SPDP”Too Much Spit…!!”

The amount of Spit that has left the mouths of those 5 Separatists plus 3 and their machais has overflowed their own buckets. Too much words has also been exchanged but it seems a solution is /has been found. On the surface it does look calm as the mass media and local newspapers feels that whatever grievances and plans the Separatists 5 has are now not “NEWS WORTHY”.

They have losts the plot it seems and their barking is only within their own walls of discontentment and word has it that the Chief Minister will be attending the BN solidarity night which will be organised and handled by SPDP.

We have heard,”Enemies become friends and friends become enemies.An enemy of your enemy becomes your friend,even if the former is also your enemy,but as long as the latter is the bigger enemy.An enemy of your friend also becomes your enemy,even if the former is also your friend,but as long as the latter can serve your political interests.

That is the political game and  eventhough there is so much hatred and disgusts shown by many towards Tiong and also putting him at loggerheads with CM the truth is/will not be known by us. Only Tiong and Taib knows bests.

They are both keeping each other at arms length and both can called upon each others strenght to neutralise the political enemies which are always lurking. They has been too much bad mouthing and too many back stabbings and trying to PAINT A DARK HORRIBLE PICTURE of Tiong or for that matter CM Taib.

Both of them can accept the Saliva and Spit that has been unleashed and monitor them but there must be a SOLUTION to stop it from a point of no return. The 5 YBs  are looking at ways to come back but minus the losing of PRIDE infront of their supporters. Will they have to swallow their own bucket of Saliva..??.”

It is already solving itself says a BN politcal strategists confidently but whatever theories/rumours/speculations of painting a bad picture of Mawan/Tiong/Taib will not work.Its too big a risk for BN.The BN coalition partners will need a consolidated front as they do battle in the next STATE ELECTIONS with a common enemy.  

The message  is “STOP THE SPIT OR PAY THE PRICE FOR IT……….!!

4 thoughts on “SPDP”Too Much Spit…!!”

  1. wahai says:

    Those poison darts unleashed from within SPDP are the same people that will howl for unity, they lurk within the party like porcupines. They made use of the President and he went into the mud.
    How easy it is to break up. How difficult it is to bring the 5 ++ back.
    Transparency is what members want and fairness. The President Mawan must not forget this, if he does then SPDP will be relegated back to when it was duped as a party “nyamuk”.

  2. wahai says:

    Who spit on whom???? The house of SPDP spat on the 5, all Mawan’s cronies. The 5 only defended their stance on the basis of “principles”, let’s get that clear! If you do sincerely want them to return, let’s just be nice and stop the “spitting”. I think that should be the message.

  3. BN man says:

    PCM came in a rush to disturb “politics” in Sarawak and Tiong is said to be the financier. If this is true, he deserves to be spat at. People like that do exist in BN, they are the really the “bad” apples.

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