“Who Will You Vote For In Sarawak.??”

Eversince 308 the political climate in Malaysia has dramatically changed. There are a lot of issues which has surfaced and deliberated intensely in Parliament says BN MP Lipis Mohamad Shahrum Osman in a live interview from Parliament. He echoes what we have been mentioning in mosts of our articles, The people will know in the end and “YOU ARE THE PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVE.” They will vote for you if you work hard for your constituency,makes sure to push for the needs of your constituency and  always be there for your people.

Rhetorics works during elections but the people will be your judge if you have put in a SOLID HARD DAYS WORK and DESERVE TO BE THEIR REPRESENTATIVE. We have seen BN being given the mandate to administer the country and Pakatan the opposition. The Parliamentarians should know which side of the fence they belong and how they can play their part as they have been chosen by their constituents.

One very meaningful statement  he said,”WE should be thankful that there is stability and economic activities for everyone and no matter what we must not throw away this democratic process which we enjoy in this country? The rakyat has the right to vote and THEY CHOOSE THEIR YBs or MPs. Have your say in the ballot boxes and after that let the winning coalition/parties voted in do their job.

Sarawak elections are due soon and the aspirants and incumbents from both political divides BN or Pakatan are on the move.Pakatan Rakyat national election bureau and Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh who was in Sarawak even said that the Pakatan machinery is ready by June and says that they will not be repeating the same mistakes on certain seats where it was obvious that the opposition was the peoples choice.

 Meanwhile Koh Tsu Koon Gerakan President said,”Gerakan has learned a hard lesson for failing to “communicate and connect ” with the people and Sarawak Parties should not fall for the same reason. He also reminded SUPP not to take the peoples support for granted. Strong statement as Gerakan was nearly annihilated  from the Malaysian Political map and he does not want SUPP to be overly confident.

The Voters in Sarawak though slow to changes knows what is bests for Sarawak.They know who and which party is relevant for the State and many amongst the lists of YBs below will know whether they are still wanted by the people. They are afterall the people who put you in office as the PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVE FOR THAT CONSTITUENCY.


