many of our connections? 

Adenan Satem who cuts a forlorn picture of a defeated man in the DUN sittings and look like a caste member is back in the limelight. Whats more,’He is Full Minister in Chief Minister’s office” Would you have bet this to happen?

CM Taib has even pulled a greater surprise by putting Fatimah Abdullah who was defeated in the PBB convention as Supreme Council Member as a Full Minister in charge of Women affairs. This greatly shows he is very much in control and if those who sees this as Post Taib era  they better look over their shoulders.

He is not too happy of what is going around and whisperings of him losing his touch has reached and constantly banged at his eardrums. He also went as far as appeasing  SUPP by putting Tan Joo Pooi as Assistant Minister in CMs department.

This is no gimmick and CM Taib is putting a very strong message to those who are under the impression that his ‘TIME IS UP” There has been too many people throwing names around implying that this person and that person is asking us to do that. Is it true? They better look at themselves in the MIRROR AND QUESTION WHERE THEY GOT IT ALL WRONG?

Adenan who we have managed to be with and served him without much fanfare is back to the Corridors of Power. Those who have left his side during his blackest days are made to ask themselves,”Will he be forgiving..??”  

We shall be waiting what is next in Sarawak or in Malaysia as a whole as politicians never dies but always come back stronger than ever……..


13 thoughts on “Adenan “Politicians Never Dies”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Dun wori audie61 we have never for once doubted you. You have kept up to the latest news and never been one sided in your approach. keep up the good work.

  2. zainuddin says:

    This is indee brilliant move by Taib as he checks and double check Johari and Tengah. An ex bro in law is still family as his sons or daughters have the same blood unlike the rests. keeping it inside the family huh!

  3. incredible says:

    Politician never dies.. that is very true indeed. look at Anwar….For those who have stayed with him during his blackest day will be bless abundantly…..hehe

  4. phyllis says:

    Wow!what a great move Taib. As for audie61 you have kept us all at times suspended from the ceiling with your unfinished puzzles and thats why we come back. Your articles are good and do continue….

  5. kangtao says:

    $$$$$$$ means power and power gets you more $$$$$$$ Taib uses his $$$$$$$ to balance the scale. You thought he has some “favourites”, he has none.

  6. yeomen says:

    A sad day for the new generation of PBB leaders ! Loser and veteran over winners and younger generation . Typical of ensuring power stay ‘within’ !! Sorrylah the Abg Jo’s and the Awg Tengah’s etc etc..whoever . Only TAIB decide in BN Sarawak !!

  7. dayang says:

    Great and about time too. What a move by taib and his inner circles. Have been told by my source that it was discussed in australia.

  8. ape says:

    yet another testing water as usual.

    Just trying to suggest now theres yet another horse in the race for the Cm’s post..non starter la.

    Keep them guessing but at the end…the old horse will still retain the title….T & S…probably after next election, new deputies..minus the iban guy and the chinese one??

  9. Mata Kuching says:

    According to inner circles of CM significant assets looted by this paramount pirate and parked in the name of his late wife were secretly transfered to late wife relatives without his knowledge. His former state secretary brother-in-law also absconded with tons of money. God is great no matter how he schemes to rob Sarawakians of the wealth we are all entitled.

    Now the paramount pirate is scheming to appoint a Norwegian expert in Hydro to be his personal consultant for more energy renewal projects but to be paid for by tax payers through Sarawak Energy Bhd payroll.

    The paramount pirate is merely looking for someone to protect his assets from been snatched underneath his feet by MACC when Pakatan comes to power at Putra jaya.

    Sarawakians who have been cheated and robbed of the paramount pirate through all his schemes of racial political patronage and politics of developing himself, his families and cronies must hasten to end his wicked scheme by voting out BN Sarawak this coming election and recover all the assets stolen from us.

  10. Mata Kuching says:

    The Godfather of PBB is showing no sign of relinguishing his power grips because he will not and he cannot. Some of his massive business entities are in the hands of his children, brothers and sisters, yet still many are in the hands of his cousins and cronies. He is not only the Godfather of PBB, he is also the richest man in Malaysia and AMONGST THE RICHEST IN THE WORLD. He can be considered the most powerful in Malaysia because Putra Jaya , MACC and the Police cannot touch him just yet. But his empire will crumble once Pakatan rakyat takes over Putra Jaya.

    Only the voters of Sarawak especially the rural voters from about 40 rural constituents can effectively end his empire and remove his life support.

    None of the 71 seats should be left uncontested by PR and we shall bring the battle of “waterloo” to the rural bastions and systematically resusitate the rural folks who have been intoxicated by his “wang undi”.

    Together we can and we shall fight fearlessly and selflessly to end Taib’s and BN hegemony. Say NO to BN and its creature PCM. VOTE DAP, PKR , PAS and SNAP.

  11. kpt99 says:

    Post some discriminated education polices in Malaysia for public comments,like JPA scholarships,matriculation intakes,admissions to IPTA and others under the popular concept of 1 Malaysia.Thanks

  12. Mata Kuching says:

    TAIB MAHMUD is a compulsive liar. On December 12 1995 he declared that he would retire in five years time. Today he is still around and showing no sign of retiring. On numerous occassions he would tell his macais that he needs to groom capable leaders to take foot! Only the stupid members of PBB, PRS, SPDP, and SUPP would have believed him. With the proposed SCORE and 12 additional mini hydro projects and supporting infrastructure and amenities that will cost a whopping 150 billion ringgit to implement, do stupid Sarawakians as stupid as they are think he will retire??

    Mata mati Taib will also want a replica of all hydro projects and other so -called energy renewal projects to be made and burned for him along with hundred of billion of hell money, when he passes on.

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