  • N1 OPAR (7379) Ranum Ak.Mina (BN-SUPP)
  • N2 TASIK BIRU (14983) Peter Nansian (BN-SPDP)
  • N3 TANJONG DATU (7973) Adenan Satem (BN-PBB)
  • N4 PANTAI DAMAI (12073) Abdul Rahman bin Junaidi(BN-PBB)
  • N5 DEMAK LAUT (10080) Abang Draup Zamahari Rauf(BN-PBB)
  • N6 TUPONG (14787) Haji Daud Abdul Rahman (BN-PBB)
  • N7 SEMARIANG (13498) Sharifah Hasidah bte.Sayeed Aman (BN-PBB)
  • N8 SATOK (10835) Abang Johari bin Tun Abang Haji Openg (BN-PBB)
  • N9 PADUNGAN (24512) Dominique Ng Kim Ho ( PKR)
  • N10 PENDING (29503) Violet Yong (DAP)
  • N11 BATU LINTANG (24783) Voon Lee Shan (DAP) Now( Partyless)
  • N12 KOTA SENTOSA (18934) Chong Chien Jen (DAP)
  • N13 BATU KAWA ( 16237) Tan Joo Phoi ( BN-SUPP)
  • N14 ASAJAYA (12016) Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (BN-PBB)
  • N15 MUARA TUANG (14303) Haji Mohammad Ali Mahmud (BN-PBB)
  • N16 BENGOH (20077) Dr Jerip Anak Susil ( BN-SUPP)
  • N17 TARAT (15171) Roland Sagah Wee Inn ( BN-SUPP)
  • N18 TEBEDU (11793) Michael Manyin Anak Jawong (BN-PBB)
  • N19 KEDUP (15994) Frederick Bayoi ak.Manggie (BN-PBB)
  • N20 SADONG JAYA (6917) Haji Wan Abdul Wahab bin Wan Sanusi (BN-PBB)
  • N21 SIMUNJAN (9846) Mohd Naroden Majais (BN-PBB)
  • N22 SEBUYAU (7549) Julaihi Narawi (BN-PBB)
  • N23 LINGGA (7545) Hajah Simoi Binti Hj Peri (BN-PBB)
  • N24 BETING MARO (7267) Haji Bolhassan Haji Di (BN-PBB)
  • N25 BALAI RINGIN (8244) Snowdon Lawan (BN-PRS)
  • N26 BUKIT BEGUNAN (7644) Mong anak Dagang (BN-PRS)
  • N27 SIMANGGANG (9849) Francis Harden anak Hollis (BN-SUPP)
  • N28 ENGKILILI (9477) Johnicol Rayong ak.Ngipa (Independent)
  • N29 BATANG AIR (7997) Dublin Unting anak Ingkot (BN-PRS) Byelection won by BN Malcolm Mussem
  • N30 SARIBAS (7145) Dr Hj Wahbi bin Hj Junaidi (BN-PBB)
  • N31 LAYAR (7415) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang (BN-PBB)
  • N32 BUKIT SABAN (6876) Robert Lawson Chuat ak Vincent Entering (BN-PBB)
  • N33 KALAKA (13379) Abdul Wahab bin Aziz (BN-PBB)
  • N34 KRIAN (10429) Peter Nyarok Anak Entrie (BN-SPDP)
  • N35 BELAWAI (8004) Hamden bin Ahmad (BN-PBB)
  • N36 SEMOP (9162) Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar (BN-PBB)
  • N37 DARO ( 7411) Murni Suhaili (BN-PBB)
  • N38 JEMORENG (8545) Gani @ Abu Seman bin Jahwie (BN-PBB)
  • N39 REPOK (16750) David Teng Lung Chi ( BN-SUPP)
  • N40 MERADONG (14584) Ting Tze Hui (DAP)
  • N41 PAKAN (9034) William Mawan ak.Ikom (BN-SPDP)
  • N42 MELUAN (11169) Wong ak.Judat (BN-SPDP)
  • N43 NGEMAH (7849) Gabriel Adit ak.Demong (Independant) Now PCM (Parti Cinta Malaysia)
  • N44 MACHAN (9966) Gramong Juna (BN-PBB)
  • N45 BUKIT ASSEK (26002) Wong Ho Leng (DAP)
  • N46 Dudong (21819) Dr Soon Choon Teck ( BN-SUPP)
  • N47 BAWANG ASSAN (16844) Wong Soon Koh ( BN-SUPP)
  • N48 PELAWAN (22559) Goh Chung Siong ( BN-SUPP)
  • N49 NANGKA (12973) Awang bemee bin Awang Ali Bassah (BN-PBB)
  • N50 DALAT (11423) Fatimah Abdullah @ Ting Sai Ming (BN-PBB)
  • N51 BALINGIAN (11326) Abdul Taib Mahmud (BN-PBB)
  • N52 TAMIN (10900) Joseph Mauh ak.Ikeh (BN-PRS)
  • N53 KAKUS (9417) John Sikie anak Tayai (BN-PRS)
  • N54 PELAGUS (13898) Larry Sng Wei Shien (BN-PRS) Now (Partyless)
  • N55 KATIBAS (8146) Ambrose Blikau (BN-PBB)
  • N56 Baleh (9731) Dr. James Jemut Masing (BN-PRS)
  • N57 BALAGA (6691) Liwan Lagang (BN-PRS)
  • N58 JEPAK (12049) Talip Zulpilip (BN-PBB)
  • N59 KIDURONG (23726) Chiew Chiu Sing (DAP)
  • N60 KEMENA (13338) Dr Rundi Stephan Utom (BN-PBB)
  • N61 BEKENU (10095) Rosey Haji Yunus (BN-SPDP)
  • N62 LAMBIR (11245) Aidan Wing (BN-PBB)
  • N63 PIASAU (17256) George Chan Hong Nam ( BN-SUPP)
  • N64 PUJUT (20098) Andy Chia Chu Fatt ( BN-SUPP)
  • N65 SENADIN (16925) Lee Khim Shin ( BN-SUPP)
  • N66 MARUDI (12425) Sylvester Entri Anak Muran (BN-SPDP)
  • N67 TELANG USAN (12793) Lihan Jok (BN-PBB)
  • N68 BUKIT KOTA (13328) Dr Abdul Rahman Bin Ismail (BN-PBB)
  • N69 BATU DANAU (6889) Palu @Paulus Palu Anak Gumbang (BN-SPDP)
  • N70 BA’KELALAN (6284) Balang Rining (BN-SPDP)
  • N71 BUKIT SARI (9373) Awang Tengah Ali Hassan (BN-PBB)

In 2006 Sarawak State Elections there was 54 Straight Fights,13 3-cornered,1 4-cornered,1 5-cornered and 2 YBS were returned unopposed.

We will know very soon when the election is due who will be retained or replaced. It’s up to you who you VOTE…………..!! 


24 thoughts on ““Who Will You Vote For In Sarawak.??”

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      :lol: BRAVO and TERIMA KASIH EN.ZAINUDDIN and PR will definately bring more positive changes and fair to all if they can capture Putrajaya comes Malaysia 13th GE later too :lol:

  1. headhunter says:

    kepada rakyat negeri sarawak: buka mata buka la minda….undi semua di tangan anda…pilih la insan2 yang mampu menunaikan hasrat/suara hati anda yg tpendam….jangan kerana RM50 anda mengundi pihak yg sekian lama memberi harapan palsu……..anda sendiri sedar siapa kita…..selama 40 tahun dalam malaysia apa yang kita dapat..? sejauh mana perubahan yg ada dalam negeri kita..?sejauh mana perubahan dalam bangsa kita..?kaum kita…?

    fikir2kan la….anda semua mampu mengubahnya…..

  2. BN man says:

    What has gone wrong with the BN concept? Obviously it is due to some corrupted BN leaders who want to hang on to power for reasons they know best. I will keep my vote secret.

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    This coming state election is about transforming Sarawak at large and making the Dayaks becoming a progressive community. The various Dayaks associations including the recent TR Associations, SDNU or Dayaks Chamber of Commerce will not be playing any meaningful roles in changing the mindset of the Dayaks unless they are refering to Dayaks living in towns and cities.

    Dayaks in town or cities are already progressive politically and economically and they have not been indifferent to the political landscape in Sarawak and they can tell spot on that it was BN policy that has impoverished the Dayaks in the rural areas.

    Unless and until the Dayaks in the rural areas stand up for their rights and dignity and wake up to the reality that BN’s rural development programs or rather lack of them have placed them among the poorest in the nation. The geographical size of Sarawak is nothing compared to Australia and China and yet the rural populations, in these two countries which have little tolerance for corruptions, have benefited tremendously from infrastructure, social, educational and economic developments

    If the rural Dayaks remain indifferent to BN’s and Taib’s policy of votes in exchange for development they will remain among the poorest community in the nation.

  4. kangtao says:

    Money, money money and greed may cause the collapse of BN in Sarawak…..so chances of the impossible happening is there. If BN loses in the land of the Hornbill, there’s no way BN can recover to form the next government in 3 years time.

    • headhunter says:

      i agree with u man….its all about the money…$$$$$$ ….1MALAYSIA Concept, RAKYAT DI DAHULUKAN,POKET MENTERI DI UTAMAKAN… =..=

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    If George Chan and Jabu decided to stand again this time, both will be embarrassingly defeated. As for Taib, Sarawakians will like to reserve the Opposition chief post to him so he will be spared but not without any contest of course.

    As for Mawan or Masing, both their parties will definitely suffer some significant casualities if they themselves only win by slim margins.

    As for SUPP it will join both Gerakan and MCA and be consigned to the history book. Bye Bye SUPP..dont cry for us.

  6. kangtao says:

    B4 he goes, the old man will use everything in his arsenal to win this state GE for BN.
    There will be CASUALTIES, I am 100% positive about this. My analysis is:
    SUPP – 3 more seats BYE BYE
    SPDP – 1 seat CHOW man
    PBB – 2 seats SAYONARA.

  7. kpt99 says:

    Rural dayak folks used to say vote BN for developments.This mindsets are difficult to change. To all these folks you had been voting for 47 years,why are you still living in such a miserable conditions without most the basic facilities like clear water,electricity,proper roads,good system of communications and many others.Are you aware that roads to padi fields in West Malaysia were tared.Are you fairy treated ?

    • headhunter says:

      ya..u r rite man….
      this is our time to make a changes….hope the YB’s and all the Minister c what we have wrote here…so they know what they should do….

  8. kpt99 says:

    The PRS seat 100 % gone will be Pelagus if incumbent Larry Sng is not renominated in this coming SE.Please comments on that.It is the most interesting constituency for PRS.All Kapit people are guessing about it.Will it be Larry or JM candidate ?

  9. kangtao says:

    PELAGUS >>>>>>LS Vs JM>>>>>PCM? SNAP? INDEPENDENT? all will be in, the BEST wins, it’s NO MORE about money! Time have changed….Money come, We Take, Vote >>> YOU DON’t KNOW!!!!!!

  10. kangtao says:

    …LATEST TACTIC…of course >>> GO, SHOUT and PRAISE BN >>> TAKE THEIR $$$$$$, BUT DON’T VOTE for them!!!!! hahahahaha…POLITICS=DIRTY!!

  11. Mata Kuching says:

    The Dayak leaders in SUPP must make an honourable exit and resign from the party as soon as the state assembly is dissolved to pave the way for the next state election. Their contributions and political presence in SUPP is inconsequential and totally insignificant because SUPP is a Racist party to the core.

    The Dayaks must punish SUPP for short changing on them and making of them for the political survival of a few top Chinese leaders. Mati mati the Chinese leaders at HQ and branch levels will want noone but a “China man” to be the chairman of the Municipal council of Padawan, Sibu and Miri.

    Wake up Dayaks..wake up Richard Riot, Dr Jurip Susil, Francis Hollis, Roland Sagah and Ranum Mina..SUPP has never and will never recognised the contribution of the Dayaks in delivering the state and Parliamentary seats. Do the most honourable thing by resigning from SUPP and punish the party in the coming state election. They only know how to manufacture lies and more lies to ensure Taib survives and for their own self interests.

    VOTE DAP, PKR, PAS and SNAP. Together We can and Lets Change our Government.

  12. Yeoh Leei Eng Hock says:

    To: Chua Soi Lek
    From: Yeoh Leei Eng Hock
    Agenda: Please bring MCA to Sarawak to save the good people from organised chinese criminals.
    Subject: Ever since there were Chinese people on this earth there were gangsters who enforce their rules by an iron fist in the criminal business world.They made their fortunes from prostituition,gambling,illegal 4 Digits,loan sharking, smuggling,psychotropic drugs and others.By and large they do not touch the law abiding common people.
    In Sarawak it is totally different.They collect one ringgit frpm every tray of egg that the people consumed.They collected 50 cents from every gas tank that the populace used in their house.The victims can be a single mother with five kids or a poor mountain man.The gangsters do not show any mercy.All the old homeless people collecting scraps from the dustbins have to sell their materials to these gangsters at half price.If any of these people shows any resistence molotov cocktails would be thrown at either their million dollar house or card board shacks.They show no fear,favor or mercy to anybody other than their own big bosses.
    I have been to chinatowns around the world.There is no group of chinese gangsters that terrorise their own people in the same ways.
    Only a evil chinese emperor will tax their own chinese population in those methods. We, Chinese in Sarawak are in the hands of an evil chineses.
    Come and save us.,

  13. francis jew says:

    All Sibu voters,
    Please take note urgently,
    Do not vote for open gangster ism in Sibu.You house could be the next one thrown with Molotov cocktails.You son could be the next one kidnapped by Lee Long Private Limited for ransom.You daughter could be the next one raped and killed by gangsters like the 14 year old daughter of the fried mee hawker.Your car will be stolen and returned to you for a handsome ransom.You will be harassed by Kar Liew Yang 24 hours a day and 365 days a year including Chin Ming.They will clean you father’s grave without permission and ask for a high price made in hell.Your father would be a kar liew yang client even 50 years after death.That would spell bad Feng Shui for all your future generations.

  14. francis jew says:

    To: All non gangsters of Sibu.
    From: francisjew@gmail.com
    Agenda: Protest against gangsterism in Sibu.
    Method: Come to any of my flower shops and you will get a red rose free.It represent the blood of the Sibu innocent folks like the 14 year old girl spilled by gangsters without getting justice.Vote the politicians who are also Ah Tuai out of this town and this world.

  15. francis jew says:

    Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers.
    When the gangsters went to extort money from the poorest of the poor in Tiong Hua Road,Foochow Road and Bukit Assek areas the people of the dust knew that they have no recourse either in law or in politics.The only thing they can do is kneel down with their faces of anguish and open arms facing heavens and cry out to their creators…Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers….Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers…Tien A Siew Eee in Foochow means.. The chinese creator of man will give him the ultimate rightful heavenly justice above all earthy powers.

    All Sibu Voters..Vote according to the guidance from your creators.

  16. francis jew says:

    As I go around delivering flowers in Sibu everyday I saw a big strong man with steel muscled tattooed biceps wandering around the Central Market aimlessly.He was singing a song ” Where is my BOSS gone,Where is my BOSS gone? Far far away,far far away,Will I see him again ?” Can any of the Sibu Folks help this man?

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